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1.-Present perf simpl: sujeto+have/has+ participio. I have eaten (yo he comido) expresiones como: never, ever, already, just, yet, recently, lately, how long, for, since, recent years. 

"    continuous: sujeto + have/has + been + participio. I have been eating (estaba comiendo). 

Futuro perfec simple: sujeto+will+have+participio. She will have lost (ello no habra perdido)

2.- Estilo indirecto.  
-He stays=she said that he stayed. - is staying = was staying
-stayed=had stayed -was staying=had been staying. -has stayed=had stayed. -has been staying=had been staying. - had stayed= had stayed. - had been staying = had been staying. -will stay = would stay.

Different conceptions of education a child

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HI ........,                                                                             19 general Aguilera street 27970 Porcuna Jaen (Spain)

How are you things at university? I suppose you have been very busy lately with your studies and exams. I would like to tell you about......

I know I can always count whit your help so let me know as soon as possible. Will you spend your holidays whit us this summer? I Hope so.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter because I am interested in the advertisement you published in the last issue of “....” newspaper. You offered a post of receptionist at your hotel in...... Would you pleased offer me some information about the... Continue reading "Different conceptions of education a child" »


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To Whom It May Concern,RE: complain about 
The reason for this letter is to express my dissatisfaction. I am sorry to say that I was extremely disappointed with .. I felt that the product / service, I received was well below the standard I expected. I had this sort of problem ... I would like your to investigate this matter, and let me know your decision. I hope that you will deal with this matter promptly as it is causing me. Waiting for your answer Yours faithfully
Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced in respect to ... At {Comp Name}, we take pride in ensuring our customer's satisfaction. As a testament to our strive for perfection, we have taken steps to ensure that this will never happen again.
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Purpose and content of

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Stating the purpose of the proposal
The principal objectives of this proposal are to
The objective of this proposal is to…
The purpose of this proposal is to examine / evaluate / explain /
describe / analyse / present…
This proposal aims to…
Background information
At the present moment,…
Comments made at the end of the questionnaires suggest…
Following a survey among…
The following areas for improvement can be highlighted
Making recommendations and suggestions
A working group should be set up by…
There should be an enquiry into…
It would be advantageous to…
It is recommended that…
I recommend that a larger survey should be conducted before a
final decision is reached…
Final recommendations
Implementation of the above ideas would result in…

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What is the time of the pet

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Tom was Returning on vacation, had been in France and he lived in a small town in Germany. He lived alone, since he had just become independent of his parents. Tom was nervous, but he remembered that he had his phone and wallet in his Jacket and decided to sit on a bench in the train station and think about what To do to find his suitcase.///After some time thinking about what to do, he remembered that in the zipper of his Suitcase, he put the address of his house "Mittenwald Street, 27". Tom decided to take the suitcase he had taken wrong and walked home with the Hope that the other person would return his suitcase. A few hours later someone Knocked on the door, quickly opened the door and found a tall blonde girl, Whose face was familiar.
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Linkin words

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1ºthe participants in the meeting below are discussing ideas for improving phone skills sabina dusek doesn,t with others .Complete the dialogue with phrases from the list. Albert if a customer has a complaint, i think staff should... Sabina i,m sorry but i dont agree at all... Jannek oh,i dont think .... Albert i agree with ....  Janek what do you think ... Tomas well,personally i feel... Albert i think you,re right .. Sabina no i,m afraid i dont.... 2ºread the text and choose the correct answer from the words in italics . 1 our company..Meet 2 it is importan..Keep 3keep 4 on time 4deal 5 back 6encourage 7conducted 8 satisfied 9personalized 10 provide 3º Correct te mistakes ya esta corregido 1 this is the best restaurant in town 2 the job
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Invention by experience

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Dear Mrs, Jones:

I am writing to let you know of my interest in working at The company Inditex as a designer . I have discovered it through your website, Which I found very interesting and of an excellent design.

I am a designer with a wide experience in this field and Have recently completed a three-year team project with an association of this Kind of clothes business.

As regards personal qualities I should like to point out my Ability to become part of a team and my attention to detail in the design I Create. Furthermore, I value my capacity to stay calm within an environment Which has deadlines to work to.

I should like to thank you in advance for considering this Application and suggest the possibility of us meeting in an interview to Explain... Continue reading "Invention by experience" »


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Better ways to learn

1 a . False- Indeed these surveys show that over 70% of students probably dont need study more

b FALSE: “For instance, rather than sitting at the same desk studying for hours,changing the scenery will create new associations in your brain and make it easier to recall information later.

3. a) notion b) potential c) associations d) enhaces

4. a) studying b ) unless y stressing c)trying d) her students had written a summary of the lesson for their last exam

How would we live in a world without oil?

1a FALSE: “With the overwhelming majority of the oil we produce devoted to powering our vehicles, [the impact on getting around would be most dramatic].”

b FALSE: “A complete extinction of oil would lead to a rapid breakdown of

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Difference between diphthongs and triphthongs

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SKILLS:LISTENING /READING \WRITING \SPEAKING What is pronunciation?:is the way in which we produce The sound of words.To pronounce we use our:Lungs\Throat\Vocal Chords\ Mouth (muscles)\Tongue \Teeth \LipsWhy Is it so difficult to pronounce another language? Because we develop different muscles in your mouth according to the Language. Schwa: is the name Of the most common sound in English.\ It is a weak, unstressed sound and it is Present in many words.Red: Vowels ,monophthongs  \Green: Diphthongs \Yellow: voiced letters \Blue: Unvoiced letters National : /ˈnæʃənl/Nature:    /ˈneɪtʃəʳ/ udge: /dʒʌdʒ/ Zero: /ˈzɪərəʊ/ Day: /deɪ/This: /ðɪs/Baby: /ˈbeɪbɪ/ Heavy: /ˈhevɪ          Different English accents:Australian
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Good morning, have you got

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Hi I'm Edgar and I'm going to talk about the actual pandemic called coronavirus and give my opinion. 

For starting, this virus, also named COVID-19, is a mutated type of flue its origin is currently unkown. First, it was sayed that came from a pangolin, an Asian animal, but then an other theory came up. This theory sayed that this virus started to spread when someone ate a bat. 

We don't know well the origyn of this pandemy, but the only certain thing is that it came from an animal.

This virus has caused thousands of deaths all around the world, and part of it it's due to the slow response governments made when it was just starting to spread. 

At the moment, hospitals are overloaded and the workers are getting sicker and sicker just because... Continue reading "Good morning, have you got" »