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Orden of adjectives, future, conditional sentences and wishes and regrets in English

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Orden of adjectives: O(opinion), S(size), SH(shape), A(age), C(colour), O(origin).
-Will: Predictions, opinions, spontaneous, decisions.
-Be going to: plans for the future, intention of future, predictions with evidence.
-Present continuous: Arrangements(preparativos), dates(fechas).
-Future continuous: S+WILL+BE+GERUND. Finished action in the future.
-Future perfect: S+WILL+HAVE+PAST PART. Completed action in the future
Such...that / So...that:
Such + (a/an [singular]) + adjective + noun + that
It was such a cramped street that we couldn't walk.
So + adjective + that
The street was so cramped that we couldn't walk.

Conditional sentences:

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English pau

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Fashion fallacies (88)
1. a) FALSE for airline travel, better choices ...
b) tent-shaped dresses TRUE ..... really slim
3. to-climb-up b) overweight c) clutch d) fashion
4. a) not too soft, would not slide off shoulder vass b) be worn c) wearning d) provided
Dreams (J-90)
1) TRUE friend in a dream to May ..... out to be true.
b) FALSE a middle-aged man ..... glamorous girlfriends.
3 a) twisted b) quarrel c) turn out d) tiny
4a) do / do ib) created / which are c) who / that d) are / does
The blue planet (S-93)
2. a) True. "As long ago ... all lefe is on the oceans"
b) False. "Some of the other planet ... 459F of absolute Zero"
3. a) oasis b) surface c) contrast d) waste
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Educating england past and present

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2.b)*Every government in the world

should include in their laws free

education for children teenagers

and even young people .

*On the one hand, we can say that

 free education only has benefits

 for our society. In the learning

process student will get know

ledge that they will use in the

 future. If  you state forms

doctors and teachers for

example the will help our society

and we could be proud of this.

*On the other hand, free education

 also has disadvantages because we

 often find that class sizes are a

concern for parents so if there are

many students in a classroom the

teachers can’t attention to all of them.

*In conclusion and in my opinion I

have to say that every government

should make effort to increase the

budget for education to

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My family and other animals

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11.1. Their Great-aunt from England wants Herrnione eats ro stay with the Durrells.
11.2. They move to a villa srnaller so that they can tell Great-aunt Hermione that she cannot come to stay with thern Because they havent got enough room.
12.1. In the new town, Gerry has the opportunity to observe Sorne Ladybugs and green transparent Sorne CAJL gecko lizards.
12.2. With Mr Kralefsky, Gerry spends part of every Jesson talking about birds but I also Leams a lot of history, geography and French.
12.3. Kralefsky's mother tells Gerry that flowers talk and that they have long conversations, Although she can not understand their lan gauge.
12.4. The Magpies drop papers all over the floor and paper clips all over the carpet and bed. They make... Continue reading "My family and other animals" »

Passive / REproted

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Active Passive Tense
Present simple Writes / write is / are written
P. Continuous is / are writing is / are being written
Past simple wrote was / were written
Continuous Ps was / were writting was / were being -
Present Perfect has / have written has / have been --
Past perfect Had written had been written
Simple Future will write will been written
Future perfect will have will have been written -
conditional would write would be written
would have written would have been written
Infinitive to write to be written
to have written to have benn written
-ing form writing being written
written having been written havin

It + passive + to + v1 equal
S2 + v1 + v2 passive + to infinitive

Work -------
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All happen when The doctor goes to the beach to visit some relatives when he was young. Then was when he met Rafael. Rafael was a mad man who lived in a house-boat near the beach.
When The doctor grows, he decide to go back, and is then when he know rafaels story.
Rafael was in love with Anita, but then a soldier from another country, who had borned on a rich family, starts to be interesting for her, and she ends leaving Rafael alone. Rafael, who was now really sad, tries to get back anitas love killing the soldier, but a fail on his plains makes Anita and the soldier die together. Rafael ends mad, without his lovely girl and without nothing else to do on the world.

* Rafael is a dirty sad man, who lives under a boat in the beach. He is very

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Wh questions

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(she `sa doctor - she worksin to hospital - she talk to people) (he` sa waiter - he works in a restaurant - he stands all day) (DOES: HE, SHE, IT) (OJ: I , WE, THEY, YOU = YOU OR UDS) (who = who or who - or what = that which - where = where - how = as - how to age old =) (handle food = food-handler -talk to talk to people = people - work n night = works nights - work in a hospital = works in a hospital - stand all day = work standing all day - wear a uniform = wear uniforms - work hard = work hard - write tickets = write tags) (HE GOES TO WORK EVERY DAY AT 9:00) (HE PLAYS TENNIS AT 6:00 ON THURSDAY AND ESDAYS TU *)

Greening the sahara

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Greening the sahara

1. a)T:Egypt's population...get worse b)F: So the...10 years

3. a)vast b)likely c)because d)rather than

4. a)as-from b)travelling-most ancient c)was built-on d)which-to promote

The international year of the potato

1. a)F: only in...nor consumed b)F: over the next...people a year

3. a)goal b)flavour c)abundant d)surely

4. a)which-in b)stronger-more productive c)should be introduced-to solve d)if the new food policy would be successful

Self-driving google cars

1. a)F: With someone...human invention b)T: Because the robot...fuel consumption

3. a)Harder b)eventually c)reducing d)proof

4. a)bought-has been complining b)than-are lost c)are-driving d)by-an

What's in a name?

1. a)F: In britain, you...offensive words b)T: Some parents...novels... Continue reading "Greening the sahara" »

Vocabulary brat farrar

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allowance-money given to someone regularly-pensión,subsidio
beech-a kind of tree- haya
blacksmith-a person who makes things from metal -herrero
bear (v) to allow something to continue when it causes pain aguantar
box (n) a "room" in a stables for one horse compartimento de un establo
breed (v) to produce young (horses or children) criar
canter (of a horse) to run, but not fast ir a medio galope
casually carelessly, not seriously despreocupadamente
champagne white sparkling wine champán
charm (n) the ability to please people and make them like you encanto
crush (v) to push something hard until it breaks aplastar
deny to say that something is not true negar
drunk (adj) feeling the effects of too much alcoholic drink borracho
estate (n) a large area of land... Continue reading "Vocabulary brat farrar" »

ingles 4

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Complete the second sentence

  1. We haven’t hadf amy for hours we’re getting very Hungry
  2. My neighbor asked me out  and we went on a D_____last nigh
  3. The childrenneed something to drink they’re all getting T______
  4. My dad dosen’t live with us. He and my mom S______up when i was ten
  5. Mary and Steve aren’t married any more. They got D_______ last year
  6. Sthephanie has been sick for weeks. Her husband is starting to get very W___  about her

 Bmatch the sentences

  1. On agugust 4th i bécame shopia’s husband     b
  2. I was a romantic relationship with her              d
  3. We officialy ended our marriage                        e
  4. I invited him to come to the concert with me  f
  5.  I had dinner with a man i’d never met              
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