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Marriage: very important event, k means the change of residence and rights, were agreed by the parents without consulting with children lso was intended to have offspring to perpetuate the gens, and be citizens llibres. 2tipos: cum manu: property of the wife belong to the husband sine manu: Apart from the 1 ac, retained the dowry and property Ceremonies: engagement: engagement between the 2 families, and fixed intercambiavan the dowry aniillos wedding: custom marry in June, the previous noxe girlfriend lla offered up the toys to the gods and was sleeping with the dress the next day at dawn they consulted the auspices and adorned with flowers and a veil was placed orange, then into a sacrifice. After bakete procession leading to the bride to... Continue reading "Latin" »

Glossary latin

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a / ab prep. abl. to, from, through, near
abdicated,-as,-are,-avi,-atum v. 1st tr. reject
abducted,-is,-ere,-Duxi, "ductum v. 3rd tr. remove
abeo,-is,-ire,-i (v) i,-Itum v. irreg. intr. depart, depart, pass
abicio,-is,-ere,-IECI-iectum v. mix. tr. throw
Abscondo,-is,-ere, Abscon (di) di, absconditum v. 3rd tr. hide
absolvo,-is,-ere,-solvi-solutum v. 3rd tr. acquit
abstineo,-es,-ere,-tinui, "tentum v. 2nd tr. and intr. keep away
absum, abes, Abbes, afui v. irreg. intr. being away, is far, to be absent
absumo,-is,-ere, absumpsi, absumptum v. 3rd tr. spend, consume
absurde adv. misplaced
ac conj. coord. COPUOS. and
I agree,-is,-ere, acessi, accessum v. 3rd tr. and intr. approach, enter
accipias,-is,-ere, accepi, acceptum v. mix.... Continue reading "Glossary latin" »

Augustus wich

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Caesar adopted a son called Octavian. He called himself Augustus, which means´´great´´. Augustus became the first emperor of Rome. No longer a republic, this became the beginning of the Roman Empire. Augustus´rule began 200-year period known as the Pax Romana or Roman Peace. It was mostly a time of piece and progress. Augustus was a fair and able ruler and did many things for the Eoman Empire, like:
1. He maintained peace.
2. Restored order in the army.
3. Established fair taxes.
4. Constructed many roads and buildings.
5. Encouraged science,art, and literature

Modern fantasy story intended for children

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banabhatta-kadambari; sanskrit/ panchatantra/ dastan- tales of adventrue in urdu and persian/ baba padmanji- yamuna paryatan; marathi; about widows/ lakshman moreshwar halbe- muktamala; imaginary romance/ chandu menon-subjudge from malabar; tried to translate henrietta temple by benjamin disraeli to mallu; wrote indulekha in malayalam;first modern novel in mallu/ kandukuri viresalingam tried trans. Vicar of wakefield to telugu;wrote rajasekhara caritamu/ bharatendu harishchandra- pioneer of modern hindi lit. Told members to trans./ 1st proper novel- srinivas das of delhi; pariksha guru 1882 warned men againt bad company/ devaki nandan khatri- chandrakanta(romance and fantasy) +rep hindi and nagari/ premchand- excellence in hindi.Urdu then hindi... Continue reading "Modern fantasy story intended for children" »

King of fief

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Germanic tribes lived to the notrh of the R.E.
the visigoths went to the iberian peninsula.They founded a kingdom and toledo was the capital.
The eastern R.E. Richer than western R.E. The most importan byzantine emperor was justinian.
in the 15th century constantinople was conquered by the turks.
Muhammad was a merchant from Mecca he heard the call of preached a new religion:islam people should worship allah.Five pillars of koran:
shahadah:to testfly that there is not other god.
salah:to pray five times a day
hajj:peligrimage mecca lifetime posi.
sawm:fast during the month ramadan
zakah:give alms to the poor.

barons governed in the kings name in exchange for a fief or manor
a fief
nobles recived land in exchange of swearing land was called fief
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Anselm and Thomas Aquinas Latin Averroism

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11. The ontological argument of St. Anselm. The theme of his philosophy is essentially theological, but it was one of the initiators of natural theology, since, as mentioned, once accepted truths by faith. Try to find out the reasons necessary. What is certainly lacking in on their philosophy is to nature, which stands alone as a divine creation. Apart from the rational explanation for this effort, the most fertile and original pair of Anselm's thought is on it shows the existence of God. These are basically the two most important works, and Monologium Proslogion. In the first three gives demonstrations inspired by Saint Augustine and the second describes the famous experiment that Kant calls "ontological" and which constitute its main contribution... Continue reading "Anselm and Thomas Aquinas Latin Averroism" »

Economic, political and social development of Latin American countries in the SXX

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Semi-state formation: The imperialist drive of the second half of the nineteenth century laid the basis for the fixing of a new colonial pact between Latin American countries and ctros. European industrialists. This new order, involved a situation of economic dependence, where the incorporation of Latin American societies to the international capitalist market determined, the specialization of these in the production of mat. exportable raw food. Unlike colonial states, economic dependency does not involve direct political dependence, and q such as a state with a powerful local socioeconomic class, were able to lay the institutional foundations to ensure order necessary conditions politicoy primary export model.


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Latin pronouns all

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Pronomb. Reflexive.

Ac-se, sese: himself, and

Gen-sui: whether

Dat-sibi: for it is

Abla-secum: it

Ego: 1st pers sing nom Pro.pers (I)

I: acu 1st pers sing Pro.pers (me / me)

Mei: 1st gen sing Pro.pers personal (me)

Mihi: dat 1st pers sing Pro.per (to / for me)

Mecum: 1st pers sing abla s Pro.per (me)

Nos: nom, 1st pers plural acu Pro.per (us / us)

Nostrum, nostri: 1st gen plur per Pro.per (from us)

Nobis-a: dat plu 1st pers Pro per (for us)

Nobiscum: abla plura 1st perso Pro.per (with us)

Tu: 2nd nom sing Pro.per persons (you)

Te: 2nd sing ac Pro.per personal (to you)

Tui: 2nd pers sing gene Pro.per (you)

Tibi: 2nd sing dat perso Pro.per (to / for you)

Tecum: 2nd pers sing abla Pro.per (you)

Vos: nom acu 2nd pers plur Pro.per (you / to you)... Continue reading "Latin pronouns all" »

Mineral resources of Latin America

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He cites the main mineral resources in Latin America. Hierro, metals, bauxite, copper, lead, zinc, mercury, tin, gold, silver, diamonds, fertilizers, asbestos, petroleum natural gas and uranium. Lists countries with more developed industrial Brazil, thanks to exports of manufactures has become the eighth largest industry in the world. Argentina and Mexico are now the same process. It has been hampered by the export of resources, specializing in basic industries and capital goods state consumer protection from foreign competition and dependence on external capital, goods and equipment and technology. principalesles What are the producers of Asia? On the banks and river deltas, agriculture is based on integrated rice cultivation . In areas of

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Latin America

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Latin America

Latin America is acting as the fraction of discovered the American continent, inhabited and colonized by the peoples of the Iberian Peninsula. It extends from the Rio Grande border between Mexico and the United States to Tierra del Fuego, at the southern tip of South America. It covers about 21,000,000 km2, representing 50% of the mainland and 16% of land area.

Economic activities


Farming is associated with the various types of climates and soils. Tropical agricultural products are still the main export items of many countries, coffee, cocoa, bananas, sugar cane, among others. In Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, the cotton crop provides the raw material needed for a major textile industry. Venezuela has been... Continue reading "Latin America" »