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The Stories of Eva Luna

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Stories of Eva Luna

INTRODUCTION: Although not necessarily a sequel to Eva Luna characters in these stories taken up the blockbuster novel to offer a broader view of the author's literary universe. Belonging to a later generation called Latin American boom, Isabel Allende is based on the so-called magical realism mixed with clear references to the political and historical situation of the continent. Here dictators parade, farmers, and women-lovers with a vocation for the inevitable feminist breathing air along the reading-however, the author manages to develop characters beyond what is traditionally read in the story. Their stories are surprising for their elaborate decision-consistent and logical with a touch of magic and mystery.

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Summary of book: An Old Man Who Read Love Stories by Luis Sepulveda

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In this chapter, the few inhabitants of the idyll and a handful of travelers coming from the neighborhood gathered at the dock, waiting to be served by the dentist Rubicundo Loachamín that soothed the pain of patients with a rare oral anesthesia.
Patients, clutching the sides of the chair, responded by opening her grief over her eyes and sweating profusely, some wanted to withdraw from their mouths impertinent hands of the dentist.
Meanwhile in the distance I could see the small crew of Sucre, who brought with bunches of green bananas and coffee beans. This would reach the Idyll, the dentist just finished its work, this then sail Nangaritza the river to where it empties into the Zamora and four days after
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Fajans Method

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Written at on English with a size of 953 bytes. method obtaining of colored colloidal precipitate is the method of funtamento d d fajans.las precipitates colloidal particles are called tenen miscelles and property sub d absorb the surface ions d = pa especie.este method uses the valorarciones n k and k involving the silver precipitates originates koloidales.despues of pro ekivalencia tenems exaceso d d Ag, q are absorbed x AgCl precipitate the AgCl mieclas d qedaran positively charged and are capable d attract negative ions ka colorante.siempre large molecule adheres to a peke q deformation occurs Dishes translates a color d is the moelculas d fluorisceina cn empaketan miscelles, increasing q change d color yellow to pink.

Adiós, Cordera!

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The story is about twin boys: Pinin and Rosa, who along with Lamb and his father, Anton Chinta, live in the meadow Somonte and are discovering different ways around the progress represented by the train and the post telegraph. Children when they see the train pass for the first time are excited, however, Cordera get nervous. As time passes, children and Cordera, barely notice its presence. Moreover, the father of the boys, not to sell to the Lamb, because it was like a mother or grandmother to his children, his wife having died some time ago. A man offered him more than he requested but he refused to sell. In the end, when the landlord came to visit and to realize what was their economic status Cordera decided to sell a lower price.... Continue reading "Adiós, Cordera!" »


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OR FORESTRY .- DASUCULTURA is continuing the exploitation of forest resources REFORESTATION .- is the action of restocking is the process that allows the reinstallation of the forest. FORESTACION .- implatancion of Bosquez in the land that never had vegetation. TRAINING FOREST .- .- NARUTAL the creation of the artificial nature .- by human intervention (direct sowing and planting tree nursery) LOCATION .- to be representative as possible of the climatic and soil conditions of the area by reforesting LOCATION .- distribution center field SIZE OR SUPREFICIE .- final depending on the maximum area that is intended to reforest a year. 60m2 Almacigueras 3660M2 REPICA 280M2 TOTAL ROAD CONSTRUCTION AND 4000M2SOIL TYPE should be selected preferably... Continue reading "Gghhg" »

Death penalty

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the death penalty is illegal in more than half of the countries in the world. There are many countries that continue to use this form of punishment. China uses the death penalty most often. Chinas has executed 1,770 people, but Amnesty International says the real number is probably about 80,000. In Europe, the death penalty is only legal in Lithuania and Russia. In North and South America is legal in some places. The United States is an important exception. It is the only Western democracy that continues to use the death penalty. In Iran is used to punish people for religious offenses. One of the most common methods is stoning. In Africa, many people are executed during wars and other conflicts. However, it's difficult to know the exact number... Continue reading "Death penalty" »

Absolutism vs liberalism

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2 -) Absolutism Liberalism VS.
A) Restoration of absolutism.
In 1814 Fernando VII returned to Spain and the Liberals try to sign the constitution but with the support of absolutist church and the nobles gave a coup to restore the former regime and annulled the constitution and there was a strong repression towards the liberal.
B) Liberal Triennium (1820-1823).
In 1820 Colonel irrigation made a statement (which makes a speech against the military government and that if he wins just him) that successfully forced the king to sign the constitution restored the cuts and reforms restored Cadiz.
The king appealed to the Holy Alliance and in 1823 an army of mercenaries he restored to his throne.
C) bankruptcy of Absolutism (1823-1833).
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Tabla de verbos irregulares (Irregular verbs)

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Be Was Been Ser o estar
Supporting Bear Bore Born
Hit Beat Beat Beaten
Become Became Become Becoming
Begin Begin Began Begun
Biting Bit Bite Biten
Blow Blow Blew Blown
Rest Break Broke Broken
Bring Bring Brought Brought
Build Building Built Built
Burst Burn Burning Burnt
Burst Burst Burst Burst
Buy Buy Bought Bought
Can Could Power ........
Catch Catch Caught Caught
Select Choose Chose Chosen
Came Come Come Come
Costa Costa Costa Costa
Cut Cut Cut Cut
Deal Deal Dealt Dealt
Dig Dug Dig Dug
Make Do Did Done
Dream Dreamed Dreaming Dreamed
Drink Drank Drunk Drinking
Drive Driven Driving Drove
Eat Eat Ate Eaten
Fall Fallen Falling Fell
Feed Feed Fed Fed
Feel Felt Felt Sentir
Fight Fight Fought Fought
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Redaccion de ingles

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In my opinion the television is a medium of communication genial.The television is one of the most important inventions in history and it has evolved quickly. The TV has important characteristics, for example:
The TV offers environmental programs and broadcast many educational programs for children, for example english cartoons. We can know the wearer in other countries and we can watch movies at times boring. We can also hear the views of politicians of our country and elsewhere and their proposals. Educational television can be a powerful teaching tool.
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Lady of the Dawn

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The book is divided into four acts and all develop at the same venue, a town house in Asturias, but at different times, as in the first two acts is winter and the last two is summer.


Grandfather: An old worried about his family, which gradually has shown no fear of death.

Telva: The wise old servant who tries to help his wife, likes to feel one of a family sitting by the fire to weave with his mistress.

Mother: A woman from the day he lost his daughter Angelica is lost in his bitter memories, not let anyone near her daughter's things.

Falin. Dorina and Andy: Three kids who like to play, can not go to school or go running to the garden as the other children because his mother feared losing as Angelica.

Quico: Another servant

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