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Gongora satire poems to quevedo

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Quevedo is 1 of the authors + controversial and interesting of Spanish literature, his eventful life and the richness and variety of its open and show it, is characterized by pessimism philosophical, loving, black eseptisismo visionfor Spain in the time razes of satire and criticism. Emphasize his metaphysical poems in which he expresses his obsession with the flow of time and the imminent arrival of death. It is the strong supporter of the trend that tends to excessive accumulation of elementeos metaphorical prose novel highlights The picaresque conman. Gongora: Create a personal style in which the speech is a1 1 planoCultiva poetry arificiosa, recharged, full of hyperbaton, cultism and complex metaphors: It's what has been called his poetry
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La celestina tragidy comedy

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La Celestina: Celestite is one of the great literary works of our literature, important both for the depth and complexity of its subject, for the perfection of his style.
TEXTUAL PROBLEMS AND AUTHORSHIP: * The first known edition, untitled and unsigned, appears in villages and consists of sixteen acts. * A new edition titled the play "Comedy of Calisto and Melibea" and contains some verses, whose initials form an acronym q reports its author. In the preliminaries, the author tells a friend had found qe written the first act and q, from him, decided to write the fifteen below. * Later editions cn and leave the title of "tragi-comedy of Calisto and melibea" and have five more events to reach the 21 cn los q now know the work.
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Music instruments

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lol is when all components of the orchestra playing the purposes vegada.Instruments wind are classified as: woodwind, brass. woodwind high to low piccolo, flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon and contrabassoon. brass high to low trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba.El sound bufem occurs when the nozzle of a wind instrument and the air vibrates. woodwind mouthpiece bezel, Simple reed double reed. mouthpiece brass instruments is a metallic nozzle. Keys: trumpets, three pistons to extend, fallopian tubes and valves serve the trombone uses a system of rods.

Imitative counterpoint and homophony

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2nd Eval.
Flow my tears - Downland
(he says) made several versions for lute-lute and voice. These songs were also called AYRE-lacrima. Some saw this as the propellant LIED. Also considered the forerunner of the melody. The start of the voice has been widely copied by some composers. Adieu ces bons vins de Lannyons - Dufay (instrument and woman) is a farewell song that has rondeau form (rondo: chorus and verse). Song for a voice (singing), a sort of oboe, a history of guitar and violin. Four-voice song, where one is sung and the rest is played by instruments. Sometimes it sounds like a subdivision and other binary ternary. At the end of the song is the single voice and be heard from afar, since it is a farewell song.Tribulationem et dolorem
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Esame language literature

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Alfonso X: Issues: alfonso aims to preserve x written todo lo q has imports Pilita social, economic and scientific, hence the variety thematic q presents his work:

right: the book of laws or seven items was written to give the people d clear legal rules and reasoned No common language their bacs were l Roman law and leys d the e'pok

sciences, including treaties of astronomy and studies on the properties of gemstones

games and entertainment: his work on book axedres and dice and tables, translated into Arabic enumerates various forms of entertainment at the time.

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