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How did winston feel when he saw

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4- Discuss the main themes in chapter I of 1984 and how these are further developed in the novel (make clear reference to the text)

The chapter starts with a cold day in April of 1984, a man named Winston Smith returns to his home (the Victory Mansions, dilapidated apartment buildings) While he is climbing the staircase he sees an enormous face, underscored by the words BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU. Winston is an insignificant official in the Party; though Winston is technically a member of the ruling class, his life is still under the Party´s oppressive political control. In every apartment there is a telescreen which is always on and through which the Though Police are known to monitor the actions of citizens. The first few chapters of 1984... Continue reading "How did winston feel when he saw" »

Elementos químicos

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In general, in a first approximation, we can define culture as the set of knowledge, beliefs, customs and human inventions. Therefore, the notion of culture includes:

The tools, and techniques and technological works that human being has invented. • Knowledge, beliefs and opinions which are products of human creativity. Language, literary and artistic Works… • Social customs, different ways of greeting, dance, play, and punishments and rewards associated with different actions are an important part of every society

While biological evolution is the way by which living beings adapt to the environment in which they live, because of the cultural evolution human beings have the ability to make the environment adapts to the human... Continue reading "Elementos químicos" »

uso del idioma moderno

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The use of Black British English 

West Indian Creole (sometimes called “patois” or “nation language”) o It evolved from the language of slaves, who were forced to learn English but who did so while retaining some of the grammatical structures of their own African languages. O It is often derided by many British as “broken English”, or as worthy only of comic expression. O Black English is the language of choice of many Black British writers.

Main themes o Childhood  Aims: To show the traumas experienced by the Black British child. O Old age  Aims: To portray the reality of aging for the immigrant in the UK. O Return to the Homeland  Aims:  To portray the difficulties, impossibilities of returning to the Homeland. ... Continue reading "uso del idioma moderno" »

English Poetry

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WAR POETRY (1915-1918) The poets were struggling to make sense of their own war experience, and nostalgia for the past and for home was very common. Nature became idealized against the destruction carried out by machines and they will try to find beauty in basic natural manifestations. The soldiers resorted to medieval legends (Arthurian knights) and old myths, in order to make sense of what they were witnessing. The poppies became the symbol of the dead as they where the only flowers that could grow up in that barren land. This poetry is divided into 4 phases: Phase 1-Innocence and strong patriotism, war was a glorious duty. Jingoism: trying to glorify war, almost a sport (Brooke). It lasted just a year. Phase 2-Bitterness , anger, rage towards... Continue reading "English Poetry" »


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-Anarchist-Wanted too remove authority.
-Federalism as a way to do it and increase the power of citizens.
-Divides governments into: Regime of Authority( m and com), and Regime of Liberty (de and anar).
-Centralization as main cause of inequality and division into social classes.
-Tries to understand why conflicts happen: Economics main cause of war. Supported federalists in Italy. Extended this to all countries. Federalism applied in society too. Society divided in 2 classes: anarchist agricultural-industrial federation opposing the centralisation.
-Factors that have delayed idea of federal system:
+Historical perspective
+Austrian Empire made of different people.
+Incapability of nations to form a federation in the past.
+Federalism to guarantee
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Learning has Been traditionally opposed to acquisition in which the first is a formal conscious process, based on explanation, study and instruction, the result of explicit Instruction about the l2 rule system, whereas the second is a natural, subconscious Process based on contact and exposure, and not inflected by explicit Instruction about the l2 rule system or about errors against that system.

Although it Is true that the words learning and acquisition are often used in second language (L2) acquisition literature to distinguish between conscious and Subconscious language development, we have to take into account that a great Number of linguists and teacher use the term acquisition’ rather than learning’ Due to the fact that the former

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major colonial empires: spain, portugal
 empires and those that followed was trade, driven by the new ideas and the capitalism that grew out of the European Renaissance.
Colombia:Colonial society relied on "purity of blood" as a basis for stratification. 
Administration: The administrative structure paralleled the social pyramid in that peninsulares appointed by the crown generally controlled the higher jurisdictional levels, and criollos could compete only for the lower posts.
Europe economy:
- Between 10th century CE and the Plague in 1350CE the population in Europe almost doubled in size.

-A lot of wasteland was cultivated in order to provide food for all these people, so much in fact that some were freed from participating in primitive

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Spain Period

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1Describe the reforms promoted by conservative (Maura) and liberal (Canalejas) politicians prior to 1917.

Maura:promoted revolution from abobe that consisted of reforming laws releated to taxes, voting, local administrations and strikes. However these measures did nothing to adress the existing corruption and election rigging

Jose Canalejas: limited the power of the church, regulated employment, established obligatory military service and decentralised the Spanish government.

2Which social groups played important roles in the protest movements of 1917? Why were they unhappy with the existing polityical system?

Authoritarian government, lower classes and the army. Public dissatisfaction with the authoritarian government and the conservative Eduardo... Continue reading "Spain Period" »

Latitude of the position

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1. In the 70’s and 80’s Ms started to cooperate on FP.

2. The European Political Cooperation (EPC) was the started of a common FP and was recognized at the Title III of the SEA (single European act). 

3. But the Title III was not added to the EEC Treaty because MS did not want the legislative processes to apply to FP. So the EPC was voluntary.

4. 5 factors provoked a change:

- The end of the Cold War, when nuclear and military capacity became less important and economic strength and geographical position became more important.

- The German reunification, Germany then pressed the MS to recognize Croatia and Slovenia and then to accept the disintegration of Yugoslavia. 

- The Gulf War demonstrated that EPC would always be inefficient

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Camcorder, cordless phone, desktop computer, digital cmaera, DVD player games console, handheld games console, hi-fi, laptop computer, netbook, mobile phone, remote control, widescreen television

Base unit, monitor, printer, router, scanner, speakers

Home applicances
microwave, mobile phone, stereo, video recorder,  cooker, fridge, cassette palyer, freezer, hairdryer, washing machine, radio, Tv


fax machine, CD-Rom, disc, printer, smart card, screen, 

Vocabulary black history

African-American-> Black american of African descent, 
Slaves-> People who are owend and forced to work by someone else
Discrimination->Unfair trameter of a person or grup on the basis of prejudice

prejudice an opinion or strong feeling
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