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Supply Chain Management

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Intuition Buildin and Motvation for Demand Forecasting

  • What is Forecasting?
    • The act of predicint future events
    • "All supply chain decisions made before demand has materialized are made to a forecast"
  • How does it apply to Disneyland?
    • serves as analytical foundation for ops planning at Resort
    • used by labor mgmt, maintenance, ops, finance and park scheduling
    • used to adjust opening times, rides, shows, staffing levels, and guests admitted

Quantitative Approaches to Demand Forecasting

  • What is a Sales/Demand Forecast?
    • estimate of the level of sales you expect to achieve as a function of time
    • serves as basis for supply chain decisions
  • What are the characteristics of Forecasts?
    • Forecasts are always wrong/ inaccurate and should thus include both the expected value
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Lucas pump regulating valve

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1. The maximum permissible take off and landing weight is:
a) 3,900 lb (1773 kgs)
b) 3,800 lb (1727 kgs)
c) 3,600 lb (1636 kgs)

2. The flight manual definitions of the center of gravity datum is:
a) 78.4 inches forward of the wing leading edge
b) The front face of the firewall
c) 89.4 inches forward of the main landing gear axle centre line

3. At maximum weight, the centre of gravity aft limit is:
a) 42.5 inches
b) 49.0 inches
c) 53.0 inches

4. At maximum weight, the centre of gravity forward limit is:
a) 42.5 inches
b) 45.0 inches
c) 47.5 inches

5. The never exceed speed (Vne) is:
a) 187 KCAS (190 KIAS)
b) 190 KCAS (194 KIAS)
c) 195 KCAS (174 KIAS)

6. The normal operating limit speed (VNO) is:
a) 165 KCAS (168 KIAS)
b) 168 KCAS (171 KIAS)

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Project Management

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3 project quality management processes

Quality Planning: Identify which quality standards are relevant to project & how to satisfy.
Quality Assurance: periodically evaluate overall project performance to ensure it will satisfy quality standards.
Quality Control: monitoring project results to ensure they comply with standards & Identify ways to improve overall quality.
Benchmarking generates ideas for quality improvements by comparing specific project practices or product characteristics to those of other projects or products within or outside the performing organization

quality auditis a structured review of specific quality management activities that help identify lessons learned that could improve performance on current or future projects


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Functions of language

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Articulatory phonetics: the production of speech sounds is the process whereby a linguistic message is converted into sound waves through the action of fonador.Este device performs a coordinated series of movements produces a signal that transmits all the information q q needed to interpret the message receiver initially intended by the sender. articulatory features: the features with which describe the qualities of the sounds may have an articulatory basis. These features are based on: 1.The organs and the point of articulation, this is the meeting place between two organs one active and one passive, or both activos.2. Mode of articulation: the joints properly oral teeth differ in the alveoli and paladar.3.La sonority articulatroria to distinguish... Continue reading "Functions of language" »