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Electrically balanced atoms

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uma: is a unit of atomic mass and d is the twelfth of the mass of the atom. ION: atoms or group of electrically charged atoms mole unit quantity of matter in the international system has 6023.10 k 23unidades molecules: a set of atoms if x links between Kimiko. kimiko link: it is the only between 2 atoms or ions in a compound there alwuna xk kimiko force between them. atomic mass: mass of an atom is the sum of the masses of protons, neutrons, electrons. isotopes : kimiko atoms of the same element (Z) but differs in the number of neutrons. noble gases. stable TRANKILOS, nose together with elements, their With the exception of helium atoms have 8 electrons in the last layer. molecular mass: mass of a volume smando the masses is d k are atoms molecule
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Wh preguntas

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He defends peolpe , gives advice and works in a court house.

He works in a hospital , makes diacnoctics , gives medicine , writtes in a white board , gives homework.
He repairs cars , does technic revision , works in a garage, fixes oil.
sorry im late , mai i come in , whats is te meaning of , how do yo say , can you repeat te question. - Do you have te homework ,  you can come in , do you understand , finish te quiz , class is over , you are late.
A = ei E = i I = ai
Que = what wich = cual como =how  cuando=when cuanto=how much quien who donde= where porque=why paraque = forwhat
they ellos we nosotros.
preguntas = question word + verbo conjugado + subjet + ...
tobe = IS , ARE + sujeto +complemento ? Respuesta corta 
dangerous works = mine , lumberjack,
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Great depression

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the origin of the crisis 29

occurred for 2 reasons. overproduction: the war 1 globaliza the economy has turned into a war economy and the countries not participating in the war takes the place of q if the international market. When the war ended all countries intended to maintain its production to markets, this leads to overproduction. speculation: U.S. Generates a great debt to countries that used many credits to their businesses, these companies used these credits for apparent benefit. This meant that the economy had failed as a large debt that he could not acer front. I believe that the crisis of 29 with his famous black Thursday, I mean the stock sell-off which caused the undimiento of companies and the downfall of the investors.

New Deal

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Hormone of human body

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Ergogenics pharmaceuticals(AAS, hgh, stimulants, betablockers) nutritionals(amino acids creatine vitamins) methods(hyperbaric or hypobaric chambers, blood doping, supplemental O2) WADA primary governing body for international sport banned substances enhance performance, endanger health, contrary to sport if u have two of these its banned) Substance S1 most common drug test Anabolic steriod associated with protein building in skeletal muscle or bone Androgenic associated with masculization steroid hormonal substance with basic chemical structure Testosterone C-19 steroid hormone derivative of cholesterol Key endogenous(body makes) androgen. Levels vary males 2.5-11mg fem .25mg AAS legally schedule III category prohibited until 1974, AAS chemically
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Nueva planta decrees text

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The war of the spanish succesion:Carlos II died without children in 1700.There where two candidates to the throne.Philipe, Duke of Anjou ,supported by France.Archduke Charles was the Habsburg candidate supported by the Holy Roman Empire.Philippe of Anjou was the succesor but Archduke did not accept it,and the War of the Spanish Succession began in 1701.The war ended with some treaties in 1713 ans 1714 with The Treaty of Utrech(1713).The Treaty recognised the Bourbon candidate Philippe who became Felipe V King of Spain.In exchange,Austria recived Spanish territory in Flanders and Italy.Britain recived Gibraltar and Menorca.Early bourbon rule:Felipe V (1700-1746) centrilised administration in Spain following the French model.Nueva planta decree:
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 calcium reaction in air:

2Ca + O2 ==) 2CaO

name of the product: calcium oxide

calcium reaction wut water:

Ca+2H2 ==) CaOH+H2

name of product: Calcium hydroxide and hydrogen gas

Calcium reaction with chlorine gas

Ca+Cl2 ==)CaCl2

name of product: calcium chloride


SO2: Covalent bond ( non metal + metal )

CaCl2: ionic bond (metal + non)

H2O: Covalent bond ( non + metal )

N2O: covalent bond ( non+non)

RbCi: ionic bond (metal+non)

Srl2: ionic bond (metal+non)

AlBr: covalent bond (metal + non)


Polonium 84 +125=209     84



Concepts t5-7

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Victorian era: period of the reign of victory I. They produce maximum territorial expansion of the UK, consolidating its financial position and its politico.A system throughout this period is consolidating democracy in the UK Bipartisanship: The British model is parlametario characterized by its marked bipartisanship, the alternation in power of two sigloXIX stressed partidos.En the figure of Disraeli, and the Whigs or Liberals gladstone highlighting its main leader. bicameral British parliamentary model introduced bicameralism, the division of parliament camarasrepresentativas in two: the House of Commons and House of the first lores.En their mienbros are elected and hold power much of the second legislativo.En their shape as well mienbros
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Martin zalacain

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Vanger Harriet's father abused her and her brother and then one day, Harriet kills his father, pretending that he himself was to blame for his death. Despite his death, there is not just a nightmare for her and her sister, Martin, takes over from his father and raped his sister. --- One day, Harriet tied ropes and realizes that his father not only abused her, but from other girls that after a horrific torture and rape, killing .--- Wanting to escape her brother, escaped with the help of Anita Vanger, sister of Cecilia, in London 36 years ago. Then build a new life, which is home, happy and have children in another country. --- When Mikael: journalist and co-owner of the monthly Millennium, by Lisbeth: 24 year old hacker, smart but antisocial.

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Gossen Laws
When pleasure is met continuously and without interruption to satiety decreases.
Decreases the magnitude of pleasure when the same before satisfied, repeat.

Economic goods
It is everything that serves to fill a need. It is enough that the man thinks it is useful to consider what a good, although in reality it is not. For a well be considered an economic good must be 4 chars: - possibility of obtension-averes-transmissible-materiality

Classification of goods Eq.
direct: they serve to satisfy. A nec. Immediately
Indirect obtension used for the first

durable: can be used without destroying a long time
non-durable: they are consumed with use

Act equivalents
An economic good can replace the other two cases.
- When satisfied.
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For the French state and nation to the top meant the same but then started to change. Nacion. It is when a group of people with something as common language, religion, state rights .... It is the political and administrative organization, that all laws and ruled that a separate territory. Within a state there may be different nations called multinational state. Protectionist policy. The rule helps protect the domestic market. Market. Wherever something is yours. Duties. These are taxes that must be pay to spend a few products from one market to another. / / Italy and Germany sought to make a state in 1871. Italy had to make a state in two ways: - the absolute monarchy. Making a monarchy and conquer and unify all the other so (Piemon.)-This
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