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Cyber friendship advantages and disadvantages

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x is a science fiction film directed by x. The film is set in the near future. It tells the story os humanity's war for survival against sea monsters.

In the film, the main character is a brave detective called x who saves the world. The sea monster invade in order to destroy humans and take over the world. However, scientists create some giant robotic fighters which are controled by two pilots. Finally, humans can kill all those monsters with a harmfull gas that destroys the lungs when they breathe.

The plot of x is a bit predictable and extremely imaginate cause in reality do not exist sea monsters. The film is seen from x point of view which can make things slightly confusing at the beginning

In my opinion, it's a disapointing film
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Operating systems are as old as

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Axis Physical Access Control System

Hardware Components of the solution:

Axis A1001 Controller + Axis A4011-E Reader + Smart Card Reader that works on 13.56MHZ

Software Components of the solution:

Axis Entry Manager [Or] 3rd Party Partner Software

When to choose Partner Software:

Integration to other systems such as intrusion detection, vehicle detection, heating and ventilation, HR systems, etc. Are required.

List of Partner softwares that controller A1001 is compatible with:

A1001 Controller Capability:

PoE capable

Supports upto 2 readers

Supports upto 400 user credentials

Axis Entry Manager Capability:

Supports upto 33 controllers

System management is made from any computer, hence no need for dedicated server for this solution.

A4011-E Reader Capability:

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List of countries by chromium production

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We should refuse to be controlled by imperialist forces whose interests will never converge with the interests of the South African population…”

Statement issued by Julius Malema, ANC Youth League President, July 6 2009. In this statement he is calling for the nationalization of all of South Africa’s mines.

South Africa is the world’s largest producer of extremely strategic minerals such as platinum, gold and the all-important chromium which is essential for the manufacture of steel. Chromium is produced in very few other countries in the world. South Africa also exports vast supplies of other raw minerals such as coal and uranium

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The music

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Folklore is a word that includes the combination of music, beliefs, traditions and knowledges of a determinated culture.

  • Songs are transmitted from generation to generation
  • It is used an oral transmittion mode mouth to mouth based on imitation and observation.
  • The fact that it is no written music makes a continuum evolution as it depends on the people's memory.
  • The musical compositions are anonymous most of the time.
  • As composers (if they exist) as musicians (performers) are not professional.
  • Music depends on the natural season cycle.
Music is not only an art but a functional element that respons to each social situation. (Worksongs, religious celebrations, funerals rituals)
Subsaharian music rhythm is based on complex
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Film techniques

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“The Truman Show” renders an image Of a world where profit motive has subordinated a human life to the whims of Mass entertainment. Truman exists in a fake, profit driven world, where culture Has been replaced with a Utopian vision of the American middle class. The Social science fiction film “The Truman show” directed by Peter Weir utilizes a Diverse variety of camera and visual techniques to support the idea that the Main character “Truman” is the focus of a meticulously detailed and fabricated reality. The screen play’s protagonist is the unwitting subject of a reality Show which panders to the whims of the entertainment industry. Truman has been Unknowingly thrown into a precarious situation, where everything he knows is a... Continue reading "Film techniques" »

Should parents set rules for their teenage children

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Teenager’s Rules

Setting rules for teenagers is a topic which Is discussed in a lot of places by different experts. But not all the people Have the same opinion.

On the one hand, parents should set rules for Their children. A good education is based on a good organisation relating the Rules that children need. Because children need limits to know what they can or Cannot do. For example, some things, as going out until late hours is bad for Them, because they don’t understand the dangerous that they can suffer. Due to This, parents protect their children with rules.

They also set rules to stablish a useful Timetable and educate their children.

On the other hand, strict rules aren’t always Good for children. Because strict parents use them

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The liberal and national revolutions.The challenge to the conservative order.It was influenced by:Liberalism.The french revolution proved that it was posible to end royal absolutism.Acording to liberalism,the powers of a monarch needed to be restricted by a constitution,and guaranteed individual liberties.National movements.After 1815,politicalboundaries didn't usually reflect people's language and culture.The revolutions of 1820 and 1830.It ocurred in Spain,Greece,France,Belgium and Poland.The revolutions of 1848.The revolution fought for freedom of press and male suffrage.These countries were affected by the revolution:France.The monarchy of King Louis Phillipe had become conservative and corrupt.Germany.Demonstartions in cities called for
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Theories of work motivation

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Perceptual Grouping: Tendency to group several stimuli together into a recognizable pattern-Continuity: only the obvious continuous  patterns or relationships  -Closure: Perceptual process will close the gaps that are unfilled from sensory inputs (May see whole where none exist or may not see what exists -Proximity: Nearness states that a group of stimuli that are close together will be perceived as whole pattern of parts belonging together . Exp Students coming out of lecture hall.  -Similarity: Greater similarity of stimuli, the greater the tendency to perceive them as a common group. Group of ppl coming out of office building = proximity & similarity -Contrast Effect: is the tendency to perceive stimuli that differ from expectations

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6C all plural

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-- RESUME: is a Document that summarizes your education, employment history, and experiences That are relevant to your qualifications for a job.

-- PARALLELISM: it is important to be consistent in your professional writing, Particulary in employment documents. 

-- COVER LETTER: is a brief summary of your goals abilities and capabilities when Appplying for a job 

-- MEMO WRITING: is a short, to the point communication covering your thoughts, Reaction or opionions

-- EDITING: is what you begin doing as soon as you finish your first draft

-- PROOFREADING: is the final stage of editing process, focousing on surface Errors such as misspellings and mistakes in grammar and punctuation 


*commas before FANBOYS

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Chip forming cutting process

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•(Metal) Cutting - Controlled separation of a Material – to make something! •Creates two new Surfaces. –Not splitting like wood or slate – can’t put the Surfaces back together. OWhat about floppy slices? Cucumber? •Lots of plastic deformation. Relatively low forces, but very high stresses (force applied over tiny areas)

Positive = Could be independent of the wedge and clearance angleNegative=not independent of the wedge and clearance Angle

Cutting edge: to separate a chip From the parent work material •Rake face: direct the flow of newly formed chips. •Rake Angle: it is measured relative to a plane perpendicular to the work surface. •Relief Angle: the flank of the tool provides a clearance between the tool and the Newly... Continue reading "Chip forming cutting process" »