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1.      What is the purpose of the HL-suppress buttom?

To switch off the HL temporarily


2.      What is the purpose of the drift control?

Used to ground stabilise true motion display

3.      What is the purpose of the brilliance control?

Adjust signal intensity on the display

4.      How to reduce beam width distortion?

Reduce gain

5.      Which course should be fed in to a stabilised radar picture?

True course

6.      What is the purpose of the VRM control?

To measure distance accurately

7.      Marine radar bearing accuracy is generally?

Not so good

8.      It is a requirement to have The HM-suppress button spring loaded?

Yes, it is an IMO requirement

9.      What is the minimum display diameter required

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1.      18 Is it a requirement for the ARPA to provide warning on connected external equipment?


2.      Is it a requirement for an ARPA to be sea and ground stabilised?


3.      Comparing manual and automatic acquisition, which is most sensitive?

Manual acquisition

4.      What is the difference between a tracking gate and a tracking window?

It is the same thing

5.      What is the purpose of digitizing the radar echoes?

The ARPA tracking system only work with digital signals

6.      What is the purpose of the steady course filter?

Provide stabile target information

7.      Can a target reduction of speed activate the fast filter?


8.      Can a target course change deactivate the slow filter?



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36.      Does current and drift effect the True vector on a relative motion display?


2.      If you input gyro course to the ARPA, what can you expect?

Error in other ships calculated course

3.      Why is raster scan display “lock up” so dangerous?

The displayed information is no longer relevant

4.      What is dangerous with operating the ARPA in mixed mode over time?

Forgetting that this actually in mixed mode

5.      What can you expect from the ARPA target tracking system in auto acquisition mode?

Small and weak targets may not be acquired

6.      Doesthe line connecting the PAD or POS whit the target indicate target speed?


7.      What is the meaning of a flashing triangle, apex pointing down?

New target

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Power control.

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To control by PWM requires 2 factors:

1-crossing detection signal by 0.

2-? determine the time, every time you walk by 0.

to detect the zero crossing can be performed
through an operational amplifier connected


TCA = 785
Pin Symbol Function
1 GND Earth
2 Q2 *Output 2 Inverted
3 Output U QU
4 Q1 * Output 1 Inverted
5 5Synchronizing voltage Vsync (to detect
zero crossing)
6 Inhibitor
7 QZ Z Output
8 8 Vref voltage stabilized (continuous signal for the
9 9 ramp resistor R9 (for the integrator)
10 C10 ramp Capacitance (for the integrator)
11 11 V11 Control Voltage (for comparator)
12 12 C12 pulse Extension
13 LLong pulse
14 Q1 Output 1
15 Q2 Output 2
16 l sSupply voltage.
2Q ==

Past perfect text

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3.- Voz pasiva: he wites a book = a book is written

he is Writing a book = a book is being written

he wrote a Book = a book was written

he was Writing a book = a book was being written 

he has Written a book = a book has been written

he had Written a book = a book had been written 

he will Write a book = a book will be written 

4.  First conditional: if + present simple en la condicion + futuro simple en el resultado.

 Second conditional: if + past simple en la condicion + would con el verbo en la forma base en el resultado.

 tercer condicional: if + past perfect simple + would have + participio en el resultado.

Pasado simple organized

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must - had to, will - would, pasado continuo - pasado perfecto continuo she had been -ing, pasado simple - pasado pefecto I had gone, pasado perfecto - pasado perfecto, presente cotinuo - pasado continuo, pasado simple - pasado perfecto, presente simple - pasado simple. {now - then} {tonight - that night} {tomorrow - the next day} {this - that} {here - there} {I - he/she} {my - her/his} {you - I} {last night - the night before} {we - they} {our - they} {yesterday - the day before} {ago - before} {your - my}


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What-about (sobre qué) what are you tinking about?

What-for (para qué) What do you need the money for?

Where-to (a donde) where are you going to the weekend?

Who-to (a quién) who are you writing to?

Who-from (de quién) who was the ring from?

Who-with (con quién) who did you go out with?

Who-by (por quién) who was he murdered by?

How long-for (por cuanto tiempo) How long are you going for?

What Like--> what was the weather like?

In Addition: además, asimismo

furthermore: Además, por otra parte

Nevertheless: No obstante

Although: Aunque

Despite: A pesar

so: Por lo tanto, así que 

Who did George try to find out

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fairness (justicia)
self-reliance  (independencia)
bravery  (valentia)

arrive - turn up (aparecer)
boards - gets on (subir a..)
enters illegally - breaks into
find - come across        (encontrarse con..)
hit - run over (atropellar)
raise - put up (aumentar)
return - give back
stop - pull over(ceñirse a..)
surrender - give up (rendirse)
swindle - rip off (estafa)
undertook - carried out (relizar)
withdraw - take out (retirarse)

unfaithful (infiel)
unreliable - sin confianza
untrustworthy - inseguro


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make-is/are made

is/are making-is/are being made
has/have made-has/have been made
made-was/were made
was/were making-was/were being made
had made-had been made
will make-will be made
will be making-will be being made
will have made-will have been made
can make-can be made
must have made-must have been made

agreement-estar de acuerdo
homelessness-sin techo


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Take it with a pinch of salt (coger con pinzas) Put all your eggs in one basket (jugárselo todo a una cosa) Have her cake and eat it (tener todo a la vez) Bit off more than you can chew (quien mucho abarca, poco aprieta) Not my cup of tea (no es lo mío) A couch potato (TV) Selling like hot cakes (vender como churros) A piece of cake (pan comido) Food for thought (comida para pensar) Go bald (calvo) Go broke (arruinarse) Go mad (loco) Have a go at (intentar) Be on the go (estar activo) Go from bad to worse (de mal en peor) Fortnight-two weeks Trousers-pant Chemist´s-Drugstore Chips-Frenh fries Handbag-purse Garden-yard Pavement-sidewalk Biscuit-cookie Holiday-vacation Petrol-gas Lorry-truck Autumn-fall Torch-flashlight Sweets-candies