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Subjective Rights

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1 .- Concept D ° Subjective:

- Law in the objective sense is a set of legal rules governing the conduct of men

- Law in the subjective sense is contained in the substantive law (as when speaking of one or the other is because they look different aspects), is the faculty that has a subject to perform specific behavior, or refrain from it or require other The subject line of duty, serves to make, do and demand.

- These two concepts are related, since the definition of D ° objective is obtained for the individual right that could be formulated as follows: Power to act to satisfy their own interests guaranteed by law.

- There are some rights that are exercised without the consent, as the inherent rights (HR)

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Bank e

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Bank Holiday - closed all banks

Federal Emergency Relief Association [FERA] - gave direct relief in the form of money as aid to states and localities for distribution to the needy

Civil Works Administration - Money to states to build roads, schools, and playing fields and athletic grounds

Public Works Administration - loans to private industry to build public works

Civilian Conservation Corps [CCC] - provided jobs and relocation for young men (18-25) in rural settings under direction of U.S. Army

Works Progress Administration [WPA] - established to put men to work on jobs of public usefulness

National Industrial Recovery Act [NIRA] - created National Recovery Administration [NRA], which administrated process for devising industry-wide codes of fair

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Copyright is an enforceable Right granted by law that grants the creator of an original work (such as an Author, photographer or composer) proprietary rights over its use, and moral Rights such as attribution.

Copyright protection lasts for a limited time, Although sometimes copyright may be extended on application.

The purpose of copyright is To recognise and reward the creators’ works by allowing them to gain profit and Benefit.A copyright owner has legal control Over reproduction, distribution, public performance, merchandising and Derivative works.

To be recognized as the creator For copyright purposes, the work must meet basic legal standards of Originality, to be demonstrated by evidence of 'skill, labour, and judgment' in creation.


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7. Counterclaim:

It is a claim Asserted by the defendant against the plaintiff, not only a means of defence But a counter-attack. Formulation of pleading/s by the defendant against the claimant, Which he believes are within his competence in relation to the claimant.

Contents requirements (art. 406 CPA) and (art. 407 CPA):

- Connection Between the pleadings alleged by the defendant with the initial claims asserted By the plaintiff.

- The Court Needs to have objective jurisdiction on the subject matter of the case or the Amount in controversy and of the counterclaim (art. 406.2 CPA).

- The Counterclaim is filed against the initial plaintiff (407.1 CPA).

Consequences: it Is another claim, that has been asserted in the same proceeding and it will be

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HORIZONTAL BEHAVIOUR RRESTRICTIONS BY OBJECT: price fixing agreements, agreement to fix other trading conditions, market sharing, agreements to limit or control production, group boycotts, exchange of non public market information

HORIZONTAL BEHAVIOUR OF ASSOCIATION OF UNDERTAKINGS RESTRICTIONS BY OBJECT: price recomendations, recomendations to its members of market conducts, boycott practices against non-members, market information (okay) HORIZONTAL BEHAVIOUR RRESTRICTIONS BY EFFECT: joint advertising, joint purchasing, joint R&D, technology transfer. UNDERTAKING = Hofner case ARTICLE 103 TFEU = exemption BER = transport and joint product and sepcialization CEPHALON, ISU, TRUCKS (880) MASTERCARD (570) OCCUPANT SAFETY SYSTEMS II (368
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1. Interest groups with a high number - Ex. Are labor unions and NRA.

2. By law, PACs - least fifty contributors/ Least five candidates

3. No contributor - more than $5,000 Per calendar year/candidate more than $5,000 Per election.

4. Since - separate elections,”/give $10,000 directly

5. A person can give $2,700 directly/every odd-numbered year.

6. In 2014- PACs was a Violation of 1st Amendment freedom of speech guarantees.

7. There is no limit on How much PACs./There is no limit

8. In addition to making direct- spend as much Money as they want on independent activities

9. In Citizens United V. FEC (2010), the Supreme Court- candidates for federal office was a violation of the 1st Amendment’s free speech protection.

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 DISTRICT COURT:spread throught the country and serve as trial courts of the federal system/ they have original jurisdiction over nearly all criminal/civil cases. COURT OF APPEAL:hear appeals from district courts and also from those federal agencies that have rule making/enforcement of power. SUPREME COURT:ultimate apellate court, it works with cases related to cases affecting embassadors/consuls/ministers and cases that usually involve major questions about the meaning of the constitution or federal law.
    PURPOSE OF COURT OF APPEALS:its main function is to hear appeals from high court and circuit court, because the court of appeal posses only appellate jurisdiction hold trials and thus determine punishment( in
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UE law

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EU law: is an autonomous legar order, different from international law (adoption and application of rules. Dispute settlement procedures guiding principles) and form national law (legislative procedure and sources of law own effectiveness and entry into force). 
Direct Effectiveness: Means that it's effects can be fully deployed in an unifor manner in all the member states from its entry into force and throughout its validity.
Direct Applicability: Refers to the way in which EU provisions have legal validity in the member states. EU provisions are self-executing, national parliaments do not have to enact legislation to make it law in a member state or direct effect (individuals): invocability.
EU law becomes part of international law in accordance
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  1. Islam is monotheistic religion articulated by the Quran, a Book which complies word of Allah
  2. Islam is teaching and scriptures were revealed by the Prophet Mohammed
  3. Shariah is the word the encompasses all the Islamic Laws, jurisprudence and rulings
  4. The Quran to be the direct words of Allah, it is considered to be the Islamic Law Constitution .when the Quran itself does not speak directly or in detail about a certain subject, Muslims only then turn to Alternative sources of Islamic Law.
  5. The Sunnah  is the traditions or known practices of the Prophet Mohd, many of which have been recorded in the volumes of Hadith Literature.
  6. In situations when muslims have not been able to find specific legal ruling in the Quran and Sunnah the consensus of the legal
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Industrial revolution human rights

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  1. Mention the steps of realization for the Right of Health under article 12 of ICESCR.
    1. Reduce Infant Mortality and ensure healthy development of the child
    2. Improve environmental and industrial hygiene
    3. Present treat    and control epidemic, endemic , occupational and other and other diseases
    4. Create conditions to ensure access to health care for all
  2. All individuals are equal before the law, without distinction between the ruler and the ruled” is a statement under what convention/declaration? CDHRI Article 19
  3. Mention the statements under article 14 of the ICESCR referring to Right to Equality:
    1. The right to equality before the law .
    2. The right to be presumed innocent until proven Guilty
    3. To have fair and Public Hearing by Impartial Tribunal
  4. The UN introduced
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