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METRIC: Riman verses assonance peers through sharp words. The verses are ten syllables (art major) except the last of the first two stanzas. The rhyme consists of three quatrains with the following structure:

-10, 10, -10, 10.

THEME: "hidden talent"

R. Stylistics: hyperbaton: "From living in the dark corner, (v 1) of its owner perhaps asleep" (v 2). METAPHOR: "How much sleep in their string note, (v 5) As the bird sleeps in the branches "(v 6) PERSONIFICATION (the genius)" and sleeping in the depths of the soul "(v 10)


This four-stanza rhyme, consists of 22 verses of the first and third stanza with six lines and the second and fourth with five verses, the verses without taking into account any guidelines are ten syllables

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Know what the BIOS does. This is a ROM chip on the motherboard. It contains the BIOS
software that tells the processor how to interact with the hardware in the computer. The BIOS
chip tells the motherboard how to start up, check itself and its components, and pass off control
to the operating system.
Know the different types of memory.
DRAM is dynamic random access memory. SRAM is
static random access memory. ROM stands for read-only memory, and its normally used to
store the computers BIOS. CMOS is a special kind of memory that holds the BIOS configuration
Know the CPU package types.
Pin grid array (PGA) is a square or rectangular ceramic chip
with pins in the bottom. Single edge contact cartridge (SECC) is a plastic cartridge that fits into

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Well, I will talk about a film very popular and much appreciated by young audiences, this film is named Harry Potter. Orphan with 11 years, Harry Potter lives with his uncle in an English suburb without expectations soporific another day of school. But a letter arrives from Hogwarts School to report that he has been accepted at Hogwarts School of Magic and sorcery. Harry is truly a magician as his parents were James and Lily. At school you will meet your future friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger as well as the strange legend woven around it: it happens that their parents do not actually died in a traffic accident, but were killed by a dark wizard called Lord Voldemort, who the magical community plunged into chaos 10 years ago. Harry... Continue reading "Writting" »


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Know what can be used to clean computer components. Many types of cleaning solutions
can be used to perform these procedures. Be familiar with which option is best for each component.
Which ones can be cleaned with water? Which ones require alcohol? Which ones need
canned air?
Know why the proper cleaning solutions should be used. Using the wrong cleaning solution
can damage components. Along with choosing the right cleaning solution, understand
why the unchosen solutions are inappropriate for a particular component.



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Attempt:try not attack

Rope:thick cord not clothes

Spectacles:glasses not shows

Fierce:strong, violent

Came up against:encounteres (a difficulty)


Rare:not common

Turned into: transformed into

Gave up:stopped trying

Began a journey:set off(salir)

Went in the direction of:headed for(ir hacia

Left the ground: take off (depegar)

Went to an airport,station,etc..,to say goodbye to someone:saw off (despedir a)

Go on holiday for a short time: get away (escaper)

Collected: pick up (recoger a)

Continued: carry on(seguir)

Return: get back (vovler)

Saw: come acroos(encontrarse con)

Stopped working :break down(estropearse)


Modern tools:gadgets


Relax:chill out

Able to do:capable

Presume:assume not show off

Crime:any illegal act not serious

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sales management

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Are Good Sales ppl Born or Made ? Stable, self-sufficient, self-confident, goal-directed, decisive, intellectually curious, accurate – these are the traits an individual should have to be a successful salesperson.Many companies in the pharmaceutical industry believe that successful salespeople are both born and made. They spend a great deal of time and energy identifying characteristics and selection criteria for success in a sales position at the company.They gather information about potential new hires through interviews, references, and tests to determine which candidates have the traits and characteristics they believe are important determinants of future sales success. But these companies also devote substantial resources to training... Continue reading "sales management" »

Verbal and nonverbal

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Verbal and nonverbal language: human beings communicate through signs to give and receive any information. are any words or signs bearing meaning element. Symbols are organized in languages that can be verbal or nonverbal. leng. nonverbal: not used the word to communicate, but other media: drawings, icons, numbers, photos sonidos.algunos of these languages have been created to convey the message to a universal receiver quickly and clearly as possible. leng. Verbal: through words, most complete form of expression q exists, we communicate. Through language we express emotions, reality or thoughts, imaginary reality, therefore we say that language is a code necessary for social life and its purpose is to refer to all reality.The sign, is a physical... Continue reading "Verbal and nonverbal" »

Trucos writing

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I am writing to express my discontent whit the stance ,,, or writing to complain about a journey managed by your Company. The terms on your website clarly states that if, paid €20 extra,,,

I though will be worth paying an Extra money charges to live,,,,, It took place for years ago.

I had already travelled whit your Cmp and y had never had any probleme. Amazing , charming

I was wonderig if could get my money Back. The trip conditions.

hotel by the sea, we realizedl I Would like to ask you to please to issue an apology letter in order to make Futures agreements.Thank you for your promp attention to this matter. I look Fordward to hearing from you.

Language lexicon.

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actuation The beginning of a change. [77]  
• affixation The formation of a new word by adding a prefix or suffix to a base, e.G. Unhappy, happiness. [26]  
• agglutinating language A language in which words consist of morphemes which are formally neatly separable and each have a single meaning, such as Turkish, Japanese, See also inflecting language, isolating language. [35]  
• amelioration of meaning The process whereby a word loses its negative or unpleasant meaning, or improves a neutral meaning, e.G. Marshal (originally 'keeper of horses'). [31]  
• analogy A process by which a form or pattern becomes more similar to another (usually more regular) one, e.G. Mouses for mice, in analogy with regular plurals in -(e)s. [37]  
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Noucentista poetry

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Matthew Arnold (1822-1888) was the Victorian poet and critic. He points out, a Literary Criticism, as "disinterested endeavor to learn and propagate" the best that is known and thought in the world. And he strove hard to fulfill this aim in his critical writings. Attaching paramount importance to poetry in his essay "The Study of Poetry", he regards the poet as seer. Without poetry, science is incomplete, and much of religion and philosophy would in future be replaced by poetry. Such, in his estimate, are the high destinies of poetry.

Arnold asserts that literature, and especially poetry, is "Criticism of Life". In poetry, this criticism of life must conform to the laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty. Truth and seriousness of matter, felicity... Continue reading "Noucentista poetry" »