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Algoritmos qbasic 1

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números primos

input n



while i <= n



While j<=i-1


if s=0 then


end if



If P$ = "S" then


Print i

end if



Suma de Matrices

Dim A(1.1) as double

Dim C(1.1)as double

input "filas";n

Input "columnas";m

Redim A(n,m) b(n,m)

For i=1 to n

For j=1 to m

Print "termino (";i;",";j")"

input "A"; A(i,j)

Input"B"; B(i,j)

next j

next i

For i =1 to n

For j=1 to n


next j

next i

Chapter 7 CNNA cisco v4.1

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1) Why is IEEE 802.11 wireless technology can transmit distances further than Bluetooth? * Has higher power output
2) What are three advantages of wireless technology in cable technology? (Choose three.) * Anytime, anywhere connectivity * Easy and inexpensive to install * Ease of adding additional devices
3) What are two benefits of wireless networks in wired networks? (Choose two.)
* Mobility * The reduced assembly time
4) A technician has been asked to provide wireless connectivity to the Ethernet cable from a building. What are the three factors affect the number of access points needed? (Choose three.)
* The size of the building * The number of solid interior walls in the building * The presence of microwave ovens in various offices... Continue reading "Chapter 7 CNNA cisco v4.1" »

Comandos wordfast

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Comandos wordfast

1.-next segment:ALT+DOWN
2.-copy source:ALT+INSERT o ALT+S
3.-expand segment:ALT+PAGE DOWN
4.-shrik segment:ALT+PAGE UP
6.-end translation:ALT+END
7.-previous placeable:CONTROL+ALT+LEFT
8.-copy placeable:CONTROL+ALT+DOWN
9.-next palceable:CONTROL+ALT+RIGHT
11.-context search:CONTROL+ALT+C
12.-reference search:CONTROL+ALor:CONTROL+ALTT+N
13.-glosary lock up:CONTROL+ALT+G
14.-display translation memory:CONTROL+ALT+M
15.-quality check:SHIFT+CONTROL+Q
16.-quick clean up:CONTROL+ALT+Q
17.-wordfast editor :CONTROL+ALT+M x 2
18.-wordfast set up:CONTROL+ALT+W

Static Linking

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Static Linking

Static linkers such as the Unix ld program take as input a collection of relocatable object files and command
line arguments and generate as output a fully linked executable object file that can be loaded and run. The
input relocatable object files consist of various code and data sections. Instructions are in one section,
initialized global variables are in another section, and uninitialized variables are in yet another section.
To build the executable, the linker must perform two main tasks:

Shell script

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Ejercicio de descuentos:


read -p "¿Desea el billete también de vuelta? (s/n): " idavuelta

until [ $idavuelta=="s" ] || [ $idavuelta=="n" ]; do

read -p "¿Desea el billete también de vuelta? (s/n): " idavuelta


read -p "¿Tiene carnet joven? (s/n): " carnetjoven

until [ $carnetjoven="s" ] || [ $carnetjoven="n" ]; do

read -p "¿Tiene carnet joven? (s/n): " carnetjoven


descuento=0 billete=20

if [ $idavuelta="s" ]; then


billete=" expr $billete \* 2'


if [ $carnetjoven="s" ]j then



costefinal=`expr $billete \* \( 100 - $descuento \) / 100`

echo "El precio final del billete es $costefinal"

Ejercicio de medias:




read -p "Introduce un numero: " num

while [ $num -ne 0 ]; do

acu=`expr $acu + $num`

cont=... Continue reading "Shell script" »

Font alimentacio

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 WRITING : The computers now they are very important for the people. For example. When you buy groceries in supermarket, a computer is used with laser that scans the price with a barcode readers. Also the computers are used in the banks to look ofter their money. These are examples of the uses that a computer has. Because of it nowadays, all the families have a computer in your house already be to work or to play.

ARTiCLES : The walsh family have the computer at home. Their son uses the computer to help with the homework and to play computer games. Their student daughter uses the computer for the projects and for the email. All the family use it to get a information from the internet. ( a/an ,  the ).

VOCABULARY :  In offices, people uses... Continue reading "Font alimentacio" »

FTP Protocol Theory

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Theory FTP:

Is responsible for managing remote filesystems as if they were local filesystems allows us to access 2 modes:

- Private: The customer has username and password you indicated to access it.

-Public: The client uses a generic account called anonymous access, the password is usually the address.

The hierarchy of files and subdirectories that are available to users located in a specific directory on the FTP server (FTP site). There is a secure authentication as the transfer takes place without encryption can be intercepted by malicious users

FTP Operation:

The protocol provides a double connection between client and FTP server.

1. Connection is established between client and server (port 21)

2. Username and password is requested (port... Continue reading "FTP Protocol Theory" »


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What are two advantages of buying a personal computer? (Choose two.)

the user can specify higher performance components
supports higher-level graphics and gaming applications
What measure is commonly used to describe the communication speed when transferring data?


Wireless DHCP client can not connect to the Internet through a Linksys integrated router. When you type ipconfig on the host, do not see an IP address, subnet mask and default gateway. What are two of the first items to be verified? (Choose two.)


if the wireless client is configured to DHCP

What network layer design provides a connection point for end user devices to the network?


What is the name of the contract between a client and an ISP... Continue reading "Cisco" »


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Cheat sheet 

A cheat sheet or crib sheet is a concise set of notes used for quick reference. "Cheat sheet" may also be rendered "cheatsheet".

Cheat sheets are so named because they may be used by students without the instructor's knowledge to cheat on a test. However, at middle levels of education where rote memorization is not as important as either basic education or intense graduate studies, high school or undergraduate students may be permitted to consult their own notes during the exam (which is not considered cheating). The act of preparing a so-called cheat sheet is also an educational exercise, thus students are typically only allowed to use cheat sheets they have written themselves. In such usage a cheat sheet is a physical piece of

... Continue reading "Cheat-Sheet" »


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Phising: term used to describe a malicious individual or group of individuals who scam users

Malware: arefers to software programs digned to damage or do other unwanted actions on a computer system

Spam: it is called spam the insolicited, unwanted or unknown messajes and they are extemelly anoying

Adware: software that displays advertisements and is integrated into another program offered at low charge or at low cost

Spyware: can capture information lke messajes, user names. The software can transmit data to another persons computer over the internet

Hijackers: is a type of network security attack in which the attacker takes control of the communications between two entities

Antivirus: is a type of utility used for scanning and removing viruses fom... Continue reading "Diego" »