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Life in a second

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just a breath to your life qe collapses like a house of cards, and sometimes even eres tu el qe is blown.
but no qe smooth out the bumps in the road we have traveled if not we still have to go because every new day is built on what we find when walking
and even scare you not knowing what awaits you in the next curve you have to take it forward so it is better to trust in someone who shares your journey and learn to forgive when you've chosen a bad road asphalt and if ever you miss the exit marked on the map you will have to choose between returning to the past or continue towards a new destination but note that each step you have prints a coping
because my son run in the paths our lives in which every inch opening turnout so relax and pay
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Castilian literature throughout the course

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medieval literature: literary evidence 1ros XI - XIV. poetic genre of oral transmission belts: -1 anonymous -2 traditional lyrical epic narrative (sing my cid). diffusion narrative poetry writing: poetry "mester of clergy" in prose: the Count, / D. Juan Manuel prerenacimiento XV traditional ballads (poems 8 syllables, verses rhyme A pairs) learned poetry (copies for the death of his father) humanistic comedy (celestite) F. XVI Renaissance poetic genre red = use of new verses and stanzas, Garcilaso de la Vega, author sonnet representative prose fiction = picaresque novel Lazarillo, Don quijoste spot.

XVII baroque poetry octasilabo use of combinations of heroic verse, emblematic authors: Francisco de Quevedo (concept) Luis de Gongora (culteranismo)

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Carpe diem renaissance poems of seduction

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Poetic Themes and Motifs
Carpe diem
Enjoy today
Invited to enjoy the present moment
Colligan, virgo, rosas
Collect, maiden, roses
Exhortation to enjoy a young girl to love before time wither her beauty.
Locus amoenus
Recreate a green meadow of fresh and clear, which serves as a solace or refuge for the poet to express his suffering love.
Golden mean
Golden mediocrity
It offers moderate praise to life, detached from any ambition.
Beatus ille
Happy is he
Expresses regret for a life away from the chaos of the world in search of peace and harmony of nature.

Besides these topics, there appeared the three main themes of Renaissance poetry: nature, love and mythology.
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Gerardo Diego poetry english legend of equis and Zeda

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Pedro Salinas:

Born in Madrid in 1892. He died in Boston 1951.

Makes a very simple poetry. Very simple metric, in almost all his poems rhyme waiver. Will begin with an avant-garde poetry and pure, but Salinas is the great Spanish poet of love. His most important books are "The voice you due" "Reason for Love"

Jorge Guillén:

Born in Valladolid. Was devoted to university education. He returned to Spain and died in 1984.

It is the most important representative of pure poetry, has only three books:

- Song: very cheerful book aims to explain the joy of the world.

- Clamor: poems about social injustices.

- Tribute and other poems: book less, poems dedicated to VIPs.

Gerardo Diego

Santander 1896 - Madrid 1987

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