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*Calls in (tells to enter)

*woke up (awakened)

*stand up (rise froma sitting position)

*sit down (sit afterr standing)

*take off (remove)

*put on (place on self)

*come back (return)

*get better (improve)

*call up (telephone)


*looking for (trying to find)

*pick out (choose, select)

*go with (match)

*come in (enter)

*try on (put on clothes to see how they fit an look)

*wait on ( serve)

*make up your mind (decide)

*make sure (be certain)


*get there (arrive at that place)

*turn around (face in the opposite direction)

*over there (in that place)

*get on (enter, board a vehicle)

*get to (arrive at)

*get off (leave a vehicle)

*started out  (started intensive)

*sooner or later (finally ; unavoidably)

*go through (

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Language 11

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Why can we say that L lang is systematic? L lang is systematic because at a particular stage of the learning process, the st uses the same gramml struct consistently, although it is often diff from that employed by native spks. Ls use their linguistic sources in predictable ways.

Why can we say that L lang is variable? L lang is variable, because at any given stage of development, Ls sometimes employ one form and sometimes another. Therefore, one day they can say one sentence correctly, but the following day they can say the same sentence with some mistakes.

Can variability be systematic? Yes, it can be systematic because we can predict and explain when our sts are going to use one form and when another.

In what ways does variability relate

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Verbs 7

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after: assemblar-se a(the mother is taken after by him.)/ apart: desarmar/(the photocopier was taken apart to see, what had got stuch in it.)/ away:treure(the protestants was taken away by the police./back:retractar-se(when t was at university, i am taken back that song always.)/down:prendre nota(the answers were taken down by the police to their questions)/off:allunyar(the jacket was taken off by her me because t was hot.)/on:adoptar(the task was taken on by her of indexing the book.)/out:treure(he was taken out by the gang after he spoke to the police.)/over:ocupar un lloc(the bank was take over by a hong kong bank.) part in:participar en(the challenge are taken part in by him.)/up:començar a fer(the trousers was taken up by him to make
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Absolutism17th.Kings began to centralize political power.Collect more taxes, use royal agents to impose laws, religious reforms...Head of State and the Church.PhilipII.Inherited the strongest army in Europe.Enormously powerful, but not absolute.Inquisition:wanted to destroy Protestatism and wanted to establish absolutist rule in the Netherlands.CartaMagna.in1215 the English king was obliged to sign this document.Parliament limit kings power.Conflict.In 1640 CharlesI was obliged to comvoke parliament because need money for the Scottish war, parliament interested in recovering its power.CharlesIexcutedin 1649 accused oof high treason.

Redaccion speed limit on motorway

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SPEED LIMIT This is one of the most controversial matters these days.First of all I think this is not a good idea, because I believe it is not a law in order to avoid more people`s death.I think it is a law in order to get more money.Secondly most accidents don’t happen on the motorways they happen on national roads so why do they want this speed limit on the motorways?.Thirdly if the gobernments wants to reduce the expenses they should try to reduce the price of the fuel.It is very expensive not only for lorry drivers but also for everybody.Furthermore the government has to spend a lot of money on the new signs on the motorways so I don’t think if is the best option when we have got a huge crisis.In conclusion Im totally against this silly
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Sodium chlorate

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Emulsion: have you ever noticed the two layers of liquid in a bottle of salad dressing? What can you do to the bottle to mix the oil and water together? Oil floats on top of water. The liquids are inmmiscible. They only mix when you shake them up. Then the oil and water mix as tiny blobs. This type of mixture is called an emulsion. What happens when you leave the emulsion to stand for a while? Salad cream is an emulsion. Does it separate out into two layers, like salad dressing? You don't have to shake a bottle of salad cream to mix it. It has egg yolk added. This is an emulsifying agent. It stops the oil and water separating into layers. Many food addutivies are emulsifying agents. Just look on a bar og chocolate.
Foams: a foam is a mixture
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Que es motion gravity friction force work

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types of forces

push or pull exerted on an object by another object

friction.Ff.Its parallel to the forces and oposite de direction of slide

normal.Fn.Perpendicular and away to the surface

spring.Fspring.Opposite the displacement of the object at the end of the spring

tension.Ft.Away of the object and parallel to the string rope at the point attachment

thrust.Fthrust. The same direction as the aceleration of the object

weight.Fg.Straight down tower the center of the earth

people.Fp.Parallel to and in the direction as the motion of the object

newtons laws

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French declaration of the rights of man and the citizen 1779

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in 1948, the united nations proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 18th Century-the Virginia Declaration of Rights (1776) proclaimed the rights of citizens, but some people weren't included, such as black slaves.-the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the CITIZEN (1779) was very important because it included all human beings. 19th Century-Many individual rights were recognized and some economic and social rights were recognizd too. However, some people, such as women and minority groups, didn't receive the same rights. 20th Century-After the Second World War, the UN and other supranational organizations worked to guarantee human rights and reduce inequality.- In 1948 the UN  proclaimed the Universal Declaration of
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Describe life in a trench: -rats infested trenches.- trench foot( by rats infection and walking in water)- body lice (temperature increase)-no proper taibet ( there might me holes that when it rained went all out)- artillery berage-snipers-when it rained, there was no good cañerias.-psycological disease- shell shock ( la peña se vuelve loca, panic...) STALEMATE: no one wins (trench warfare). ATTRITION: wait in the trenches for the enemy to give up. what was the schlieffen plan? Why did i fail?: a plan divised by the germans to avoid fighting the two fronts. a) avoid attacking the heavily defended parts of eastern france. B) attach quickly trhough a defenceless belgium. C) encircle paris. D) attach the armies in eastren france behind.CLEMENCEAU:... Continue reading "Guerra" »

What did mr verloc sell in his shop

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Capitulo 1
-What did Mr Verloc sell in his shop?
Mr Verloc sells pornographic material, contraceptives, and bric-a-brac.
-What did Mr Verloc  like about his home life?
Mr Verloc like about his home life the  peaceful and he like being looked alter by Winnie.
-who was Stevie?
Stevie is the brother-in-law, of Mr verloc
-What was he like?
Stevie has a mental disability, possibly autism
-Why was Stevie´s first job unsuccessful?
Because he forgot the messages and he was distracted and missed.
-Who was Mr Verloc´s other employer, and what was his job?

-Who was Mr Vladimir?
-What did Mr Vladimir want Mr Verlok to do? Why?
-How did Mr Verloc feel after his meeting whit Mr Vladimir?
Capitulo 2
Michaelis was freed from prision because he did not cause any trouble
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