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My favorite sport is the football, I started playing when I was 5 years. I play a march every week. I wear t-shirt, shorts, knee guards and boots of football; my team is very good and we come to the final against the chiclana.

Last Saturday my team played against the chiclana in the football field of Conil. There were a lot of people, because it was a very important match.

During the match a player of my team got injured and he broke his leg. That night we go meet with my friends and it was the best day that we had

 The team of chiclana were better than ours team and they won the match. We felt very happy because we think that to enjoy is most important than to gain the match

Muscles, tissue, joints, bone

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Pectoral mayor: abduccion horiental en los hombros.Biceps: flexion de codo. Triceps: extension de codo.Trapecio:aproximacion escapular.Dorsal ancho:aduccion del hombro. Gluteus medius:extension de cadera.Calves gastronemius:extension de tobillo. Ractus abdoms:flexion de la columna vertebral.Deltoid: aduccion de hombros.

LONG BONES:are some of the longest bones in the body,such as the Femur,Humerus and Tibia.The classiffication of a long bone includes having a body which is longer than it is wide.SHORT BONES: are defined as being approximately aswide as they are long and have a primary funtionof providing support and stability with little movement. Short bones are the carpals and tarsals.FLAT BONES:are as they sound,strong,flat plates of bone... Continue reading "Muscles, tissue, joints, bone" »

When does the referee punish a team with a 7-metres-throw in handball

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Rest - Stop playing immediately and take any Weight off the injured area Ice - Apply ice to the injured area.  Compression - Using a compression bandage on The area will also help to control swelling. Elevation - Keeping the injured part raised.

A wound is an injury, specially one in which the skin or another external surface is torn, pierced, or cut. Wounds can be Classified into to main types: Open wounds: incisions, abrasions, and puncture wounds. Closed wounds: contusions, hematomas .General ways to treat any wound: 1. Stop the bleeding.2. Wash the wound. 3. Use iodine or an iodine-containing cleanser. 4. Cover the wound..

INTRODUCTION Tag Rugby is a fun and exciting form of non-contact rugby suitable for males and females of all Ages
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Physical exersise

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aerobic exercise-"cardio" stimulates heart rate & breathing rate (spinning, running, swimming, walking). Anaerobic exercise- short, strength-based activities, short exertion, high-intensity movement (weight lifting, sprinting, jumping). Proteins- large, complex molecules; required for the structure, function & regulation of the body's tissues & organs; made of amino acids. cancer- disease where abnormal cells divide uncontrollably & destroy body tissue (breast, prostate, skin, lung, leukemia[can't fight infection]). 5 main food groups- veggies, fruit, grain, protein, dairy. Food pyramid- nutritional diagram in the shape of a pyramid. Health- state of complete well being (not just the absence of disease) mental, emotional, social,
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The imp. Of beig healthy. Nowad, many people are obsessed with their body.We live in a society which consumes too much junk fo. Cons, the more fast fo people eat, the fatter they become.

However, there are people who worry about their health, so they follow a balanced diet.They  also practise sports to keep fit.      As a result of this, they have an average weight and they can boast of having a beaut body which is admired by all the others.      But the best of all is that they will not run the risk of suffering illnesses like obesity or diabetes.
Personally the dod that i eat is healthy and i practise sports but sometimes i indulge myself with forbidden food.


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-camcorder, digital camera, dishwasher, DVD player, home cinema system, laptop, microwave oven, mobile phone, MP3 player, remote control, satnav, vacuum cleaner, washing machine.
-charge/recharge (a battery), connect X & Y, insert, plug in, press a button (power/play/stop/fast forward/rewind), select a (programme/ track/ function), switch/turn on, switch/turn off
-afraid of, aware of, bored with, different from, good at, interested in, pleased with, ready for, responsible for, similar to, tired of, worried about.
-athletics, basketball, diving, football, golf, gymnastics, ice hockey, judo, sailing, skiing, swimming, snowboarding, table tennis, volleyball,
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confussings verbs 4

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Televise=retrasmitir,Score a goal=marcar un gol, Hold(an event)=realitzar un event, Win=guanyar,Get a medal=conseguir una medalla, Support a team=apoyar un equipo, Break a record=romper un record,

Take up(a suport)=practicar un esport, Lose= perdre, Set a record=conseguir un record, Draw= empat,Coach=entrenador.

Away team=not on home field,equip fora, Blow whistle=blow the final whistle,pitido final, Break a recor=surpass the previous highest,romper un record,Coach=instructor,entrenador, Commit a foul=unhave behavior,cometer falta, Compete again=take part in a sport(rival),competir de nou, Ccicyle track=path used by bikes,pista x bicis, Draw=tiea game,empat, Football pitch=ground where soccer is played,camp de futbol, Get a medal=obtain/win... Continue reading "confussings verbs 4" »

Don quixote leandra

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Comunicative Expresions

Are you free on..... (Saturday, Monday etc) = ¿Estas Libre?

Let´s Go..... (Cooking,Playing,etc) = Vamos a

How About.....(Reading,Eating,etc) = Que tal si

That´s.....( Fine,Ok,Right) = Esta Bien

Never.....(Mind, Dont´t care) =No Importa

No I´m.....(Sorry, No I Can´t, No i don´t Like = No lo 

See You = Nos vemos



Leandra= Hi, Are you free on Monday?

Gabriel= Yes, Why?

Leandra= OK, Lets Go eating chinese food

Gabriel= No, I don´t Like

Leandra= How about eating Pizza?

Gabriel= That´s Fine

Leandra= See you Leater

Sports logarithms

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Nowadays, the sport is very important for many people because there are a lot of illnesses and the sport helps you to prevent them. Thanks to scientics we know that sports are healthy.
When you are going to practise sports you can decide about two types, There are conventional sports and extreme sports. I prefer practising conventional sports for some reasons. If you practise a conventional sport like football is more relaxing than an extreme sport such as skydiving that you usually feel nervous, Another reason is that you can feel more happier practising a conventional sport because you do it with friends not such as an extreme sport that you must be concentrated. Finally the last reason is that conventional sports are more economical. In
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Warming-up: are series of exercises that have been organized in a rational, methodical and progressive way. The aim is to prepare our body to perform better and safely. We do these exercises for guarantee a suitable quality of performance in the exercises or activities we are planning to practice. General Wu: by doing moderate exercise, the muscles are ready to perform generic physical activity that is not too demanding. Specific wu: to work on the particular groups of muscles that will be used in the specific sport or activity. Muscle wu: for a therapeutic effect or general fitness. Effects wu: a good warm-up produces multiple positive effects on our organism regarding our health and the prevention of injury. –increase in body temperature.... Continue reading "calentamiento" »