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Is the exponent -2 the same as a square root

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this root Could be written as:

Laws of Rational exponents

*Product of A number with the same bases:

xm. Xn = Xm+n

*Power of a Number:


*division Between two numbers with the same base:

xm= xm-nx-n= 1


*Product of A product of two or more real numbers:

(xm yn)p= Xmp ymp

*Power of The quotient fo two numbers:

xmp= xmp

yn       ynp

1st Theorem: A radical expression can be transform into a racional expression:

2nd Theorem: Two positive variables can be transformed into independent roots:

3rdtheorem: If there are two positive variables, the root of their quotient could be Transformed into:


*The result should not have a fractionary exponent. You should represent it as square root:

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Industrial rev.

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    Differencesproletariat← → Bourgueoisie

  • Industrial working Conditions

    Dangerous and unhealthy working conditions

    - Machinery unprotected → accidents And injuries

    - 14-16h, low wages, work opf young children

    - Workers ccan't protest or go on strike

    - No social insurance or benefits in case of illnes, accident or unemployment

    - Employes could dismiss or fine workers without restriction

  • The origins of Working-class politics

    bad working conditions → protests Againts factory owners → owners: bad for bussines, less profits

    Government didn't support workers

    -1811, Luddites: early manifestation of organised working-class Protest. Hostile to techology because “machinery took the jobs from workers” → They destroy

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When you start Microsoft Office Word, you may receive error messages that are similar to the following error messages:
run-time error.
subscript out of range.
Compile Error in hidden module module name.
Visual Basic Error - Object doesn't support this property or method.
Cannot display the template add in template is not valid template name.
Word cannot open this document template template name.
module name cannot be found.
Command cannot be performed because a dialog box is open.
Cannot open this file file name.
The file cannot be opened.
Microsoft VisualBasic - The macros in this project are disabled.
The add-in template is not valid.

Collapse imageCAUSE

This behavior occurs because an add-in in one of the startup folders is not
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Battle of tanemberg

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tank: first change the system of trenches.This war was static,with no movement.Trenches were simply shelters but by 1915 began to change.artillery became powerful: artillery bombardments caused more casualties than any other weapon.At the biggining guns werent very effective.By the end, artillery was much more effective.Extreamly sophisticated.The jey weapon of the ww1.cavalry became less imp:end of the cavalry as a wapon.Become to vulnerable when trenches were dug.However, horses and mules remained vital for transporting supplies and equipment.
poison gas: was panic that the soldiers coughed, retched and struggled the breath.To start, the aim of a gass attack was to desable enemies.Later, scientists becan to prepare new gases, such as mustars
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Dancing queen

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1. Always does/ is swimming
2. Was liying
3. Has just broken down
4. Not having
5. Had been ticked
6. Did you leave / didn't feel
7. Is beeing held
8. Is going to explode
9. Will have visited
10. Is served
11. Have you had
12. Got / had been sold
1. Kairi was an Indian girl who the captain fell in love with.
2. She goes jogging every morning, that keeps her fit and healthy.
3. The small village, where we stopped for petrol, had a beautiful old church.
4. They've got three children, two of which are at university.
5. Dr. Stanton is a psychiatrist whose books about madness are very well-known.
6. Edinburgh, which is the capital of Scotland, is called the " Queen of cities".


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  • Botnets: Are created using malware that allows an attacker to control a group of Computers and use them to gather personal information or launch attacks against Others called a denial-of-service Attack.

  • (SMTP): a standard Template of commands and formatting that allows different mail programs, on a Huge range of computers. Not very secure.

  • Sandboxes: Programs that developers are integrating into the software we commonly use to Help protect our computers.

  • (or SSID): the name of a Wi-fi network provided to connect to several devices to the wi-fi network.

  • Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP): Encryption system aimed to provide confidentiality comparable to that of a Wired network. Not very safe.

  • The Internet Protocol (IP):does the work of actually moving

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Citizenship discrimination

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UN-first there was the league of nations, founded aprox. On 1920, it was one of the principal factor to the ending of ww1, its first mission was to preserve peace.After this, there was the atlantic charter, created in 1941 on board of a ship navegating somewhere on the alantic, it was signed by franklin roosevelt and winston churchill, this was a series of principles that iniciated the UNCh, in 1945 after ww2 to prevent another conflict. Main Organs-General Assembly(the only un body with universal representation,annual GA session to attend important matters, simple mayority),Security Council(maintenance of int. Peace and securitu, 15 members, 5 permanent 10 non,)Economic social c(coordination, policy review and dialogue, recomendations 

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Management, e

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3 characteristics of organizations

•Organizations Have distinct purposes (goals)

•Goals Can only be achieved through people.  An organization’s people make decisions and Engage in work activities to make the goals a reality
•Organizations Develop a systematic structure That defines and limits the behavior of its members.  E.G. Rules and regulations, job descriptions, Work teams

Organizationsare Collections of people Who work together and coordinate Their actions to achieve a wide variety of goals And desired future outcomes.

Goal of organisations-Profit survival interest . Different interest groups in the Organization may have different goals.

Organizations Exist because ? ØReduce the transaction costs (search Costs, negotiation

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cheat sheet

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The Role of HRM in Strategy Formulation :

•AdministrativeLinkage— Lowest level of integration; HRM function's Attention is focused on day-to-day activities. No input from the HRM function To the company's strategic plan is given.
•One-WayLinkage— The strategic business planning function Develops the plan and then informs the HRM function of the plan. HRM then helps In the implementation.
•Two-WayLinkage— Allows for consideration of human resource Issues during the strategy formulation process. The HRM function is expected to Provide input to potential strategic choices and then help implement the chosen Option.
•IntegrativeLinkage— Is based on continuing, rather than Sequential, interaction. The HR executive is an integral member
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Boo-abucheo/cheer-animar/clap-aplaudir/encourage-alentar/rehearse-ensayar/worship-rendir culto/unknown-desconocido/huge hit-gran éxito/selfish-egoista//been in existence-been around/highly respected-prestigious/one of a kind-weird/uppsetting-disturbing/is enjoyed by-appeals to/strange-outrageous/wild nd unconv-unique//stands out-destaca/show off-presumir/called Of-cancelado/keep at-continua/come down on-bajar en/lived up-vive//walthy(lot of)//front row seats primera fila/ cheered animar/booed abuchear/ onstage escenario//rehearsed-went wild/venue-interval/packed-enthusiastic/interval-review/sold out-rehearsed/went w-venue/enthusiastic-packed//nice-lovely/big-enormous huge/full-crowded packed/well-brilliantly/badly-terribly///

Cleans-is cleaned/
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