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Mixtures y solutions

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Solution: homogeneous mixture is formed by two or more components that can be separated by physical
Solution Components:
Solute: a
substance in a solution minority
Solvent: A substance that allows the spread of another in her womb
Characteristics of solutions:
invisible particles even with a microscope and uniformity.
Lack of sedimentation: no rush and not separated from the solution
Great breakdown of the solute: the particles are decreased, reaching a size of atoms and can pass through the filter paper.
Classes solid in liquid solutions:
Dilute solute is the amount involved is minimal in a volume ratio
Focused: You have a considerable amount of solute in a given volume
Saturated: They have the largest possible amount of
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made of the oxides
zinc oxide = ZNO
lead oxide IV: PbO2
copper oxide I: C2O
Disphosphorus chlorine: CL3O4
Sulfur trioxide: SO3

Oxides name
Lithium oxide Li2O
Vanadium oxide V2O5
Trioxide N2O3 of dinitriogeno
Cl2O7 heptoxide of dichloro
CO O3 oxides colbato III

hydroxides formula
hydroxides of vanadium II V (OH) 2
magnesium hydroxide Mg (OH) 2
potassium hydroxide K (OH) 2
baryon hydroxides Ba (OH) 2
Tin IV hydroxides Sn (OH) 4

hydroxides names:
Ni (OH) 3 hydroxides of nickel III
Cu (O) hydroxides Copper I
Mg (OH) 2 magnesium hydroxide
Al (OH) 3 aluminum hydroxide
Sodium hydroxide NaOH

d formu acids hydrazides
HBR brohidrico acid
Hydrochloric acid HCL
selenhidrico acid H2Se
hydriodic acid HI
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F & q

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cloriko acid: hclO3. ferrous sulphide: FeS. Cupric nitrate Cu (NO3) 2. perbromates auric: Au (BrO4) 3. oxido d Lead 4: PbO2. d aluminum hydroxide: Al (OH) 3. hydrofluoric acid: HF. Potassium chlorate: KClO3.Sodium bromide: NaBr. piroantimonioso acid: h4sb2o5. hypochlorite, ferric Fe (ClO) 3. hydride d oro 1: AUH. hydride cobalt: Co (O) 2. oxido d lithium Li2O. ammonia: NH3. Hydrogen sulfide: H2S.nitrogeno2 d oxide. H2S. Cuprous perchlorate Cu (ClO4). D nitrogen chloride: HCl: Ozone: O3: phosphine: PH3: bromo7 oxide d: Br2O7. Arsenide hydrogen d: AsH3: methane: CH4. D potassium oxide: K2O. Acido ortoarsenico: H3AsO4. Diphosphorus d diphosphoric: P2O5. Hydroxide d lithium Li (OH). Selenhidrico acid: H2Se. Hiposulfuroso acid: H2SO2. Cobre2 d oxide... Continue reading "F & q" »