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Wheat: It is the most widely cultivated cereal in the world and characteristic of the Mediterranean diet. 
Rice: It is the second most consumed cereal and the first in Asia.

Corn: 116307 hectares, aragon main producer.
Others: Oats and Barley. The value of production of olive oil in Spain represents 4.6% of the production of the agricultural industry. Spain is at the top of the world Production and it constitutes a 75% of the production in the EU and 45% of the global Production. The surface dedicated for this in Spain is over 2 million hectares. In the last ten years the Production has increased a 23%. Spain has almost 1.2 million hectares of vineyards, which makes it the country with the most Extension of vines in the World.Spanish wine
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Definition of globalisation

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 The bringing together of economies and societies around the world, shows how people and countries around the world interact and interconnect, by trading and cultural exchange.

Improvements in transportation - larger cargo ships mean that the cost of transporting goods between countries has decreased (cheap transport)- in china 1% for transport.

Freedom of trade - organisations like the World Trade Organisation (WTO) promote free trade between countries.

Improvements of communications - the internet and mobile technology has allowed greater communication between people in different countries. Many adverts which encourage people to buy more things.

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Parramatta River

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Analyze the land and water management issues impacting The Parramatta River Catchment.

The Parramatta River catchment is one of the most highly urbanized catchments in Australia. But there are many different issues that impact the health of the catchment. These issues are from land to water that both affects Parramatta River, due to The consequences of human activity such as development industry, land and water Pollution, storm water runoff, flooding, boating and simple things we do every Day such as driving the car or walking the dog. All have an impact on the Health of the waterways.

To Prevent this, there is an Environmental Improvement Program that has four main Streams:  Storm water Management, Floodplain Management, Healthy Waterways,

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Agriculture in ramadi

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U9 1 sector in Spain.Agrarian landscapes. 1.1 5% of the popu. -Agriculture.-Livestock farming:cattle, sheep and pig. -Silviculture. 1.2Agrarian landscapes: Oceanic agrarian landscapes: Located in the north and north east of the peninsula. Rugged relief and oceanic climate. Popu. Is dispersed, plots of farming are small, agriculture is limited, cattle farming and silviculure is also important. -Mediterranean ag. Lands: located in the south of the oceanic climate and in Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Flat terrain and mediterranean climate. Peninsula dense popu. And extensive plots, while along the others popu is dispersed, plots are small. Agriculture is impotant, livestock farming is extensive, silviculture exploits pine and eucalyptus.
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Cinquecento gesture

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Modern state 

The early modern period was created with the fall of constantinople.
the kings succedeed in exerting their own authority over the feudal lords using various methods
the creation of a permanent army
the aplication of commonlaws
the organisation of administration
the developmentof diplomacy
  • Agriculture
The incrise of demand for food and rawn materials by the cities meant that new land had to be cultivated
cereals were the main crop but some regions also grew vines
there was an increase in the leasing of land
  • Craftwork
continue tu be controlled by guilds 
most important crafts were textiles 
the domestic sistem became more common
  • Trade

was an intelectual movement, characteristed by its admiration for the classical age.
They rejected the
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The Iberian pig has dark skin with a sparse coat, a pointed snout, and long, slender legs. The Genetic trait of this breed is its ability to store fat in muscle tissue, the key to the Unmistakeable flavour and texture of Iberian hams. Grazing in the dehesaHere, pastures are in fact open woodlands of holm oaks and cork oaks. A traditional, well- Balanced diet that is essential to the quality of its meat. The dehesa pastureland is one of the Best preserved ecosystems in Europe, where Iberian pigs breed side by side with wild species, Such as rabbits, lizards or imperial eagles. FOREST EXPLOITATION.Advantages:-The production of wood (to create houses). -The production of paper (to write).-The production of furniture.-Cork-Resin;;Disadvantages:... Continue reading "dfvq" »


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U8. 3The secondary sector. 3.1Raw materials and energy sources:-Mineral raw materials are in short supply in Europe and they have to be imported. They have declined in importance. Other minerals have been exhausted.There is a lack of minerals that are essential for new technologies. Energy sources: are also in short supply and they have to be imported. 3.2The industrial sectors:Trad. Sectors:textile,iron and steel and ship building are in decline. Causes are: the technology gap, fall in demand, competition from cheaper above richer. Dynamic sectors :food, chemical, vehicle,electricity,high tech sectors. 3.3Industrial regios:Europes main industrial regions are located in the diagonal axis that links north italy and south U.K Also a Mediterranean
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Rola 1

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Culture: Is the set of beliefs, values, and practices that a group of people has in common, it includes aspects of life, language, religion, cuisine, music, sports, architecture, holidays, and traditions.

Culture diffusion: The spread of culture traits from one region to another, it occurs when people moves move to one place to another, this trates or also ideas become famous.

Cultural diversity: The state of having a varity of cultures in the same area. It creates an interesting mix of ideas, behaviors, and practices, but also read to conflict.

Culture trait:  An activity or behavior in wich often people take pert, for example the language and the sports. Aculture trait is shared by people around the world.

Culture region: An area in wich people... Continue reading "Rola 1" »


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 -Fishing zone and regions: Fishing grounds abundance of fish. Spanish operate on the national fishing ground along the coast line and up to 200 nautical miles out to sea. In the european union  and international especially in the atlantic and indian oceans. 2.2Marine aquaculture: Is the rearing of fish, mollluscs or crustcacenas in marine facilities near the coast. Spain is a growing sector that compensates for the reduction in sea fishing activity. 3Secondary sector:Mining and ensergy: 3.1 Mining production: This has lost importance due to the exhaustion of many deposits and the increasing cst of resources from them. -Metallic: hardly mined, rising prices and encouraging some to reopen. -Industrial: are used in  sea salt, queartz.-a range
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Legal status of national liberation movements under international law

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Blue Helmets – The U.N peacekeeping forces

Strategic Arms Limitation-the set of treaties between the soviet union and the U.S were Intended to put a break on and probably reverse the dangerious nuclear arms Race during the cold war.

Diplomatic Community Refers to diplomatic activites being outside of the jurisdiction of the host Countries national cours.

Explomatic recognition The process by which the status of embassys and that of an ambassador as an Official state representative are explicitly defined.

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