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Did you know that Germany have one of the most attractive educational systems in Europe for boarding students? Aaccording to some news paper Germany, England and France have been chooser by students to be destiny of knowledge, but, what about Spain?

Every year, Germany, receive thousands of scholarships and applications to get into university because out there, is totally free. However there is a set number of places. 
On the other hand, Spain have made students become closer to new technologies, not only the quality of education have improved, also new technologies have made students being motivated.
Spain and Germany are alike because both of them have their own language as a subject. Even both are loccled in Europe, Germany divide the students
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Biometric Categories:

Physical biometrics - Physical measures from body. For example, fingerprints hand geometry etc.

Behavioral biometrics - Measure behavioral characteristics. For example key stroke dynamics, gait and voice.Behavioral biometrics would not be the most suitable choice for a high security facility as they are not sufficiently distinctive for high security applications. Behavioral biometrics are most suited to low security applications where the advantage of easy collectability, that behavioral biometrics exhibit, is a key advantage.

Primary performance measures of a biometric:

1. False non match rates (FNMR) – Judging 2 biometric measurements from the same person to be from different people. Also called false reject rate (FRR)... Continue reading "line" »

Passive voice schema

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Present Simple: He delivers the letters.
The letters are delivered
Past Simple: He delivered the letters.
The letters were delivered
Future Simple:He will deliver the letters.
The letter will be delivered
Present Continuous:He is delivering the letters.
The letters are being delivered
Past Continuous:He was delivering the letters.
The letters were being delivered
Going to: He is going to deliver the letters.
The letters are going to be delivered
Present Perfect: He has delivered the letters.
The letters have been delivered
Past Perfect: He had delivered the letters.
The letter had been delivered
Infinitive: He has to deliver the letters.
The letter have to be delivered
Modals: He must deliver the letters.
The letters must be delivered

Test 1 Elementary Stat UTA

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Chapter 3

Missing variable: x=given Median*2-((1 of 2) median numbers if even): ascending order:::unreadable score- (U*N of unreadable)-(U*N of readable):::degrees of freedom=1 # of freedom is lost:::CHEBS- K=Deviaton::Calculate time % within K Dev of mean- (1-1/k^2)100=%:::Find Values- find x K devs from mean- (mean-K*given standard dev)=XLow...(mean+k*given standard dev)= XHigh::Find % within times Xlow-Xhigh: K=(XHigh - Mean)/Given Standard dev....Then do chebs- (1-1/k^2)100=%:::Z SCORE Simplified: (Mean-Given Mean)/Given Standard Dev=ZScore:::Find min score accepted: (Min devs)*(Given Devs)+(Mean)=Min Score:::Weighted Mean: Chart Xi / Wi /XiWi..Use Empirical Rule if dist. Is bell shaped.... Continue reading "Test 1 Elementary Stat UTA" »

Advantages of studying at university

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A college Degree is required for many careers. The university is a place to get not only A title, but also to explore new interests, learn about yourself, make friends And acquire the skills that will help them succeed in life, both personally and Professionally.     Another advantage is that you know many people who are still friends with time and when It happens you realize that they are part of your best friends.     one of the Disadvantage is that studying at university has many expenses, such as Accommodation, food, in addition to paying for university   Perhaps the Disadvantage mentioned is all it takes lot of time and dedication to study at University


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Board games

Any games which mainly Involve moving markers along a path. Board games can be made by the children as A fun craft activity.

Dice games

Dice games are Incredibly versatile. Remember that the dice need not only have numbers on the Faces. They can have numbers, colours, letters of the alphabet—virtually Anything you like. Dice need not be six-sided either. In speciality shops you Can find 12-sided dice or even round dice with a weighted ball in the middle. Little children might only roll one dice, while older children can play games With three or four dice at the same time. (A dice template is provided); you And your children can also make spinners (See later on).

Drawing games

Drawing games are Special because they span a gap between

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Elemental Stat Chap 1

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Chapter 1

Parameter=value of population;statistic=value of sample

Qualitative=Characteristic;Quantitive=# measure
discrete=countable;continuous=measure between values 2.5
Nominal=name;ordinal=nameranked 1st place;interval=order+even intervals 0 no meaning; Ratio=0 means something
Observation=doesn't mess with;experiment=messed with
cohort=small group over time;cross sectional=group at a certain time;case control=retrospective;response variable=variable to be measured in study; explanatory=effect on the response variable

food and health

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We are going to talk and do some Comparisons about The diets in  the USA and Spain.

Some food such as fruit and vegetables Has improved during the past two decades, and unhealthy foods like Fast food, processed food and some drinks has improve too. Also in the last two Decades in Some countries unhealthy food had been reduced.

Spain children´s obesity is about 19% and above The USA children´s obesity, with 16% . An individual gains Six kilos of weight and loses some others of muscle between the 25 and 65 years. In Spain We normally have a typical food for each region, but in USA they haven´t got many Typical foods.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture found that In 2011 the average American consumed nearly one ton of food a year and in Spain... Continue reading "food and health" »

lengua y mates

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People think that nowclays teenagers spend too much time whith electronics devices. Some of them think that  it's a good thing meanwhile others think that it's a wasle of time. From my point of view, there are strong arguments on both sides.

On the one hand, I think that when you are a teenager. The  fact that we are able to hand electronic devices is an adventage. We can comunicate in a easier way, look for information,coithoud leaving our house, we can't keep ourselves entertaining and learn at the some time playing education games. Although is not also time that all for us use this with the same targer

On the oyher hand, people too young can access to innapropiate content. Also if we can't control the time we spend with electronics devices    ... Continue reading "lengua y mates" »

Knowledge about one’s own cognitive processes and products or anything related

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LEARNING STRATEGIES:TYPOLOGY:1)Direct Strategies (involve and require language use)-Memory: specific techniques to Store and retrieve info. (Only related to more superficial ‘thinking’,repetition for practicising…)-Cognitive: mental Operations and direct manipulation of language to obtain knowledge And understanding of the linguistic system. (Dictionaries, resources, Analogy techniques- deeper processing)-Compensation/Communication: Behaviours adopted to compensate for lack of Knowledge.(Code-Switching).2)Indirect Strategies: -Metacognitive: Learning to learn, i.E. Being aware and reflecting on learning Process to help plan and arrange our behaviour. (deciding consciously What you are going to do to learn better. ‘Doing’ it is a
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