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Advantages and disadvantages of living in the village or in the city. The principal advantages of living in a village are the tranquility, the lack of pollution, the best relation between the neighbors since there are few persons and they all are known, you can see animals and zones of trees, but it takes disadvantages as the lack of supermarkets, theatres, cinemas, soccer stadiums, colleges and universities, things that if they have the cities, but the cities have pollution great in the air, traffic and a great quantity of people that can overwhelm you in the meter or in the bus, more index of thefts and traffic accidents and the prices of the things in the cities are mas high that in the villages.


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III conditional

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Opinion.1It is well-know that(introduce the topic).However, not everybody thinks the same. They feel that (contrast idea).2Personally, i believe that(1 idea). For example... . 3 Furthermore, in my opinion(2 idea). Consequently, (III conditional, past perfct(had won)+ conditional perfct (would have traveled). 4 All in all, i would like to conclude by saying that____.------- Drop out (abandonar), get good grades ( tener buena snotas ), get promoted, do an assignment( hacer una tarea), get ahead(tener exito en tu trabajo), get by (arreglarselas), take on(contratar)

No-netting principle

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The PGC has 5 parts: conceptual 1a.Marc accounting: the annual accounts have expressed a true picture of assets, financial position and results of the company, the information cotenen accounts auals should be relevant and reliable accounting principles, elements of financial statements: A, P, NP, D, Y, criteria for registration, evaluation criteria: cost istoric, fair value, net realizable value, present value, value to you .., value and residual accounting principles and generally accepted accounting standards. 2a.Normes registration and assessment: developing accounting principles and other provisions of the framework conceptual.3a.Comptes year: bs, pig, statement of changes in equity, and state flow memory emplicativa. 4a.Quadre account:
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