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Divided attention

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Information pack: info det by the senders hyp about what the receiver does and does not know. Old info / new info 

Sentence divided in 2 parts: informative part (rheme) add info or modify B) less info (theme) link sentence to the preceding discourse NEW INFO > OLD INFO.
Same meaning but NOT the same communicative significance. 
THE END-F / END-W principle: old to new info end focus is the accent of the sentence -Goes hand in hand with the END.-W 
Heavy struc may appear in intitial posi if theres a coflict between the two principle (RHEME) at the end. 
Stress can be placed on any element struc to which we want to give prominance (mainly for contr or empha) 
PACK INFO: 1) Syn devices =/ syn struc word order (clefts, frontings, extraposi) 
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Personality - Individual differences (thinking, feeeling)

Aptitude - Natural ability to do something (SSA)

Interest - Attract your atenttion (AAI)

Character - The way someone thinks, someones personality

Temperament - Usual attitude or behaviour of a person

LEARNING STYLES Visual - Spacial, linguistic, mathematical, intrapersonal

Auditory - Musical, linguistic

Kinaesthesic - Bodily, mathematical, interpersonal

Visual Audiable Read/Write Kinestesic

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES Spatial - Uses space Linguisic - Verbal expression, redaction, etc Mathematical - Good with maths Intrapersonal - Relation with oneself Musical - Sing, play instruments, etc Bodily - Physical activity Interpersonal - Relation with other people Naturistic - Appreciate... Continue reading "desarrollo" »


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Simple tensesactivapasiva
Present simpleJames designs the adsThe ads are designed by james
past simpleJames designed the adsThe ads were designed by james
future simple:willJames will deigned the adsThe ads will be designed by james
conditionalJmaes would design the ads

The ads would be designed by james

Perfect tensesActivepasive
present perfectJames has designed the adsThe ads have been designed by James
past perfect'' has designed ''''  had been designed ''
future perfect'' will have designed '''' will have been designed ''
past conditional'' would have designed ''''would have been designed''

Good morning, have you got

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Delight(sadness), furitively (openly) secretly, seedy dirty and unpleasant, tilitate(boring)  interesting esp. Sexually, pervasive being present everywhere, transform(preserve), compulsiveness  state of being unable to stop or control your emotions/actions diverting(boring) entertaining and amusing  formative having an important and lasting influence on the development of sb  promote(discourage), cue signal, submissive(assertive) willing to obey, correlation link/connection multiply(decrease) increase, prod poke, prodding encouraging to do something, reciptient(giver) person who receives, invigorated(exhausted) refreshed, clavicle collarbone, release (stress), pilgrimage journey to a place connected with sth you admire, connect(loosen),
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Composition environment

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Emminent Giftedness and high achievement – beyond IQRenzulli (2002) – intersection of three factors (intelligence, Exceptional motivation, high creativity)Simonton (2001) – drudge theory ; push themselves harder and Benefit more from intensive practice

Winner Says hard work may be a result of inborn ability ;Gifted are more Likely to find efforts rewarding and thus work harder

Cumulative Deprivation hypothesis – children raised in substandard Environments experience a gradual decline in IQ as they get older Because other children will be progressing more rapidly

Studies Of adopted children do show similarity to biological parents, But better environment does also have an effect on IQ

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Present simple, make(s) -> is/are made //

Present continuos, is/are making -> is/are being made //

Present perfect, has/have made -> has/have been made //

Past simple, made -> was/were made //

Past continous, was/were making -> was/were being made //

Past perfect, had made -> had been made //

Future simple, will make -> will be made //

Future continous, will be making -> will be being made //

Future `perfect, will have made -> will have been made //

Modals, can make o must have made -> can be made o must have been made //


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A) study of mind
·study of pupil's mind.
Study of behaviour.
B) developmental characterstics.
C) effects of heredity and environment.
D) Individual differences.              
2:- The Learning process:-
A) teacher's positive attitude.
B) factors affecting learning process.
C) effective teaching methods.
D) use of audio-visual aids.
E) evaluation of learning outcome and other personality aspect.                        
 3) Learning situation

Following are the symptoms.
1) Dissatisfaction 
2) conflicts 
3) sense of superiority and inferiority 
4) anxiety 
5) excess of Day dreaming
6) neurotic diseases

-enviromental causes
-personal causes 
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Sheet 1

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Processes of Memory
o Memory: the capacity to retain and retrieve information
o Storage: retention of information
o Retrieval: calling up stored information
o Both processes must be working correctly in order for us to remember something
o Prior to storage, memory must first be encoded in the brain at the actual time the event happens
o Effortless encoding: occurs automatically
o Effortful encoding: requires practicing information (rehearsal)
o Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) proposed a three-stage model (a.K.A. Dual store model)
o (insert image here)
o Three different parts of our memory: sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory
o In the process of memory storage/retrieval, info may pass through each of these stages in different
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Attention: process that directs awareness as info becomes available to senses

focus: ability to direct attention to specific info

concentration: ability to sustain focus

attention span: length of time one can focus & concentrate

relevant cues: necessary info to perform a task

physical error: problem due to motor production

mental error: problem due to attention

athletes can selectively attend to one thing(consumes all attention)(avoid distraction) selectively attend to several things simul

capacity model: limited info processing space

selective attention: focusing & concentrating on relevant info while blocking out irrelevant info. Athletes need to selectively attend.

Orienting response: attention drawn automatically toward stimulus


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Emotional intelligence capabilities

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What's more important in determining life success, book smarts or street smarts? Is true that being smart nowadays is something very valued, indeed, the smarter you are the easier things come in means of work.Nevertheless, it is always important to know how to speak with a person correctly and understand their emotions.

In one hand, People with high emocional intelligence usually are great leaders and team players because of their ability to understand,empathize, and connect with the people around them.

In the other hand,tradicional intelligence comes with academic achievement and are assumed to be destined for a life of accomplishment and achievement.

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