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Epicurus was born on the island of Savas in 341 b.C. They think the mortality is only a matter of culture. Ataraxia means freedom for worries. Costums, culture and law are ethical relativism. They think taht the prudence is the most important virtude. They avoid social and pollitical.

Epictetus wrote only the educated are free. He was a slave. I'm agree because if you don't now what is free you can't be free. Zeno of Citium is the founder of school stoical. Cynics and socrates are the influence of Zeno of Citium. Aphea is absence of passion.


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Polar bears: danger, reduced, causing, sources, made, although, cover, known, prove. Scientists explain excitement of children: Been, when, it, the, which, were, to, why, get. The ultimate challenge: Global, lifetime, selection, successful, demanding, populated, spectacular, extraordinary, competitors. Natural navigation: He began in an impressive way. It is not required most of the time involves more than one piece of information. The advantage of learning natural navigation. Natural navigation. It is exciting but not very useful. The wisdom of Birds: F, C, A, E, G, B. LIBRO: The new face of face to face meetings:1- They make greater use of technology. 2-Some information is easier to obtain face to face. 3-After face to face meetings, colleagues
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words of english

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Latin: Exit,circus,video

Greek: pysichology, Telephone, cinema

French: Biscuit, garage, restaurant, menú

Italian: Piano, concertó, piza, ravioli

Indian Languages: curry, pijamas, bungalow

Spanish: Guitar, tango, banana

Native American languages: tomato

, potato, tabacco

German: Hamburguer, Frankfurt, kindergarden

A Monotheistic religión

 it’s the predominant religión in

 the America, Europe, Oceania and

 large parts Of Africa


 the 12 apostles, the Prophets,

 John the baptist, Lazarus, Mary magdelene,

 mary mother of Jesus, Pontius pilate

, mary and martha,

herod antipas.

4 evangelist: Matthew (angel), mark (lion

) luke( toro) John ( Águila)

Places: Bethlehem, Ephesus

, galilee, gethsemane, hebron, Israel, jericho

, jerusalen, jordan river, judan,

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Last One

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provocative -  tending to provoke a response

prudent -  careful, cautious

querulous -  complaining, irritable

rancorous -  bitter, hateful

reclusive -  preferring to live in isolation

reconciliation -  the act of agreement after a quarrel, the resolution of a dispute

renovation -  repair, making something new again

resilient -  quick to recover, bounce back

restrained -  controlled, repressed, restricted

reverence - worship, profound respect

sagacity - wisdom

scrutinize - to observe carefully

spontaneity -  impulsive action, unplanned events

spurious -  lacking authenticity, false

submissive -  to submit to the will of others

substantiate -  to verify, confirm

subtle -  hard to detect or describe; perceptive

superficial -  shallow, lacking in

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Madre teresa de calcutta

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She was born on August 26, 1910 and died on September 5, 1997. When Mother Teresa died many important people from different governments went to his funeral.

At the age of twelve,She knew she had to be a missionary to spread the love of Christ and at the age of 18 enter in the order of the Sisters of Our Lady of Loreto in Ireland.

He studied in Dublin and in Darjeeling before accepting the vote in 1937.

She was director of a Catholic school in Calcutta, where the presence of dying in the streets of the city led her to ask permission to leave his post at the convent and devote from 1948 to care for the sick. In 1950, Mother Teresa received permission from the Holy See to start her own order, "The Missionaries of Charity".

In 1979 he was awarded

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paul plays many roles        --many roles are played by paul

paul is playing many roles--manu roles are being played by "

paul played many roles     --many roles were played by paul

paul was playing "      --many roles were being played by paul

paul has played many roles--many roles have been played by paul

paul had played many roles--many roles had been played by paul

paul will play many roles   --  many roles will be played by paul

paul should play many roles -- many roles should be played by paul

paul must have played many roles--many roles must have been played by paul

paul has to play many roles--many roles have to be played by paul

paul is going to play many roles--many roles are going to be played by paul

la persona

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1.The Social Doctrine of the Church is based on a Specific concept of person and society; and has been developed from a specific Cultural model. The fundamentals; notion of person and notion of society; Appears in the bottom of all kind of political, economic, cultural or social Constructs.

The Christian notion of person is originated from the Historical reflection about a specific theological fact which does not exist in Other religions: personhood is the presupposition of Christian´s natures: Divine and human. He is an only person with two natures, divine as he is God And human as he is true man.Human person: individual substance of rational nature. The encyclical, Points out that the human being is a compound of soul and body, intelligence... Continue reading "la persona" »

Leonardo da vinci was born in Italy in 1452. He went

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Some People Never Forget a Face (2012 )  

1.TRUE: In fact about 2 percent of the population has prosopagnosia, a condition characterized by great difficulty in recognizing faces
FALSE: Often super-recognizers are able to recognize another person despite significant changes in appearance...

2. (A) Because other people usually don't recognize them and they don't want to give the impression the meeting was important or special to them
(B) Because they could help determine the different degrees of credibility of eyewitnesses.
remembering - recalling / wide - broad / meeting - encounter / credible 
4. To - are found / who - to / meeting - at / had not been - wouldn't have met 

Young da Vinci (2013 ) 
1. TRUE: His father was stern and distant with
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To take from a person or place

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angel = a Messenger of God

antique = furniture which is old valuable

aspirin = medicine used to control pain or fever

carabiniere = an italian policeman

clothes-peg = a wooden or plastic clip for fastening wet clothes to a washing-line

consulate = the offices of a consul

courtyard = an unroofed space surrounded by the walls of buildings

dealer = a person who buys something to sell to someone else

dressing-gown = a coat that is worn in the house

drunk = excited or confused by too much alcoholic drunk

duty = work that somebody must do

electronic = controlled electrically

export = to send something to another country for sale

fingerprints = marks made by someone's fingers on a surface

'flu = (influenza) an illness

funeral = the burying of someone who is dead

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1-have taken steps  2- brought  3-resorting

would have been
of the huge waves battering
me from sending  7-in getting 
clinging to power down to their greed
have been the reason that left
the landlord made the tenant acquainted with the fact that he...
however old he was, ...  12-so that he could know
is likely to have been poisoned by   14-object to building
i wish Eibar had not been flattened out by
(i wish Eibar had signed...)
is thought to have died
apologised to me for been harassing
discouraged me from joining the team was...
wherreas in the past my father was a socialiser, noy is....
COMA, which   21-i dont approve of installing
hadnt been erected   23-have worn/been told
dont blame me for my family living
dont put the blame on me that my family.
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