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PLAIN-WEAVE FABRIC: In plain-weave fabric the warp and weft are aligned so that they form A simple criss-cross pattern. Plain-weave is strong and hardwearing, so It's used for fashion and furnishing fabrics. TWILL-WEAVE FABRIC: In twill-weave fabric the crossings of weft and warp are offset to give a Diagonal pattern on the fabric surface. It's strong, drapes well and is Used for jeans, jackets and curtains. SATIN-WEAVE FABRIC: In satin-weave fabric there is a complex arrangement of warp and weft Threads, which allows longer float threads either across the warp or the Weft. The long floats mean the light falling on the yarn doesn't scatter And break up, like on a plain-weave.The reflected light creates a Smooth, shiny surface commonly called
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Mach holding mode is carried out by

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A transistor that uses an electric field to control the electrical behaviour of the device. FETs are also known as unipolar transistors since they involve single-carrier-type operation. Many different implementations of field effect transistors exist. Field effect transistors generally display very high input impedance at low frequencies. The conductivity between the drain and source terminals is controlled by an electric field in the device, which is generated by the voltage difference between the body and the gate of the device.

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Aircraft systems

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c)Comment On the use polymers in construction giving examples of their use and describe The problems presented by the use of polymers in the event of a fire.

Answers 5 c):

Polymers are more common in the Construction industry than ever before and composite materials can offer good Strength to weight ratios as well as good levels of durability. GRP can offer alternative Bridge design options, particularly in remote areas where large section can be Flown in by helicopter and erected in shorter time periods. Other examples Include:

  • Window frames – UPVC

  • Rain-water goods – UPVC

  • Waste systems – UPVC / ABS

  • Glazing – Acrylics

  • Cold-water cisterns – Glass reinforced polyester

  • Cavity insulation – Polystyrene bats

  • Sealants are specified with a movement

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Infraspinatus and radiobrachialis

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Adductor longus








Ext. Intercostal

ext obli

Flexor digitorum Superficialis-fxn, I, i

Flexor digitorum Profundus




glut min

glut max

glut med





Int. Intercostal

int obli




inf gemellus



lat dorsi

levator scapulae

levator costarum





med, lat pterygoid


oblique cap sup

oblique cap inf

obtr internus


Pectoralis major

Peroneus longus




psoas maj--

psoas min


quad femoris

quad lumb

rect abd

Rectus femoris

rhomboid maj

rhomboid min-fxn

rectus cap post maj

rectus cap post min



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Composition environment

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3.Hierarchy: Achieved by determining dominance or emphasizing one design element over another.  In some cases, it's obvious which elements need to be most dominant. The designer will arranged order by controlling size, placement, color and balance of these elements. Important that one element be dominant to give the viewer focal point.

Balance - Symmetric
- similar design elements are aligned in an equal way on either side of a vertical axis.
- more formal
- often achieved by balancing positive with negative space or form with counter form
Balance - Asymmetric
- unequal arrangement of elements
- look more casual
- achieving asymmetrical balance is more difficult because the visual weight of each element and their arrangements need to be carefully
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INTRODUCTION What Is a project (definition, brief description)? A project it is a single, Complex,, unique task, that is limited in costs and time, and has predefined Goals, and assigned sources. It starts from an idea that´s needs to be prepare And plan, be performed to achieved a goal in a fixed cost/time/quality arrangement In a temporary enterprise (high intensity of human and materials resources, Unique aims, unique participants, unique tools).Who are the direct and indirect Involved participants of a construction project? Direct: •Client•Designer (Architect, Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Mechanical engineer, Electrical engineer) •Contractor (General Contractor, Subcontractors) Indirect: •Authorities (Public services) •Financing
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Mercator chart

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Unit 6: Curve Sketching

Ex 1) Analyze & Sketch f(x) = 2x3-3x2-3x+2

Domain: D={XER}                                -1| 2, -3, -3, 2

Intercepts: 0=2³-3²-3+2                                    -2, 5, 2  

              0=0             (x+1)                         2, -5, 2, 0    

Y-int:                                                  (x+1)(2x²-5x+2)=0

 f(0) = 2                                               (x+1)(x-2)(2x+1)=0

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Aircraft systems

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What are the fire protection requirements of construction materials according to Council Directive 89/106/EEC? The Construction works must be designed and built in such a way that in the event Of an outbreak of fire: · the load-bearing capacity of the construction can be Assumed for a specific period of time; · the generation and spread of fire and Smoke within the works are limited; · the spread of fire to neighbouring Construction works is limited; ·occupants can leave the works or be rescued by Other means; ·the safety of rescue teams is taken into consideration. ·The Classification or availability of the structures should be considered based on The fire protection levels, and using data from reaction to fire tests. (MSZ EN 1364 1-

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Curve of indifference

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Mandelbrot set,except zn+1 = zn6 + c:%gen a grid of pnts in da specified complex plane & determine da associated c val(simply x+i*y)%Initialize matricies for iterated val(z)&# of iterati before blowing up(k);everything will be done at once in a single while loop%loop to iterate da grid&check for divergence.loop stops once N reaches Nmax%Any k locations for which abs(w)>maxZ at dis prev iteration get assigned da value of N(indicates rate of divergence&to color code)%If any k's r =to 0 sets dem to da final iteration#Write a singl line of code dat = a bin seq dat bounces back&forth between low&high vals.#defineTRUE1#defineFALSE0 describe da backgr behind da 'atto-fox prob:Predator-Prey/LotkaVolterra:[tM,PM] =
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