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Marketinh international

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1.Which of the following represents the shift of Power in the marketplace? From A sellers' to a customers' market2. Which are the two dimensions of quality? market-perceived quality and performance quality3._____ is a term used to identify concern with the Environmental consequences of a variety of marketing activities? Green marketing4.As part of the "green marketing" movement, the European Commission has passed legislation to control all kinds of packaging Waste throughout the European Union. Two critical issues that affect product Development are the control of the packaging component of solid waste and _____? consumer demand for environmentally friendly Products5._____ is the process by which innovation spreads. Diffusion6.According

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Aunque a pesar de

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apoderarse: take over : de ult gener: cutting edge anticuado:out of date difundir rapido: go viral facil de usar: user-friendly 24 h: round the clock

Mientras: When, As, While, Whereas Just as
En cuanto: As soon as
Antes: Before
Después: After
Hasta: Until,Till
Aunque: Although, Even Though,Though
A pesar de: In spite of, Despite...Que+ the fact that
Sin embargo: However
Debido: Because of
Así que: And so
Como resultado: As a result
Por lo tanto: Therefore
Tan...Que: So...That, Such that
Para: To, In order (not) to, so as (not) to, for
Para que: So that
En caso: In case
Donde: Where, Wherever
Como si: As if, As though
Similar: Like
Además: Besides, Furthermore, In addition, Moreover, Similarly, Else
Así como: As well as
También: Also, Too

Ciutti Don Juan#q=Ciutti Don Juan

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a flash in the pan - en un pis pas / visto y no visto.

a pretty kettle on fish - situación confusa / rayada mental.
a bear garden - casa de locos.
a place in the sun - me va de perlas, a las mil maravillas.
a lame duck - un pato mareado.
a lady killer - un don juan.
i´ll foot the bill - corre de mi cuenta.
a leopard neverchanges its spots - genio y figura hasta la sepultura.
to buy a pig in a poke - no te den gato por liebre.
to drop a brick - meter la pata.
hard cheese - que te zurzan.
thet gives me the creeps - me da escalofríos.
weird in the head - ida de cabeza.
next to nothing - muy poco / casi nada.
to go like a bomb - ir como la seda.
to break the ice - romper el hielo.
i´ll give her a pieze of my mind - la voy a cantar las cuarenta.
there´s an
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