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B6005 Financial Management

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B6005 Financial Management

Answer Key In-class Exercise 3 Bond Valuation

Discounted cash flows                                                                                         Answer: F

.         The market value of any real or financial asset, including stocks, bonds, or art work, may be found by determining future cash flows and then discounting them back to the present.

Call provision                                                                                                                  Answer: F 

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Purpose of an information system from a business perspective

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Strategy when building international systems

Understand global environment, Business drivers pushing your industry toward global competition, Inhibitors creating management challenges,

Develop corporate strategy for competition, How firm should respond to global competition, Develop organization structure and division of labor, Where will production, marketing, sales, etc. Be located,

Consider management issues, Design of business procedures, reengineering, Consider technology platform

The major dimensions for developing an international information systems architecture

global environment, the corporate global strategies, the structure of the organization, the management and business processes, and the technology platform.

Challenges and obstacles

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Volatility auctions

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Volatility auctions
It can lead to static range or dynamic range:
"By breaking the static range: when a value is going to negotiate the price ceiling, considering as such the price static + static range, the value goes to auction volatile situation. The price has caused the rupture becomes static price for the duration of the auction, at the end of it, the resulting price becomes the new price static.
"By breaking the dynamic range: when a value is going to negotiate the price ceiling (price dynamic + dynamic range) or outside the dynamic range, the value will auction volatility. The static price prevailing at the time of starting the auction remains operational along with it. After the auction of volatility, the resulting price becomes the... Continue reading "Volatility auctions" »

McClelland Theory

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This theory appears in 1962, supported by the Max Weber, who argues that the development of industrialized countries due to cultural factors, among which ethics. McClelland stated that the factors that motivate humans are cultural group. McClelland maintains that there are 3 types of factors that motivate human beings:


 o The person wants to achieve their goals even if he rejects the group.

       ? The natural geographical factors are secondary or, what matters is the achievement motivation.

       ? The achievement factor is the center of a country's economic development, which can be enhanced by the influence of parents.

       ? The achievement factor is the center of a country's economic development,
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Free customs zone

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Importing goods into the United States requires an understanding of the customs laws and regulations. Even if the importer uses the services of a licensed customs broker to handle the customs entry, the importer is still responsible to ensure the goods are entered with the correct tariff classification, value, and country of origin. the Customs Modernization Act 1993, placed more import compliance responsibility on U.S. importers. Any individual or business entity that acts as the importer of record for a shipment is expected to use reasonable care to ensure all U.S. customs regulations and laws are followed.Customs and Border Protection (CBP) undertook a five-year informed compliance outreach program designed to inform importers of the laws... Continue reading "Free customs zone" »

Characteristics and calculation of GDP

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Features of GDP: only takes into account the activities reported (no s eincluye illegal activities, volunteer work, barter). SOLO is the value of final goods (leaving aside the values of intermediate goods)
Which measures the value produced within the borders of a country.
Refers to what is produced in a given period (does not include transactions of resale or other prices).
Methods for calculating GDP: see how they spend the people of a country in final goods and services. ADD income of the inhabitants of a país.Se can know what a country produces the sum of the income or earnings familias.CALCULAR perceives by the added value of companies give their productos.OTROS: young, +45, women, disabled . losfomenta government giving k subenciones... Continue reading "Characteristics and calculation of GDP" »

Understand marginal anaysis and the behaviour of firms

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Total Utility (TU):

The aggregate satisfaction  gained from consuming successive quantities of a good/service.

Marginal Utility (MU):

The change in total utility resulting from the consumption of one extra unit of a given commodity.

Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility:

As more of a good or service is consumed, the total utility will increase at a decreasing rate(i.e. marginal utility will decrease).

 Optimum Purchase Rule:

A consumer desiring to maximise total utility should purchase more goods and services until price equals marginal utility (P = MU).

Why does MU lead to a downwards sloping demand curve?

- As consumption increase, MU decreases

- A consumer attempting to maximise their satisfaction will be prepared to purchase to where P=MU

- Consumers

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Indifference curve

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Prof. Thomas S. Alvarez



Table below shows 1.La points in four different curves for a consumer indifference.
(a) Draw the indifference curves I, II, III and IV in the same system of axes.
(b) What are the indifference curves?

IIIIIIIV QxQyQxQyQxQyQxQy21331251271236485, 598944,556,368,39753,56577106,36374,486115,772,78495,4125,3
a) Imageb) Indifference curves graphically display the tastes and preferences of consumers (in the analysis of utility, total utility curve introduced consumer tastes). The consumer is indifferent as to all the various combinations of X and Y on the same indifference curve but rather points higher

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A periodical published for a specific type of business or industry

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Services: are intangible things that businesses do for us that enhance our lives.
Strategic alliance: forming a partnership with other company.
Innovation: a new way of doing things.
Online business: is a business that conducts business by means of the internet.
Corporate venture: is a new venture started inside a large corporation.
Specialty magazine: a periodical published for people with special interests, sports, camping.
Demographics: characteristics that describe a population.
Outsourcing: is contracting with other companies for services.
Trade show: a gathering or exhibition where vendors and manufactures introduce new items.
Niche: a small, specialized segment of the market based on customer needs discovered in market.
For creating wealth
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Business Forecasting

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Week 1 - Introduction to Forecasting

Forecasting - is the prediction of future events or future outcomes of key variables. An accurate prediction of outcomes can provide improved certainty and assist in the decision making and planning process.

The purpose of forecasting is to identify problems, opportunities and threats before they happen. By being proactive greater efficiency, profitability and longevity can be achieved.

When forecasting the assumption is that the conditions of the past will be similar to the conditions of the future apart from variables specifically recognised by the forecasting model.

Time Horizons:

  • Short-term → immediate strategies to meet needs of short-term (operational)
  • Medium-tem → mix of operational and strategic forecasts
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