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Review 28 · V · 08

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The elements in the Mendeleev table are ordered by their atomic mass in growing.
The horizontal rows are called periods and vertical columns are called groups.
is called the periodic table because the properties of elements depend on atomic mass and
regularly repeated

Moseley's Periodic Law, the properties of elements are periodic function of atomic number.
In the
electron current periodic table are ordered by atomic number.
The elements of a same group have the same outer electron configuration and chemical properties
The components of the same period have the same number of levels of electrons and that amount
coincides with the period number.
Inert gases have their last full level (with exceptions) and are chemically inactive.
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CARNE:Beef:C.d vaca* ternera* oveja* cordero.
VEGETABLES: Cucumber=Pepino*Onion:Cebolla*Cabbage:Col*Broccoli. Cauliflower *Mushroom:Champiñns*Radishes:Rabanos Lettuce:Lexuga* Tomate:Tomate

Traquea=Trachea. Pulmon=Lung Corazon=Heart. Higado=Liver. Riñon=Kidney. Intestinos=Intestines.
*HUESOS: Craneo=Skull // Esternon=Breastbone // Costilla=Rib //Pelvis=Hip-Bone //Rotula=Kneecop.
*MATERIAL:Bed=Cama Patient=Paciente Plaster=Yeso Scissors=Tijers Syringe=Jeringuilla Dripstond=Pie d suero Gloves=Guants Crutch=Muletas Straw=Pajita Oinment=Pomada Pills=Pastillas.
Suffers from
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French - Imperative & verbo pronominal

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The Imperfect:

Je -------->-ais
Your -------->-ais
Nous --->-ions
Vous --->-IEZ

* The root of the verb in the imperfect is removed from the root of the 1st person plural present. Less would be Être et -

-L 'oreille: Ear-Les fesses: ass / Butt
-La bouche: Boca-Le mollet: Twin
"The lèvre: Lip-Le coeur: Heart
"I cou: Neck-The Gorge Gorge
"I pred: Pie-Le once: Nose
"I Yeuse: Eyes-La tête: Head
-Le bras: Arm-Les dents: Teeth
-The Belly: Gut

* Il a mal le pied * Elle a mal aux dents.

Composé spent with pronominal verbs:


Reflexive pronoun 1.
2 nd is followed the correct form of être.
3 The verb to be but that matches the gender and number.
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List of past participles

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Go-go. learn-learned, sit-sit
wait, wait, have-been, beat (is)-beat
drink-drank, select-chosen, including understand-
lead-led-known knowledge, build-built, run-ran, think - thought, discover, discovered, defend, defend, demolish, demolished. down-down, destroyed, destroyed, Becoming become must-have, say, say, sleeping, sleeping, writing, writing, hear-hear, be-summer-do actually have to-had, finally, finally, heal- cured-ban prohibits read-read, lie-lie, put-put, to die-out, offer-available, open-open, go-party-painted wallpaper, lose-lose, permit-license-like rain. rain-rained-pu power take-taken-anticipated plan, produce, product, promise, promise, receive, received, recognized, acknowledged, think-thought, make-record, respond-answered,... Continue reading "List of past participles" »


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I get up at seven o'clock in the morning, get dressed, I comb and half past seven I took the little breakfast for seven forty-five I leave for school and I had come out two hours el half of the after-noon. I get a na bination has two forty-five ET has just three hours I stay. was half past three I see the novel and a half past four I'm doing homework and studying for class. I had six hours surfing the internet and seven hours I sign out. was half past eight I shower and put on pajamas. was half past nine I dine and watch TV until eleven at night. has onza hours I prepare the backpack for the next one and eleven Qart I lie.

French essays

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Je pratique football will sport parce que c'est un très vivant et j'adore courir. Mon équipe (équipement) favorite est la Cordoue. Aussi me plaît d'autre comme le sport ou la natation tennis. Le tennis parce qu'il me plaît est très amusant et tu fais beaucoup de l'exercice, alors que me plaît the natation parce qu'il (elle) est tonifies rafraichissant et le ski déteste corps.Je him, he froid ne me plaît pas et par cela je ne vais pas à la neige. Le golf ne me plaît pas non plus parce que c'est un sport pour des vieux.

Frances 3trimestre

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-Qu 'est-ce que c'est une soirée? Une fête qu'on fait le soir
Est un jour ferie? Quand on ne travaille pas

"I slept late last night I q pq studies: Je me couche tard hier soir parce que j'ai du Etudier
"Where were you born? I was born in France: Où tu es né? Je suis né en France (in = dans)
Aller-rain: Il a Pluit hier
"When we went to Paris last year we visited the Versailles palace d: Quand nous sommes à Paris allés visited nous avons le palais de Versailles.
-------------------------------------------------- --
"Je vais (I go): Je suis allé-J 'invite (I guess): j'ai invité
"We prenons (Nos. take): Nous avons pris
Skions-Nous Nous avons de ski
"Nous voulons: Nous avons voulu (nos. want)
"Nous avons: Nous avons eu-J 'ai:
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Item 7 AP 3

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3. SEXUAL CYCLE IN WOMEN ((The ovarian cycle and the menstrual cycle are cyclical processes that take place respectively in the ovary and the lining of the uterus or endometrium.)) (CYCLE Ovarian and menstrual cycles) * Follicular phase. It is characterized by rapid growth and maturation of a follicle. * Ovulation. It occurs when you open the follicle and the ovum is expelled into the abdominal cavity. The egg is picked up by the tube and introduced inside. It is a quick process that takes several minutes. * Phase corpus luteum. The rest of the follicle becomes a residual structure called the corpus luteum or corpus luteum, which will degenerate and disappear. * At the beginning of the cycle, the endometrium degenerates and destroys. Rupture... Continue reading "Item 7 AP 3" »

Redaccion francés

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University residence. I usually get up at seven o'clock I take my breakfast and I go to university after school I eat at the university canteen, the afternoon I go to the library to study one hours sprayer . On Friday, we go to concerts or movies. We leave Saturday morning to run errands during the week. In the evening we go out for dinner and clubbing. On Sunday I do not, I'd rather stay home and rest. On Monday we begin.

My holiday. I'll talk about my summer and my winter vacation. During the summer, we make a special trip with the family. We visit a different city keg summer, this summer we visited Salou and we spent two days at Port Aventura. Throughout the holidays we go to the beach. Sometimes we go into a cruise ship and we visit other

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Work and Energy

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Hidrulic are implsras of Cudal, CPAC convrtir mechanistic force hidraulice force.
Caudle fixed: concd the same DCIR Caudle is the same oil x cantda d units of time, only variation is the vlocd cuan2 v is the rotational Vrie. Vriable Caudle: can vriar without changing the flow speed. B Gears: conducd oil is in the teeth exstent ESPCI d cad engrnaj. Ls Mintra dinte engrnajes revolve and on the side of the aspración is pnto gear acrcan of the rough, you create a vcío and oil flows between the HCIA the ESPCI Dinter and flanks of the wall of the housing. Bpaletas: The vntaja pallet pump flow is a uniform and low ruido.El RTORO shaft with radial blades is moved by a combustion engine or electric. The stator ring is circular and eccentric with... Continue reading "Work and Energy" »