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Dorian GRay

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NARRATOR: Dorian Gray opens the door of the theatre and goes to his chair.  

Sybil Vane, a beautiful young woman, is pernorming the story of Romeo and Juliet.

(Podemos grabar como Sybil está actuando y como Dorian Gray la mira pero en fondo tendremos la voz de Dorian que explica lo que siente Dorian cuando la ve)

NARRATOR: The play finishes. It was a fantastic performance.

DORIAN: (to another person) It’s time to go home, goodnight.

(De repente Sybil Vane aparece y Dorian sale corriendo para poder alcanzarla.

DORIAN: Excuse madame. My name is Dorian, Dorian Gray, and I want to say you how much I like your perfornmance. It was fantastic.

The last act, your act, was absolutely brilliant, and I know

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Erase una vez

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1. David robles Garcia ( Solicita el trabajo)

- Avenida Luis montoro 320, 4º A

- 41009 Sevilla

- Movile phone 683448706

- Email d.Robles32"hotmail.Com

2. Rocio delgado ( le envio el curriculum )

Med Cruises Catering services SA

C/Macarena 480, 1ºA

41007 Sevilla

3. Fecha

30 May 2016.

4. Presentacion

Dear Ms/Mr delgado.

5. I am writing in response to your advert for a ...( tipo de puesto ).

6. I am enclosing a completed job aplication ; my CV and two references.

7. I work in a busy restaurant and experience of working under pressure. I did a catering course in 2016.

8. I am responsible, hard-working and good at working in a team.

9. Thank you for your time and consideration.

10. Yours sincerely,

11. David robles.


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The penicilin is an antibiotic able to treat different illness that was discovered in 1928 by the scottish scientist Alexander Fleming. The Penicilin was the first antibiotic in the history and its discovery was a revolution for medicin. Many illness caused by bacterias and so fare are incurable and mortal could be treated, such as scarlet fever. Alexander Fleming was awarded with the Novel of medicin in 1945 for all his researching. After penicilin new antibiotics has been created that have allowed to improve people life for its capacity to fight illness

Present passive am is are + verb ed

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DIRECT PRESENT SIMPLE A- i you we they (normal) he she it (verb acaba en s) N- I you we they (don’t verb normal) he she it (doesn’t verb normal) I-Do (I you we they) Does (he she it). REPORTED PAST SIMPLE A- totes les pers (verb acabat amb –ed o 2 columna) N- totes les pers (didn’t verb acabat normal) I- Did (totes les pers verb acabat normal).//. DIRECT PRESENT CONTINUOUS A- I (‘m verb acabat -ing) he she it (‘s verb acabat -ing) you we they (‘re verb acabat -ing) N- I (‘m not verb acabat -ing) he she it (isn’t verb acabat -ing) you we they (aren’t verb acabat -ing) I- Am (I verb acabat -ing) is (he she it verb acabat -ing) are (you we they verb acabat -ing). REPORTED PAST CONTINUOUS A- I he she it (was verb acabat -ing)
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Cooking vocabulary

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1) Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside. 

2) In a small bowl combine first 4 ingredients and set aside. 

3) In a large bowl cream together the butter and 1 cup of sugar, add the egg and vanilla and mix until creamy and combined. 

4) Add the dry ingredients and mix until everything incorporated. 

5) Using a small (1 Tbsp measuring) cooking scoop or just using a tablespoon, form your cookies and roll them around in the extra sugar. Place them on your prepared baking sheet a few inches apart and bake for about 18 minutes rotating the baking sheet once. 

6) Let cool on baking sheet for 5 minutes and remove to a wire rack to cool completely.

You should drive more carefully.


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presente perfecto en forma interrogativa es : have/ has al principio 

a)have we gone to miami this year ? Correcto
b) they have visited to madrid this year? Incorrecto 
presente perfecto en forma afirmativa es : 
a) he have slept for two days.  incorrecto 
b) she has slept since yesterdays. Correcto 
presente perfecto en forma interrogativa es : 
a) i hasn't driven my fathers car without permission.  incorrect
b) you haven't spoken english lately. Correct 
presente perfecto en forma interrogativa con ever es: verbo en participio
a) has she ever giventhe driving exam?. Correct
b) has she ever give the driving exam? Incorrect 
presente perfecto en forma negativa con never es : never despues de have/has.
a) they haven'teaten
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1.By the time Sue went to the doctor, she had felt ill fot two weeks.
2.Since i was six i have skied every Winter.
3.Until she had been driving for a year, Lili was afraid to go on the motorway.
4.When John's right foot began to hurt he had been running for an hour.
5.At 10.30 i was working on my essay
6.By the time David quit smoking, he had been smooking for 5 years.
7. Lol is going to take fliying lessons.
8.She told us not to be late.
9.How long have you been thinking of getting your own flat?
10. Our relatives will be sent some recent family potos.
 Some potos will be sent to our relatives.
12. Clothes hae been given to the flood victims.
13. The flood victims have been given clothes.
14. Flu is said to be that is a serious problema.
15. It is said
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S.Kallman 1.2; 2.A)F b)F c)V; 3.Pq afecta a GnRh 

 Vértigo 1.Ilusion del movimiento; 2.Periférico; 3.1; 4.Ambos; 5.Nistagmo; 6.Periférico 

S.Cushing 1.Cortisol; 2.3; 3.F 

 Osteog 1.Natacion; 2.C; 3.3 

 Esclerosis 1.3; 2.2; 3. A)F b)V c)V 

 Mesotelioma 1.A; 2.C; 3. A)V b)F c)V 

S de Conn 1.A; 2.C; 3.V / 

Cáncer mama 1.0-10%; 2.C; 3.V / 

TDAH 1.Sintomas; 2.B; 3.A)F b)V c)V; 4.A)V b)F c)V; 5.A; 6.E / 

S de Willis-Ekbom 1.C; 2.C; 3.C / 

Cáncer colon 1.A; 2.A)V b)F c)V; 3. Sangre en heces, sensibilidad abdominal; 4.9-10; 5.Malignas; 6.2 

Parkinson 1.Sustancia negra; 2.Dopamina; 3.D 

 Tiroides 1.C;2.D;3.C 

Gastroenteritis 1.A; 2.D; 3.C 

S de Savant 1.B; 2.B; 3.C 

S de Edwards 1.C; 2.A,c; 3.A)F b)V c)V; 4.John; 5.C; 6.V

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Ingles reading profesional

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two different sxool          te greates invention               working for free

1.Te britis: as been            1.Wy does:sow ow                        1.Wy does:wiy elp

2.Steiner: are currently       2.Ow does:someting              2.Wy are:tink young

3.Te steiner: focuses          3.Ow as:as access                         3.Ow do:tey are

4.wat does: it demonstrates    4.wix statement:is idea  4.Dawn morgan:tinks

5.Wix statement: can learn       5.Wy: can comunicate    5.For lew:attitude

6.Eurytmy: a system             6.Wix activity:watxed            6.Ozarow:companies

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Aula 67

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Comparative  Superiority   ---er than / more ... Than    Iguality    As ... As  Inferiority  Less ... Than  // Superlative     The ---est / The Most ...  /  The Least  ////   Honest- Honestly       Moody- Moodily     Optimistic- Optimistically     Irregulars  Fast-Fast     Hard-Hard    Good-well  Far-Far        

little    less than / the least ///   much,many  more than / the most  ////   badly,bad   worse than / the worst ///   well,good   better than / the best  ///  Far,FAR    farther than /  the farthest   

3 Condicional   IF + had + participio , would have + participio