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Human performance

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Forms of Creativity

Adaptive Creativity: the form of creativity that transfers and applies existing forms of thinking and problem solving to new scenarios or different situations. 

  • Incremental changes

  • Thinks “inside the box”

  • Solve problems by improving, adapting and refining current ways of thinking

  • Linear, disciplinary approach

Innovative Creativity: a form of creativity that generates new forms of thinking, addressing problems from an unusual perspective. 

  • Radical changes

  • Thinks “outside the box”

  • Solves problems by breaking, modifying and replacing current ways of thinking

  • Divergent, interdisciplinary approach

Unit 5.7: Crisis management and Contingency planning

WHAT IS A CRISIS? An unexpected event which generates a negative impact on the... Continue reading "Human performance " »

The school

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Through these recommendations we hope to achieve goals that follow the SMART guidelines of specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound achievements. Some of these include:
  • Decrease the amount of La Jolla High students that decide to enroll in charter or private schools by 5% each year.
  • Increase the number of students who attend La Jolla High, after attending a private school by 5% each year.
  • Decrease the percentages of the identified "weakest" subjects by 3% each year.
  • Increase the percentages of surveyors that agree to the fact that the administration listen to student concerns by 10% in two years.
These goals are achievable and can easily be identified due to their specific nature. These goals are created
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The school

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Exchange programme in Europe

McKay Rd Street

Wimbledon SW19

Dear Madam,

I Am writing to nominate my friend Ángel García for the application For a exchange programme in Europe.

Although Ángel has a note of 9.5 in English, and 8.75 in Français. However, He is the best student of Spanish. And he go to the Official school Of languages six time a week. Furthermore, her mother was English's Teacher in Liverpool. In addition, Ángel has raised over ₤3,000 For Cancer Research by doing sponsored swim. Most importantly, his Father collaborates with academies of English. Ángel is a fantastic Friends, always helps me with English's homework and I always I have A good note in exams. It is the person who knows more English I know.

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Love like enjoy ing form

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·Present simple (hàbits Habituals, veritats generals)

-Form: sub + verb infinitive

-Adverbs of frequency: always, usually, generally, regularly, Occasionally, frequently, after, sometimes, rarely, seldom, never.

-Time expressions: at 10 o’clock, at night, in the Morning, on Friday, eneryweek, once a month, how often...?

-Stative verbs: hope, like, love, prefer, want, Dislike, enjoy, hate, believe, forget, guess, know, remember, think, Understand, feel, hear, see, smell, sound, taste, touch, cost, measure, weigh, Belong, have, own.

·Present continuous (accions que Passen ara mateix, accions temporal, plans pel futur)

-Form: sub + am/is/are + verb-ing

-Time expressions: now, right now, at the moment, this Year, at present, today, these day, this

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all ingles

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Present simple=She works//she doesn’t work (Alway, usually, somentimes, every week)

Present continuous=i’m-you are-she is // I’m not- you arent-she isn’t ( now, at the moment, this year)

Past simple=I+V-ed o 2c// i didn’t+V-ed o 2c (yesterday, last)

Past continuous=I was-You were+Ving//I wasn’t-You weren’t + Ving (las night, when, while)

Future simple=I will+V//I won’t+V (in a hour, later, tomorrow)

Be Going To= subj+am-is-are+going to+V//subj+am-is-are+ not going to+V(later soon)

Present perf. Simple= subj+have-has+V-ed o 3c//subj+haven’t-hasn’t+V-ed o 3c (never, ever, already, yet, in recent, lately, for, since)

Present perf simple= subj+had+V-ed o 3c//sub+hadn’t+V-ed o 3c(by the time, before, until, just

Future continuous=

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Good morning, have you got

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ADJUNTAR ARCHIVOS (Ataching files)......................................  I´m sending you the price list as an attachment.

HACIENDO PREGUNTAS     (Making enquires).................... Please answer asap.

RESPONDIENDO           (Replying to an enquiry).............. Thank you for your interest.

HACER ACUERDOS     (Making arrangements)...... Is Monday OK?

CONFIRMAR ACUERDOS    (Confirming arrangements)............. I´d like to confirm

DAR BUENAS NOTICIAS      (Giving good news)............. We are  pleased to confirm you

DAR MALAS NOTICIAS       (Giving bad news)................  I´m sorry but...

QUEJAS             (Complaing)....................... I´m writting to complain about

PEDIR DISCULPAS             (Apologizing)
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Good morning, have you got

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dear bruce Matthews

hello, my Name is theylor martinez gomez, I am very interested in the job advertised, I Know that they are looking for very responsible people and I am suitable for All conditions, in their ad I saw that they are looking for people experienced In caring for houses, because I am a of those people, since I can take care of Any type of house 24 hours a day, I can keep the house very stable, that is Very clean, and that there is no abuse to that house, I am also one of the People who take care of animals because I like animals, I could take care of Any kind of animals, I could take him out for a walk every day, take him to the Park early so he can do his needs, bathe him every time he gets dirty, feed him And have him in good

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mate e ingles

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Present simple: am is are + tecera column. Past simple was o were + 3 column. Future: will be + 3 columna o am is are going to be + tercera columna. Vocabulario: adaptable- adaptable, altenative- alternative, chemical- quimico, computer generated- creado por ordenadores, electronic- electronica, energy saving- ahorrar energia, high tech- electronica alcanzada, innovative- innovacion, mechanical- mecanico, solar powered- enegia solar, sustainable- sostenible, wireless- inalambrico. Vocabulario 2: process- procesar, absorb- absorver, crash-romper, transports- transporter, boosting-impulsando, release-lanzamiento, rest-descanso, repair-reparar, burn- quemar, perform- realizer. Ejercicios ficha: ejercicio uno 1- city council says swimming isn’t
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The initial Challenge for novice teachers is to acquire the basic classroom skills needed To present and navigate their lessons. Teaching from this perspective is an act Of performance, and for a teacher to be able to carry herself through the lesson, she has to have a repertoire of techniques and routines at her Fingertips. These include routines and procedure for such things as:  Opening the lesson /Introducing and explaining Tasks /Setting up learning arrangements /Checking students’ understanding J Guiding Student practice J Monitoring students’ language use J Making transitions from One task to another J Ending the lesson.

What we Normally mean by the term teacher training refers to instruction in basic Classroom skills such as these,

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Can human resources department intervene with operations manager's decisions

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Unit 12

Service (servicio): cooperation, help, Aid, support

  • Teachers are at the service of their students.

Complaint (S) (quejas):  grievance, reproach

  • I made a complaint in the bank after my credit card was cloned.

Customer satisfaction (satisfaccion de los consumidores):  measure of how Products and servicessupplied by a company meet or surpasscustomer expectation

  • Many companies carry out surveys so as to check customer satisfaction.

Strategy (estrategia): approach, tactics

  • If you want to sell a product, youmust have a good strategy.

Good customer Service (buen servicio para los consumidores) :the quality provision Of service toclients before, duringand after a purchase

  • Good customer service is important forbusinesses if they want Customers tocome
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