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What does display resolution mean?Number of pixels that are on the screen. Name 2 functons of the TaskManager.To close any programmes blocked and change application. 2 reasons for using screen saver.To avoid that the screen burns out and save energy. Color depht is measured in:bytes. Why should a hard disk be defragmented?for the information to be as closest as posible, so it gets faster to find files. 3 options you can set un the Task bar and Start menu options.Set the classic or windows xp menu.Block the task bar. Hide the task bar. harware profile: setting off the hardware that had able or desable depending if you are going to use it or not. which connection mode would you use for connecting 2 computers with wireless NICs to the
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We can go to the cinema’, she told me.

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1.A) Give a piece of advice to friend. you should buy a enviromental friendly. b) Tom night be at home because i just passed his house and there was light on the windows. c)Mary may come she told me she willproviding she has finished all the work by the time the party starts.d) Janet can´t have been the are you saw on the street. She was with me at that time.2. a) if you had spoken clearly, she would have understood you. b) if she had run gast, she wouldn´t have missed the bus.c) if we hadn´t gone to bed very late yesterday, we woudn´t have aceslept this morning. d) if you hadn´t taken your car you wouldn´t have had parking problems. E) if Peter had took my advice he would have felt well. 3. a) Mario told me to drive on the right if didn´t
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Fixism theory

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4. DARWIN: (A) General facts. +He Explained how natural selection could produce evolution. +The HMS Beagle adventure: five year round the world trip to make Maps. +He recorded data (notes and pictures) and collected specimens. +The experience in Galapagos Islands. Darwin was shocked by the great variability in the islands. +The famous Galapagos finches: beak Designed for different food. Do they come from just one species? +He came up with an idea that was not New, but he was the first one making enough argument to persuade people that Evolution happens. (B) History of Darwin / Wallace. Darwin was born in 1809 in Shrewsbury, England. He Belonged to a  wealthy family. His father And grandfather were both Physicians. He started studying Medicine
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Our president John Stuart will travel to the United States next week and would like to meet the managing director of you rcompany, Mr Charles Johansen, with the view of supplying All Sweet with more products.

We woluld be thankful if you fix and confirm this meeting.

We look forward to your soon confirmation of this interview.

Yours very cordially,


Mr. John Stuart would like to confirm the appointment you made to see him.

He looks forward to meeting yo u at 12.00 in your office, at the above adress, on Monday 13th September.

Yours sincerely,


I am sorry to tell you that Mr. Vegas will not be able to keep the appointment he made to see Mr. Lunam on Tuesday 2nd August. Unfortunately an

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Who we use the gerund after verbs verbs love, like, mind, prefer, enjoy, hate.

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sympathetic= she always listen my problems and understand
charming=good making people feel good
witty=think quikly something funny to say
carless= does things too quikly and do mistakes
Pushy= wants to do what he wants
Shallow= Doesnt care about anything
Pretentious= tries to appear more important
smug= always pleased with himself
Bubbly= always happy, energetic
Cheeky= Shows a lack of respect
Hypocritical= give advise but not follows it himself
Scatty= Forgeting and losing things

verb+gerund/ infinitive: like - love - hate - prefer - begin - start
verb+gerund: enjoy - detest - dont mind - imagine - feel like - suggest - practise - miss - cant stand
infinitive: hope, refuse, promise, ask, learn, expect, decide, afford, offer,
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Phone aroteka

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forma b


nurse cares for patients in an airline
carpenter builds houses for a contruction company
tour guide server passengers for airline
secretary answers the phone in an office

yes, yes i like music
not the nearest store is in maipu
go about 5 times a year
I prefer the rock because the rock is resold

often do you
many minutes you
you ever walk to work
good do you
what you do weekend

the first name is sam
sam speak spanish and french
he 29 years old
he is mexican
not because it is a couch potato

had, drove, saw, went, watched, was

what are you doing now?
what did he do last weekend?
how often does usually go to the gym ?
what time do you go to bed on saturday?

how much crime is there your neighborhood ?
do you like about your neighborhood?

Cuadro de eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell

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Prokaryotic Cells: Prokaryotes are evolutionarily ancient. They were here first and for billions of years were the only form of life. And even with the evolution of more complex eukaryotic cells, prokaryotes are supremely successful. All bacteria and bacteria-like Archaea are prokaryotic organisms. No nucleous.
Eukaryotic Cells: Eukaryotic cells are more complex, evolving from a prokaryote-like predecessor. Most of the living things that we are typically familiar with are composed of eukaryotic cells; animals, plants, fungi and protists. Eukaryotic organisms can either be single-celled or multi-celled. Has a nucleous.
Cell Membrane: The cell membrane (also called the plasma membrane or plasmalemma) is one biological membrane separating the
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Financial liability held for trading

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Financial instruments -RecognitionAn entity shall recognize a financial asset ora financial liability on its balance sheet when, and only when, the entity becomes a party to the contractual provisions of the instrument. (1) loans & receivables ;Trade and non-trade loan and receivables (2) held-to-maturity
investments ; Negotiable securities,representative of debts,that are expected to be held until the reimbursement date (3) held for trading investments ; Negotiable securities acquired to be sold in the short term (6) available-for-sale financial assets ;Negotiable securities that can be sold, but there is no intention at the moment (5) Investments in equity of subsidiaries,joint-ventures & associated companies
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Alienation of non current assets

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     Current assets ; An asset shall be classified as current when it satisfies any of the following criteria: it is expected to be sold, consumed or realized in the entity’s normal operating cycle; - it is expected to be sold, consumed or realized in the short-term,
that is, within twelve months after the balance sheet date;• it is a financial asset classified as “held for trading” (held primarily forthe purpose of being traded); or • it is cash or a cash equivalent. All other assets shall be classified as non-current. Current liabilities
A liability shall be classified as current when it satisfies any ofthe following criteria:• it is expected to be settled in the entity’s normal operating cycle;• it is due
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Properties of materials

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Some materials let electricity pass through them easily. These materials are known as electrical conductors. Many metals, such as aluminium, copper, iron and steel, are good electrical conductors. That is why the parts of electrical objects that need to let electricity pass through are always made of metal.

Some materials do not allow electricity to pass through them these materials are known as electrical insulators. Plastic, wood. Glass and rubber are good electrical insulators. That is why these materials are often used to cover materials that carry electricity.

Series ciruits.

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