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REQUESTING: our company is looking for realiblesupplies of office equipament.We would be grateful if you could send us a quote for the items listed below: proyect,photocopier,scanner,waste paper bin, boxes of paper, packets of highlighters, boxes of stapes./ Our payment terms are 20 days after delivery date. In general, we are interested in express delieveres./ Yours sincerely/edurne/head of administration.

PROVIDING: Thank you for your recent request regarding princes for office equipament. Our princes are as follows: proyect.../ Since you are a valued customer, we are offering you a discount of 15% on these princes. The payment terms outlined in your request for a quote are acceptable to us. If you confirm your order within the next 72 hours.
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Coment about hamlet

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This extract from William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is from Act 1. It is Hamlet’s first soliloquy, and it deals with his extreme emotions regarding his father’s recent death. Shakespeare uses negative diction, allusion to Greek mythology and punctuation to highlight how Hamlet’s emotions constantly shift from anger to depression.

This extract from William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is from Act 2 scene 2. It is Hamlet’s second soliloquy and it deals with his self-loathing due to his hesitation to avenge his father’s murder. Punctuation plays a huge role in indicating a shift in Hamlet’s mood and the mood of the entire soliloquy. Demeaning diction is also used to portray Hamlet’s deteriorating view of himself.

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dear Sarah,//All the family are having a great time now because we´re celebrating new year´s eve.Like all years we´re in my grandparents house having dinner.//Before we have dinner, we always watch TV and 12o´clock we have grapes.My cousins and I, some years, spend the night with a costume, but this year I am not wearing it.My grandmother cooks a very delicious knuckle, all yearsthe plate is empty at the end os de dinner.//At night, before de grapes, people throw sparklers and confetti through the window. I always enjoy this night and I have a very great time with my family.//Why don´t you come here next year?//Write soon,

Order processing, market analysis, and pricing analysis

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Week 8:Integrated Enterprise wide data model represents a merging of the separate data models for all the companies’ Applications (including AIS) into one singe database. A one stop data facility. Provides a unified view of data. Able to share data across functionalities (departments). Benefits basic account code used to travel another code used for Purpose. Valuable information can be extracted using queries.Unintergrated Model will have long code and increases number of account dramatically.

ERP is an example of an Integrated Data Model, it attempts to integrate all departments and function cross onto a Single computer system that can serve all those different departments’ Particular needs. Advantages of ERP: Integration of an organisation’s... Continue reading "Order processing, market analysis, and pricing analysis" »

South american wild cats find hope in a test tube

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Too much television

F: Experts say that A.D.D. Involves an over-stimulation of young developing brains"

F:This new study tested the Idea that television watching by very young children is linked to attention Problems by the age of seven.

?: The new study simply talks About attention problems, but it seems to imply that watching too much Television can make children more restless and unable to concentrate or even Listen attentively for a long period of time. In addition, children may become Too aggressive?: For some time researchers Have considered that watching too much television can result in children Getting fat or aggressive, and there are also other studies that proved that Watching television at an early age can cause attention problems... Continue reading "South american wild cats find hope in a test tube" »

United Nations

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objectives of fed: i. To safeguard and promote unity of the country, while at the same time accommodate regional diversity, are the objectives of federalism. Ii. The two aspects that are crucial in the practice of federalism are: (i) Governments at different levels should agree to some rules of power sharing. (ii) They should also trust that each would abide by its part of the agreement. An ideal federal system has both aspects : mutual trust and agreement to live together.///Coming together’ federations: The first route involves independent States coming together on their own to form a bigger unit, so that by pooling sovereignty and retaining identity they can increase their security. This type of ‘coming together’ federations include... Continue reading "United Nations" »


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Population ageing:

-Decline of the fertilñity rate.The number of children per woman has fallen.

-In developed countries,manywomen go out to work and wait longer to have their first child.

-In emerging and less developed countries child mortality has fallen.

-The increase in life expectancy.

-People now live longer than in the early 20 century.

Consequences of population ageing.

-General replacement does not take place.

-Goverments need to spend more on health care,pensions and retirement homes.

-Older people often have lower incomes and save more.

-Ageing populations require more health and leisure services.

City characteristics

-Population size varies:in spain acity is a locality with more than 10.000 inhabitants.

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2. i started at the end- So you have been - The first week i worked- Have you already worked- Yes i was there- I followed some products manager for a day and The showed me the diff- Have you attended- Yes i went- Did you find it interesting?- Yes of course. I took...- I haven’t worked

1.Have ever dad- Have always been- Have never ate- Started- Needed- Had- Thought- Were- Was- Shouted- Arrested- 

Was Have never been

3. i have been arrangin- I have been doing- I have been typing- I have been Printing- I have been surfing- I have been listening

4. Im going to have- Im Meeting- I will type- I will send- I will pay- is going to crash- we are going to go- he will stay- i'm going to apply- i'm going to ask- will forget... Continue reading "dfd" »


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 “The Importance of Hats”


A hat gives a man a new personality.

Accept both young and Adult students.


Many adults try to improve their lives by studying

Trees develop a certain system of communication.

Set off.


Me to call Betty






They will modern Ize






See / off











Put  / with


















Tecumseh succeeded in stopping white invasion Of his bands.

a) He defended his people´s rights

c)   ....Dark souls…..

b) find pleasure       

Titian is one of the precursors of erotic art.

Expert in the female figure

b) a dream that

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Waves and Vibrations

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Two main types of waves: Mechanical and Electromagnetic

Medium: a substance that makes possible the transfer of energy from one location to another, especially through waves.

Mechanical Waves: caused by a disturbance or vibration in matter (solid, gas, liquid, plasma)

Electromagnetic Waves:  waves that contain an electric field and a magnetic field and carry energy. They travel at the speed of light.

  - does not need a medium

  - can travel through air and solid materials

  - can travel through the vacuum of space

Light: is made of discrete packets of energy called photons that carry momentum, have no mass, and travel at the speed of light. All light has particle like and wave like properties.

Reflection: the change in direction of a wave, so... Continue reading "Waves and Vibrations" »