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My best friend

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my friend vike, who is very shy, hasnt finished his homework in his house yet.

my friend vike, who is my neighbour, have been married to that girl since he was in this town.

my girlfriend, who i have known her for years, is very pretty and tall.

i think that i might dance in the show, that is tomorrow, because im very good at it.

i think that you must study because your father, who is very cool, will be happier.

the boy that we met this morning cant be raul because he is in france.

the pencil which i use in class is very small and i bought it in the shop.

my friend laura, whose dog is very big, is in the hospital because it is ill.

i'd like to meet famous people like cristiano ronaldo because he is my favourite football player.

Which of the following functional groups is found in all carbohydrates? Carbon-carbon double bonds Carbon-carbon triple bonds Hydroxyl group Aromatic rings Thiol group

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homolytic fission
equal share of electrons, each gets one. show with half curl arrow, if only one

uneven share,both go to one atom
free radical- contain unpaired electron
e-z isomerism
Z-together(one plane)

alkanes(saturated)- higher melting point

sigma bond- allows rotation,symmetrical, electron cloud is at central axis of molecule
pii bond- allows no rotation, double bonds have pii bond, it is less than twice as strong as the sigma bond

electron seeking group are electrophiles
markovnikovs rule
when HX adds accross an asymetric double bond,major product formed is molecule in which hydrogen adds to carbon atom in double bond with the greater number of hydrogen atmos already attatched(halogen goes
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Future perfect and future continuous

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Around:alrededor Across:de un lado a otro Down:abajo Up:arriba Into:hacia dentro Out of:fuera de Over:sobre Through:a traves de,porBy:porAlong:hacia delanteOnto:encima sobreOff:abajo

I'm writing this email from Hawaii USA. The weather is very good.Ilove this state,it's very nice,big and has a lot of tourists.The people are very kind and interesting.     We've just arrived from shopping,we went to the beach of Honolulu and we visited Pearl Habour and USS Arizona Memorial adjacent and we been in the Bishop Museum.This experience has been great.     During the three following days we're staying in the Four seasons Resort Hualalai at Historic Ka'upulehu.Then we'll go to Madrid by plane and that we'll go home by train.Soon we'll see.Kisses.... Continue reading "Future perfect and future continuous" »

"amino acid-tRNA complex binds

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3 steps of transcription:
1)transcription begins wen RNA polymerase binds
to the genes promoter(codons)
2)RNA polymerase unwids & seperates the 2
strands of the dub helix, xposing the dna nucleotides
on each strand. 3)complementary RNA nucleotides r' added.
7 steps of translation:
1)the ribosomal sub-unites, the mRNA & tRNA carrying
methionine r' added/bind together
2)the tRNA carryin the amino acid arrives 3)a peptide bond
forms between adjcanet amino acids 4)the tRUNA in P site
detaches & leaves its amino acid behind 5)the tRNA in
the Asite moves to the Psite.

6)peptide bond  is formed. The tRNA in the Psite
detaches/leaves its amino acid behind
7)process is repeated. Ribosome complex falls apart.
new protein is released. 

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We can go to the cinema’, she told me.

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When my girlfriend told me that she was pregunt.
Whot a bad day! That's hou, I describe there day when I received that bad new. First, my girlfiend arrived at my home and she told me she was waiting a baby, I couldn't belive it. Then my mum, who was behind the door, had heard everythink my girlfriend saud.
After that, I wanted jumping through the window, but my girlfriend was laughing at we and finally she told me that everythink was a lie. It was the worst day in my life!
There is a boy and a girl, Mike and Sandra.Il books like Sandra was watching a film about a hurricane.
Mike turned on the TV anda was watching a news report about a hurricane. And so, Mike was frigthened because he thought It was real and hid under the table.
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The film will start after everyone is quiet

