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Differentiate of Gregorian chants from troubadour music

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MIDDLE AGES. (5-14 c.) main purpose of religious music was to teach people the ideas of Christianity. Gregorian chants: singing of the christian church. Primitive polyphony (organum), ars antiqua & ars nova. Profane music: minstrels(travelling musicians) & troubadours. Instruments: flutes, lute, small percussion instr. Compo- Leonin & Perotin, polyphony. Alfonso x the wise: cantigas de santa maria.   RENAISSANCE. (15-16 c.) christian church divided into: catholic church (pope in rome) and protestant church (luther). Patrons of the art appear. Music becomes more human. Vocal music- protestant reformation: chorale (homophony and German). Catholic counter-reformation: motet & mass (counterpoint & latin). Profane music: madrigal-
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for taking out stitches? Suture scissors are used for
for giving injections?
Syringe and needle are used for
for exploring a wound?
a wound probe and sinus forceps
for handling sterile dressings?
dissecting/ dressing forceps
for cutting bandages? (Lister’s) bandage scissors
for removing clips? clip removing fórceps
for handling sterile instruments?
Cheatle’s forceps/ instrument handling forceps
A wound probe and sinus forceps are used for exploring a wound
Cheatle's forceps are used for
handling sterile instruments.
A syringe and needle are used for
giving injections.
Bandage scissors are used for
cutting bandages.
Dissecting forceps are used for
handling sterile dressings.
Suture scissors are used for
removing sutures.
Clip-removing forceps
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ABCDE religious

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Baroque art = artistic style emerged in Italy at the end of 16 th century , developed
during 17 th century and the beginning of the 18th century.
Characterised by its expressiveness , use of curved features and rich decoration.
Symbolised a break with the balanced and harmony of the Renaissance.
Catholic countries = it’s emergence was linked to the Counter-Reformation. Catholic
church aimed to used art to strengthen people’s faith.
Protestan countries= reformed churches faouvered a more austere style of art. Religion
was less influential and bourgeoisie were the main patrons of works of art.
Architecture = the buildings aimed to reflect a sense of movement .
Straight lines were abandoned in favour of =
Curved features , fragmental features , open
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Concept of education

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Some 30,000 lines of Old English(OE) Poetry have come down to us from Anglo-Saxon times. Their alliterative form Appears, with minor modification, in the oldest poetic remains of other early Germanic languages, such as Old Icelandic.

Certain features of its Diction, even verse formulas and themes, are similarly shared and betray a common Germanic inheritance.

In England itself the Earliest poetry of the Anglo-Saxon settlers was necessarily composed orally and It was often sung or chanted to the accompaniment of a stringed instrument.

Despite the introduction Of writing, oral composition was practiced throughout the period. But Focusing on the writing (as a literary art), we can assert  that it was introduced

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ABCDE religious

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[7/3 18:06] ???????????? ☁️????: Oratorio similar dan ópera but is religious and catholic the text can from the new testament
In oratorio there are no dances  it represents during the event
Poison similar to an oratorio it only represents the dead of christ it was playing during the holy week
Cantana the name is music to visiting is composed Ford luterman religious and secular text has recitacións Arias and choruses
Instrumental music
Basso continuo it's a type of musical accompaniment it's played by harpschord it consists of a love Melody 
Concierto is a dialog between different groups of instruments 
Concert grasso the dialoge os between a small group of instruments


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Se ve repugnante : it is look revolting ! Yuck : asqueado,Fue un desastre : it was a disaster , No importa : never mind , Lo superarás ; You´ll get over it , Whoops :    Ten cuidado : Be careful! , Eso esta hecho : That´s done  , Que sorpresa tan agradable : What a nice surprise; Glotones : Greedy guts! , Suficiente para todos : enought to go round , Ya estamos otra vez : Here we go again !

Hi, I;m Edu, I;m from Don Benito. I like music, I;ve been to several concerts recently. The best one was
in Merida where my favorite singer Dani Martin performed. It was fantastic!!
I also like to play sports in my spare time, the one I practice most is soccer, my favorite team is Real
Madrid and I have been to the stadium several times, it is incredible
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The main stages of cold war.

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  1. What time period (dates) did the Renaissance occur? 1350-1600 What does the term Renaissance mean? rebirth Where did the Renaissance begin? City-states of Italy What city-state was the birthplace of the Renaissance? Florence What was the main business of the Medici family? banking What did Humanism focus on? secular, or worldly themes What did it also stress? individualism and independent thinking, dignity and worthName 3 ways Renaissance ideas spread. 

War, Trade, Printing Who was Johannes Gutenberg? What did his invention do? Developed the printing press; books were created faster and were less expensive; things were easier to copy & print What was a certificate of indulgence?

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Aimée Ann Duffy was born in 1984 in Wales.

She's usually known by her artistic name, “Duffy”. She's a Welsh singer-songwriter.

Duffy became famous at the age of 24 whenwhen her first album, Rockferry, went to number one in the UK Album Chart. It was the best-selling UK album in 2008 and 1.68 millions copies were sold. Mercy, the first single from the album, was number for five weeks. Last year, Duffy won the Grammy award for Best Pop Vocal Album and she was nominated for two other awards. Since then, she has performed live at concerts and festivals all cover the world. She has just released her second album. She is plannin a tour now.

Duffy is also involved in charity work. Recently, she recorded a song for the War Child Heroes charity album.

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Criminal efficientism

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n.W.A the unapologetically violent and sexist pioneers of gangsta rap, are in many ways the most notorious group in the history of rap. Emerging in the late '80s, when Public Enemy had rewritten the rules of hardcore rap by proving that it could be intelligent, revolutionary, and socially aware, N.W.Acapitalized on PE's sonic breakthroughs while ignoring their message. Instead, the five-piece crew celebrated the violence and hedonism of the criminal life, capturing it all in blunt, harsh language. Initially, the group's relentless attack appeared to be serious, vital commentary, and it even provoked the FBI to caution N.W.A's record company, but following Ice Cube's departure in late 1989, the group began to turn to self-parody. With
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Three stages of greek civilization

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This style originated from the small Italian states and was know as the Rebirth because it represented a recovery of classical culture.

Causes:the arrival of Greek scholar in Italy fleeing from Constantinople and bringing classical works. The presence of Roma’s artefactos and other archeological remains in Italy.
Stages:trecento14: first renaissance elements.The first artist giotto. Quattrocento15: took place in Florence. The most important architects were Brunelleschi and Alberti. Ghiberti and Donatello (sculptors) and Masaccio, Fran Angelico and Botticelli(painters). Cinqyecento16: Rome became the leading artistic centre. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael belongs to this phase. Mannerism: started in 1530 in Italy. Harmony and proportion
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