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The Canterville Ghost

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Theme and atmosphere

The main idea is the story of a ghost living tormenting the inhabitants of an English manor. The ideas range from minor's own ghost story to life of every single inhabitant of the mansion.

The action takes place in an English manor in the late nineteenth century and has a fairly realistic setting even though the protagonist is the ghost.

The family's culture and environment move in a mysterious tone, so this is a fantastic novel of intrigue, with dramatic ideas.


The novel begins when Hiram B. Otis buys the property of Canterville Chase, at closing, its owner Lord Canterville warns that lives in the house ghost.

Months after the sale, move to spend the summer at their family property formed by Mr. Otis Otis (American

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have made would habe been made. Infinitive presente tomake to be madeParticipio perfecto having made having been made. Reported speech: cuando el vervo intrductor del estilo indirecto esta en presente , preterito perfecto o futuro, los tiempos verbales no cambian. Direct speech -presente simple- indirect speech past simple.presente continuo-past continuos. Presente perfecto-past perfect. Presente perfecto continuo- past perfect continuous. Past simple- past perfect. Past continuos-past perfec continuos. Future will conditional would. Can-could. May-might. Will-would. Must-had to. Have to-had to. Shall-should. significado Dizzy mareado feverish fiebre queasysentirse mal rasherpucion cutanea runnyagua en la nari seedy enfermo soreinflamado... Continue reading "3" »


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31 nervos pares
3º mes de vida= curvatura secundaria  cervical
6º mes de vida= curvatura secundaria lombar
2 curvaturas primarias: toracica e sacral.
2 cuvaturas secundarias: cervical e lombar.
4 curvaturas
Curvaturas da coluna vertebral:
Curvaturas primarias: mantem o sentido da curvatura da coluna fetal: toracica e sacral
Curvaturas secundarias: Cervical (surge em torno do 3º mes de vida, quando a criança ja sustenta o peso da cabeça.
Lombar: surge em torno do 6º mes de vida, quando a criança ja sustenta o corpo em posição ortostatica)
Cifose: acentuação das curvaturas primarias= toracica e sacral
Lordose: acentuação das curvaturas secundarias= cervical e lombar
Quando a lordose é muito acentuada, denomina-se hiperlordose
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40 camilo jose cela: la familia d pascual duart-pabyon d rposo-la  colmna-primr viaj andaluz carmn laforet: nada-la isla y los demonios-la mujer nueva ana matute:los abel-los niños tontos-cuent: l pais d la pizarra miguel delibes:el camino- las ratas- los santos inocentes gonz torr ballester: javier mariño- don juan

50 neorreal nacho aldecoa: el fulgor y la sangre- con el viento solano rafa sanch ferlosio: el jarama- el alma y la verwenza carmen martin gaite: entre visillos-retahilos-ritmo lento 50 r social juan goytisolo: juego de manos-la chanca alfonso grosso:florido mayo-la giralda j manu caballero bonald: dos dias d septiembre

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Submetida a um tratamento médico, uma pessoa ingeriu um comprimido contendo 45 mg de ácido acetilsalicílico (C9H8O4). Considerando a massa molar do C9H8O4 180g/mol e o número de Avogadro 6.10²³, o número de moléculas da substancia ingerida é?
Primeiro transformando mg para g


x = 0,045g

1 mol.........................180g


x = 0,00025mol

1 mol...............6,0 . 10²³


x = 1,50 . 10^20

A balança mais precisa pode detectar uma variação de aproximadamente 10( elevado -8g). Quantos átomos de ouro existiriam em uma amostra desse peso?
Primeiramente consulte uma tabela periódica para obter a massa atômica do ouro( ma = 197u)
assim, a

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I choose to live

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accept                  accomplish: conseguir                                     achieve                 destroy

disapprove           disrupt                                                            enable                  encourage

envy                     fulfill: hacer realidad                                        ignore                 isolate

litter                     promote                                                          share                     succed


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Polarized covalent bond

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In the periodic table, elements are classified into metals, nonmetals, and ___metalloids__. Metals are ductile, ____malleable, ___shiny___, are good conductors for heat and electricity. All metals are solids at room temperature and pressure except, __Mercury______. Nonmetals exist as solids, liquids or gases. A liquid non-metal at room temperature and pressure is ____Bromine_____.

  1. The elements in the d-block in the periodic table have several characteristics in common.

(i) Give the electron configuration of N2+

1S2 2S2 2P3- 2= 1S2 2S2 2P1

(ii) Explain what is meant by a ligand and describe the type of bond formed between a ligand and a d-block element.

It is an atom or molecule with lone pair of electrons that combine with metal through coordinate

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Below a low level inversion visibility is often

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Chapter 17: Inferences when SD is unknown

T test is used when SD is unknown 

There are less conditions for inferences about a mean
Data is SRS from a larger pop
Observations follow a Normal distribution
We will estimate standard error using s/√n
S is the sample SD
S is the estimate of the variation btw indiv
s/√n is how much the sample means vary

T Test
(X bar - mu)/(s/√n)
T test is more variable than a z test because we have to estimate sigma with s
This means the t-test is not normal distr, it is more variable(wider)
Higher df=more close to normal

Conditions are met
Calculate the t-test stat using x bar and s, n and mu null
Compute prob of observing the test stat t or more extreme under the null hypothesis(p-value)
Interpret the
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Tax law is a branch of public law

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Public prosecutor: In the adversarial, the prosecutor has discretion. In the US, they have wide discretion to bring charges. This principle is followed by common law countries but also by france. Countries influenced by inquisitorial system, follow the legality principle: there is a mandatory prosecution. Prosecutor has a duty to act, there is no discretion. If the prosecutor is aware of a criminal act he is obliged to bring charges. In spain, division between public crimes, semi public or semi private and private crimes. Depending on the crime, the role of the public prosecutor is different. For example in tax crimes, a public prosecutor is needed. Victim: in spain, the victim may act as a private prosecutor when his rights have been violated.
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Criminal efficientism

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Criminal procedure- Inquisit- (legality princp) neutral oficer conducts the investigat nd judge or panel of judgs determine guilt or inoc. Bried nd informal afair conducted by presiding judge no jury. Acuse has to testify, no req atendance of al witnes can last 1 yr. Adv- (oportunity princp) grnd jury nd jury is dif. Starts w police invest aims on suspect. Held b4 neutral dec maker w no prior knowledge of case. Defendant right of jury, atorneys conduct trial- continuos nd subject to princ of orality. Criminal invest- public pros, police, privat pros, popular acusat, civil plaintif, investigat judge, grand jury. Trial- defndnt, jury. SP-acusitorial princ- someone has to acuse- if not no case, can b public prosecutor (pursued by pp), popular
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