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hi mary,....Sorry i haven´t written before, but i,ve been very busy with my exams.Thanks for your e-mail.I liked your photos very much!...I´ll tell you a bit about myself.I like surfing the internet, watching tv and listening to music.My favourite sport is climbing, so i often go climbing with my friends at the weekends....I live in a big house whith myy family.I´ve got one brother.He is twenty-three years old.I also have four four dogs.Write black soon and tell me more about you...All the best, ...Melody........................Honest(dishonest)..Rational(irrational)...Legal(ilegal)...Interesting (uninteresting)...patient (inpatient)...Reliable (unreliable)...Sincere(insincere)...Mature (immatire)...Friendly(unfriendly)...Responsible(irresponsible)
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EXPRESSION TIME (now, today, right now)

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PS:(once a month,every week,in the morning, at three oclock,on mondays,at night,how often)
PC:(now,at the moment,today,these days,this month,at present,tonight,tomorrow,this afternoon,next Sunday.)
PaS:(yesterday,two days ago,in2004,then)
PaC:(at nine oclok,and while,as)
PaP:(already,by the time,after,before,until,never,just)
PeP:(ever,never,yet,jusu,already,recently,lately,how long,since,for,still,in the few days)
FS:(this evening,later,next monh,soon,at 7 oclok,in a hour,tomorrow,in a few days,on the 8 of may,in the future)
FP:(by this time next week,by then,by...)
FC:(at this time tomorrow,onthuday,in te next decades, at...)
PS:Ana studies planets.
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What to do when you play the lottery? Redaccion

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4..- lead singer= cantante...-composer= compositor...-disc jockey...-violinist=violinista...-guitarist=guitarrista...-drummer=bateria..-fans=fans...-conductor= director...-play= tocar...-record=grabar...-write=escribr...-sing=cantar...-release=publicar..-on stage=en el escenario...-in the charts=en las listas...-in a recording studio=en un estudio d grabacn..(verb + prepscn) -hear about=oir sobre...-depend of=depende de...-agree with=estar d acuerdo con..-work at=trabajar en..Work on=trabajar en algo....(adj + perp)...-good at= bueno en..-proud of=orgulloso d...-similar to=parecid a..-angry with=enfadado cn...**- if i (had know)he has going i (would have gone)..-simon (would have studied) harder (had know)..- she wouldn´t have sat in
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71)Me:NSNSN;My brother:SSNSN;My mum:NSSNS;My dad:SNSSN.

1.Her mum and sister;2.New;3.The school;4.By bus; 5.On Sunday

1.Bristol,2.Her mum and her sister,3.Six,4.In the wardrobe,5.There is a computer and a printer,6.Posters,7.No she has not,8.Yes,9.The bus stop is opposite the her house,10.She likes shopping and have lunch in a cafe.

1.Water the plants,2.Sportscentre,3.Museum,4.Picture,5.turn right,6.Printer,7.Empty the bin,8.Kitchen,9.Clean the window,10.Turn left.

1.The dinner,2.Emptied the,3.Tidied the,4.The plants,5.Cleaned the,6.My mum cleaned the window,7.My dad washes the dishes,8.My brother walked the dog,9.My sister tidied the bedroom,10.I emptied the... Continue reading "Kitchen" »

Designer babies

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3) -look into=investigar (investigate)..-go over= revisar, examinar (check)...-find out= descubrir, averiguar (discover)...-try out= probar (test)....-set up= poner, establecer (put in plase)..-carry out= llevar a cabo, verificar (perform).....**-art= arte (artistic)...-energy= energia (energetic)...-optimism= optimismo (optimistic)...-pessimism= pesimismo (pessimistic)..-poetry= poesia (poetic)..-realism= realismo (realistic)...-science= ciencias (scientific)......888..-the manager has received..(looking into) them..-the briefcase..(find out)..-the scientist...(set it up)...- and experiment (carried out)...- i want to..(try it out)..888 - (art) usually describes...-james liked (science)...- angela had (energy)... - some films...(realism)
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