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To sort the diversity of life using a rating system. Kingdom, phylum. sub class, super, order, sub groups, sub, genus, species, sub. Hierarchical binomial nomenclature, the greater the taxa categories. To reconstruct the phylogeny of a group uses a character that varies among members (ancestral character.) Is also used to compare outgroup (outgroup ) This is phylogenetically close, but not part of the study group. For any phylogenetic reconstruction we need to consider the characters that we use in our analysis and determine which is the primitive condition that presents the common ancestor of several. In this sense, we use the apomorphies that
refer to a derived or specialized character. In contrast, plesiomorphic, is a primitive character.

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Show obtuse and angle as opposed to straight

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acute angle is an angle whose measure is greater than 0° and less than 90°

acute triangle is a triangle with 3 acute angles

adjacent angles are angles that have a common vertex and side, but no common Interior points

angle is formed by two rays with a common endpoint called the vertex

complementary Angles are angles Whose measures add up to 90°

congruent Angles are angles That have the same measure

equilateral Triangle is a triangle With 3 congruent sides

isosceles triangle is a triangle with at least 2 Congruent sides

midpoint is the point that divides a segment into two congruent segments

obtuse angle is an angle whose measure is greater than 90° and less than 180°

obtuse triangle is a triangle with an obtuse angle

parallel lines are lines in a

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GERMANY: The treaty of Versailles had obligated to give up territories to Poland and Czechoslovakia.

ITALY: It hadn't been given the territories it wanted in the Mediterranian.


This forced countries to find new markets for their products. And countries like Germany, Italy, and Japan implemented economic policies based on autarky and rearmament.


Germany, Italy, and Japan wanted to expand their territories in order to acquire more raw materials and to satisfy their territorial demands.

Japan: Expanded its territories in Asia. They occupied Manchuria and the North of China.

 Italy: Occupied Albania and invaded Abyssinia.


1935: The Saar was reincorporated after voting.

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1.By the time Sue went to the doctor, she had felt ill fot two weeks.
2.Since i was six i have skied every Winter.
3.Until she had been driving for a year, Lili was afraid to go on the motorway.
4.When John's right foot began to hurt he had been running for an hour.
5.At 10.30 i was working on my essay
6.By the time David quit smoking, he had been smooking for 5 years.
7. Lol is going to take fliying lessons.
8.She told us not to be late.
9.How long have you been thinking of getting your own flat?
10. Our relatives will be sent some recent family potos.
 Some potos will be sent to our relatives.
12. Clothes hae been given to the flood victims.
13. The flood victims have been given clothes.
14. Flu is said to be that is a serious problema.
15. It is said
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Latitude of the position

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COMPLAIN LETTER:   Todos los datos de mi empresa                               
                                                                           Data hoy
Dear Mr o Mrs (nombre persona q la recibirá)
1º:Problem:I am writing to complain about(your delivery)
2º: Complain: I am sorry to say that(we ordered a pinter
XPL and WE recived another model.Also WE ordered 10
paper packets but we just received 5).
3ºSolution: Please,send a replacement(and the 5 paper
packets) as soon as posible. 
4º: I look forwards to hearing from you.
(aladerechaDelTodo)Yours faithfully(firma,miname,empresa)
Nombre mio + Human resources+diamonsd services+
112 woodford road + London SW12 9AP.
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Periapical pathology

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Indirect Pulp Capping --> indicated in deep caries near the pulp without signs or symptoms of pulpal involvtment. Goals r avoid pulpal exposure and block passage of bacteria. Success if, absence of signs n symp of pulpal pathology, correct isolation, careful cleaning of axial walls, good seal of resto margins. Procedure, elimination of infected dentin, place biocompatible material on layer of demineralized uninfected dentin in order to inactivate remaining bacteria, remineralize lesion by formation of reparative dentin, materials, zinc oxide, eugeono dycal. 

Direct pulp capping --> indicated in temp teeth only when pulp has been inadvertently exposed during operative procedure. Tooth must be asymptomatic, pulp expo is minimal <1mm,
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Sikandria port

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1) for more accurate (preciso) photographs you need a dsrl 

2) these are profesional tools so they are more expensive (caro) 
3) A reflex Mirror lets (permitir) you see an accurate image before you shoot.  (4) Attachments With optical zooms are cheap (Barato)

2/ a)1)Si viajas mucho deberías comprarte un port                               -If you travel much, you should buy A laptop.

c)                 2)Siempre que tú me llames con dos horas de tiempo, No tendremos problemas.=

d)-It´s long as you call with 2 hours Before, we won’t have problems  

e)                   3)Si hubiesen reparado la pantalla a tiempo habríamos Terminado nuestro trabajo=

f)-If they had repaired the screen on Time , we would finished

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2. The phases of the War
There were four phases:
    - The outbreak of war
    - The war of movement
    - Trench warfare
    - 1917: the las phases of the war

Belligerents in the First World War
- Allied Powers (based on the Triple Entente agreement)
          - France//British Empire//Russia (until 1917)//Serbia//Belgium//Japan//United States (from April 1917)
- Central powers (based on the Triple Alliance Agreement)
         - German Empire//Austria-Hungary//Ottoman Empire (late 1914)//Bulgaria (1915)//(Italy)

2a. What was the concrete cause of the First World War?
- The event that triggered the First World War was the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and his wife, the Archduchess,
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Compound Adjectives

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Topic Vocabulary - 6

Carbon footprint | eco-friendly | (the) environment| fossil fuels | global warming | greenhouse gases | landfill site | recycle | rubbish dump | separate rubbish | sustainable development | waste disposal

Words in the text: grow
grow (verb) | grow food - cultivar | grows very well - crecen bien | growing - número | grow up - madurar | growing boy | growing (problem) - que crece | growth | it's growing in me - te va gustando poco a poco |
Describing processes and quantities
get (+adjective) - se esta poniendo | lack - falta de algo | lead to - llevar a | rise - global warming is rising | trend - popular |
Topic Vocabulary - 7
advertise (verbo) | advertiser (publicista) | advertising (publicidad) | ban | bombarded by ads | catchy
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1) 1-F 2-F 3-F 4-T 5-T 6-T
2) 1-excitement 2-impression 3-possibility 4-information 5-tourist 6-popularity 7-importance
3)1-go sightseeing 2-accommodation 3-sign up for 4-concerned 5-keep in mind
4)1-cruise 2-sank 3-relationship 4-treacherous 5-damage 6-aware 7-passengers 8-rescue
5)1-b 2-f 3-c 4-a 5-d 6-e
6)1-would return; knew 2-had offered; would ... Have accepted
3-doesn't train; won't win
7)1-I wouldn't buy that car 2-have been exhausted if I hadn't stayed up all night
3-reminded him , Sam would have forgotten about the meeting 4-if I were old enough 5-I finish my homework, i won't go out with my friends 6-locate/have located the passenger , we'll return his luggage to him