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Project work as a natural extention of conten base instruction

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- Anchoring to previous knowledge

Anchoring to previous knowledge is important because learner’s prior knowledge is the starting point to build new learning.

Existing knowledge consists of, content, language, attitudes, opinions and experiences related to the topic under study.

The relational links are the glue that fixes learning in memory.

The CLIL teacher can intensify the learner’s connections in their brains by promotion the activation of the knowledge that the learners already possess.

- Host

The acronym HOT means: Higher-order thinking

Teachers who ask “higher-order” questions promote learning, these questions require students to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information, not simply recalling facts.

By HOTS students can:

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Theories of work motivation

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Perceptual Grouping: Tendency to group several stimuli together into a recognizable pattern-Continuity: only the obvious continuous  patterns or relationships  -Closure: Perceptual process will close the gaps that are unfilled from sensory inputs (May see whole where none exist or may not see what exists -Proximity: Nearness states that a group of stimuli that are close together will be perceived as whole pattern of parts belonging together . Exp Students coming out of lecture hall.  -Similarity: Greater similarity of stimuli, the greater the tendency to perceive them as a common group. Group of ppl coming out of office building = proximity & similarity -Contrast Effect: is the tendency to perceive stimuli that differ from expectations

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Script – Sairam Vaizers Suitcase Presentation

Overview of me

·From Mississauga

·Completed first year Networking & IT Sec at UOIT

·Transferred from Humber College after completing My engineering diploma

·I’m in the GAAS program because


1.Moved To Canada from the U.S in 2001, sister was born in Toronto

2.The Person how I am today is thanks to my parents and my up bringing

3.They Taught me how to be – respectful, courteous, caring à good member of society

4.They Are my backbone, provide me guidance through all stages of my life from being a Child to transitioning into an adult

5.Both My parents have been to university, they offer me academic guidance with my Studies

6.They Keep me focused and motivated and support me in all my endeavors


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Citizenship discrimination

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Discrimination and prejudice are common features of the minority groups. They are words that can be used interchangeably, they can be two separate but related conditions. Discrimination is the denial of equal treatment to individuals based on their group membership. It involves behavior. Prejudice is an unsupported generalization about a category of people. It refers to attitudes. Discrimination can be found on a individual or society level. It acts by individuals range from name-calling forms, to acts of violence. It can lead to physical harms, even death. Society discrimination can appear in one of two forms (legal or institutionalized discrimination). Legal is upheld by law. Institutionalized is an outgrowth of the structure of a society.
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Discourse of advertising

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  1. Comparatives and Superlatives

  2. Data Claims (%)

  3. High Level Adjectives (amazing,fantastic…)

  4. Alliteration (hitzetako soinua errepikatzea)

  5. Using rhyme

  6. Using short simple sentences

  7. Using commands

  8. Using rhetorical questions


• What product is being advertised? (The ikea family card)

• What is the name of the company?(IKEA)

• What techniques can you identify? (The slogan, logo, picture...)

• Who is the target audience? (To families)

• What is the main (explicit) message of the advert? (That ikea family card is directed to families (Explicit). That the ikea family card is directed to all kind of families (implicit))

• Are there any other messages?


• Are its techniques effective? (Yes.)

• Does it give you

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Project management file 2

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Big five personality dimensions (Vecchio, 2003)

1. Need for achievement  (importance of parental influences).2. Need for autonomy 3. Locus of Control: Internal (control of own destiny)/ external (others control my Destiny)4. Risk taking propensity.  5. Entreperneurial Self Efficacy  (ESE)

PHASE 1 start up

Pitfalls (pièges): 1.The owner works for free. 2.Less attention to Financial aspects. 3.Everybody feels responsible, no one is responsible. 4. Too Much excitement. Down to earth!

Skills: 1.Accounting skills . 2.Leadership skills. 3.Capability  to slow down

PHASE 2 steadying the ship


1.Less attention for management of the company. 2.Conflicts among Managers and departments. 3.Working in the company instead of working at The company.

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Signud Freud

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Freud´s psychoanalytic theory: Sigmund Freud, developed Psychoanalytic theory in the early 1990s. Conscious experience is a small part Of our psychological makeup and experience. He argued that much of our behavior Is motivated by the unconscious, a part of the personality that contains the Memories, knowledge, and instincts of which the individual is not aware. The Contents of the unconscious far surpassed in quantity the information in our Conscious awareness.  For him much of our Personality is determined by our unconscious. Some of the unconscious is made Up of the preconscious. But deeper in the unconscious are instinctual drives, Desires, and needs that are hidden from conscious awareness because of the Conflicts and pain they would
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Explain herzberge two factors theory

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The result of the interaction between the individual and the situation.
-Intensity: how hard a person tries.
-Persistance: how long a person can mantein the effort.
-Direction: effort that is channelled toward organizational goals.
He hipotesithed that every human being has 5 hierarchy needs:
1. Physiological.
2. Safety.
3. Social.
4. Esteem.
5. Self-actualization.
1 y 2 LOWER-ORDER (satisfied internally)
3 y 4 HIGHER-ORDER (satisfied externally)
An individual can be motivated at the same time in different groups.
As each need is substantially satisfied, the next one beacomes dominant.
A manager tends to mold her or his behavior toward
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What are the sensory receptors that detect painful stimuli

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•Sensation is the immediate Response of our sensory receptors (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and fingers) to Basic stimuli (light, color, sound, odor, and texture).
•Perception is the process by Which sensations are selected, organized, and interpreted.

Sensory Marketing means That companies pay extra attention to how our sensations affect our product Experiences. Marketers recognize that our senses help us to decide which Products appeal to us.

Sensory  thresholds:•If youhaveeverblown a dogwhistle and watchedyourpoochrespond to a soundyoucannothear, youwon’t be surprised to learnthatthere are somestimulithatpeoplesimplycan’tperceive.

•Some of us pick up sensoryinformationthatotherswhosesensorychannelshavedisminisheddue to disabilityoragecannot.
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Consumer behavior: the study of the processes involved when individuals Or groups select, purchase, use, or dispose of products, services, ideas, or Experiences to satisfy needs and desires.

•In itsearlystages of development, researchesreferred to thefield as buyerbehavior; thisreflectedanemphasisontheinteractionbetweenconsumers and producersat the time of purchase.
•Mostmarketersnowrecognizethatconsumerbehavioris in factanongoingprocess, notmerelywhathappens at themoment a consumerhandsovermoneyor a creditcard and in turnreceivessomegoodorservice.
•Consumir: a personwhoidentifies a needordesire, makes a purchase, and thendisposes of theproductduringthethreestages of theconsumptionprocess.
•In many cases, however, differentpeopleplay a
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