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ATPL H Mass and Balance CAT

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For the examination in the flight school befor you can go to the LBA, here the answers in MB.  ATPL Helicopter

Civil Aviation Training  - Germany

read the question, and take only the values, the same numbers you find sort in the table



1,1m 1,4m 300kg floor


1,2m 1,4m 500kg floor loading


1,2m 2,4m 520kg floor


100cm x 150cm 300kg 20cm x 100cm 800kg/m2

20kg may be added

1120l 0,79


1270kg 390kg 25kg 8600kg 8100kg 5090kg


1490kg 520kg 20kg 8600kg 7700kg 5110kg


1650kg 430kg 35kg 8600kg 8000kg 5140kg


170l 0,78 (F34)


1800kg cg 5cm left 60 cm 200kg

1,5 cm to the right

1950 kg 450 kg 1,75


2,2m 1,4 480kg floor


2,54m 2,53m

shift something of load items to a more rear pos…

2,57 10kg less #

yes, the new centre

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(M02)Lunar embasy 1a)F. But...a rocket b)So far...apiece 3a)views b)roaring c)prohibited d)grateful 4a)have bought/but b)signed/with Smile you are camera(M03) 1a)T.And as...growing b)F.If the program...department 3a)implement b)radio c)high d)argue 4a)were/that b)had/what A relative difference (M04) 1a) F."This similarity...chimpanzees"b)F."development and...that now" 3a)link b)skull c)leap forward d)seemingly 4a)If you don´t ask him a question,he won´t speak to you. I´m working from home(M05)1a)F"For the Spanish...reason b)T"Overall, do" 3a)choosing b)survey c)opportunity d)switch 4a)have worked/per b)to get/to. Should the State tell...drink?(M06) 1a)F"We eat on...else"b)F"A sociologist...dining table" 3a)enquiry b)almost c)entire... Continue reading "Asasd" »


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The general study of the characteristics of speech sounds is called phonetics.Our main interest will be in articulatory phonetics, which is the study of how
speech sounds are made, or articulated. Other areas of study are

acoustic phonetics, which deals with the physical properties of speech as sound waves
in the air, and auditory phonetics (or perceptual phonetics) which deals with the perception, via the ear, of speech sounds.
1 When the vocal cords are spread apart, the air from the lungs passes between them unimpeded. Sounds produced in this way are described as
2 When the vocal cords are drawn together, the air from the lungs repeatedly pushes them apart as it passes through, creating a vibration effect. Sounds
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Prueba redes

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1. Which two statements are true regarding network security? (Choose two.)
2• Both experienced hackers who are capable of writing their own exploit code and inexperienced individuals who  download exploits from the Internet pose a serious threat to network security.
5• Protecting network devices from physical damage caused by water or electricity is a necessary part of the security  policy.

2. Which two statements are true about network attacks? (Choose two.)
4• A brute-force attack searches to try every possible password from a combination of characters.
5• Devices in the DMZ should not be fully trusted by internal devices, and communication between the DMZ and internal devices should be authenticated to prevent attacks such as port

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Subjective Rights

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1 .- Concept D ° Subjective:

- Law in the objective sense is a set of legal rules governing the conduct of men

- Law in the subjective sense is contained in the substantive law (as when speaking of one or the other is because they look different aspects), is the faculty that has a subject to perform specific behavior, or refrain from it or require other The subject line of duty, serves to make, do and demand.

- These two concepts are related, since the definition of D ° objective is obtained for the individual right that could be formulated as follows: Power to act to satisfy their own interests guaranteed by law.

- There are some rights that are exercised without the consent, as the inherent rights (HR)

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Hygiene, Health and Safety at Work

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DEFINITION OF HEALTH AT WORK The regulations and procedures aimed at protecting the physical and mental integrity of the worker, to protect from health risks specific to the responsibilities, functions and duties of the post including the environment within which they are executed
DEFINITION OF INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE (industrial hygiene) Specialty occupied in preserving the health of workers in the performance of their duties and responsibilities, especially in the analysis of industrial processes and operations where chemicals are compounds of high risk individuals.
SAFETY AT WORK is an important because it helps ensure security in and confidence and positive attitude of workers, to improve the level of productivity and satisfaction.


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Chapter 13

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Standard language.
We were concentrating on the features of only one variety, usually
called the standard language. This is actually an idealized variety, but exists
for most people as the version that is accepted as the official language of their
community or country.
Accent: Technically, the term accent is restricted to the description of aspects of pronunciation that identify where an
individual speaker is from, regionally or socially. It is different from the term
dialect, which is used to describe features of grammar and vocabulary as well
as aspects of pronunciation.
This is one of the criteria used in the study of dialects, or dialectology, to distinguish between two
different dialects of the same language (whose speakers
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The mystery of the haunted crypt

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1. - Summary of the book.

While a group of young inmates in an asylum was playing a football game, Dr. Sugrañes party amid calls one of them, exactly the protagonist of this story. The doctor tells Sugrañes accompany him to his office because it has an unexpected visitor. To his amazement, was the Commissioner Flores and a nun who was unaware of.

The reason that the commissioner flowers and the nun had come to see was: about 6 years ago a girl had disappeared without a trace one night, but the strange thing was that it appeared the next day with no memory of what happened. Well, a couple of days ago had been different in the same school girl who lived in the other and wanted him to take charge of the case.... Continue reading "The mystery of the haunted crypt" »

The black Biennium (1933-1935)

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Second Stage .- The right in power. The black Biennium (1933-1935).

The Spanish right minority in the constituency in 1931, as a result of political failure in solving the country's problems and his conservatism was discredited and disorganized. From 1931 (summer) come the first attempts to rebuild a party, and does so through the newspaper "El Debate", directed by Angel Herrera: defense of religion, family, order and property. The possibility of an Agrarian Reform Law, the religious policy of the government, civil marriage and divorce were their targets. At the same time the rise of totalitarian parties of Europe (fascists and Nazis) was reflected in the political radicalization in Spain. The failed coup of General Sanjuijo in Seville (1932)... Continue reading "The black Biennium (1933-1935)" »


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International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are Standards, Interpretations and the Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial statements (in the absence of a Standard or an Interpretation) adopted by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

Many of the Standards that form part of IFRS are known by the older ñame of International Accounting Standards (IAS). IAS were issued between 1973 and 2001 by the Board of the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC). On April 1st 2001, the new IASB took over from the IASC the responsibility for setting International Accounting Standards. During its first meeting, the new Board adopted existing IAS and SICs. The IASB has continued to develop Standards, called

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