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B6005 Financial Management

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B6005 Financial Management

Answer Key In-class Exercise 3 Bond Valuation

Discounted cash flows                                                                                         Answer: F

.         The market value of any real or financial asset, including stocks, bonds, or art work, may be found by determining future cash flows and then discounting them back to the present.

Call provision                                                                                                                  Answer: F 

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Indifference curve

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Prof. Thomas S. Alvarez



Table below shows 1.La points in four different curves for a consumer indifference.
(a) Draw the indifference curves I, II, III and IV in the same system of axes.
(b) What are the indifference curves?

IIIIIIIV QxQyQxQyQxQyQxQy21331251271236485, 598944,556,368,39753,56577106,36374,486115,772,78495,4125,3
a) Imageb) Indifference curves graphically display the tastes and preferences of consumers (in the analysis of utility, total utility curve introduced consumer tastes). The consumer is indifferent as to all the various combinations of X and Y on the same indifference curve but rather points higher

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Notes of accounting,cycle of accounting,qualitative characteristics of accounting

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what is ngative power?//negtive busines power:is somthing that organzation get by acquiring immense amount of wealth,knowledge and technology in country.Such power may case troubles to the compony as well as the country.So the goverment should take necessary steps to regulate such business power not being emerging as negative business power.

The diffrences betwen direct expenses/costs and indirect expense/costs?// 1-direct expense/costs: The value of the compenents/patrs or material used during income period.//2-idirect expenses/costs: expenses that covers indirct cost of produce during the income period example of indirect expenses includes transport costs(patrol/repaire)markting costs(advarsting)and adminstration costs(bank fees, mobile and... Continue reading "Notes of accounting,cycle of accounting,qualitative characteristics of accounting" »

Types of markets

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In any type of business, exists Buyers and sellers who negotiate a product price determined by the demand and Supply of the product. In this essay, there are going to explain the main types Of markets.

The types of markets are Necessaries because of this help to make decisions about their prices and the Production of their business.

Exists 3 main types of markets. First, perfect competition is a marketing system where has a large number of Buyers and sellers. The sellers offer the lowest price of their goods to the Buyers because there are many competitors. An example in Mexico is Dilusa Because it has many meat producers companies so there is a lot of market Competition.

Second, Oligopoly market is Known, by a few suppliers market,  Because... Continue reading "Types of markets" »

Solemne 3

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The company is affering some employees the chance to take RETIREMENT
Many employees in my positions reah GLASS CEILING
The company will give this course to TRAIN the employees on work
Twelve workers in a factory in Madrid are now UNEMPLOYEER
Before APPOINTING the new productor manager
In usa many employees prefer plenty of job  MOBILITY
Move someone to another job REDEPLAY
Level or skill to do job ABILITY
Providing something that is needed RESOURCING
Choose someone to a move senior job PROMOVE
Spend money on a business INVESTIN
Do very well in year career  GET ON
Someone proving money for business VENTURE CAPITALIST
Share in a business you gain if it succeeds STAKE
Profit from shareholding RETURN ON INVESTMENT
Opportunity to sell something
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test 4 fiscal policy

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Y=Co +\- @(Y-To) + Io + Go and/or +Xn

Y=Co+\- 1/@ - @To+Io+Go and/or + Xn 

Y - 1/@ = Co - @To +Io + Go and/or + Xn

Y(1-@) = Co - @To + Io + Go and/or + Xn

Y=Co - @To + Io + Go and/or + Xn

                 1 - @

C= Co + 1/@*d --- taxes

  = Co + @ (y-Io) --- no taxes

yd= y- To

K = 1/1-mpc

k= 1/mps

DI= c+s



MPC = 1 / 1-@

MPS = 1 / @

Multiplier = 1 / 1-mpc or 1/mps

xn = x-m

Ca = C +/- mpc * tx

Sa = S +/- mps * tx

Aggregate Demand - Total value of real aggregate output that both sectors of the economy are willing to purchase at some AVG price.

AD = L(p)

Investment rates, future business expectations, Technology, Degree of excess capacity, Business Taxes

Aggreagate Supply- Total value of real Aggregate output that will be... Continue reading "test 4 fiscal policy" »


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Money Creation

In economics, money creation is the Process by which the money supply of a country or a monetary region (such as The Eurozone) is increased. A central bank may introduce new money into the Economy by purchasing financial assets or lending money to financial Institutions. Commercial bank lending also creates money under the form of Demand deposits.

Central banks monitor the amount of money in The economy by measuring monetary aggregates such as M2. The effect of monetary Policy on the money supply is indicated by comparing these measurements on Various dates.

In other words, Central bank Extends a loan to a commercial ban : new commercial bank money is created. Central Bank can also create money by purchasing financial asset. Commercial... Continue reading "hubbh" »


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One of the consequences to apply globalization process all over the world is the financial and monetary movement, wich escapes to government´s control.
A tobin Tax, suggested by Nobel Memorial Priice in Economic Sciences Laureate economist called James Tobin (princeton, usa, 1971), was originaly defined as a tax on all "spot conversations",-expeculations exchanges and financial engineering- of one currency into another.
The idea of this tax is very simple: at each exchange of a currency into another a samll tax would de paid 0.5% of the volume of the transaction.


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In this text I’m going To talk about the platform capitalism by Nick Srincek. Platform capitalism is The new global business model in an age of social media platforms, big data Analytics and tech-centered venture capital investment. The big platform Operators, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple are all now competing For school business, while education technology investment has boomed in recent Years, thanks to funding for startup companies.

The idea of the “platform” in platform capitalism is not terribly easy to define. In broad Terms, a platform refers to internet-based applications such as social media Sites that process information and communication, channel social traffic, and Enable the creation and sharing of user-generated

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Financial management

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1. FINANCIAL LEVERAGE: effect on risk and return:
The capital structure that produces the highest firm value is the one that maximizes shareholder wealth.E.G: Trans Am Corporation currently has no debt in its capital structure. The firm is considering issuing debt to buy back some of its equity. 

Assets equal equity for this all-equity firm, so return on assets (ROA) is equal to return on equity (ROE). ROA=EBIT/ASSETS.        


Earnings per share (EPS) depends on the earnings of each scenario as EPS=Earnings/#shares outstanding

Probability of solvency: ​Based on the estimate distribution of EBIT, you may estimate the probability of solvency for a given amount of debt defined as:

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