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(M02)Lunar embasy 1a)F. But...a rocket b)So far...apiece 3a)views b)roaring c)prohibited d)grateful 4a)have bought/but b)signed/with Smile you are camera(M03) 1a)T.And as...growing b)F.If the program...department 3a)implement b)radio c)high d)argue 4a)were/that b)had/what A relative difference (M04) 1a) F."This similarity...chimpanzees"b)F."development and...that now" 3a)link b)skull c)leap forward d)seemingly 4a)If you don´t ask him a question,he won´t speak to you. I´m working from home(M05)1a)F"For the Spanish...reason b)T"Overall, do" 3a)choosing b)survey c)opportunity d)switch 4a)have worked/per b)to get/to. Should the State tell...drink?(M06) 1a)F"We eat on...else"b)F"A sociologist...dining table" 3a)enquiry b)almost c)entire... Continue reading "Asasd" »

Subjective Rights

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1 .- Concept D ° Subjective:

- Law in the objective sense is a set of legal rules governing the conduct of men

- Law in the subjective sense is contained in the substantive law (as when speaking of one or the other is because they look different aspects), is the faculty that has a subject to perform specific behavior, or refrain from it or require other The subject line of duty, serves to make, do and demand.

- These two concepts are related, since the definition of D ° objective is obtained for the individual right that could be formulated as follows: Power to act to satisfy their own interests guaranteed by law.

- There are some rights that are exercised without the consent, as the inherent rights (HR)

- We must make it clear that the... Continue reading "Subjective Rights" »

Hygiene, Health and Safety at Work

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DEFINITION OF HEALTH AT WORK The regulations and procedures aimed at protecting the physical and mental integrity of the worker, to protect from health risks specific to the responsibilities, functions and duties of the post including the environment within which they are executed
DEFINITION OF INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE (industrial hygiene) Specialty occupied in preserving the health of workers in the performance of their duties and responsibilities, especially in the analysis of industrial processes and operations where chemicals are compounds of high risk individuals.
SAFETY AT WORK is an important because it helps ensure security in and confidence and positive attitude of workers, to improve the level of productivity and satisfaction.


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The mystery of the haunted crypt

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1. - Summary of the book.

While a group of young inmates in an asylum was playing a football game, Dr. Sugrañes party amid calls one of them, exactly the protagonist of this story. The doctor tells Sugrañes accompany him to his office because it has an unexpected visitor. To his amazement, was the Commissioner Flores and a nun who was unaware of.

The reason that the commissioner flowers and the nun had come to see was: about 6 years ago a girl had disappeared without a trace one night, but the strange thing was that it appeared the next day with no memory of what happened. Well, a couple of days ago had been different in the same school girl who lived in the other and wanted him to take charge of the case.... Continue reading "The mystery of the haunted crypt" »

Shell script

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Ejercicio de descuentos:


read -p "¿Desea el billete también de vuelta? (s/n): " idavuelta

until [ $idavuelta=="s" ] || [ $idavuelta=="n" ]; do

read -p "¿Desea el billete también de vuelta? (s/n): " idavuelta


read -p "¿Tiene carnet joven? (s/n): " carnetjoven

until [ $carnetjoven="s" ] || [ $carnetjoven="n" ]; do

read -p "¿Tiene carnet joven? (s/n): " carnetjoven


descuento=0 billete=20

if [ $idavuelta="s" ]; then


billete=" expr $billete \* 2'


if [ $carnetjoven="s" ]j then



costefinal=`expr $billete \* \( 100 - $descuento \) / 100`

echo "El precio final del billete es $costefinal"

Ejercicio de medias:




read -p "Introduce un numero: " num

while [ $num -ne 0 ]; do

acu=`expr $acu + $num`

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Applied Linguistics

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CORPUS CORPORA: computer readable collection of text of speech. HARDWARE: physical elements as a keyboard. SOFTWARE: is a collection of computer programs and related data that provides the intructions for the compu. One of the strengths of corpus data lies on its EMPIRICAL nature. UTTERANCE is the spoken correlate of a sentence. LEMMA: is a set of lexical forms having the same stem, the same major part of speech and the same word sense.(base form of a word). TYPE: types are the number of distintict words in a corpus. (words not repeat). TOKEN: total number of N of running words. Keywords in corpus—POS, grammatical category. LEMMATIZATION: process by means in which you reduce any word in the corpus to his lemma. (LIGHT). STEMMING: root of
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How do computers affect the way you spend your free time

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Spent your Free time (190):  When I have free time I usually spend doing outdoor activities, I go for a walk, I Go cycling, I visit some river with my friends, I walk on the beach or I take Some food on a terrace. 1. In Valencia it is sunny almost every day and I enjoy doing all these activities Outdoors. In summer, as it is too hot, I try not to go out in the morning to Places where it is very hot, so I take the opportunity to go to a restaurant, To the cinema, or to go to air-conditioned shopping centers. 2.  At night I go to bed late because the heat does not let me sleep, so I Take advantage and go out with my friends for a beer, go out to a pub or do Something outdoors. 3. When I have Several days off I also like to go camping, if I
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Bilateral contract and onerous contract : relationships

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I.  THE CONTRACT OF SALE, This contract is (i) consensual, (ii) real, (iii) bilateral (iv) onerous. For representation of money, we understand usually a cheque, a promissory note or a bill of Exchange. Despite the consensual nature of the contract, the sales contract causes real effects (transfer of property). Consequently, as a result of the preceding provisions, we could distinguish two phases in a sales contract: (1º) obligational and (2º) real. Obligation Phase:  the contract is PERFECTED when the mutual consent on the sale conditions (price, object, term, quality…) is given by both parties. From that moment on, both parties stay reciprocally obliged: the seller to deliver, and the buyer to pay the price. 2)  Real phase: the contract
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1-I’m giving up eating chocolate tomorrow.

Mary told john that she was giving ul eating

chocolate the next day.

2-You catch the cold so easily!

Mary told john that he caught the could so easily!

3-They forbade smoking in bars 10 years.

M.T.J.That they had forbidden smoking in bars 10 years ago.

4-My mother was cooking tonight when the pot fell.

M.T.J that her mother had been cooking that night

when he pot had fallen.

5-She has been learning English since last summer.

M.T.J that she had been learning English since the summer before.


2-Can you help me today?

John asked mary if she could help him that day.

3-What would you do about it next week?

John asked mary what she would do about it the next after.

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The rupture of martin luther

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Renaissance:"rebirth", an era which emphasizes education, art, and critical thinking

Secular: Ideas centered on the things of their world.

Patrons: a person who supports artists, especially financially

Vernacular: Use of native language instead of classical Latin

Utopia: An ideal place where conflict, greed, and war do not exist

William Shakespeare:William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright, and actor,

Johann Gutenberg a German blacksmith, goldsmith, inventor, printer, and publisher who introduced printing to Europe with the printing press.

Martin Luther:a German professor of theology, composer, priest, monk, and a seminal figure in the Protestant Reformation. Luther came to reject several teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

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