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Ingles redaccion

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Mobile phones should be banned at school
Everybody says that mobile phones should be banned at school because they usually interrupt the class. However, I think that mobile phones are necessary because it is possible you need them when there is an emergency.
On the one hand there are some arguments to ban mobile phones at school. They annoy a lot if they ring in class. Students sometimes pay more attention to the mobiles than to the teacher. This is really the reason that teachers give, but students nowadays don’t admit any reason because they want their mobile phones to listen to music at the end of the class.
On the other hand if teenagers can’t use the mobile phone they will be very unhappy, bored and it may be necessary for an emergency.
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The stages of learning as Dienes

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4.1 The stages of learning as Dienes
The learning process is a process based on abstraction, generalization and communication. This process of abstraction is to accurately analyze and Dienes identifies six different stages in it:
Stage 1: introduces the individual in the middle => Game Free
2nd stage: review, manipulate, get rules => Structured Games
3rd stage: becoming aware of the common structure to games made
4th stage: representation of the common structure graphically or schematically => Stage representative
5th stage study of the properties of abstract structure, which implies the need to invent a language => Stage symbolic
6th stage: Construction of axioms and theorems => formal Stage
Her pedagogical approach

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Natural disasters, how can we prevent them?

The Earth has suffered different types of natural disasters during its history such as tsunamis, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, among others. We cannot avoid them from happening, but we can make them less damaging if we understand better why they happen and what can we do to prevent them. Some measures include:The creation of alarm systems that notify us from natural disasters. It is also important to take proper building plans if you are in an area of risk. Is it really necessary to have plans to evacuate people in case of emergency. They should also be carried out research after disasters and rehabilitation measures. Finally, we should take into mind that we are responsible in part for the... Continue reading "Ghjgh" »

Matrices: multiplication, rank, determinant, inverse and Rouche-Frobenius theorem

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System Types
The systems of equations can be
classified by the number of solutions that can arise. According to that case may have the following cases:
· Incompatible system if it has no solution.
· Compatible system if you have any solution in this case can also distinguish between:
or compatible system determined when it has a finite number of solutions.
or compatible system when it admits an infinite set of solutions.
Fitting and classification:
Calculating the rank of a matrix for determining
1. We can rule a line if:.
· All the coefficients are zeros.
· There are two equal lines.
A line is proportional to another.
A line is a linear combination of others.
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International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are Standards, Interpretations and the Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial statements (in the absence of a Standard or an Interpretation) adopted by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

Many of the Standards that form part of IFRS are known by the older ñame of International Accounting Standards (IAS). IAS were issued between 1973 and 2001 by the Board of the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC). On April 1st 2001, the new IASB took over from the IASC the responsibility for setting International Accounting Standards. During its first meeting, the new Board adopted existing IAS and SICs. The IASB has continued to develop Standards, called

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Different elements emit different colours when electric current is passed trough them. Different elements emit different colours due to the electron configuration in the atom.
Chemists use this theory to analyse materials for the presence of certain elements. As the chemists know the colours that are given off by various elements, they can determine the elements present in an unknown substance by the colours it emits. Traces off different metals are used in fireworks to produce the various colours when they are let off.
We can show this effect in the laboratory by heating various metals in a Bunsen flame. Wooden splints (soaked in water) are dipped in various salts (sodium chloride, lithium chloride, potassium chloride, barium chloride,
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What must governments do to reduce the consequences of climate change?

Global warming is when the Earth heats up. It happens when some greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide and methane) trap heat and light from the sun in the earths atmosphere, which increases the temperature. To reduce the consequences of this warming, the government should take some measures.Something easy that you can do at home is to separate and classify waste, in other words, recycling. Another possible solution is to walk instead of use an vehicle. And if it is really necessary, you can use public transport. You can also buy a new kind of car: hybrid cars. In addition, another option is to use alternative power sources like wave power, wind power... Continue reading "Ghjgh" »

Mass and balance

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The maximun load 350kg/m:400kg dimens.1.2m
Given Max structural take off mass48000kg:47800kg
The maximun zero fuel:1,3,5
Given that max structural take off 146000kg:120300kg
Given are max structural take off 72000kg: 69600kg
An aircraf has its centre o gravity 7m weight 49000:343000Nm
Given total mass 2900kg: 207kg
Given total mass 7500kg: 62.5kg
Given Dry operating mass 29800kg:12900kg
The total mass of an aircrat is 9000kg position 2.0m:300kg
Assume Aircraf actual mass 4750kg: Station 117.69
An aeroplane...wheel load of 500kg single of6000kg:40cm
Given max structural take off mass146900kg:120900kg
Given aeroplan mass 36000kg:0.31m
The loaded centre of gravity 713mm:16%
The take off mass 117000kg:53000kg
The mass of an aircraft is 1950kg:33cm
Given inform;
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Geometry Formulas

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Diagonal = a ? 2
Diagonal = e = f = ? a
2+ b 2
Area = a ? h ---> e ? f / 2
P = 2 (a + b)
? A = b h
Trapezoid Rectangle
median = base
1+ base 2 / 2
A = median ? h
Trapeze Isóseles:
A = median ? h
Deltoid (trapezoid symmetrical):
? A = diagonal diagonal / 2
Asymmetrical trapezoid:
A = decomposed into triangles
A = r
P = 2
? R
Circular Sector:
A = R
2? ? / 360
P = 2R + R?? / 180
Where the arc AB = R?? / 180
Circular segment:
A = R
2? / 360 - A triangle AOB
P = AB + R?? / 180
Circular Ring:
A = (R
2- r 2) ?
P = 2? (R + r)
b ? h / 2
c= a ? b / c
Equilateral triangle:
H = a / 2 ? 3
A = a
2/ 4 ? 3

Heron's Formula:
A = ? a (sa) (sb) (sc)
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I would like to write

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i would like to write about my best friend Pepito. We do almost everything together and i think he is a fantastic person. First of all, Pepito is very easy to get along with. He is considerate and generous, and hardly ever gets angry. He has got a great sense os humour and we laugh a lot when we are together. Pepito is also very good at maths, and he often helps me with my homework. i help him with his history homework, so we suit each other very well. In conclusion, Pepito is one of my favourites people and i enjoy speding time with him. I feel lucky that he is my best friend.