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for taking out stitches? Suture scissors are used for
for giving injections?
Syringe and needle are used for
for exploring a wound?
a wound probe and sinus forceps
for handling sterile dressings?
dissecting/ dressing forceps
for cutting bandages? (Lister’s) bandage scissors
for removing clips? clip removing fórceps
for handling sterile instruments?
Cheatle’s forceps/ instrument handling forceps
A wound probe and sinus forceps are used for exploring a wound
Cheatle's forceps are used for
handling sterile instruments.
A syringe and needle are used for
giving injections.
Bandage scissors are used for
cutting bandages.
Dissecting forceps are used for
handling sterile dressings.
Suture scissors are used for
removing sutures.
Clip-removing forceps
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Obligacio: MUST, HAVE TO, HAS TO. Absència obligacio: DON’T HAVE, NEEDEN’T, DOESN’T HAVE. Prohibicio: mustn’t, can’t. Consellshould, must, ought to50% may, might, could 100% must be 100% fals can’t be Habi o Capac: PR(can you, you can’t) PA: (could, couldn’t) VOC: conduct, listen to, produce, record, lyrics, earplugs | bland, challenging, shooting, high pitched, catchy, ear splitting | beat,gig, mix, perform, track, turn up/down, release, live album, compose | sing you up, avaliable, demo, post, fans bone |

ingles 2

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When you take a look at the way we celebrate certain festivals, you Might think that most traditions have always been there.However, most Christmas related events and decorations come from Anglo-Saxon countries: Christmas Lights, holly, ivy and mistletoe... And Santa Claus,

  Halloween, St Valentine’s Day have become all Pervasive on TV shows, stores and even street or school life.The sandwich is an English invention we all consider inherent to our lifestyle nowadays.If you go to any supermarket at Easter, you Can easily find Easter chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and decorated Easter Eggs. Barbecues are catching on and American fast food restaurants have become A must among families with children, teenagers and workers without much time... Continue reading "ingles 2" »

Music 33 tst 3

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My favourite group is Imagine Dragons, The group started in 2008 in Las Vegas Nevada United States.The group is formed for four members, Dan Reynolds is a principal singer and play the guitar, Ben McKee is the choir and pianist, Daniel Wayne Sermon is the guitarist Daniel Platzman is playing the battery and violin. There were other members as Andrew Tolman or Brittang Tolman, though. At first, they weren't known up to in 2013, Night Vision was released next his first single It's time. Last years in 2014 their was nominated to best alternative band and they have won the favourite band. Now has playing in lot of places in the world. I admire this group for his good music. Radioactive has been my favourite song to this group.

Adam Levine was born
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Post War Italy

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cultural context: war peanes and fank : -anthomic - electronic invention -fast comunication 

comunist estates: -russia revolution 1917 (there is no private property) fascist states:  elitist groups that destroy what stop thei power -germani(Hitler) -italy(Mussolini) -spain(Franco)
- 2 wore wars : miions of people dead hundred of towns destroyed -aceleration of the tempo: everything happens at high speed - the tecnological advance is not followed by a moral advanced ( people are not prepared for their drastic changes of their lifestyle - art: oposite movements follow each ather : istnos they concern ball arts - musical consequences: ·some musicians against romantic tradition · some musicians follow the romantic tradition 

Music Appreciation

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syncopation:accord on the part of beats

jazz: an improvised music
improv: making melody as it goes along
rythm section: base, piano and drums. Main component
pizzicato: to pluck the string
comping: chords on trials play on the weak beat
walking bass: the walking beat to a melody
instrumentation: combination of musical nstruments
polyrhythm: 2 or more rythms played symultanusly
blue notes: notes not part of the scale
RAGTIME: syncapated played by piano
dixieland: 1920 1930
blues: 19100
jazz originated in new orleans
elements of music: pitch:highets and lowest of sounds, melody: complete musical statement of idea, the true, harmony: melody and chords played simultaneusly, dynamics: intensity of sounds, rythm: the beat measured through time, timber: quality
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The renaissance and the religious conflicts

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  1. What time period (dates) did the Renaissance occur? 1350-1600 What does the term Renaissance mean? rebirth Where did the Renaissance begin? City-states of Italy What city-state was the birthplace of the Renaissance? Florence What was the main business of the Medici family? banking What did Humanism focus on? secular, or worldly themes What did it also stress? individualism and independent thinking, dignity and worthName 3 ways Renaissance ideas spread. 

War, Trade, Printing Who was Johannes Gutenberg? What did his invention do? Developed the printing press; books were created faster and were less expensive; things were easier to copy & print What was a certificate of indulgence?

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Aimée Ann Duffy was born in 1984 in Wales.

She's usually known by her artistic name, “Duffy”. She's a Welsh singer-songwriter.

Duffy became famous at the age of 24 whenwhen her first album, Rockferry, went to number one in the UK Album Chart. It was the best-selling UK album in 2008 and 1.68 millions copies were sold. Mercy, the first single from the album, was number for five weeks. Last year, Duffy won the Grammy award for Best Pop Vocal Album and she was nominated for two other awards. Since then, she has performed live at concerts and festivals all cover the world. She has just released her second album. She is plannin a tour now.

Duffy is also involved in charity work. Recently, she recorded a song for the War Child Heroes charity album.

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Renaissance instrumental music

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White Away; Twink; Pentel; Aqua Kores; paper Mate; Faber-Castell; White Pen 2; Bic; Sylvapen; Pelikan; ZebraThe classicism starts at milset sents cincuanta and finish at milvuit centsvint.They find beauty in order and symmetry. Everything has to be structured.The first time than instrumental music is more important than secular music.The accompainment was Alberti Bass based on broken chords.There is more secular music than instrumental music. Viena becomes the center of music, all the main composers live there.Mood changes during the composition a song can begin sad and move into cheerful.Melodies are tuneful and easy to remember,sing and listen,they are catchy. Allegro-Sonata form was the typical structure, all the instrumental... Continue reading "Renaissance instrumental music" »

Clowns + baroque + music

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The Baroque is the period coming after the Renaissance, and spans the 17th century to the mid-18th century. Musical scene, music is an indespensable element in every socila activity. Castrati were famous male singers from the poorer classes chosen for the beauty of their voices. Instrumentalists: violinists, organists and others. 1-Profane music was more popular and intrumental music became as important as vocal music. 2-The concerto, the toccata, sonata and fugue. 3-Porfane music: the opera. Religious music: the oratorio, cantata and passion. 1-Concerto grosso: 3 movements: fast-slow-fast, 2 groups of instruments: the tutti, grosso or ripieno, and passages played by the concertino. 2-Solo concerto: similar to the grosso, but the groups are
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