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United Nations

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China: Ruled by Xiaoping hay economic reforms( mix Comunism y Capitalism). Reparte Tierra entre campesinos y deja vender,export cheap products to foreign, pened China to foreign trade and investments. Otros asian countrises ( S Korea, Singapure,Taiwan) electronic competitv. India( Industry,It,Car,Farmaceutic)

internal y external onflicts due to ethnic and religious tensions in Kashmir: Leaders Hindu majority population Muslim After WW2 liberation British join Pakistan or India.Laders chose India conflicts began.  Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam modernizated economic profits of their exports.

Muslim World: countries where Islam is the main faith. It  special strategic importance due to the oil reserves around the Persian... Continue reading "United Nations" »


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                                   3.2Fishing grounds and regions.
                                         Today, Spanish fletes fish
                                         in national áreas, EU and
                                         international fishing especially
                                         those of the Atlantic and
                                         Indian oceans. To Fish
                                         internationally, the EU
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He took Daniel home
He taught it a lot of things
He jumped far- It caught flies
Because Daniel won all the bets
chew,perdigones-shotgun pellets
some holes-any food-any frogs-
some pellets-any books-some water
It was bad-Because-it was a hard work
He was a immigrant-He made troussers
He called it Levi´s-They are in San Francisco
He lost his home ,hapeness and heath and
trock-Because it wasn´t a home-No ,IT WASN´T
He put his feet in hot a water and a cold shower
He ate a lot of-Drinking warm salt water
He continured to sneeze

Anecumenes america

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The process of global integration (globalisation) is making our world more and more homogeneous, lifestyles, cultures, customs, etc... Are all becoming similar.
In spite of this, we can still identify areas between the following geographical regions in the world:

-A small population (968 million inhabitants)
-Natural increase is very high
-developing countries, characterised by high infant mortality, low GDP and a low literacy rate.
There are two geographical regions: Northern Africa (Maghreb and Egypt) and Sub-Saharan Africa.

consists of two distinctive geographical regions:
-North America
-Central and South America

This continent is
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French Industrialization

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Cntxt 19thIRspreads 2 nw sectors ndcountrs,but unevenlyToday, most success econWEur,USGrowth in EU.Great DivergCentury British leadershipFinancialnd Econ,Diplomatic ndPolit (Pax Britannica)Indust of NW Eu gives to the continent a Core-Periphery struct.Scandinavia more successf in bridging the gap. S Eu, partial nd laterEast and Balkans largely unaffected by MEG.Great Britain:Tradingindustndfinan leaderSpecializ in core sectors of  1 IR: coal, iron nd txtil.1850-70: peak of relative industlsupremacy. Pioneer f railways ndshipbildinLost leadershx US nd Germ at end of cent.FranceSlower overall growth of GNP, but not pc terms. Low demogr growth:Early demogr transit (< natalit)

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what do you do when you are in avalanche area part 2

It is easier to find a car in the snow than it is to find a person. Drive to a safe area if possible.

If you live on a farm, move your crops and animals.

Avalanches happen with four factors. A steep slope, snow cover, weak layer in the snow cover, and a trigger.

Many people die because of accidents just like avalanches, road crashes because of icy streets or even starving to death because you're stuck in your house.

In winter you must be prepared because If an avalanche happen suddenly you must have the thing you will need to survive.

Second, you must have fuel to keep your house warm.

Finally, attach chains to the car’s tires so they can grip frozen roads.

Historical event part 1 A natural

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Cmc2 soil

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the demand for the water
fresh water is renewable and is in scare supply on our planet.
pollution and overexplotation of aquifers or wasterful use this resources are serious dangers due to its consumption in developed countries.
the availability of drinking water for people and animals doesnt depend on the country being dry or wet, but on its level of development. Countries in central africa dont have sewerage  system or a water network.
the disponibility of water depends on the level of development more than on the climate
current economic blocks across the world
-asian tigers: technological development and growth that has taken place in some countries has led to the emergence of a group of countries called the asian tigers: soth korea, taiwan,
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6COMMERCIAL ACT. 6.1 trade and its elements: trade: is the sale and purchase of merchandise and services betwwen cons. And pro. For obtaining money. Supply and demand. The sellers and the cons. Merchandise: the things traded for payment. Market: place.

6.2 The development of trade: Trade in the past: low levels of good manufacture, limited purchasing powers and transport difficulties.  There was a local trade in basic products and an international trade expensive for wealthy. Industrial era: production increased, transport developed and trade increase. Trade today: 1980 commercial revolution. Supply has been diversified new forms of sale. Customer demand increase. New technologies. A major increase in trade.
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Imperialism causes and consequences

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❖ How do natural and human landscapes and resources affect the development of empires? 

-European powers were the ones able to conquer other countries, the reason for this is that they were much more industrialized.
- Raw material are obtained from the places of expansion. This raw materials are later manufactured to create profit. If these developed countries didn't have the resources, non profit would be made. -Once you have the product, you have to sell them to someone, by having more territory, more sellers are available, therefore more profit would be created.
-People are being exploited, ruled and forced to be a part of a new empire where they might have to adapt to a new culture and society. Consequences for this are extremely bad.

Cities, the middle class and cathedrals

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4***The workers of the guilds had three gategories

  • The master was the owner of the shop, often inherited from hid father. With other masters he controlled the guild and fixed the tests journeymen had to overcome to reach the master´s category.
  • Officers were skilled craftsmen working in the shop, in exchange for a wage.
  • Apprentices were young people who learned their trade for several years, without being paid, in exchange for maintenance

5The royal authority is reinforced.

From the 12C the improving economy allowed the kings to collect more taxes, so they started to pay professional armies to defend their territories or control the nobles. They strengthened their government with the help of people that were well up on laws, wich partly recovered... Continue reading "Cities, the middle class and cathedrals" »