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The Canterville Ghost

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Theme and atmosphere

The main idea is the story of a ghost living tormenting the inhabitants of an English manor. The ideas range from minor's own ghost story to life of every single inhabitant of the mansion.

The action takes place in an English manor in the late nineteenth century and has a fairly realistic setting even though the protagonist is the ghost.

The family's culture and environment move in a mysterious tone, so this is a fantastic novel of intrigue, with dramatic ideas.


The novel begins when Hiram B. Otis buys the property of Canterville Chase, at closing, its owner Lord Canterville warns that lives in the house ghost.

Months after the sale, move to spend the summer at their family property formed by Mr. Otis Otis (American

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Earth science

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117 ways 2 pass the earth science regents

1.  the same substance always hs the same density pressure increases,density increases temperature increases,density decreases

4.water expands when it freezes

5.most changes R cyclic

6.water is most dense @ 4oc,when it is a liquid

7.the tru shape of the earth is an oblate spheroid,but from space it looks like a sphere. temperature increases,air pressure decreases moisture increases,pressure decreases

46.air pressure decreases with altitude

47.highs R QL & dry;lows R warm & wet

48.wind is due 2 air pressure differences

49.wind blows from high 2 low pressure

50.wind is named from the direction that it is coming from

51.the accepted value is the correct answer.the measured value is the

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A weekend trip

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My first job was as a football coach, I remember I was 15 and trained children who where 5 years old, it was a great satisfaction for me, I loved it.

We trained 2 days per weekend and the salary represented this, but I realized there are more important things to value such as to value children as they see you as an idol.

I learned more from them than they did from me and I felt proud when we won the  games.

I remembered when we finished just the season, the kids gave me a shirt and a card signed by all of them.

Now they are27 years old and I’m even  friends with many of them, and this I’m very proud of. This work one of the things I'm most proud.


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  • Centre Of Resistance: It is the point on the tooth when a single force is passed through it, would bring about its translation along the line of action of the force

Factors affecting Centre of Resistance:

    1. Number of roots
    2. Degree of Alveolar Bone loss
    3. Degree of Root Resorptio

ANCHORAGE:    It is the Resistance to Unwanted Tooth Movement

Absolute Anchorage: Appliances gaining anchorage from extraoral  structures

Ex:Titanium screws implanted into the alveolar bone through the gingiva

  • Intraoral Anchorage: Anchorage value of a tooth is proportional to the surface area of the root
  • Different Types of OTM: CONTROLLED TIPPING  -----UNCONTROLLED TIPPING----BODILY MOVEMENT---rotation ---root up righting ---- intrusion --- extrusion
  • Forces Delivered by Appliances:
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A    Extensive and intensive listening

Students can improve their listening skills - and gain valuable language input through a combination of extensive and intensive listening material and procedures

Just as we can claim that extensive reading helps students to acquire vocabulary and grammar and that, furthermore, it make students better readers, so extensive listening

Extensive listening will usually take place outside the classroom

They can also listen to tapes of authentic material, provided that it is comprehensible.
In order for extensive listening to work effectively with a group of students

extensively, and. come to some kind of agreement about how much and what kind of listening they should do

A2   Intensive listening: using taped material

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Application of MTA: Pulp capping

Furcation repair

Strip perforation repair

Root resorption repair

Immature teeth

Root end filling material

Main elements of pulp regeneration:

 Elements for pulpal regenerations: -therapy for exposed dental pulps by using stem and biofuctional  scaffold in which infection is inhibited or eliminated and pulp generation is facilitated

Advantages of using niti recporication: Mimics manual movement

Reduces various risks associated with continuously rotating a file through canal curvatures

Types of posts: Carbon fibre epoxy resin posts

2) Zirconia posts

3) Glass fibre reinforced posts

4) Ultra high strength polyethylene fibre reinforced posts

Advantages and disadvantages of niti rotarty:


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Natural disasters, how can we prevent them?

The Earth has suffered different types of natural disasters during its history such as tsunamis, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, among others. We cannot avoid them from happening, but we can make them less damaging if we understand better why they happen and what can we do to prevent them. Some measures include:The creation of alarm systems that notify us from natural disasters. It is also important to take proper building plans if you are in an area of risk. Is it really necessary to have plans to evacuate people in case of emergency. They should also be carried out research after disasters and rehabilitation measures. Finally, we should take into mind that we are responsible in part for the... Continue reading "Ghjgh" »

Bill gates

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Bill Gates likes Salman Khan a lot, so much so that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is streaming cash to his Khan Academy, an internet silo of over 2,100 free, downloadable video tutorials on Calculus, Physics, Organic Chemistry, et al. Mr. Khan’s Academy only has a “faculty of one,” but my own students enjoy Mr. Khan’s glib teaching style, and they consult his clips on quadratic equations, conic sections, and those hated word problems involving railroad trains. So is the Khan video approach a “disruptive technology” which undermines the existing deathbed educational model by doing it faster, better, and cheaper? Mr. Gates thinks so. “It’s a revolution,” he enthuses. “Everyone should check it out.” (www.khanacademy.... Continue reading "Bill gates" »


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O X V: mo+perf: will have danced; mo+progr:will be seeing; mod+pass:will be seen; perf+progr: have been using; perf+pass: have been seen. O X X V: mod+perf+progr: will have being done; mod+perf+pass: will have been done; mod+progr+pass: will be being done; perf+progr+pass: have been being done.

1.Mod,perf,progr,pass:It should have been being done 2.Mod,non perf,progr,pass: it will be being done 3.Modal,non perf,progr,pass: the car must be being sold. 5Mod,perf,progr, pass:I must have been being driven 6.Mod,perf,pass,semi-modal,progr: I must have been abould to be being driven 7.Modal negative, perf, active: We won¡t have seen.

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Uses of cheatle forceps

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quotient.RSI:repetitive stress injury.SAD:seasonal affective disorder.SIDS:sudden infant death syndrome.GP:general practioner.HAV:hepatitis a virus.MD:medical doctor. Medicamento-tratamiento: Decongestant: decreases nasal stuffiness and relieves a runny nose. Anticoagulant::prevents or delays blood clotting. Sedative:relieves symptoms os stress,irritability or excitement. Laxative:relieves constipation. Digitalis:strengthens the failing heart. Diruretic:removes excess fluid from the body. Antibiotic:to treat infections caused by bacteria and other micro-organisms. Insulin:regulates the level os sugar in the blood, used to treat diabetes. Simtomas con sus causas:fainting, dizziness:anaemia; headache:sinus infection; fever:infection; cough:ailments
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