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The Canterville Ghost

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Theme and atmosphere

The main idea is the story of a ghost living tormenting the inhabitants of an English manor. The ideas range from minor's own ghost story to life of every single inhabitant of the mansion.

The action takes place in an English manor in the late nineteenth century and has a fairly realistic setting even though the protagonist is the ghost.

The family's culture and environment move in a mysterious tone, so this is a fantastic novel of intrigue, with dramatic ideas.


The novel begins when Hiram B. Otis buys the property of Canterville Chase, at closing, its owner Lord Canterville warns that lives in the house ghost.

Months after the sale, move to spend the summer at their family property formed by Mr. Otis Otis (American

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have made would habe been made. Infinitive presente tomake to be madeParticipio perfecto having made having been made. Reported speech: cuando el vervo intrductor del estilo indirecto esta en presente , preterito perfecto o futuro, los tiempos verbales no cambian. Direct speech -presente simple- indirect speech past simple.presente continuo-past continuos. Presente perfecto-past perfect. Presente perfecto continuo- past perfect continuous. Past simple- past perfect. Past continuos-past perfec continuos. Future will conditional would. Can-could. May-might. Will-would. Must-had to. Have to-had to. Shall-should. significado Dizzy mareado feverish fiebre queasysentirse mal rasherpucion cutanea runnyagua en la nari seedy enfermo soreinflamado... Continue reading "3" »


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31 nervos pares
3º mes de vida= curvatura secundaria  cervical
6º mes de vida= curvatura secundaria lombar
2 curvaturas primarias: toracica e sacral.
2 cuvaturas secundarias: cervical e lombar.
4 curvaturas
Curvaturas da coluna vertebral:
Curvaturas primarias: mantem o sentido da curvatura da coluna fetal: toracica e sacral
Curvaturas secundarias: Cervical (surge em torno do 3º mes de vida, quando a criança ja sustenta o peso da cabeça.
Lombar: surge em torno do 6º mes de vida, quando a criança ja sustenta o corpo em posição ortostatica)
Cifose: acentuação das curvaturas primarias= toracica e sacral
Lordose: acentuação das curvaturas secundarias= cervical e lombar
Quando a lordose é muito acentuada, denomina-se hiperlordose
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40 camilo jose cela: la familia d pascual duart-pabyon d rposo-la  colmna-primr viaj andaluz carmn laforet: nada-la isla y los demonios-la mujer nueva ana matute:los abel-los niños tontos-cuent: l pais d la pizarra miguel delibes:el camino- las ratas- los santos inocentes gonz torr ballester: javier mariño- don juan

50 neorreal nacho aldecoa: el fulgor y la sangre- con el viento solano rafa sanch ferlosio: el jarama- el alma y la verwenza carmen martin gaite: entre visillos-retahilos-ritmo lento 50 r social juan goytisolo: juego de manos-la chanca alfonso grosso:florido mayo-la giralda j manu caballero bonald: dos dias d septiembre

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Submetida a um tratamento médico, uma pessoa ingeriu um comprimido contendo 45 mg de ácido acetilsalicílico (C9H8O4). Considerando a massa molar do C9H8O4 180g/mol e o número de Avogadro 6.10²³, o número de moléculas da substancia ingerida é?
Primeiro transformando mg para g


x = 0,045g

1 mol.........................180g


x = 0,00025mol

1 mol...............6,0 . 10²³


x = 1,50 . 10^20

A balança mais precisa pode detectar uma variação de aproximadamente 10( elevado -8g). Quantos átomos de ouro existiriam em uma amostra desse peso?
Primeiramente consulte uma tabela periódica para obter a massa atômica do ouro( ma = 197u)
assim, a

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Urban hierarchies in the world: in a world that is becoming increasingly globalised and interconnected, the larger and most important cities have an influence that goes beyond the borders of the country they are located in.

World cities:

  • World metropolises: these are large urban centres that integrate other smaller cities within their metropolitan areas.
  • Megacities: according to the UN, these are cities with more than 10 million inhabitants.
  • Megalopolies: these are large-scale urban agglomerations formed by the metropolitan areas of several cities being joined by their transport system.
  • Global cities: due to globalisation, these cities have a global influence as regards certain activities, like information technology, transport, finance and trade.
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1 Balancing Moments

-seesaw: sube y baja 4

-Perpendicular: At a 90 degree angle to someting 

-Newton: Te unit of measurement of force

-Clockwise-In te same direction as temovement of te ands on a clock 

-Counterclockwise: in te opposite direction to te movement of te ands on a clock


a-You ave to calculate te moment 

b-Te weel turns more easily wen you spin it from near te rim. Te distance 

M=fd                                              F=30N       M=fd  

Left is 2FI  same result                    d=15cm     M=(30) (0.15)=4.5  

Rigt is 2dF same result                  0.15m        M=4.5Nm

2 Making a scale 

-Spring constant: A measure of ow stiff or strong a spring is 

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Air law

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My ideal car, would be a saloon with a large engine and many hp, I like the colour red with black wheels, the black skirts with a red spoiler, the leather interior with seats, adjustable in heigh and forward and backwar.

In the centre console it would be all screen with which I can control everything from putting the gps using the internet, air conditioing, seeing the configurations of the car and parameters in addition to being able to the maintenance.
The engine would be gasoline with turbo to have more trength, I would like it to be an engine of the VW group, the 19-inch wheels and low profile fire so that the car is closer to the ground

Concept of education

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Hello, my name is bruno, I live in calle fuensanta (Murcia) zip code 30007 my phone number is 936443734 my email is bruno@gmail.Com. I have experience in serving and maintaining the status of the store, advising clients among other tasks. In the creation and support of dissemination campaigns.Education: Bruno University in Madrid Currently studying the first year of the degree, learning about advertising documentation, advertising structure and company, and much more.Instituto aljada, Murcia Selectividad, Baccalaureate of Sciences Social and ESO Grade of 13.10 in Selectividad, average grade of 9.70 in Bachelor and outstanding in ESO LANGUAGES English B2 French B2 SKILLS: Communication Professionalism Time management Creativity Critical and
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Hi, my name is Gerardo Castillo and I'm going to be your coach during a strength training planning. I have been a personal trainer and sportsman for many years and I have a lot of experience. Every day before training the force you will do 10 minutes of stationary bike and then start the strength training with dumbbells and pulleys. One day we will work the upper train: chest, arm, back... And another day the lower train: twin and quadriceps. To finish the train we will do stretches. Remember to hydrate well during the train.