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Transà across

Reà again

Superà big / more than Normal

Extraà outside

Hyperà very big / much More than normal

Antià against

Proà in favour of


Overeat: eat too much

Unpaid: not paid enough

Ex-girlfriend: former girlfriend

Under-charge: por debajo

Pro-European: europeo a tope

Intercontinental o transcontinental:

Anti-war: anti guerra

Superstar: superestrella

Retaking : volver a hacer


We Sometimes use a hyphen (-) after a prefix, especially when:

·The prefix ends with the same letter that The word begins with.

·The word is a name, which begins with a Capital letter.

·After the prefix ex-. 


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1.-Present perf simpl: sujeto+have/has+ participio. I have eaten (yo he comido) expresiones como: never, ever, already, just, yet, recently, lately, how long, for, since, recent years. 

"    continuous: sujeto + have/has + been + participio. I have been eating (estaba comiendo). 

Futuro perfec simple: sujeto+will+have+participio. She will have lost (ello no habra perdido)

2.- Estilo indirecto.  
-He stays=she said that he stayed. - is staying = was staying
-stayed=had stayed -was staying=had been staying. -has stayed=had stayed. -has been staying=had been staying. - had stayed= had stayed. - had been staying = had been staying. -will stay = would stay.

Palabras vocabulario

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Taste: I think I might have tasted soy dishes before / Diet: We will try to include more vitamins and minerals in our diet / Vegetarian: Since my sister became a vegetarian, she has been feeling much better / Otherwise: You have to drink plenty of water, otherwise you’ll get dehydrated / Delicious: A little bit of hot sauce will probably make this soup even more delicious / End up: The coopers usually end up eating takeout or fast food / Frozen: Some people prefer to keep frozen vegetables, because they´re more practical / Takeout: I´m sure you´ll love the Chinese takeout I ordered/ Lack of: The lack of meat in your diet will cause you health problems one day /Recipe: Some molecular gastronomy recipes are quite complicated to follow/ Ingredients:
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Ingles reading profesional

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two different sxool          te greates invention   

1.Te britis: as been            1.Wy does:sow ow

2.Steiner: are currently       2.Ow does:someting

3.Te steiner: focuses          3.Ow as:as access

4.wat does: it demonstrates    4.wix statement:is idea

5.Wix statement: can learn       5.Wy: can comunicate

6.Eurytmy: a system             6.Wix activity:watxed

7.Te uk: is starting               7.Te most:it as been

8.Te main: ay sxools            8.Regarding:positive

japanese weddings              te return

1.Most japanese: in otels        1.Forty:people ad less

2.Japanese wedding: can be    2.Younger:are very

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Linkin words

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1ºthe participants in the meeting below are discussing ideas for improving phone skills sabina dusek doesn,t with others .Complete the dialogue with phrases from the list. Albert if a customer has a complaint, i think staff should... Sabina i,m sorry but i dont agree at all... Jannek oh,i dont think .... Albert i agree with ....  Janek what do you think ... Tomas well,personally i feel... Albert i think you,re right .. Sabina no i,m afraid i dont.... 2ºread the text and choose the correct answer from the words in italics . 1 our company..Meet 2 it is importan..Keep 3keep 4 on time 4deal 5 back 6encourage 7conducted 8 satisfied 9personalized 10 provide 3º Correct te mistakes ya esta corregido 1 this is the best restaurant in town 2 the job
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Better ways to learn

1 a . False- Indeed these surveys show that over 70% of students probably dont need study more

b FALSE: “For instance, rather than sitting at the same desk studying for hours,changing the scenery will create new associations in your brain and make it easier to recall information later.

3. a) notion b) potential c) associations d) enhaces

4. a) studying b ) unless y stressing c)trying d) her students had written a summary of the lesson for their last exam

How would we live in a world without oil?

1a FALSE: “With the overwhelming majority of the oil we produce devoted to powering our vehicles, [the impact on getting around would be most dramatic].”

b FALSE: “A complete extinction of oil would lead to a rapid breakdown of

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when I was 11 years old I went to Quito to visit my cousins, when I arrived we went to the river to pick up stones then as the water was cold my cousin and I went to see a coat, when we arrived my other cousin was gone, and when the We found they punished us never again.

//You can play football here on sunday.// New sports center opens on the weekend.
//Don´t eat here.//No food in this room.
//Don´t talk in this area//Silence!//
//Drink milk.//Get the calcium  you need. 
//You can learn music here.//Do-Re-Mi School Leassons for all ages. 

Contribution. Healthy diet 
Examples. Almonds, peanuts, pistachios
Good source of.Protein, fiber, vitamine and omegas 
Health benefits.
Prevent heart problem and diabetes 
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     We discuss the issue of globalization. Today day live in a totally globalized world, which means that, this meant that all countries of the world are communicated between either through the economy, culture or government. But we can find arguments for of and against globalization.
On the one hand, for of globalization we have some arguments. Thanks to this, countries can grow economically through the international market. In addition they can also help each other on issues such as health and technology.

   On the other hand, we have other arguments against. Countries with more capital and technological advances are governing international level, and this leads to conflicts between powers. 

  In my opinion, I believe that

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English Essay pt 1

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A:  Discuss the symbolism of Shakespeare in BNW

     Shakespear is what helps John understand the worlds that he experiences. He can understand cultural and social difference between the two world

B:  Discuss to what extent we have moved toward Huxley's futuristic vision of BNW  

    In our real world today, people still are brainwashed with catchy phrases that will stick they consumeristic lifestyles into their ways of living. In the BNW, "Ending is better than mending" is one of the phrases that's repeated the most. It pushes and encourages people to buying new products. In a real life situation, let's say someone buys a shirt for $5, but the thread holding the hem of the shirt breaks soon after being purchased. That person

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Fat metabolism

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1. Fat break down starts in stomach 

2.When goes to the duodenum where it enters bloods stream.
3. Once it goes to the blood stream, it will go to adipose tissue of a muscle.
4. Once in adipose tissue/muscle the lipoprotein lipose will break off FA chains from glycero (FA stay in muscle, glucero goes back to liver)
5. Once in adipose tissue/muscle, they are transported into blood stream by HSL.
6. Once FA are in the blood, they get carried through the blood stream by albumin.
7. FA are dropped off at albumin receptor, which deposit them into the muscle.
8. Once FA are in muscle, they get broken down by fatty acetyl transverse.
9. Fatty acetyl transverse goes to fatty acetyl coa, and then to krebs cycle.