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Radio Navigation

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-108.35 MHz can only be: an ILS frequency.

-3D RNAV fixing gives you: Horizontal and vertical profile guidance

-A 2-dimensional RNAV system has a capability in the: horizontal plane.

-A 3-D RNAV system has capability in: a horizontal plane and the vertical plane

-A 3-dimensional RNAV system has capability in: the horizontal plane and in the vertical plane.

-A Cat III ILS glidepath transmitter provides reliable guidance information down to: the surface of the runway

-A Category 1 Instrument Landing System (ILS) ground installation provides accurate guidance from coverage limit down to: 200 feet above the runway threshold

-A cumulonimbus cloud in the vicinity of an aeroplane can cause certain navigation systems to give false indications. This is particularly

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Casa de lucas

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-"ASDA" (Acceleration Stop Distance Available) is: The length of the take-off run available plus the length of stop way (if stop way provided) .

-"Cabotage" refers to: domestic air services ;

-"Clearway" is defined rectangular area established to: Permit aircraft to make a portion of its initial climb to a specific height.

-"Code letter D" shall be chosen to identify a taxiway used by aircraft having an outer main gear wheel span of less than 9 m. The taxiway width shall be: 18 m.

-"Distress" differs from "Urgency" because in the first case: There is a serious and imminent danger requiring immediate assistance.

-"Instrument runways" are the following runways intended for the operation of aircraft using instrument approach procedures:  Non precision

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Radio Navigation and Principles of Flight

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·"A line connecting the leading- and trailing edge midway between the upper and lower surface of a aerofoil". This definition is applicable for: THE CAMBER LINE
·"Flutter" may be caused by a:
·"Flutter" may be caused by a:
·"Tuck under" is caused by (i) which movement of the centre of pressure of the wing and (ii) which change of the downwash angle at the location of the stabiliser:
·"Tuck under" is the:
·"Tuck under" is the:

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OR FORESTRY .- DASUCULTURA is continuing the exploitation of forest resources REFORESTATION .- is the action of restocking is the process that allows the reinstallation of the forest. FORESTACION .- implatancion of Bosquez in the land that never had vegetation. TRAINING FOREST .- .- NARUTAL the creation of the artificial nature .- by human intervention (direct sowing and planting tree nursery) LOCATION .- to be representative as possible of the climatic and soil conditions of the area by reforesting LOCATION .- distribution center field SIZE OR SUPREFICIE .- final depending on the maximum area that is intended to reforest a year. 60m2 Almacigueras 3660M2 REPICA 280M2 TOTAL ROAD CONSTRUCTION AND 4000M2SOIL TYPE should be selected preferably... Continue reading "Gghhg" »

Death penalty

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the death penalty is illegal in more than half of the countries in the world. There are many countries that continue to use this form of punishment. China uses the death penalty most often. Chinas has executed 1,770 people, but Amnesty International says the real number is probably about 80,000. In Europe, the death penalty is only legal in Lithuania and Russia. In North and South America is legal in some places. The United States is an important exception. It is the only Western democracy that continues to use the death penalty. In Iran is used to punish people for religious offenses. One of the most common methods is stoning. In Africa, many people are executed during wars and other conflicts. However, it's difficult to know the exact number... Continue reading "Death penalty" »

ATPL H Mass and Balance CAT

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For the examination in the flight school befor you can go to the LBA, here the answers in MB.  ATPL Helicopter

Civil Aviation Training  - Germany

read the question, and take only the values, the same numbers you find sort in the table



1,1m 1,4m 300kg floor


1,2m 1,4m 500kg floor loading


1,2m 2,4m 520kg floor


100cm x 150cm 300kg 20cm x 100cm 800kg/m2

20kg may be added

1120l 0,79


1270kg 390kg 25kg 8600kg 8100kg 5090kg


1490kg 520kg 20kg 8600kg 7700kg 5110kg


1650kg 430kg 35kg 8600kg 8000kg 5140kg


170l 0,78 (F34)


1800kg cg 5cm left 60 cm 200kg

1,5 cm to the right

1950 kg 450 kg 1,75


2,2m 1,4 480kg floor


2,54m 2,53m

shift something of load items to a more rear pos…

2,57 10kg less #

yes, the new centre

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Conectores en inglés

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bizarre spots: puntos extreños // in the middle of busy streets: en medio de calles ocupadas // medical treatment: tratamiento medico // beyond: mas allá (further away) // attempt: tentativa // joined: se afiliaron ( affiliated) // treacherous: traidora // daring feats: hazañas audaces (bold exploits) // foolishness: tonterias (bullshit ) // unlikely: poco probabilidad (little probability)

Además: in addition, besides // Debido a: since, due to // Consecuencia: So, therefore, consequently, as a result // Objetivo: in order to // Aunque: nevertheless, althought, despite // Opinion: in my opinion, it seems to me that // En realidad: in fact, actually // Enumeracion: In the first place, finally, lastly, then, next // Ejemplo:... Continue reading "Conectores en inglés" »

Casa de lucas

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-"Integrated range" curves or tables are presented in the Aeroplane Operations Manuals. Their purpose is: to determine the fuel consumption for a certain still air distance considering the decreasing fuel flow with decreasing mass.

-A "current flight plan" is a: filed flight plan with amendments and clearance included.

-A descent is planned at .74/250KIAS from 35000ft to 5000ft. How much fuel will be consumed during this descent? 150kg

-A descent is planned from 7500 ft AMSL so as to arrive at 1000 ft AMSL 6 NM from a VORTAC. With a GS of 156 kts and a rate of descent of 800 ft/min. The distance from the VORTAC when descent is started is:   27,1 NM

-A flight has to be made with a multi engine piston aeroplane (MEP 1). For the fuel calculations

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Met atpl

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  • "Detached clouds in the form of white, delicate filaments or white or mostly white patches or narrow bands. These clouds have fibrous (hair-like) appearance, or a silky sheen, or both." CIRRUS
    8/8 stratus base 200 FT/AGL is observed at sunrise at an aerodrome in the north of France; the QNH is 1028 hPa and there is a variable wind of 3 kt. What change in these clouds is likely at 1200 UTC in summer and winter? WINTER: OVC. BASE 500 FT/AGL; SUMMER: SCT, BASE 3000 FT/AGL
    ·A blocking anticyclone in the northern hemisphere is: A WARM ANTICYCLONE/QUASI STATIONARY/SITUATED BETWEEN 50°N AND 70°N
    ·A Cb with thunderstorm has reached the mature stage. Which statement is correct? IN TEMPERATURES LOWER THAN -23°C ICING IS STILL POSSIBLE
    ·A cold air
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More people are exercising

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Opinion Essay: At the moment. In my opinion, this is not a wise decision. First of all. Consequently. As far as I am concerned, this is an unacceptable situation. Secondly, as I see it,. It seems to me that. In conclusion, I am not against..., however, I strongly believe that... Formal letter of application: Dear Sir/Madam. I am writing in order to... I am a second-year student at Cambridge University, studying maths. I speak English well and a have a good knowledge of Spanish. I get along well with people and have a good sense of humor. I have worked in a shop before. I would really like to work here because... Enclosed please find my CV, along with the names and addresses of two referees so that you can check my work experience. Please do... Continue reading "More people are exercising" »