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1. Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator issued the command without ninguÌn IP
Router1 class. What action will occur in a package shipment is received by Router1
and is destined for host
The package will be dropped
2. Which three statements are true of timers fastening clamp?
(Choose three.)
prevent the update messages relayed a route that may have gone bad
still allows the routers forward packets to destination networks that are in the
Clamping bracket
permit lower metric updates received from any neighboring router to reinstate
possibly down the path to a network
3. What command network administrator apply to a router that is running OSPF
to advertise the entire range of addresses included

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Conectores en inglés

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bizarre spots: puntos extreños // in the middle of busy streets: en medio de calles ocupadas // medical treatment: tratamiento medico // beyond: mas allá (further away) // attempt: tentativa // joined: se afiliaron ( affiliated) // treacherous: traidora // daring feats: hazañas audaces (bold exploits) // foolishness: tonterias (bullshit ) // unlikely: poco probabilidad (little probability)

Además: in addition, besides // Debido a: since, due to // Consecuencia: So, therefore, consequently, as a result // Objetivo: in order to // Aunque: nevertheless, althought, despite // Opinion: in my opinion, it seems to me that // En realidad: in fact, actually // Enumeracion: In the first place, finally, lastly, then, next // Ejemplo:... Continue reading "Conectores en inglés" »

Casa de lucas

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-"Integrated range" curves or tables are presented in the Aeroplane Operations Manuals. Their purpose is: to determine the fuel consumption for a certain still air distance considering the decreasing fuel flow with decreasing mass.

-A "current flight plan" is a: filed flight plan with amendments and clearance included.

-A descent is planned at .74/250KIAS from 35000ft to 5000ft. How much fuel will be consumed during this descent? 150kg

-A descent is planned from 7500 ft AMSL so as to arrive at 1000 ft AMSL 6 NM from a VORTAC. With a GS of 156 kts and a rate of descent of 800 ft/min. The distance from the VORTAC when descent is started is:   27,1 NM

-A flight has to be made with a multi engine piston aeroplane (MEP 1). For the fuel calculations

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1. Refer to the exhibit. The output of ip route show for three
routers in a network is displayed. All routers are operational, pings not
are blocked on this network, and is not installed no default route. Which two pings
fail? (Choose two.)
R1 to
R1 to
from R2 to
from R2 to
from R3 to
2. A router that uses the routing protocol RIP has an entry for
a network routing table. Then get an update with another entry to the
same destination network but with a lowest score of the jump. What action the router
take for this new update?
Added information to update routing table.
Invalidate the entry for that network in the routing table.
Replace the existing table

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Met atpl

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  • "Detached clouds in the form of white, delicate filaments or white or mostly white patches or narrow bands. These clouds have fibrous (hair-like) appearance, or a silky sheen, or both." CIRRUS
    8/8 stratus base 200 FT/AGL is observed at sunrise at an aerodrome in the north of France; the QNH is 1028 hPa and there is a variable wind of 3 kt. What change in these clouds is likely at 1200 UTC in summer and winter? WINTER: OVC. BASE 500 FT/AGL; SUMMER: SCT, BASE 3000 FT/AGL
    ·A blocking anticyclone in the northern hemisphere is: A WARM ANTICYCLONE/QUASI STATIONARY/SITUATED BETWEEN 50°N AND 70°N
    ·A Cb with thunderstorm has reached the mature stage. Which statement is correct? IN TEMPERATURES LOWER THAN -23°C ICING IS STILL POSSIBLE
    ·A cold air
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More people are exercising

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Opinion Essay: At the moment. In my opinion, this is not a wise decision. First of all. Consequently. As far as I am concerned, this is an unacceptable situation. Secondly, as I see it,. It seems to me that. In conclusion, I am not against..., however, I strongly believe that... Formal letter of application: Dear Sir/Madam. I am writing in order to... I am a second-year student at Cambridge University, studying maths. I speak English well and a have a good knowledge of Spanish. I get along well with people and have a good sense of humor. I have worked in a shop before. I would really like to work here because... Enclosed please find my CV, along with the names and addresses of two referees so that you can check my work experience. Please do... Continue reading "More people are exercising" »

Tabla de verbos irregulares (Irregular verbs)

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Be Was Been Ser o estar
Supporting Bear Bore Born
Hit Beat Beat Beaten
Become Became Become Becoming
Begin Begin Began Begun
Biting Bit Bite Biten
Blow Blow Blew Blown
Rest Break Broke Broken
Bring Bring Brought Brought
Build Building Built Built
Burst Burn Burning Burnt
Burst Burst Burst Burst
Buy Buy Bought Bought
Can Could Power ........
Catch Catch Caught Caught
Select Choose Chose Chosen
Came Come Come Come
Costa Costa Costa Costa
Cut Cut Cut Cut
Deal Deal Dealt Dealt
Dig Dug Dig Dug
Make Do Did Done
Dream Dreamed Dreaming Dreamed
Drink Drank Drunk Drinking
Drive Driven Driving Drove
Eat Eat Ate Eaten
Fall Fallen Falling Fell
Feed Feed Fed Fed
Feel Felt Felt Sentir
Fight Fight Fought Fought
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Ingles redaccion

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Mobile phones should be banned at school
Everybody says that mobile phones should be banned at school because they usually interrupt the class. However, I think that mobile phones are necessary because it is possible you need them when there is an emergency.
On the one hand there are some arguments to ban mobile phones at school. They annoy a lot if they ring in class. Students sometimes pay more attention to the mobiles than to the teacher. This is really the reason that teachers give, but students nowadays don’t admit any reason because they want their mobile phones to listen to music at the end of the class.
On the other hand if teenagers can’t use the mobile phone they will be very unhappy, bored and it may be necessary for an emergency.
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1. Bioelements O biogenic elements.

Are the chemical elements that are part of living matter. We found about 70 chemical elements forming part of living matter, these are in various proportions and not all are present in all living things. In accordance with its wealth divide:

  • Bioelements Primary: These are found in greater proportion, are present in all biomolecules. Represents around 95% by weight of living matter. They are the C, O, H, N and to a lesser extent P and S.
    These items have been selected among all those who constitute the Earth's crust to form living matter, although except oxygen are the most abundant, possessing features among which are the following:

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The Family of Pascual Duarte

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Chapter 1 Pascual Duarte was born in a village in the province of Badajoz, about two miles from Almendralejo. 55 years-This town was very hot and sunny. Their houses were almost all white. There were houses richer and poorer ones. The Don Jesus was two floors and very nice, always full of flowers. Pascual was the narrow one-story, as befitted his position. He had a very nice light, heat in winter was overnight. On the walls were photographs, calendars ... and the kitchen was a China cabinet with crockery. He had a room and two bedrooms. Beside the house was a block, which had a donkey. Behind it was a pen, and behind it, a channel which would catch eels. When Pascal came to hunt (as I was) sitting on a large rock that was at a crossroads.

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