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millipede rounded body 4legs in each segment herbivorous.
centipede flatted body 2 legs in each segment carnivorous.

annelids segmeted worms
nematodes roundworms
platyhelminthes flatworms

Circle of life

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To jah jah I say
Hear the words of his son lifting up his voice today
I know and I pray
Never will I go away
Me send a prayer for my mama today
On my knees to the father I pray
Guidance protection every day(repeat)
Ina me ganga lee boots and ina me khaki suit
Yes I am a soldier and me seeking the truth
Trampeling the peagon cause man hafi revolute
Dem try fi kick me from the plane but jah is my parachute
I and I a stone that the builder refuse
Nuh go walk dem walk nuh step ina dem shoes
Nothin left fi win and there is nothin left fi lose
Down a babylon the whole a dem confuse

Fi live in dis ya world a one ting yuh shoulda know
What yuh gonna reap is exactly what yuh sew
Trodding mount zion only one way to
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4.Class z

{short a,b;

public short A


return a;}


public short b

{get{return b;}

private set {


public string cadena{

get{return "a="+a+"b="+b;}}}

class demo prop







Purpose of an information system from a business perspective

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Strategy when building international systems

Understand global environment, Business drivers pushing your industry toward global competition, Inhibitors creating management challenges,

Develop corporate strategy for competition, How firm should respond to global competition, Develop organization structure and division of labor, Where will production, marketing, sales, etc. Be located,

Consider management issues, Design of business procedures, reengineering, Consider technology platform

The major dimensions for developing an international information systems architecture

global environment, the corporate global strategies, the structure of the organization, the management and business processes, and the technology platform.

Challenges and obstacles

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Composition of daily life of older people in my town

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--First of all, i would say that we live in a society/world where people thik/believe that the most important thing/problem/aim in life is(...)--In the second place, experts consider that(...) is one of the most important problems that exist in our modern society.--Nowedays, young people are influenced by advirstising and fashion.--As I see it/From my point of view, education will make people aware of their problems.--On the one hand, it is necessary for people to know all the problems they have to face in their daily life such ass/for example.--On the other hand, I really think that governments should do something about it.--If I could, I would encourage the media to increase its sensiviti in order to solve this issue.--To sum up/Finally/In
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Que son protons electrons, neutrons

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All matter consists of atoms. Atoms are the
building blocks of matter.An atom consists of a nucleus containing one or more protons and neutrons.Electrons (green) are around the nucleus, forming an electron cloud .Electrons can move from an atom to another in some materials. Aluminium,Brass, Copper,Gold,Silver (conductors)Cotton, Glass,Leather (insulators),Silicon,Germanium,Aluminium nitride

Types of food

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The conjuction of organisms and the pysical enviroment in any given area and the relationship among these elements is an ecosystem.

The elements of an ecosystem:

Physical enviroment:

is called biotope.

The set of all organisms:

is calle biocenosis
The enviroment of an ecosystem is where the organisms are found carry out their vital processes. There are:

Land ecosystems:

the enviroment is air. Breathe the air even if they live under the ground.

Aquatic ecosystems:

the enviroment is air.Breathe in water.
There are two types of organisms:


produce their food.


feed of other organisms.
The organisms are related through food in food chains.
The group of all food chains is called food web.
A group of any one species of organisms in a habitat
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Force = Mass x Acceleration
Acceleration = Force / Mass
Mass = Force / Acceleration

Work Done = Force x Distance moved

Power = Work Done / Time Taken

Pressure = Force / Area
1 Pa = 1 N/m2

Battle of tanemberg

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tank: first change the system of trenches.This war was static,with no movement.Trenches were simply shelters but by 1915 began to change.
artillery became powerful: artillery bombardments caused more casualties than any other weapon.At the biggining guns werent very effective.
By the end, artillery was much more effective.Extreamly sophisticated.The jey weapon of the ww1.Cavalry became less imp:end of the cavalry as a wapon.Become to vulnerable when trenches were dug.However, horses and mules remained vital for transporting supplies and equipment.

poison gas: was panic that the soldiers coughed, retched and struggled the breath.To start, the aim of a gass attack was to desable enemies.Later, scientists becan to prepare new gases, such as mustars
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Restorable bimetallic type detectors pdf

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NFPA 5000, NFPA Building Construction and Safety Code - This document provides minimum design regulations to safeguard life, limb, health, property, and public welfare. It provides information for regulating and controlling the permitting, design, construction, quality of materials, use and occupancy, location, and maintenance of all buildings and structures within the authority of jurisdiction(AHJ). It also regulates certain specific equipment within all buildings and structures.
In most cases, the fire alarm control unit, not the device, performs the actual determination of the alarm state.
Line detectors- Detection is continuous along the entire length of the detector in these detection devices. Typical examples may include certain older
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