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Coh3 chemical name

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Crude oil is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons (compounds containing hydrogen and carbon only). Crude oil is separated by FRACTIONAL DISTILLATION in a continuous Process, taking off the samples at different levels from the fractionating Column. The dissolved gases come out of the top, and the boiling points rise as One goes down the column.

Refinery gases: (used for bottled Gases such as Gas, propane, butane)

Gasoline: fuel for cars (petrol)

Kerosene: Fuel for jet planes

Diesel: For lorries and larger cars

Fuel Oil: for heating homes and factories

Bitumen: For making roads and tar.

The alkanes: CnH2n+2.Satuared: single bond.  Isomers: When two or more different compounds have the same molecular formula but Different

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Properties of gases(diffusion and pressure)

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Chem Cheat Sheet

Mol = M*L

m = mol/Kg

Strong Acids

HCL hydrochloric

H2SO4 sulfuric

HNO3 nitric

HBR hydrobromic

HI hydroiodic

HCLO4 perchloric

Cp H2O (l) = 4.184

Cp H2O (s) = 2.03

Cp H2O (g) = 1.998

ΔHfusion of H20 = 6.02

ΔHvap of H20 = 40.7

Real gases do have attractive forces at __________ temperatures:low

2.Ideal gases do not have attractive forces at _______ tempersatures:high

3.Real gases are not always far apart at ______temperatures:high

4.Ideal gases are far apart at _______ temperatures:low

5.An amorphous solid still has all the properties of a solid except for

 its ___________ _______________:disorganized arrangement

6.ΔH fusion of H2O:6.02

7.ΔH vaporization of H2O:40.7

8.Equation for solving phase changes (Ex. If you had 100g of liquid

water at 100

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Àcid hiposulfuroso

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PH:1)13 2)1.4 3)25cm3
Copper sulphate crystals
Add black copper oxide in excess so you know
all the acid has reacted. Filter to remoce the excess copper oxide and obtain a puré solution of the soluble salt. Heat the solution until crystals form on a glass rod dipped into it. Then leave to cool slowly so that the crystals form. Different salta. Base has to be insoluble in water and the salt formed has to be soluble eg: mgcarbonate *hydrochloric acid>mgcloride


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enlarge, frame(marc), hang(penjar), print,save to hard drive, take//artist, brush, bust, easel(cavallete), gallery, model, paint, palette, pedestal, portfolio, sculptor, sculpture// make a choice, a commitment, an announcement, an impact, the grade// do a part-time job, someone a favour, your best//extended family, bride(novia), groom(novio), teammates, partner(socio), best man, bridesmaid(dama), colleagues, relative(familiar), nuclear family, parents// leader, introvert, ally(aliado), extrovert, follower, enemy//time travel, microwave, android, solar-powered car, black hole, precognition, mp3 player, relativity, smartphone, the Big Bang//astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, geology, mathematics, medicine, meteorology, physics, zoology

Molecules i àtoms

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1. Match the symbol on the left with its appropriate description on the right. 
d →               (a) A precipitate forms. 
a ↓                 (b) A gas forms. 
b ↑                (c) A reversible reaction occurs.
f (l)                (d) Heat is applied to the reactants. 
e (aq)            (e) A chemical is dissolved in water. 
c ←→            (f ) A chemical is in the liquid state. 

3. In each of the following formulas, write the total number of atoms present. 
12 atoms                  a. 4SO>2 
6 atoms                    b. 8O>2 
51 atoms                  c. 3Al>2(SO4)>3 
3x10^24 atoms        d. 6x10^23 HNO3 

1. Match the equation type on the
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Polarized covalent bond

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In the periodic table, elements are classified into metals, nonmetals, and ___metalloids__. Metals are ductile, ____malleable, ___shiny___, are good conductors for heat and electricity. All metals are solids at room temperature and pressure except, __Mercury______. Nonmetals exist as solids, liquids or gases. A liquid non-metal at room temperature and pressure is ____Bromine_____.

  1. The elements in the d-block in the periodic table have several characteristics in common.

(i) Give the electron configuration of N2+

1S2 2S2 2P3- 2= 1S2 2S2 2P1

(ii) Explain what is meant by a ligand and describe the type of bond formed between a ligand and a d-block element.

It is an atom or molecule with lone pair of electrons that combine with metal through coordinate

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Last Chem Test

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acid: proton donor; produces hydronium ions in aqueous solution

base: proton acceptor; produces hydroxide ions in aqueous solution
conjugated acids: acid that forms when a base gains a proton
conjugated base: base that forms when an acid loses a proton
neutralization: reaction where an acid and a base react to produce a salt and water
-acids: taste sour, tart, sharp; stinging sensation to skin; corrosive; changes blue to red; conduct electricity
-base: bitter taste; slippery feel; dissolve easy in water; change red to blue; neutralize properties of acids.

NaNO3=salt Ba(OH)2=base H2SO4=acid NH4OH=base HBr=acid FeBr3=salt 
pH from 8-14= base pH from 0-6= acid

Consider an atom that has an atomic number of 8 and a mass number of 17 If it has a -2 charge it contains electrons.

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-Explain What- A pure substance is a sample of matter with both definite and constant Composition with distinct chemical properties. Every pure element is a Substance. Every pure compound is a substance.Ex: water.

- What is- . A solution is a combination of two things, but it is well mixed down to the Molecular level and stable.Ex:Salt water .A heterogeneous mixture on the other Hand will settle.Ex:Chocolate milk.

 -what does- The chemical formula of a compound Indicates what the compound is made of. For example H2O has two hydrogen and One oxygen.

-Explain How- Atoms of different elements have different numbers of protons and neutrons In their nucleus. More importantly, they have different numbers of electrons Around the nucleus. It is the

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Our body takes its energy from:

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My renewable solar energy is solar and it comes from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. In the basque country we use only 1,8% of all the amount of energy, because its very expensive and takes a lot of space. Solar energy can work in three different ways: the solar cells absorb the sunlight and makes the solar energy into electric energy, another is the solar water heating: the sun heats the water with the glass panels and they don´t use so much gas or electricity to heat the house, and the last one is that a large amount of mirrors concentrate all the heat in a small space and it produces very high tenperatures. Solar energy was created in the 7 century B.C. To today. They started to concentrate the sunlight to
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Rotation dollars sales and profit

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Exercise 3 – Analyzing financially the possible changes In price or volume

Apple iPhone sales in 2014 were around 150 000 000 Units with the price of 640 USD per unit. In 2015 Apple wants to introduce New model in its iPhone series. Following is the company's average costs to Manufacture one unit of iPhone (see table 1).

Table 1 – One unit iPhone Manufacturing Cost Estimates

Flash Memory & RAM

20.85 USD

Display & Touchscreen

44.00 USD


17.50 USD


6.50 USD


18.00 USD

Cellular Radio

34.00 USD

Wireless Radio

5.00 USD


4.50 USD

Power Management

8.50 USD

Mechanical Parts

33.00 USD


7.00 USD


8.00 USD

Licensing Fees

20.00 USD

Source: http://www.Digitaltrends.Com/mobile/iphone-cost-what-apple-is-paying/

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