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Physical Exercises

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Six 19.4 moles of ideal gas are in a cylinder fitted at one end with a movable piston. The initial gas temperature is 27.0 ° C and the pressure is constant. As part of a proposed machine design, calculate the final temperature of the gas once it has made 1.75x10 ³ J of work.
n = 6 moles isobaric process
T? = 27 ° C
P = CTE.
W = 1.75 * 10 ³ J
PV = nRT
V? = Vf =

W = P (-)

Pf = P: = P

W = (nRTf - nRT?)

W + nRT? = NRTf

Tf =

Tf =
Tf = 335.24K

Work done in a cyclic process. a) In Figure 19.8a, consider the closed loop 1 3 2 4 1. This is a cyclical process in which the initial and final states are the same. Calculate the total work done by the system in this process and show that equals the area enclosed by the cycle. b) What... Continue reading "Physical Exercises" »


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(M02)Lunar embasy 1a)F. But...a rocket b)So far...apiece 3a)views b)roaring c)prohibited d)grateful 4a)have bought/but b)signed/with Smile you are camera(M03) 1a)T.And as...growing b)F.If the program...department 3a)implement b)radio c)high d)argue 4a)were/that b)had/what A relative difference (M04) 1a) F."This similarity...chimpanzees"b)F."development and...that now" 3a)link b)skull c)leap forward d)seemingly 4a)If you don´t ask him a question,he won´t speak to you. I´m working from home(M05)1a)F"For the Spanish...reason b)T"Overall, do" 3a)choosing b)survey c)opportunity d)switch 4a)have worked/per b)to get/to. Should the State tell...drink?(M06) 1a)F"We eat on...else"b)F"A sociologist...dining table" 3a)enquiry b)almost c)entire... Continue reading "Asasd" »


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Mamíferos: Las hembras tienen mamas que producen leche para alimentar a las crías, el cuerpo está cubierto por pelos. La función principal es proteger del frio al animal.
Pelaje: raíz dentro del funículo piloso .Los pelos nuevos sacan los pelos viejos. La glándula sebácea lo hace más flexible el pelo. Lana (largo y fino), cerda (áspero y grueso), vello (suave y corto) y púa (largo y puntiagudo)
La temperatura: Es constante. Si sube o baja la temperatura siempre se mantiene constante.
Hibernación: desciende -10 Cº / Duerme no come y se esconde.
Invernación: baja la temperatura pero un duerme profundamente, come y hace algunas actividades.
La fecundación interna se produce en el ovulo con el esperma.
Sistema digestivo: Boca -faringe-

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Hidruros volatiles:NH3=amoniaco;N2H4=hidrazina;PH3=fosfina;P2H4=difosfina;AsH3=arsina;As2H4=diarsina;SbH3=estibina;CH4=silano;Si2H6=disilano;BH3=borano;B2H6=diborano.

13653 a fire detection system

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The Science of Life in the Universe

The possibility of Extraterrestrial life was first considered: many thousands of years ago during Ancient times

The methods of modern science were Originated by the: Greeks

geocentric model: spherical Earth at the Center of the universe surrounded by a celestial sphere

In the heliocentric (Sun-centered) model: relative Motion between the Earth and another planet in its orbit

Stellar parallax is the apparent: shift in Position of nearby stars as the Earth moves around the Sun

Kepler's 1st Law of planetary motion: the Orbits of the planets are ellipses with the Sun at one focus

Kepler's 2nd Law Of planetary motion: an imaginary line joining the Sun and planet sweeps out Equal areas in equal times

Kepler's 3rd Law Of... Continue reading "13653 a fire detection system" »

Air law

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Hardness is the measure of how resistant solid matter is to various kinds of permanent shape change when a force is applied.

Strength is about the ability to withstand forces without permanent change e.G breakage. So hardness is one type of strength, just like tensile and compressive strength.

The toughness of a material is the maximum amount of energy it can absorb before fracturing, which is different from the amount of force that can be applied.

Stiffnessthe extent to which an object resists deformation in response to an applied force. The opposite of stiffness is elasticity - how far an object will stretch when pulled with a given amount of force.

Hardness measures the pressure needed to cause permanent change. Strength measures the load that... Continue reading "Air law" »

Mass and balance

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Introduce George Orwell's life and works (refer to main issues, do not focus only in 1984)

His real name was Eric Arthur Blair. George Orwell was an essayist, Novelist, literary critic and fighter for political change. He was born in 1903, India (which was a British territory) He experienced many hardships in Its puritanical cutthroat environment. In the autobiographical essay “Such, Such were the Joys” Orwell describes the social challenges he endured as a Scholarship student among England´s wealthy elite (these challenges would Inform his satires of social stratification in his literary works, such as “Animal Farm”) In the said essay, he describes his child self with much sympathy and Feeling for the child´s perspective, he wasn´t

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The beginnings of english: old and middle english 600-1485 setting the scene the first literature

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Tema 2

TEMA 2.High middle ages(1001-1300) and late m.A(1300-1485).Ongoing Expansion of islamic faith.Anglo-Sxon england invaded by William ,duke of Normandy.They Took literal possessions.Anglosazon=>Norman->Feudalism.Feudalism:complez social organisation based on functions and jiearchies. Functions: Oratores,bellatores,laboratores.Hierarchical: form superior to inferior According to essential degree.Defining features of the english medieval Period:-Resistance to monarcha´s feudal power.-Instability of political Power.-Pope´s authority also contested(Thomas becket´s murder in Canterbury)-Origin of some genuine institutions(oxford university, cambridge...)-Population Increase+developement of cities as centres of production and Commerce-

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Mass and balance

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·Describe each step of The Scientific Method.

Purpose: Ask a question,Hypothesis:This is a sort of educated guess about what you Expect. ,Experiment: Design and perform an experiment to test your Hypothesis., Collect data: Record observations and analyze what the data means. Often, you'll prepare a table or graph of the data., Conclusion: Conclude Whether to accept or reject your hypothesis. Communicate your results.

Volume: cm3, length: mt,cm , Mass: Kg, grams,milligrams, Temperature: C° or F°

o5 Examples of each (be able to identify what unit is used when an example is Given)

Volume: When measuring the volume of a Rectangular prism - Multiply the measurement of The length times the width, then times the height

Length: We can measure how long

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Latitude of the position

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  • This principle was in favor of the wave nature of matter
  • It stated that it is impossible to simultaneously evaluate the precise position and momentum of particle. There is always some probability in predicting the position and momentum of a particle. Mathematically, it can be written as:

                   (Δx)(Δp) ≥ h/(2π)

Considering the above equation, 2 cases are possible:

  • Case-1- If precise momentum(p) of an electron is known, then its wavelength by De Broglie’s hypothesis will be constant:

              λ = h/p

It means that the wavelength has a fixed value and the wave is extended infinitely throughout the wave. Hence, it is impossible to find the position of the wave.

Mathematically,... Continue reading "Latitude of the position" »