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Gerineldo and Princess

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Gerineldo Analysis and Princess Part

Gerineldo and Princess is a short lyrical epic poem of 82 verses rhyming eight-syllable verses assonance in pairs. This romance is kind of romance that comes at the end of the Middle Ages and is anonymous.
The main theme of romance is honor, honor and social conventions.
It has three phases, the invitation to enjoy and evening of love, the harbinger of the king and the discovery of the betrayal and the attitude of the lovers discovered.
As features lyrical ballads as well as several questions are repeats "abraisme" and "Gerinaldo." The syntax is simple.
This romance is fragmentary, it starts a very steep, there is no verb presentation or introducer, and the action happening in the knot.

This poem contains
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Literary analysis: the albatross and a rose for Emily

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This poem is structured by 4 quartets of 14 syllables, Alexandrine art major and rhyme predominates.
The title is emblematic and symbolic at the same time, emblematic because it suggests something is going to speak, is this case of the albatross, which is a sea bird, with a kinship to the gull, but the albatross has larger wings more 2 meters, short trunk and wide white collar, and is symbolic because it will symbolize something of the albatross.
It is a well-known poem is one of the most celebrated of Baudelaire and the one that represents you, will want to play in the romantic poet albatross understanding with society.
Entering the poem, the first stanza, there are two elements, people and marine albatross. People navy after being at... Continue reading "Literary analysis: the albatross and a rose for Emily" »

Casa pedro

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-A 1211 halon fire-extinguisher can be used for: 1. a paper fire 2. a fabric fire 3. an electric fire: 1-2-3-4-5

-A class A fire is a fire of: solid material, generally of organic nature

-A life jacket is mandatory for any passenger on board an aeroplane flying away from the shore by more than : 50 NM

-A runway covered with 4 mm thick water, is said to be: Contaminated

-A runway is considered to be contaminated when its surface is covered for more than : 25 % with compacted snow

-According DOC 4444 (ICAO), a wake turbulence non-radar separation minima of 2 minutes shall be applied to : MEDIUM aircraft landing behind a HEAVY aircraft

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The sonatina

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Modernism: were inspired by the principles of Parnassianism (technical perfection and take flight from reality) and symbolism (use symbols and images to evoke reality through language). Features:-search for beauty (exotic)-defense of the aristocratic (symbol of the swan), escape in space and time (classical world mythology)-renewal of language, use cultism, sensory imagery.

Ruben Dario was a broadcaster of literary modernism as their status as a journalist and diplomat made him travel delivery Europa.Se equally sensual pleasure, friendships intellectuals, reading of the Romantics and Symbolists Parnassians.

1st stage: BLUE: This work is considered the initiator of modernist influences appear in her book consists of parnasianísmo.El prose... Continue reading "The sonatina" »

Book Summary: The House of Bernarda Alba

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The play begins with the death of Bernarda's husband. After the Mass for the dead, the whole town goes to the widow's house, where women enter the room who have previously prepared and cleaned the maids. While men are chatting in the courtyard.
Already in the house, Bernarda makes all the neighbors whispering with his comments on whether their daughters deserve to men of that town, then they all begin to pray.
When everyone leaves, Bernarda's daughters begin to talk about the legacy his father left them. The one that takes the best part is the eldest daughter, Sorrows. The other sisters discuss the fate of Sorrows, as well as the heritage, the handsome-looking boy of the village, wants to marry her.
Then Adela begins to mourn for them imposed
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Summary of Book: Holes by Louis Sachar

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This novel is a romance because:

1: Stanley was accused of stealing a shoe that supposedly fell from heaven, for that reason, he was sent to Camp Green Lake.

2: Stanley found a gold tube with the inscription KB while digging your hole, did not help anything, as he had promised to give X-rays which found, then I would not earn his day off.

3: X-Ray stole Mr. Sir your bag pipes, but for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and cover for his teammates, was Stanley who took a set of Vigilante, but in the end, Stanley did not no punishment, except the mania that took Mr. Sir, because their fault Vigilante had been slapped.

4: Stanley stole Mr. Sir's truck to go for Zero and try to drive without success, continued walking and once... Continue reading "Summary of Book: Holes by Louis Sachar" »

Selectivity Theatre

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T Features The drama is one of the major literary genres. A conflict between one or more characters that are developed through diálogo.l theater receiver is presented in two ways: a) In one scenario, by action or entry scene obra.b) Through reading, as if it were a novel. This will lose items such as music, movement, etc.Así, this genre has the following basic features: • The rendering time is quite limited compared to the actual duration of the facts, so no can afford to delay. • The story line should capture the audience's attention throughout the performance. The most common resource to achieve this is to establish, from time to time, a high point or climax. • The theater is a mixture of linguistic and dramatic. The literary text

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Five hours with Mario

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5hcm Loc is a novel by Miguel Delibes (1920) published in 1966. This author is considered as the most representative of intimate realism. The creation of Delibes covers many topics: childhood, sports, wildlife and the denunciation of social injustices. He has received several considerations and galrdones including membership of the Royal Academy of the tongue or to be named Favorite Son of Valladolid and Andalusia. Abstract: 3HCM is a monologue about memories of a woman who watches the corpse of her husband. It is one of the most famous of Delibes and Tatro was made into very successful with audiences and critics. The book is divided into three parts: prologue and epilogue monologue. Both the prologue to the epilogue how to use 3rd person omniscient... Continue reading "Five hours with Mario" »

Analysis of the text and Romanticism

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SCIENTIFIC TEXT - Structure and language - Text good structured in three parts: introduction, body and conclusion .- A target language clear and precise, with the following features: Vocabulary - Verbs meaning neutral, indicating non-affective states or processes: ser, estar, found ... - value specified with descriptive adjectives, not subjective .- Techniques and symbols of the abstract universal value .- Morphology and Syntax - Intonation limitation, with a referential function, informative .- present indicative to highlight the continued value of the scientific truths .- 3rd person and sentences are, which give an impersonal view of reality is, it happens, is divided, comprises ... WORDS: COMPOSITION - The word is the smallest unit of meaning.... Continue reading "Analysis of the text and Romanticism" »

Pio Baroja, and "The Tree of Knowledge"

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Vida San Sebastian was born in 1872. He studied medicine but soon served as a doctor. His contacts with writers led him to indulge his literary vocation. 1900 he published first books. 1911 the tree of knowledge, articles and essays, 17 novels. 1935 consolidated fame, joins civil war SAR surprises in the Basque country and goes to France. 1940 back to Madrid, creative capacity is exhausted, he died in 1956. Personality lonely and bitter mood, sincere, more sensitivity is necessary, shy spirit of independence and opted for self-reflection to which it attributed to an imbalance and a spirit of mad man. Pessimistic about the man and the world, felt tenderness for helpless beings, not whether the world would be happy for it to mourn a child. In... Continue reading "Pio Baroja, and "The Tree of Knowledge"" »