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Shell script

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Ejercicio de descuentos:


read -p "¿Desea el billete también de vuelta? (s/n): " idavuelta

until [ $idavuelta=="s" ] || [ $idavuelta=="n" ]; do

read -p "¿Desea el billete también de vuelta? (s/n): " idavuelta


read -p "¿Tiene carnet joven? (s/n): " carnetjoven

until [ $carnetjoven="s" ] || [ $carnetjoven="n" ]; do

read -p "¿Tiene carnet joven? (s/n): " carnetjoven


descuento=0 billete=20

if [ $idavuelta="s" ]; then


billete=" expr $billete \* 2'


if [ $carnetjoven="s" ]j then



costefinal=`expr $billete \* \( 100 - $descuento \) / 100`

echo "El precio final del billete es $costefinal"

Ejercicio de medias:




read -p "Introduce un numero: " num

while [ $num -ne 0 ]; do

acu=`expr $acu + $num`

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5/1. GitHub is a version control system that allows you to develop applications and generate code. The advantage of using it is that groups can be made, that means, X number of people (collaborators) can carry out an application at the same time, so if they are well synchronized, that time is saved, since the code does not have to be carried out exclusively by one person. In addition, after generating the code and verifying that it works, it can be updated. This means it allows the code of that app to be up to date in a "cloud" and can be downloaded from any computer and continue working.

How do you figure out step 3 for production cost report

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Clark-Groves Mechanism: A process that will get individuals to truthfully reveal their preferences for the public good. Suppos the public good provider is making decision on whether to build a bridge, ie, the public good in question is discrete - 0 or 1. And the goal is to achieve efficiency.

Step 1 : Invidivual report their value for the bridge vi, no need to report the truth vi#vi*

Step 2 : Add up reported value

Step 3 : If, (Sum of reports - cost of bridge)> 0 => buildt the bridge, If ( Sum of reports - Cost of bridges)< 0=""> don't build the bridge.

Step 4 : If the individual's value was decisive, (Sum of other's report) < (cost="" of="" bridge)="">< (sum="" of="" all="" reports)="">

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Law 19983 on

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Process for research Paper: first we interpret result of research and then proveo rr disprove Hypothesis

Créate research Question: What are you interés in?...What do you have to know about It?

Narrow down research: to Summarize, to put only What serves us

Importance of citing Sources: because it gives you credibility, avoides problems of law And plagiarism

Reseacrh process: 1) research Question 2) background information 3) hypothesis 4) design experiment

 5) collect data 6) Analyze results 7) publis findings

Explain the process Neede o prepare for a research: define, explore, indentify, related

Explain the Requierements to become a process information: analyze/evaluate, sort, Syntnetize, test

Explain the process in Order to think critically

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the new phone

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The new Megaphone10+.
They are available in 5 colours: in black, in White, in grey, inblue and in red and all of them look really cool!
The covers of these mobiles are made of metal, we don't use plastic so it's better for the environment. 
They come with headphones and a charger.
You can use this ultimate generation mobile pone to make profesional photos or listen music with they speakers of good quality too. It also have 200GB of memory that you can use to sabe a lot of documents, games, archives or photos.
They include a lot of useful applications for example a compass, a clock, maps, a calculator, mail or an app that you can use to write reminders. There is a very good relationship quality Price because this pone only costs 300 euros and it
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Compara dos impresoras
A printer is a device for obtaining paper documents from a computer.
Here are the guidelines for finding which printer is the best for
The best printer depends on the intended use you will give it. In
spite of the cheap laser printing technology generally, it is more
common to find an inkjet printer with a lot of functions cheaper
than a laser one.
If we are going to use the printer just twice in our life, the best
decision would be an inkjet printer. If our domestic use is going to
be continuous or intensive, or for example, we will use it at the
office, the best option is a laser printer.But, if we are going to
work with pictures, inkjet printer is more professional.

Decadactilar fingerprints

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This principle requires the person or agency in control of the personal data to implement organizational and technical measures to ensure the data is secure. It requires the controller to offer protection against:

  • Unlawful destruction or accidental loss
  • Alteration
  • Unauthorized disclosure or access
  • All other form of unlawful processing

In particular when the data is transmitted over a network. If the controller is not doing the processing themselves they must provide guarantees that the specified security measures are being carried out.

Pre Processing a Biometrics Image for Feature Extraction:

Case Study: Finger Prints:

Fingerprint ID is often based on minutiae and or the location or the direction of fingerprint of the ridge endings and bifurcations... Continue reading "Decadactilar fingerprints" »

Flash drive

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Expected to help put out tables and chairs this afternoon. We hope the evening will be as successful as last year’s, when a lot of money was raised by the parents for the new computer room 11-This morning laptops on the train. –My computer hard drive –Put the memory USB port –I’m sorry, the webcam isn’t working.–My computer screen me headaches. 12- downloaded –surf –online –broadband –screen engine -13 -I’ve tried sending this email several times, but it keeps bouncing back.-Unfortunately, I deleted your last email by mistake-Can you forward this email to all your friends?-I don’t usually check my email more than once a day.-I typed in the wrong email address and it went to the wrong person. I was very embarrassed!
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Cascade model software engineering

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Q1. State and explain various workflows.
The term workflow is used to mean a thread of cohesive and mostly sequential activities. Workflows are mapped to product artifacts and to project. There are seven top-level workflows:
??Management workflow: controlling the process and ensuring win conditions for all stakeholders
??Environment workflow: automating the process and evolving the maintenance environment
??Requirements workflow: analyzing the problem space and evolving the requirements artifacts
??Design workflow: modeling the solution and evolving the architecture and design artifacts
??Implementation workflow: programming the components and evolving the implementation and deployment artifacts
??Assessment workflow: assessing the trends in
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Parte 1

1. What is a resource record?

Resource Records define data types in the Domain Name System (DNS)

2. What is the difference between a recursive and a iterative query in DNS? When is each type of query used?

Recursive DNS queries occur when a DNS client requests Information from a DNS server that is set to query subsequent DNS servers until A definitive answer is returned to the client.

In customer requests and fordwarded

Iterative DNS queries are ones in which a DNS server is Queried and returns an answer without querying other DNS servers

In name servers

3. Some computers are given a different IP address each time They connect to the internet.An internet service provider (ISP) can use a few IP addresses to serve many  customers That way….... Continue reading "Connection" »