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The continental agricultural landscape

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It often happens that sometimes, that areas near industrial areas, many farmers prefer to engage in a craft industry where salaries are more secure, and then in his free time to devote several hours to their fields. This sanomena farming part time. Once you spend lagricultura market, as long nap depending loferta of law and demand. Sometimes governments can act to change the prices.
Governments have mechanisms to regulate agricultural prices.
7.2 The Crisis of European traditional agrarian society:
7.2.1 Location of the small farm: After WWII, the European landscape has changed somewhat, lagricultura European sha become a kind of capitalist agriculture, where the priority is to produce the maximum, and obtain greater benefits. One problem... Continue reading "The continental agricultural landscape" »

Trade in goods and services between producers and consumers

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1.-defined: state control of three classes: legislative, judicial, executive charters: the Middle Ages from the traditional set of rules autoritarioarn ezaugarriak.Estatuarn 2.-state authorities and government actions are not limit-no-rule elections, the distribution is not askerik errrespetatzen subironotasuna single-person

1.-defined: the raw material: the transformation of natural resources industries. Renewable energy: they are not exhausted, because there is no loss of energy to create. Wind energy wind wind anomalies from the main plume. 2.-traditional enrgi itrri? Development of oil: coal, oil, natural gas, hydrocarbons, consisting of uranium-mineral oil, asphalt and lubricants for engines 3.-black landscape: the old coal factories... Continue reading "Trade in goods and services between producers and consumers" »

Agrarian landscape of the mediterranean littoral

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Mediterranean agriculture 3.3Paisaje
It includes the coastline and Mediterranean littoral, the valley of the Guadalquivir and Balearic Islands. It has a rugged terrain and a coastal Mediterranean climate with very little rainfall in summer.
a) Agrarian Structure
"A large population
-The property is very dry dividida.En the properties on small and medium in Valencia and Murcia, Catalonia and medium-sized and large companies in Western Andalucia.
"The land uses are diverse.
b) Agriculture
There is great differentiation between irrigated and rainfed crops.
-Irrigated crops are favored by high temperaturasla mild sunstroke, the protection of relief, the existence of suitable soils and a significant international demand for high purchasing
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Earth sciences

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>>> Types of landslides

1) mass movement.

-creep: desenzo gravuitacional lentp and discontinuous altered material k cntituyen most superficial layer of the ground

- Casting of clay continuous flow or fall fast and practical materials as clays biscosos k there is a plane without breaking.

-solifusion: similar to strained xk differs clay is slow and results from cla cnvinacion flow movements and retaccion.

- Gliding rocs moviento of bark or soil surface down on a break located at the BOTTOM, may be 2 type of traslacionakles and rotational.

2) individualized materials Desplazanmientos

- Release: fall sharply and isolated rock fragments blokes or a Taud.

- Avalenchas: landslides and dry mass of sand or stone blokes

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