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Felipe II

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92. The Runtime Name for a Fibre Channel storage device is equivalent to?

A. The Network Address Authority (NAA) name of the device

B. The name of the current path to the device in vmhba:C:T:L format

C. The Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) to the device

D. The name of the first discovered path to the device in vmhba:C:T:L format

295 When memory is reclaimed from a virtual machine using vmmemctl, what is the maximum amount that can be reclaimed by default?

A. 65% of the unreserved memory

B. 65% of the available memory

C. 50% of the available memory

D. 50% of the unreserved memory

152 When cloning a role, which of the following applies (Choose Two)?

A. The cloned role is applied to the same users and groups as the original role

B. The cloned

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To sort the diversity of life using a rating system. Kingdom, phylum. sub class, super, order, sub groups, sub, genus, species, sub. Hierarchical binomial nomenclature, the greater the taxa categories. To reconstruct the phylogeny of a group uses a character that varies among members (ancestral character.) Is also used to compare outgroup (outgroup ) This is phylogenetically close, but not part of the study group. For any phylogenetic reconstruction we need to consider the characters that we use in our analysis and determine which is the primitive condition that presents the common ancestor of several. In this sense, we use the apomorphies that
refer to a derived or specialized character. In contrast, plesiomorphic, is a primitive character.

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Suitainable tourism is a form of tourism combined with planned economic growth which not destroy the most enviroment or culture.This type of tourism tries to make sure that tourism grows in a way that allows tourists to see what they want to see, experiences what they want to experience but doesnt destroy thethings theyre seeing.This kind of tourism involves all members of society: visitors and residents, creates dialogue before and during the promotion of tourist sites between developers,tour operators,residents or goverments. Some advers effects of tourism are for example vandalism and crime, oil spillage, green house effect, overbuiliding and overcrowding. To solve them we should invest in security systems and local policing,
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2. i started at the end- So you have been - The first week i worked- Have you already worked- Yes i was there- I followed some products manager for a day and The showed me the diff- Have you attended- Yes i went- Did you find it interesting?- Yes of course. I took...- I haven’t worked

1.Have ever dad- Have always been- Have never ate- Started- Needed- Had- Thought- Were- Was- Shouted- Arrested- 

Was Have never been

3. i have been arrangin- I have been doing- I have been typing- I have been Printing- I have been surfing- I have been listening

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76)2:5,6,3,2,4,1 /3:1-3*2-1*3-5*4-2*5-4*6-6*7-9*8-8*9-7 /4:nephew,siblings,embarrassed,sweep,confused,hug,pub /5:C,C,A,A,B,C,A,B,C

77)1:2,2,1,2,1,3,1/ 2:which,whose,where,when,who,which,where/ 3:is made, are called, is invited, aren’t  sold/ 4:was published, was written, were Stolen, weren’t done/ 5:1,2,2,1,2,3,1,3

78)1:4,1,3,4,1/ 2:thrilled,excited,bowling Alley, football field, daughter, son, wait in a queue, buy a ticket/ 3:1-13*2-7*3-4*4-2*5-9*6-5*7-10*8-12/ 5:won,stay at home, ice ring, break, cousins, suitcase, bread, sweep, Volunteered, theme park

79)1:1-5*2-2*3-6*4-3/ 2:who, whose, Which, where/ 4: should, little, un less, least, badly, few/ 6: the longest, have Taken, the farthest, do think, have spent, did decide, were living, chose,

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set theory ( in formal logic: Set theory <>; known as the principle of extensionality. A class with no members, such as the class of Chinese popes, is said to be null. Since the membership of all such classes is the same, there is only one null class, which is therefore usually called the null class (or sometimes the empty class); it is symbolized by Ë or ø. The notation x = y is used for...
in mathematics: Cantor <>;
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criminologia: 100cia empirica e intrdisciplinaria, q s ocupa dl studio dl crimn, d la prsna dl infractor, la victima yl control social dl comxtamiento dlictivo, y trata d suministrar 1a informacion valida, contrastada, sobr la gnsis, dinamica y variabls principals dl crimn -contmplado st cm problma individual y cm problma social-, asi cm sobr ls progra+ d prvncion eficaz dl mismo, ls tcnicas d intrvncion positiva enl ombr dlincuent y ls divrsos modls o sist+ d rspusta al dlito. x control social s entiendl conjunto d institucions, stratgias y sancions socials q prtndn promovr y garantizarl somtimiento dl individuo a ls modls y nor+ comunitarias. modlo psicologicista: explicacion d la conducta criminal dsdl psicoanalisis, la psikiatria o psicopatologia,... Continue reading "Crimi" »

The thermosetting plastics

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The materials: These are materials made of polymers consisting of long chains of molecules containing carbon.

NATURAL: are obtained directly from plant materials (pulp) or animal (casein)

SYNTHETIC or ARTIFUCIALES: We elavoran compounds derived from petroleum, natural gas or coal

POLYMERIZATION: Consists of small molecules together with large.

Thermoplastic materials: compounds obtained from petroleum products. Chains are made of weakly bound together, soften when heated and can be molded

PVC (polyvinyl chloride): Ownership: very hard, impermeable.USO: pipes, gloves.

POLYSTYRENE (PS): HARD: PRO ..: transparent pigmented.


POLYETHYLENE (PE) High intensity: rigid and resistant and / transparent.

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Celulas y partes

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1. plasma membrane/ cell membrane      structure- a bilipid membraneous layer composed of proteins and carbohydrates. it is fluid like.function - the cell membrane separates the cell from its external environment, and is selectively permeable (controls what gets in and out). it protects the cell and provides stability.proteins are found embedded within the plasma membrane, with some extending all the way through in order to transport materials.carbohydrates are attached to proteins and lipids on the outer lipid layer.

2. cytoplasm   structure - the jelly-like substance composed of mainly water and found between the cell membrane and nucleus. the cytoplasm makes up most of the "body" of a cell and is constantly streaming.function - organelles... Continue reading "Celulas y partes" »

El derecho civil

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Asking for a job (letter of application or covering letter)

Dear Mr. Doyle, Hearing through a friend, Mr. Peter Walters, that you will shortly have a vacancy for someone to take charge of your accountancy, I take the liberty of asking you if you may consider me for the post. I am 26 years of age, of British nationality, and I have a thorough knowledge of book keeping.

 After finishing High School at Everton College, in Essex, I entered Eaton Technical School and spent three years studying Accountancy, Computer programming, languages and typing. On leaving school I obtained a job with Brook Enterprises, where I have been working for the last two years, improving my knowledge or my position. I'd be grateful, therefore, if you would consider my... Continue reading "El derecho civil" »