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Redacciones ingles de 1º

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     W hi mary,....sorry i haven´t written before, but i,ve been very busy with my exams.thanks for your e-mail.i liked your photos very much!...i´ll tell you a bit about myself.i like surfing the internet, watching tv and listening to favourite sport is climbing, so i often go climbing with my friends at the weekends....i live in a big house whith myy family.i´ve got one brother.he is twenty-three years old.i also have four four dogs.write black soon and tell me more about you...all the best, ...melody ..W**my free time:in my free time,i like listening to music and watching favourite tupe of music is pop music and my favourite TV programmes are addition,i like going out whith my friends at the weekend.we... Continue reading "Redacciones ingles de 1º" »

Topic 2The Renaissance and The Religious Conflicts

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The Renaissance
The Humanism
Humanism is a movement of cultural rebirth that was born in Italy in the 15th century and was spread along europe in the 16th century.Main features.
1. It is a new way of thinking based on
classic culture: a rebirth of ideas from ancient Greece and Rome.
2. Humanists are interested in
the human being and its relation with the nature.
3. They consider that the human being is the centre of the world and the culture.The human being has and freedom, what considered that
god was the centre of everything.
4. The trust in the human being and the critical spirit have influence on the
new scientific method, based on the experimentation and have also influence on the religious reformation.
The humanism was spread thanks to:
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Earth science

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117 ways 2 pass the earth science regents

1.  the same substance always hs the same density pressure increases,density increases temperature increases,density decreases

4.water expands when it freezes

5.most changes R cyclic

6.water is most dense @ 4oc,when it is a liquid

7.the tru shape of the earth is an oblate spheroid,but from space it looks like a sphere. temperature increases,air pressure decreases moisture increases,pressure decreases

46.air pressure decreases with altitude

47.highs R QL & dry;lows R warm & wet

48.wind is due 2 air pressure differences

49.wind blows from high 2 low pressure

50.wind is named from the direction that it is coming from

51.the accepted value is the correct answer.the measured value is the

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Bilingualism with diglossia

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- Multilingualisim

Multilingualism is when the people are able to use more than two languages in their everyday life or when more than two languages co-exist and are necessary in everyday communication.

The languages they use have different statuses as majority/minority languages both in their community and internationally and some of the languages are used primarily in the private domain while others are used primarily in public domains, such as work or school.

- Trilingual/multilingual

Is the development of multilingual competence with the help of the educational system.

Trilingual/multilingual education consisted in educational programmes that use languages other than the first languages as media of instruction and they aim for communicate proficiency... Continue reading "Bilingualism with diglossia" »

Multilingualism 2

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- Clil

The letters CLIL mean: (Content and Language Integrated Learning).

In this methodology, the foreign language is used as a vehicle for accessing information, and is used for instruction and communication.

Learning the language and learning content are part of the same process.

In this methodology, children use another language naturally, and they soon forget about the language and only focus on the learning topic.

CLIL is called dual-focused education because there are two main aims: The first objective is related to the subject or topic, and the second objective is related to the language.

Caracteristics of Clil

CLIL is positive for learning of the target language (TL) and other subjects.

It can offer to children a natural situation for language... Continue reading "Multilingualism 2" »

Concept of education

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Education. Concept

A previous approach, education is improved, is linked to the ideal vision of man and his role in the world.

In this initial educational function can be the root and timológica the concept of education. (1)

When we speak of education must combine the personal needs
with its social impact, therefore it is necessary to clarify a number of requirements
that will lead to targets and the move to close us astray. First
Instead, any definition of education was established according to the purposes thereof.
That is, what they really want to establish is a final end-goal or objective-to
which is reached through a series of devices.

Notes individuating the concept of "education"

In the approach to play a decisive role for... Continue reading "Concept of education" »

Evolution birth and fertility rate

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Demographic policy:In underdeveloped countries,the governments reduce the birth rate through familyplanning policies.In rich countries the governments give incentives to people who have children.

Cultural factors:The nuber of children is smaller when women have more education.The role of religion is also important.In general,most religions believe in large families.

Socio-economic factors:In poor countries children work from an early age,and contribute to family income.They take care their parents because there is not state welfare system and no pensions.Children are an economic burden.

Mortality rate:Mesures the number if deaths in a population.Was a very high on the 19th century,when it began to fall in developed countries.In the 20th century... Continue reading "Evolution birth and fertility rate" »

Authoritarian monarchy

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authoritarian monarchy:
manarcas supported the following elements:
- The domain of a large unified territory.
- The subjection of the feudal nobility.
- Creation of a standing army and a justice imdependiente given by judges.
-collection of taxes
- Creation of an administration
- Creation of diplomacy that is the establishment of relations with other countries to solve problems without arms reach.
q told the first countries with authoritarian monarqia portugal england were France and Spain.

Biological Factors

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Genetic factors: genetic disease, can arise at birth or after many years of life and are Origne by mutations affecting a gene, these diseases are still the laws of biological inheritance.
congenital malformations, are present at birth the individual, some are genetic and thus inherited by and others have an environmental origin, the most important factors are drugs and exposion snuff and radiation and chemical products. Genetic Predisposition to ill, the majority of diseases that affect a person develop long after birth and have a multifactorial origin.
Biological factors: sex is a trait inherited genetically determined by a pair of

cromosomas.y implying different biological changes in both sexes.
Aging Process: eerores in the replication... Continue reading "Biological Factors" »


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TRANSMISSION OF MOTION: a) GEAR: A gear is a component within a transmission device that transmits rotational force to another gear or device. A gear is different from a pulley in that a gear is a round wheel which has linkages that mesh with other gear teeth, allowing force to be fully transferred without slippage. Depending on their construction and arrangement, geared devices can transmit forces at different speeds, torques, or in a different direction, from the power source. Gears are very useful simple machine. The most common situation is for a gear to mesh with another gear, but a gear can mesh with any device having compatible teeth, such as other rotational gears, or linear moving racks. A gear´s most important feature is that gears

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