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The last leaf and other stories en español

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The last leaf:Joanna and Sue are artists who move into Greenwich Village in New York City.As winter approaches and the weather gets colder,Joanna becomes ill with pneumonia.She gets so sick that she believes that when the last leaf falls from the vine outside her window, she will die.An old artist,named Behrman,who lives in the same building as the girls,braves a storm one night to paint a leaf on the wall a leaf that will never fall.Cold and wet from painting in the icy rain,he catches pneumonia and dies.This gives Joanna the hope to survive her illness,and it also creates the masterpiece.Behrman had always dreamed of paintingOpinion:I think this is the nicest story in the book,because it is very funny and the more you read it,the more you
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Fixism wiki

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The theories of evolution

Fixism: This theory is a belief that holds that existing species have remained essentially unchanged since creation. The species would be, therefore, immutable as they were created. The fossil remains of animals would be killed in the Biblical floods or the vagaries of nature

creationism: theory primarily Christian, but also occurs in other religions, which holds that the universe as we know it was created by God. The creation of the universe has an extremely close date, about six thousand years, giving even the date and time of occurrence.

evolutionist theories: species have been transformed and continue to be transformed throughout the history of life. The origin of the different species is caused by the progressive... Continue reading "Fixism wiki" »

What is the active ingredient in spontaneous generation

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Spontaneous Generation

Francesco Redi: believed that maggots developed from eggs laid by flies. To test his hypothesis, he set out meat in a variety of flasks, some open to the air, some sealed completely, and others covered with gauze. As he had expected, maggots appeared only in the open flasks in which the flies could reach the meat and lay their eggs.

John Needham: He boiled chicken broth, put it into a flask, sealed it, and waited - sure enough, microorganisms grew. Needham claimed victory for spontaneous generation.

Lazzaro Spallanzani: he placed the chicken broth in a flask, sealed the flask, drew off the air to create a partial vacuum, then boiled the broth. No microorganisms grew.

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Islam: a monotheistic religion whose only God is called Allah.

Muslims: the believers in Allah.

Caliph: the main political, military and religious authority of Muslims.

Caliphate: the territories ruled by the caliph.

Emir: a Muslim ruler (governor) under the authority of the caliph.

Emirate: the territories ruled by an emir.

Arab: a person from Arabian; they became the highest social group among the Muslims.

Arabic: the language spoken by the Arabs.

Berbers: tribes from the Sahara desert; they were warriors.

 Moorish: Muslims from the north of Africa.


At the beginning of 8th century, there was a Civil War in the Visigoth Kingdom, between Roderik, the peasant King and Witiza,

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Castile christian kingdom

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Guadalete: it was a battle fought in 711; the Muslim troops defeated the Visigoth.

Alfonso I "the Battler": (12th) he was a King of Aragon; he conquered Zaragoza and occupied the Ebro valley.

Sancho III "the Great": (11th) King of Navarre; his Kingdom included the cpunty of Castile and the counties of Aragon; after his death, Castile and Aragon became independent kingdoms.

La Mesta: it was an association of sheep breeders; they had privileges: the sheep cpuld graze on the peasant's land; the association was very powerful because the wool gave a lot of money.

Parias: were taxes paid by the Taifa Kingdoms to the Castilian Kings; these taxes started around the 12th century when the Muslim became weaker than the Christians.

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The Ummayad family was assassinated in Damascu; but one of its members, Abd al Rahman escaped alive and came to the Iberian peninsula.

By the middle of 8th century, Abd al Rahman I took the power and became an independent emir: he held the political and military power, but he recognised the religious authority of the caliph.

At the beginning of the 10th century, Abd al Rahman III became caliph: the political and religious leader. Cordoba was the capital of the Caliphate. The 10th and 11th  centuries were the most brilliant period of Al Andalus. During this period the Christian Kingdoms of the north (Leon, Castile, Navarre, Araon) paid taxes to the... Continue reading "Vocabulary" »

What it used to be and the video clip

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Shakira It´s a nowadays famous singer.She was born in 1977 in the city of Barranquilla (Colombia)to a rich class-family.She started her musical career when she was only 5 years old. She started composing her songs with five years, but that ones where never recorded.
She won 3 consecutive years the television contest buscando artista infantil.-Winning this contest was very important for her, because Sony Music Colombia proposed her a contract to record her fist music discHer first music disc was called magia, in this disc she recorded some songs composed by her when she was only 8 years old. After recording this disc, she was selected to participate in the contest called OT, but she couldnt participate because she was younger than 16.After
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Beckham is an exceptional football player who is playing now in the Tottenham Hotspur F.C.He is considered to be a rebel with his haircuts ant tattoes and his particular way to play F.//D.Was born in London on the 2ndMay1975 to a rich-class family.First of all he started his football career in M.U.,where he played for10years//Then in2002 he came toMadrid to play with theR.M.He is married toVictoria,a very famous girl who song in theSpiceGirlsGroup.And they have four children//To som up,B.Is a great footballer.He has won the Gold F.And he has become popular with his profession and with all the advertisement in magazines.

As2 covalent

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ATOMIC MODELS: Dalton model: Each element is composed of indivisible particles called atoms. -In an element, all the atoms are identical. Atoms of difference elements are all different. -When atoms of more than one element convine , they form molecules. Compounds are made of molecules. -In a chemical reaction, atoms are not created, destroyed, or changed into other types of atoms.Thomson model: Thomson based these model in his work with cathode rais. In this model an atom consist of a (positively charged) jellylike matter with negative electrons scathered throughout it. 1-Electrization is the possibility of taking electrons from one atom to others. 2-Existence of ions: -cation +: atom with a lack of electrons -anion-: atom with an excess of... Continue reading "As2 covalent" »

My personal opinion in general is good. I like the book a lot, because the stories were too interesting, although i don't like the end of some stories, because i think that there wasn't have emotion. The stories that i more like are "smee" and "the j

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My personal opinion in general is good. I like the book a lot, because the stories were too interesting, although I don't like the end of some stories, because I think that there wasn't have emotion. The stories that I more like are "Smee" and "The judge' s house", because the development of the theme is good and the end is too exciting, better than the others. I don't understand some expressions because the book isn't for my level but if it is of a higher level it can has better stories, in my opinion. In conclusion, I recommend the book to everyone because is interesting and it isn't heavy, the book can be read quickly.