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Met atpl

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  • "Detached clouds in the form of white, delicate filaments or white or mostly white patches or narrow bands. These clouds have fibrous (hair-like) appearance, or a silky sheen, or both." CIRRUS
    8/8 stratus base 200 FT/AGL is observed at sunrise at an aerodrome in the north of France; the QNH is 1028 hPa and there is a variable wind of 3 kt. What change in these clouds is likely at 1200 UTC in summer and winter? WINTER: OVC. BASE 500 FT/AGL; SUMMER: SCT, BASE 3000 FT/AGL
    ·A blocking anticyclone in the northern hemisphere is: A WARM ANTICYCLONE/QUASI STATIONARY/SITUATED BETWEEN 50°N AND 70°N
    ·A Cb with thunderstorm has reached the mature stage. Which statement is correct? IN TEMPERATURES LOWER THAN -23°C ICING IS STILL POSSIBLE
    ·A cold air
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The Stories of Eva Luna

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Stories of Eva Luna

INTRODUCTION: Although not necessarily a sequel to Eva Luna characters in these stories taken up the blockbuster novel to offer a broader view of the author's literary universe. Belonging to a later generation called Latin American boom, Isabel Allende is based on the so-called magical realism mixed with clear references to the political and historical situation of the continent. Here dictators parade, farmers, and women-lovers with a vocation for the inevitable feminist breathing air along the reading-however, the author manages to develop characters beyond what is traditionally read in the story. Their stories are surprising for their elaborate decision-consistent and logical with a touch of magic and mystery.

Two words

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Marx and Nietzsche Comparison

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Comparison: Both authors are considered as the philosophers of suspicion. Despite the great differences between them, the philosophies of Marx and Nietzsche show the shortcomings of the founding notion of subject, which had been the starting point on which modern philosophy had developed. Both have noted how the basis of the notion of conscience is hidden: key social, economic and ideological (Marx), a morality received and spawned from a grudge against life (Nietzsche). The notion loses its regulator. Marx is a materialist view, influenced by Hegel's dialectic: everything is matter. Its design is "historical materialism": the political and social changes occur from changes occurring in the material basis of society, modes of production. For

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Fog Summary

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In the first chapter tells of Don Augusto Perez, a singular man, everyday, for a rainy day goes out for walks. From there, looks at a woman and follows her to his website, where he was the caretaker. It had been so fascinated with this woman, q asked all he could to the concierge about her life.

In the second chapter, Augustus returns to his home where he is greeted by his servant. Throughout the morning he stayed in his office fantasizing about women. After some sleep, he began to write a letter to Eugenia. When I finish, he went to the home of Eugenia. On the way the cross, but did not much, and headed home. When you get him back to ask the concierge and told him that I had another suitor.

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Journalistic Text

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Newspaper article: opinion: "editorial.-articulo-d fondo. news columna.estructura d: s consisting of: holder, lead and body entering or d the holder may be accompanied noticia.el d antetitulo and subtitle, and should get the conative function by concision and wit, when the news is long, there may be intermediate holders, the entry is a brief summary d the news, highlighting in bold or cursiva.El body is the development d the intro (7 W), inverted pyramid-shaped d-ordered according to importance q gives the journalist, journalistic semiotica dl TXT: siguients ls to be considered: a) page. The + important is the 1st, and is second in importance the last, then they always + importance of the pares.Asi q odd pages, a notice placed in 1st pag, will... Continue reading "Journalistic Text" »

Summary of book: An Old Man Who Read Love Stories by Luis Sepulveda

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In this chapter, the few inhabitants of the idyll and a handful of travelers coming from the neighborhood gathered at the dock, waiting to be served by the dentist Rubicundo Loachamín that soothed the pain of patients with a rare oral anesthesia.
Patients, clutching the sides of the chair, responded by opening her grief over her eyes and sweating profusely, some wanted to withdraw from their mouths impertinent hands of the dentist.
Meanwhile in the distance I could see the small crew of Sucre, who brought with bunches of green bananas and coffee beans. This would reach the Idyll, the dentist just finished its work, this then sail Nangaritza the river to where it empties into the Zamora and four days after
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Radio Navigation and Principles of Flight

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·"A line connecting the leading- and trailing edge midway between the upper and lower surface of a aerofoil". This definition is applicable for: THE CAMBER LINE
·"Flutter" may be caused by a:
·"Flutter" may be caused by a:
·"Tuck under" is caused by (i) which movement of the centre of pressure of the wing and (ii) which change of the downwash angle at the location of the stabiliser:
·"Tuck under" is the:
·"Tuck under" is the:

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Biografia ingles de un famoso

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Brad Pitt was born in 1963 in Oklahoma and raised in Springfield, Missouri. His mother's name is Jane Etta Hillhouse. His father, William (Bill) Pitt, worked in management at a trucking firm in Springfield. He has a younger brother, Douglas (Doug) Pitt and a younger sister Julie Neal Pitt. At Kickapoo High School, Pitt was involved in sports, debating, student government and school musicals. Pitt attended the University of Missouri, where he majored in journalism with a focus on advertising. He occasionally acted in fraternity shows. He left college two credits short of graduating to move to California. Before he became successful at acting, Pitt supported himself by driving strippers in limos, moving refrigerators and dressing as a giant chicken... Continue reading "Biografia ingles de un famoso" »


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1.      What is the purpose of the HL-suppress buttom?

To switch off the HL temporarily


2.      What is the purpose of the drift control?

Used to ground stabilise true motion display

3.      What is the purpose of the brilliance control?

Adjust signal intensity on the display

4.      How to reduce beam width distortion?

Reduce gain

5.      Which course should be fed in to a stabilised radar picture?

True course

6.      What is the purpose of the VRM control?

To measure distance accurately

7.      Marine radar bearing accuracy is generally?

Not so good

8.      It is a requirement to have The HM-suppress button spring loaded?

Yes, it is an IMO requirement

9.      What is the minimum display diameter required

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Fajans Method

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Written at on English with a size of 953 bytes. method obtaining of colored colloidal precipitate is the method of funtamento d d fajans.las precipitates colloidal particles are called tenen miscelles and property sub d absorb the surface ions d = pa especie.este method uses the valorarciones n k and k involving the silver precipitates originates koloidales.despues of pro ekivalencia tenems exaceso d d Ag, q are absorbed x AgCl precipitate the AgCl mieclas d qedaran positively charged and are capable d attract negative ions ka colorante.siempre large molecule adheres to a peke q deformation occurs Dishes translates a color d is the moelculas d fluorisceina cn empaketan miscelles, increasing q change d color yellow to pink.