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Idealism has three main implications for education:
+ an emphasis on theory before practice; + an emphasis on logical thinking; + a high value attached to liberal education.


Educational implications of the technical-rational model
+ Learning is a science and has general principles.
+ The teacher or designer determines what is learned and how, according to scientific principles.
+ The purposes or ends of education are not discussed; values are taken for granted. + The learner will respond to learning stimuli in a predictable way. + The technical-rational model works best in the training of skills and competencies, where behaviour can be observed.

Educational implications of child-centred education
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In the time available

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biased misleading gathering broadcast stale mouth-watering aroma rancid incompetent knowledjable hopelessly unsatisfactory faint musty overpowering

bare someone a grudge; play a role; achieve a position; face pressure; be in favour of; be offered a contract; rise through the ranks; hand in your notice; slapdash

take time off work; time is against you; pressed for time; make time for ourselves; free up time for; set aside enough time

I wish you were rich. I wish you would stop smoking. I wish I had phoned earlier.


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How long your muscles can work for depends on your endurance.
two kinds of endurance:Muscular and cardiovascular(CV)
Muscular: you've got muscular endurance if your muscles can keep on exerting a lot of force for a long time,
1-Muscle fatigue:when your arms and legs start to feel heavy or weak.2-Slow twitch muscle fibres get tired less quickly, so it's easier to improve your muscular endurance if you've got loads of it.
CV endurance is linked to heart and lungs:
-as your muscles work harder, they need more oxygen , so breathing and heart rate get faster.
-the more efficient is your CV system, the slower your pulse rate will be.
to improve your CV endurance you have to work it for at least 15 minutes.
Glucose can be converted into energy in two ways
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in order 2 have good health: sensibly2. take reg. ph. act.3. get reg. sleep & rest
4. not smoke or intakes alcohol 5.improve our ability 2 cope with stress.
2 have enough fitness 4 good health we need:
stamina (aerobic capacity, flexiblity, speed, Body Build & Strength)*body build is not a physical capacity.
Aerobic capacity(endurance): ability 2 work 4 relatively long periods of time without being overtired--e.g.:30min running
Flexibility:the ability 2 move our joints thrgh their full range of movmnt.(yoga,stretxing,hurdling,gymnastics)
Speed:the ability to move all parts of the body as quicky as possible.e.g. 50m sprint.
Strength:the ability of the muscles to carry out daily tasx: maximum strength, muscular power & muscular endurance.
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Taxonomy: The science of classification
Anita harrow Taxonomy:
1) mov. reflexes: acts without conscious volition produced in response to a stimulus (reflex segmental, intersegmental and suprasegmental)
2) mov. Basic principles: (mov. locomotor, locomotor and non-manipulative)
a. - Genetic: mov. q d are transmitted generation to generation
b. - Ontogenetic: mov. learned, mov. q enters the culture or environment (eg, rivet in volleyball)
3) mov. Perceptual interpretations of environmental stimuli
discrimination kinesthetic, visual, auditory, tactile and coordinated skills.
4) physical abilities: endurance, strength, flexibility and agility.
5) mov skills: they require from the rest.
suitable skills, simple, compound and complex.
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1. Classifique as variáveis em qualitativa e quantitativa. () Cor preferida. () Índice de liquidez. () Sexo. e) qualitativa, quantitativa, qualitativa .
2. Classifique as variáveis quantitativas em contínuas (c) ou discretas (d).
( ) População: atletas Variável: altura ( ) P.: pacientes de um hospital Variável: pacientes com insuficiência cardíaca. ( ) P.: bebês monitorados em uma UTI neonatal Variável: peso b) contínua, discreta, contínua.
3. Em uma escola de ensino médio, há 300 alunos divididos em 6…..b)36
4. São fases do método estatístico:
1. A apuração. 2. A coleta. 3. A crítica. 4. A definição do problema. 5. O planejamento.
Qual a ordem correta dessas fases? b. 4, 5, 2, 3, 1
5. Considere a série abaixo. Podemos

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Rhythmic gymnastics

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Material: wood or plastic (must be rigid, of a material that does not bend).
Diameter: 80 cm to 90 cm inside.
Weight: at least 300 grams.
Shape: the ring may be smooth or rough. It can be wrapped (fully or partially) with a colored tape.
Implementation: The ring defines a space. This space is used the most by the gymnast, who moves inside the circle. The implementation of the hoop requires frequent changes of motion, and the main requirement is good coordination of movements.
Movements: launching, moving, ferries.
Corporal Group Required: We use the four types alike, these are: jumping, balance, flexibility and turns and waves.
Material: rubber or plastic.
Diameter: 18 to 20 cm
Weight: at least 400 g
The balls with figurative
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Physical exersise

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warning signs of cancer- CAUTION: C- change in bowel or bladder habits A- a sore that won' t heal U- unusual discharge or bleeding T- thickening or lump in the breast or testicles I- indigestion or difficulty swallowing O- obvious change in a wart or mole N- nagging cough or hoarseness. Warning signs of melanoma ABCDE: A- asymmetry (draw line through middle, if not equal) B- border (uneven, scalloped, notched) C- color (having a variety of colors) D- diameter (larger diameter than pencil eraser) E- evolving (change in size, shape, color, elevation, new symptoms- bleeding, itching, crusting). Fitness goals FITT: F- frequency (how often you exercise) I- intensity (how hard you work in an exercise) T- time (how long you exercise) T- type (what
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ingles y fr

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warming up ara a  series of exercises that have been in a rational, methodical and progressive way. Benneftly and main effects are prevention of injury, increase in body temperaure, increase in blood pressure, increase of systolic volume. The types are general warm up, specific warm up, muscle warm up. Tipes and definitio phisical abilities flexibility maximum movement of our joints, strength it  means that by aplying  the strength of our muscles , endurance is the ability of some group of musless to make an effort fora prolonged period, speed is a ability to do one or various actions at the same time, coordination of our physical skills is our ability to do different things that depend on each other at the same time, the benefics are get
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1.TCM get support form the World Health Organization.

2. The risk of TCM, is that acupuncture can cause bleeding, pain or even death. The conventional medicine can cause dizzines, thirst and vomiting.
3.TCM and Conventional medicine have the same aims. The purpose is to reduce pain and the recuperation of the patient.
4. Western Medicine is based on anatomy.
5. TCM focuses on the whole body and the flow of Q1 to determine the disease.
6. TCM is a more pleasant experience because the bases of TCM is the Ying and Yang which requires the understanding and the experience of doctors. The symptoms are the same but physicians might have different therapies based on the patient personal experience.
7. The difference between TCM and Conventional medicine
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