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Film techniques

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“The Truman Show” renders an image of a world where profit motive has subordinated a human life to the whims of mass entertainment. Truman exists in a fake, profit driven world, where culture has been replaced with a Utopian vision of the American middle class. The social science fiction film “The Truman show” directed by Peter Weir utilizes a diverse variety of camera and visual techniques to support the idea that the main character “Truman” is the focus of a meticulously detailed and fabricated reality. The screen play’s protagonist is the unwitting subject of a reality show which panders to the whims of the entertainment industry. Truman has been unknowingly thrown into a precarious situation, where everything he knows is a... Continue reading "Film techniques" »

Past perfect

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Present simple: I live/ I don't live Past simple: I lived/ I didn't livePresent perfect:I have,has worked/ I haven't worked Past perfect: I had worked/I hadn't worked Present continuous: I am working/ I'm not working Past continuous: I was/were working For and since: For: durante (3 meses) Since: desde (el jueves) Just, yet, already: Just: justo(acaba de salir) Yet: todavía Already: ya. Used to: Solía+ infinitive (pensar que era bonito) Modal Verbs: (alowed to: estar permitido can/could: Tener habilidad de poder/Poder y podria be able to: estar capacitado May: Quizás/debes) (Must: debes Have to: Has de Need: necesitar Should/ought to: deber) Might: deberia Relative pronouns and adverbs: Who: que, para persona Whose: cuyo Which: que,
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ARQUITECTURA:Art decó ,William Van Allen .Racionalisme :Adolf Loos,Rietveld.Arquitectura expressionista:Mendelsohn. RACIONALISME A EUROPA:Escola Bauhaus ,Gropius,Mies Van der Rohe,Le Corbusier,GAT PAC.Organicista Wright ARTS PLÀSTIQUES :FAUVISME:Matisse,Vlaminck,Dérain, Rouault .CUBISME:Picasso,Braque,Léger,Gris,Blanchard,Delanuany (orfisme).FUTURISME o cubisme dinàmic:Giacomo Balla, Carlo Carrà. EXPRESSIONISME ABANS GM: El pont: Krickner, Nolde. El genet blau:Franz Marc, Macke, Kandinski, Klee. EXPRESSIONISME DESPRÉS GM: Vinculat al dadaisme:George Grosz, Oskar Kokoschaka,Max Beckman, Otto Dix.Realisme expressionisme: Kathe Kollwitz, Ernst Barlacz, Egon Schiele. L’ABSTRACIÓ PICTÒRICA: Kandinsky. Neoplasticisme Holandés (De stijl)

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El románico

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Net piracy is killing the music industry (La piratería por internet está matando la industria de la música)*Although record companies and some musicians say that they are losing a lot of money with the net piracy, I don’t think that net pirates are killing the music industry.*I believe record companies and musicians make a lot of money. They go on tours, sell T-shirts, posters…and a lot of fans still buy their CDs.*People who have money buy the CDs of their favourite groups, but there are some people who haven’t got too much money and they can’t buy these CDs because they are very expensive.*To conclude, although record companies and musicians think that internet piracy is an important problem, I believe that it isn’t killing the

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My favorite food ingles

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Pizza:I love fast food pizza is my favorite one, I like pepperoni and cheese's pizza, specially when it is toasted. When I go out i always eat pizza and somethimes I like it delivered too.
Hamburger:My favorite food is hamburger, it's delicious and tasty the traditional has meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonese, ketchup and sesame bread. Somethimes i like to eat the chicken or cheese hamburger instead of the traditional. In some places you can add your own ingredients like mushrooms or pickles, it id delicious anyway.