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To sort the diversity of life using a rating system. Kingdom, phylum. sub class, super, order, sub groups, sub, genus, species, sub. Hierarchical binomial nomenclature, the greater the taxa categories. To reconstruct the phylogeny of a group uses a character that varies among members (ancestral character.) Is also used to compare outgroup (outgroup ) This is phylogenetically close, but not part of the study group. For any phylogenetic reconstruction we need to consider the characters that we use in our analysis and determine which is the primitive condition that presents the common ancestor of several. In this sense, we use the apomorphies that
refer to a derived or specialized character. In contrast, plesiomorphic, is a primitive character.

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Aircraft systems

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Regional economic integration, also known as regionalism, is the process whereby countries in a Geographic region cooperate to reduce or eliminate barriers to the International flow of products, people, or capital. There are five main types Of regional economic integration: Free trade area, customs union, common Market, economic union and political union. The economic integration between two Or more countries is at its lowest point in free trade area, and increases from Type to type, all the way to political union, where counties coordinate aspects Of their economic and political systems at its fullest. In the past decade, There has been an increase in the agreement between countries, which has led to A debate on whether regional economic integration... Continue reading "Aircraft systems" »

The modern subject is the subject of the sciences.

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Dondé’s Faux Art
1) B
2) 1.F 2.F 3.T
3) 1. Unlike forgery, faux art is not created in order to deceive people.
    2. To make masterpieces available to the general public.
    3. They appreciate faux art.
4) 1.Valuable 2.Accesible 3.Displays 4.Injustice

Extreme Cellists

1) 1.C 2.B
2) 1.F 2.F 3.T
3) 1. As classical musicians
    2. Classical works to modern pieces
4) Their aim is to raise money and awareness for various charities.
5) 1.Awareness 2.Lists 3.Challenging 4.Worthy

Turn the Music Down!
1) 1.C 2.A
2) 1.F 2.T 3.T
3) 1.Turn down the volume and buy good quality headphones
2.They reduce awareness of your surroundings, which is important in road safety
5) 1.Via 2.In practice 3.Consequence 4.Dramatically

Cyber Seniors
1) 1.A 2.D
2) 1.T 2.F 3.T
3) 1.
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infinitive past simple past participle
leave left left (marcharse)
lend lent lent (prestar)
let let let (dejar)
lie down lay down lain down (tumbarse)
light lit lit (lucir)
lose lost lost (perder)
make made made (hacer)
mean meant meant (vulgar)
meet met met (conocer)
pay paid paid (pagar)
put put put (poner)
read read read (leer)
ride rode ridden (montar)
rise rose risen (subir)
run ran run (correr)
say said said (decir)
see saw seen (ver)
sell sold sold (vender)
send sent sent (enviar)
set set set (ponerse)
shine shone shone (brillar)
show showed shown (mostrar)
sing sang sung (cantar)
sink sank sunk (hundirse)
sit sat sat ( sentarse)
sleep slept slept (dormir)
smell smelt smelt (oler)
speak spoke spoken (hablar)
spell spelt spelt (hechizo)
spend spent spent (gastar)
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Concept of education

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1.ACCIDENT AT HOME. It was an ordinary summer morning, all the members of my family were Still sleeping but my brother was finishing a Biology project in the attic. Anyway, something happened to me that day that I’ll never be able to forget. I Was rushing downstairs as I was late to my football match and my girlfriend had Just arrived to pick me up WHEN SUDDENLY I slipped/lost my balance /fell Backwards/bumped my head against the ground and lost consciousness for 10 Minutes. AS SOON AS I REGAINED CONSCIOUSNESS I REALIZED THAT I was shock and Dizzy, unable to breathe properly as I had lost the feeling in my left knee. Besides my left arm was swollen and dislocated. LUCKILY, I was able to take my Cell phone out of my pocket, dial 112 and ask

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The crazy shepherdess

Five year agosto,  I was in Fresno de rio tiron, a small town located between la rioja eta burgos. Every night after dinner all young children went out to play until we fell asleep.One day, othe teenagers of the twon said to us that in the old house of the squar lived a crazy shepherdess with her two brothers. In fact, they told us also that the shepherdess had killed her mother accidentally.

One night when the shepherdess was sleeping, we decided to ring her doorbell and we ran away.Nothing it happened, nobody went out of that house and we didn't hear any voice.Then, we tried again and now we had picked in a orchard pums to throw them against the window.

Suddenly, one of the brothers threw from the balcony a firecracker

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Latitude of the position

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COMPLAIN LETTER:   Todos los datos de mi empresa                               
                                                                           Data hoy
Dear Mr o Mrs (nombre persona q la recibirá)
1º:Problem:I am writing to complain about(your delivery)
2º: Complain: I am sorry to say that(we ordered a pinter
XPL and WE recived another model.Also WE ordered 10
paper packets but we just received 5).
3ºSolution: Please,send a replacement(and the 5 paper
packets) as soon as posible. 
4º: I look forwards to hearing from you.
(aladerechaDelTodo)Yours faithfully(firma,miname,empresa)
Nombre mio + Human resources+diamonsd services+
112 woodford road + London SW12 9AP.
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Pres Continuous-> PERSONAL ARRANGEMENT/PLAN àI am visiting France this summer

Be going to-> I am going to start doing work out      PERSONAL PLANS

                         He is so fast he is Going to have an acc   INMINENT ACTION

Will ->  It Will rain (PREDICTION) , I will Study more (PROMISE), You will get Into trouble (WARNING), I will kick Your ass (THREAT), If you study just The day before, you won´t pass the exam (CONDITIONAL 1st type), I´ll give you a lift (OFFERING), I´ll call him (INSTANT DECISION)

Future continuous-> I will be studying at      TOMORROW AT        

Future perfect-&

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Ties with my former colleagues

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    1.   trash                                6.  amount
       2.   voyage                             7.  harmful
       3.   avoid                                8.  halfway
       4.   landfills                             9.  a drop in the ocean
       5.   short cut
2.1.   e         2.   f          3.   d         4.   c         5.   a         6.   b
3.    1.   carbon footprint
       2.   renewable energy
       3.   litter
       4.   fuel
    1.   could do / could have done
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Simple past grammar

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admit, advise, avoid, can´t help, can´t imagine, can´t stand, complete, consider, discuss, dislike, don´t mind, enjoy, finis, give up, imagine, keep, mention, mind, miss, practise, recommend, report, resit, risk, suggest

afford, agree, appear, arrange, ask, atempt, beg, choose, dare, decide, demand, deserve, expect, fail, hesitate, hope, intend, learn, manage, mean, need, offer, prepare, pretend, promise, refuse, seem, threaten, wait, want, wish, would like.


1 CONDITIONAL -- if + present simple, will + infinitive
2 CONDITIONAL -- If + past simple, would + infinitive
3 CONDITIONAL -- if + past perfect, would have + past participle

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