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caught sight of

keep out of sight

caught my eye

visible to the naked eye

in full view of

came into view

have a look at

take a closer look at

poor vision

familiar sight

breathtaking view

in the public eye

an in-depth look at

heavy downpour

Sharp upturn in

on low income

serious outbreak of

provides a fascinating insight into

predict the final outcome of

suffered a severe setback

fall in an industrial output

he had a very strict upbring

complete breakdown in

read aloud

avid readers

good read

read widely

reads *rather* well

write a rough draft

copy it neatly

written in plain english

working around the clock

worked like a dog

kept *clean and* in good working order

a good knowledge of

a vigorous workout at the gym

do his dirty work

work on my presentation skills

did all the donkey work

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Values:/Beautiful/Beautifully/Indignity /Undignified/Discrimination/Unequal/Inequality/Unequally/Ungrateful/Ungratefully/Dishonest/Dishonestly/Dishonesty/Inhumane/Inhumanely/Inhumanity/Unkind/Unkindly/Unkindness/Disloyal/DisloyaltyPrejudice/Racism/Disrespect/Disrespectful/Disrespectfully/Mistrust

Idiomatic expressions/Be fond of/Be history/Be sick of/Down in the dumps/Eyes meet/Have something/In the doghouse/Keep your cool/Lose your head/Love at first sight/On a roll/Out of the blue/Over the moon/Through thick and thin/Under the weather

Relationships verbs:/Ask out/Be in a relationship/Break up with/Flirt/Get on well with/Have children/Have problems/Make a commitment

Phrasal verbs/End up/Find out/Put up with/Square up/Stand up for

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Reasons for creating CDOs 

CDOs are arranged for a number of reasons. 
• Spread arbitrage. Often the sale price of notes exceeds the initial Value of underlying assets, as notes have a more favourable risk-return Profile due to diversification. 
• Tranching makes it possible to turn a large part of the assets Into high-quality securities that are attractive for many investors: [Hull and White, 2010] “ for a typical ABS about 75% to 80% of The underlying mortgage principal is allocated to tranches with a AAA rating 
• Regulatory capital relief. Important reason for balance-sheet CLOs; The structure enables banks to sell some of their credit risk but Maintain borrower-lender relationship.


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Colonisation: these groups of emigrants in search of a place which was easy to defend and established a new city there called a colony. The polis which they had come from were called metropolises and they installed the same political and social structure in the colonies. Colonisation took place between the 8th and 6th centuries B.C.

The Phoenicians:lived on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean,between Egypt and Mesopotamia. Like the Greeks ,they lived in independent city states: tyre, Sidon and Byblos. They were expert sailors who specialized in sea trade. The phoenicians invented the alphabetic writing

Siglas countries

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How the principles&mission of NATO changed since 1949Illustrate its 2010. Nato was created in 1945 during the Cold War as a military alliance of countries from EU and North America. It is currently the most highly organized security organization with 28 member countries and its purpose is to safeguard the freedom and security of its members through political and military means. After 1991 the main goal became to create democracies and a community of values by contributing to overall Euro-Atlantic security. On a political dimension NATO promotes democratic values, encourages consultation and cooperation on defense and security issues. On the military level, if diplomatic efforts fail the organization has the military capacity to undertake
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1. Could-will have to-wanted-look after

2. Katie complained about not knowing how to do her homework
My mum suggested me  to speak to Alice about the party
I replied that I  had already spoken to her
The coach advised him to join the gym.
3.Peter asked me if I liked Xmas shopping.
Lola asked  her boyfriend if he had decided where to go on Friday.

My friend asked me how tall my brother was.

My dad asked us who wanted some chocolate.

4. “I’m happy living on my own” Dad told me.

“When will you do your homework?” The teacher asked me last week.
“I can’t meet you that night” I told him
“Meet your friend after school” Martha reminded me
5. help- hadn’t given´-won’t go- Will you sponsor me?
6. would win- I don’t go- wouldn’t have
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Curing concrete in "carbonated water"

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·Erosion of the concrete surface due to wave action And abrasion due to sand being picked up and impacted against the sea wall.

·Ingress of sea water under pressure with tidal Movement and wave action (hydrostatic and hydrodynamic).

·The sea water contains salt which can penetrate the Surface cover of the concrete reinforcement leading to chloride attack.

·Chloride attack lowers the pH reducing the level of Alkalinity.

·This de-passivates the steel and compromises the Stable oxide layer which normally prevents pitting corrosion.

·Water ingress and potential for freeze-thaw cycling Where water freezes and expands setting up tensile stress near the surface of The concrete cover.

·Chloride attack due to salt water is the most Probable cause of

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III conditional

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Opinion.1It is well-know that(introduce the topic).However, not everybody thinks the same. They feel that (contrast idea).2Personally, i believe that(1 idea). For example... . 3 Furthermore, in my opinion(2 idea). Consequently, (III conditional, past perfct(had won)+ conditional perfct (would have traveled). 4 All in all, i would like to conclude by saying that____.------- Drop out (abandonar), get good grades ( tener buena snotas ), get promoted, do an assignment( hacer una tarea), get ahead(tener exito en tu trabajo), get by (arreglarselas), take on(contratar)

Notes on korean war

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The Korean War

Korea had been under Japanese control since 1910 but after being defeated in 1945, US and USSR agreed to divide the country into 2 zones along the 38th parallel temporary to organize Japan´s surrender and withdrawal. UN wanted free elections for the whole country, US agreed since South had 2/3 of population and thought capitalism would win, but no agreement was reached. Elections were held in South and the Independent Republic of Korea was set. Russia created the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea. In 1949 USSR and US forces withdrawn leaving a dangerous situation, most Koreans resented the division yet both leaders claimed right to rule.

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1.What do the letters TPR stand for? Who invented TPR? How does the inventor see L1 and L2 learning? What are the characteristics?

Total physical response

By a professor of Psychology, at San José State University, California. James Asher.

Asher sees first and Second language learning as parallel processes.


·TPR required initial Attention to meaning rather than to form.

·Grammar is taught Inductively.

·Directions are given by The teacher in the target language.

·A fix number of items are Introduced at one time. According to Asher, It is possible for pupils to learn Between 12-36 new items in one hour.

·Body movements are a Powerful mediator for understanding organisation and storage or linguistic Input.

·Although the imperative

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