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B6005 Financial Management

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B6005 Financial Management

Answer Key In-class Exercise 3 Bond Valuation

Discounted cash flows                                                                                         Answer: F

.         The market value of any real or financial asset, including stocks, bonds, or art work, may be found by determining future cash flows and then discounting them back to the present.

Call provision                                                                                                                  Answer: F 

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Indifference curve

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Prof. Thomas S. Alvarez



Table below shows 1.La points in four different curves for a consumer indifference.
(a) Draw the indifference curves I, II, III and IV in the same system of axes.
(b) What are the indifference curves?

IIIIIIIV QxQyQxQyQxQyQxQy21331251271236485, 598944,556,368,39753,56577106,36374,486115,772,78495,4125,3
a) Imageb) Indifference curves graphically display the tastes and preferences of consumers (in the analysis of utility, total utility curve introduced consumer tastes). The consumer is indifferent as to all the various combinations of X and Y on the same indifference curve but rather points higher

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Concept of education

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what is ngative power?//negtive busines power:is somthing that organzation get by acquiring immense amount of wealth,knowledge and technology in country.Such power may case troubles to the compony as well as the country.So the goverment should take necessary steps to regulate such business power not being emerging as negative business power.

The diffrences betwen direct expenses/costs and indirect expense/costs?// 1-direct expense/costs: The value of the compenents/patrs or material used during income period.//2-idirect expenses/costs: expenses that covers indirct cost of produce during the income period example of indirect expenses includes transport costs(patrol/repaire)markting costs(advarsting)and adminstration costs(bank fees, mobile and... Continue reading "Concept of education" »

Solemne 3

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The company is affering some employees the chance to take RETIREMENT
Many employees in my positions reah GLASS CEILING
The company will give this course to TRAIN the employees on work
Twelve workers in a factory in Madrid are now UNEMPLOYEER
Before APPOINTING the new productor manager
In usa many employees prefer plenty of job  MOBILITY
Move someone to another job REDEPLAY
Level or skill to do job ABILITY
Providing something that is needed RESOURCING
Choose someone to a move senior job PROMOVE
Spend money on a business INVESTIN
Do very well in year career  GET ON
Someone proving money for business VENTURE CAPITALIST
Share in a business you gain if it succeeds STAKE
Profit from shareholding RETURN ON INVESTMENT
Opportunity to sell something
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Aggregate demand and aggregate supply cheat sheet

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Y=Co +\- @(Y-To) + Io + Go and/or +Xn

Y=Co+\- 1/@ - @To+Io+Go and/or + Xn 

Y - 1/@ = Co - @To +Io + Go and/or + Xn

Y(1-@) = Co - @To + Io + Go and/or + Xn

Y=Co - @To + Io + Go and/or + Xn

                 1 - @

C= Co + 1/@*d --- taxes

  = Co + @ (y-Io) --- no taxes

yd= y- To

K = 1/1-mpc

k= 1/mps

DI= c+s



MPC = 1 / 1-@

MPS = 1 / @

Multiplier = 1 / 1-mpc or 1/mps

xn = x-m

Ca = C +/- mpc * tx

Sa = S +/- mps * tx

Aggregate Demand - Total value of real aggregate output that both sectors of the economy are willing to purchase at some AVG price.

AD = L(p)

Investment rates, future business expectations, Technology, Degree of excess capacity, Business Taxes

Aggreagate Supply- Total value of real Aggregate output that will be... Continue reading "Aggregate demand and aggregate supply cheat sheet" »

Worker training contract provision

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What are the main components of measuring GDP with what is

produced ? The goods, the durable goods, non durable goods,

services, structures and the change in invetories

Why must double counting be avoided when measuring GDP?

Yes, because output is counted more than once as it travels through

the stages of production

Why does “substitution bias” arise if the inflation rate is

calculated based on a fixed basket of goods? From base year till

now consumers will spend more in some goods than they did on the


What is deflation ? a contraction in the supply of circulated money

within an economy. What is indexing ? adjusting de terms of a

long-term contract to account for the effects of inflation.

What is the difference between being unemployed and being

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Aircraft systems

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Regional economic integration, also known as regionalism, is the process whereby countries in a Geographic region cooperate to reduce or eliminate barriers to the International flow of products, people, or capital. There are five main types Of regional economic integration: Free trade area, customs union, common Market, economic union and political union. The economic integration between two Or more countries is at its lowest point in free trade area, and increases from Type to type, all the way to political union, where counties coordinate aspects Of their economic and political systems at its fullest. In the past decade, There has been an increase in the agreement between countries, which has led to A debate on whether regional economic integration... Continue reading "Aircraft systems" »

Income from the forest

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The Crisis of 2008 will probably be the most important macroeconomic event of our lives. So, it is very important for each of us to understand what happened, why things went wrong, and the lessons that need to be learned from the experience. This crisis is a story about lower mortgage credit standards, loans extended with little or no down payment, manipulation of short-term interest rates by the Federal Reserve System, and imprudent leveraging of mortgage-backed securities by Wall Street investment companies.

Initially, these actions increased the demand for housing and drove housing prices upward. But, it was only a matter of time until these conditions changed. High risk loans led to an increase in the default rate. The low interest rate... Continue reading "Income from the forest" »

Indifference curve with 5 products

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Members of the local business community often complain about the lack of support for locally produced goods. The publics indifference to local products is both the result of a lack of awareness and the huge variety of imported goods available. There is cleary scope for the goverment to do something about this situation. In this essay i will discuss two possible approches that could be taken.

The first of these is a public service advertising campaign. This would alert people to the many benefits of buying local goods. The campaign could be supported by labelling products as locally made. While this almost certainly lead to the advantages of buying locally, more could still be done to make local good more competitive in terms of prise.
A second
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When a competitive market becomes controlled by a monopoly, the price ________ and the output ________.

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How do we assess the sources of sustainable competitive advantage


Is Apple going to sustain a competitive advantage     

-Sources of Apple’s CA

-Why has it been sustainable




§Legal mechanisms (patents), path dependence/time Compression diseconomies, casual ambiguity, social complexity/interdependencies Between R&Cs

oOrganized to capture value

-Will it stay sustainable

oSome resources and capabilities may degrade or Depreciate over time

§Natural resources (oil well), genius CEO, Expensive equipment

oR&Cs may also lose value if they become less Useful in creating value because the environment/markets have shifted

§“Fatburger” brand in times of health Consciousness, “Rustic” + “Minimalist”... Continue reading "When a competitive market becomes controlled by a monopoly, the price ________ and the output ________." »