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Accounts group 5

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1) Profits/loss period (+/-)
2) Adjustment results before exercise (simbolo contrario, pe Gastos en +): Amortization and depreciation; grant recognised; changes in Provision; proceeds from disposals of fixed assets; exchange gains Losses; other income and expenses; finance inc and exp 

3) Changes in working Capital (+/-): Short term investing and Financing; discounted bills; items from corporation tax; amortised Cost valuation; exchange differences; short term interest from credits And debts; other aspects 

4) Other cash flows from opearting activities: cobros y pagos por Impuesto y otros pagos (dividendos cobrados, intereses, otros) 

=5) Cash flow operating activities 

6) Payments for investments (-): group companies and associates; Intangible
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a. Nefesh vs. Neshama

  • Nefesh: animals- he killed the ones in his way.
  • Neshama: humans- killed every human
  1. Joshua killed all the kings by sword, like Moses told him to.
  2. Joshua killed the majority of the cities that were on hills, and he burned the city of Hatzor.
  3. They were allowed to take animals and all the spoils of war, and they killed all the people.
  4. Joshua did everything that Hashem commanded Moses to do, and he didn’t miss 
    one thing.
  5. He conquered from the south to the north
  6. “ "
  7. It took him a long time to conquer the north, unlike the south.
  8. Only the Givoni made peace with Israel, nobody else. 
    20.Hashem hardened the people’s (Canaanites) hearts, because he didn’t want them to have pity on them.
  9. And Joshua (Kalev and his brother) went to
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Regional economic cooperation and integration

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Insists that states are still in full control of integration process

Two levels of analysis

  1. Domestic preference formation

  2. EU intergovernmental bargaining

Blends classical intergovernmentalism with a pinch of neo-functionalism

Now a widely (but not universally) accepted account of what’s going on

There is no body superior to the state

  • “Integration” and “supranationalism” way too suggestive

  • His definition of integration: “process of merging domestic interests”

Co-operation based on lowest common denominator solutions

State will only realise economic benefits from “integration”

If “integration” does not undermine long-term political survival of the state

Economic interests dominate domestic preference formation


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What difference is there between adrian's father's reasons for marrying his mother and adrian's reasons for loving pandora?

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1)-He will help the blind people to cross the road.

-He will hang his trousers up

-He will put his tapes back in theirs covers.

-He will not start smoking.

-He will stop squeezing the spots on his face.

-He will be nice to the dog.

-He will help the poor.

-After hearing the terrible noises downstairs last night, he promises never to drink alcohol.

2)Because his mother doesn't know about vitamins.

3)Monday, January 12th. They find the little pieces of the model ship because the dog broke the model ship's father .

4)Adrian began his diary at 13 ¾ old.

5) Because Nigel doesn't see him.

6)Because his doctor didn't examine his spot.

7)Because this family only have a black-and-white TV

8)Because his mother is looking for a job.

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Transport and travel

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¡Escribe tu texto aquí!TOUR (the japanase Group wish to_ _ around Europe two weeks) (to travel to diferent places in the Same jruney) (the programme includes a guided_ _around the Kennedy)

TEND (to be likely To happen) (the Europeans_ _ to stay longer in hawaii tham the) PROMOTE/PROMOTION (to help Something to develo por increase) (Our latest_ _of package holidays)

CONSULTANT (Someone Whose job is to look after or help customer in a public place) (the travel_ _was really helpful with advice for our)

SALE (point of_ _)

 COSTING (the process of calculating the cost a future bisuness activity, product)  (the tour operator had to calculate the_ _of The package holiday to France)

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new Ethical concerns to take into consideration:

  • Anonymity: online journalism gives people the chance to be anonymous. It takes away the Risk 
oaf journalism giving people the chance to be honest and free with their Thoughts. However, it also brings irresponsibility and hurt. 
  • News and Opinions moving around faster than ever: journalism ethics does require Accountability and seek the truth but that becomes difficult when everything is Moving so quickly. This 
speed doesn't provide quality and clarity, leading to Misunderstanding. 

  • Impartiality: Online media encourages people to tell their opinion, rejecting neutrality and 
Giving only one side of things. 
  • Social Media+ reporting= journalism? The ethical challenge for news organizations
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Marx Politics and consciousnesses In modern society “bourgeois inerests found Ideological support”  which emphases Personal morality, hard work, individual success, self control, frugality, Respect for law and property. Dominant ideology is “the ideas of ruling class”. As history moves and material conditions change consciousness changes with it. Modern material conditions 1) workers in modern crowded factories in cities 2) Literacy.. Unintended consqeunces allowed the workers to “communicate among Themselves” and they developed “true class consciousness”. Marx think politics Meant to control the state, and he thought the state was the instruments of Organized violence in society. The role of state for economy means to Established... Continue reading "dsds" »

Within biotic components of an ecosystem found organisms that are classified as autrotofos and heterotrophs.

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1.Water with disolved oxygen enters Throught the mouth of the fish

2.The gills extract the oxygen from the water and it passes into the blood capillares.

3.The water without oxygen oasses out Throught the operculum.

Abiotic Components are the physical enviroment (water, rocks,etc) and the physical and Chemical characteristics (temperature,light)

Biotic Components are living things, the collection of individuals of the same species That live in a biotope called a population.

The trophic Levels:

Producers: Are organisms, such as algae or plants, that can produce their own food.

Consumers: Are organisms that eat other living things.

Depomposers: Are organisms that obtain their nutrients by decomposing dead organisms. They Are bacteria

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Angles past perfect simple

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The 0(true condition) is frequently used to describe facts and general Truths (laws of nature).

IF/WHEN/UNLESS + present simple + present simple If you cool water at 0º, it Freezes.

The 1 (probable condition) is used to talk about things which are Possible in the present or the future – things which “may happen” in the future

IF/UNLESS + present simple + will / won’t + infinitive If it’s Sunny, we’ll go to the park.

The 2 (improbable condition) is used to talk about ‘impossible’ or Unreal situations. The situation or condition is improbable, impossible, Imaginary, or contrary to known facts.

IF + past simple + would + infinitive If I knew his number, I would Phone him.

The 3 (impossible condition) is used to talk about ‘impossible’

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1.TCM get support form the World Health Organization.

2. The risk of TCM, is that acupuncture can cause bleeding, pain or even death. The conventional medicine can cause dizzines, thirst and vomiting.
3.TCM and Conventional medicine have the same aims. The purpose is to reduce pain and the recuperation of the patient.
4. Western Medicine is based on anatomy.
5. TCM focuses on the whole body and the flow of Q1 to determine the disease.
6. TCM is a more pleasant experience because the bases of TCM is the Ying and Yang which requires the understanding and the experience of doctors. The symptoms are the same but physicians might have different therapies based on the patient personal experience.
7. The difference between TCM and Conventional medicine
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