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Latitude of the position

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COMPLAIN LETTER:   Todos los datos de mi empresa                               
                                                                           Data hoy
Dear Mr o Mrs (nombre persona q la recibirá)
1º:Problem:I am writing to complain about(your delivery)
2º: Complain: I am sorry to say that(we ordered a pinter
XPL and WE recived another model.Also WE ordered 10
paper packets but we just received 5).
3ºSolution: Please,send a replacement(and the 5 paper
packets) as soon as posible. 
4º: I look forwards to hearing from you.
(aladerechaDelTodo)Yours faithfully(firma,miname,empresa)
Nombre mio + Human resources+diamonsd services+
112 woodford road + London SW12 9AP.
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1- What is (describe it) Select one and How this influence learning?

BEHAVIORISM (praisals & punisments) (motivation)

A learning theory based on pleasurable or painful consequences (positive/negative reinforcers and punishments)
-Control and develop motivation. 

COGNITIVISM (memorization)

How information is received, organized, stored and retrieved by the mind, through the process of retain and recall.

-Increase lexical items

CONSTRUCTIVISM (create your own knowledge)

Creation of own knowledge from  experiences and ideas.

-Foments peer group / class discussion

-Students personalize their learning. 

How does CONSTRUCTIVISM influence learning?

CONSTRUCTIVISM influences learning because the students learn best by "constructing" new ideas based
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. Project Work in Teaching English language

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Beyond the examinations boards themselves, the role of Organisations such as IATEFL and TESOL is also becoming increasingly noteworthy, As they begin to reach out to wider audiences, again through webinars, podcasts Etc. And through special interest groups such as the former´s TEASIG, while the British Council now also have their “Language Assessment Literacy project” with User-friendly animated video content. It is clear that  there are a growing number of opportunities And options for continuing professional development and more active and continuous Contact with the key international players in the English Language teaching and Testing communities. In retrospect, Fulcher’s assessment website Languagetesting.Info could be viewed as
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ARTICULO: (formal) -titulo - start with a question - 2 parrafos uno introductorio y uno de conclusion -para la conclusion "To sum up,"

ENSAYO: (informal) -titulo - introduccion - dos parrafos -conclusion

Review: (formal) -titulo -introduccion - dos parrafos -Conclusion "To sum up, if you like books/films of this kind, you will like it i recomended you to read/watch this one. You won't regret!

Informal letter: superior izquierda (fecha direcccion poblacion y cp)  -Dear (name), -Grettings (I hope you're well) -Body (lo que te pida el enunciado) -Asap (I'm looking forward to hearing from you again) -Closing (write me soon, see you soon)

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Idealism teacher learning relationship

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1- Why is background knowledge important in learning?

It is important because it helps (you) to comprehend new tasks and ideas for the new knowledge

How? connecting old & new information using retrieval.

2- Express the process of assimilation and give an example. (Piaget's Cognitive Constructivism)

Assimilation is the way by which INCOMING info is modified in our minds, so we can understand it.

E.G.  a) Student knows "will" is future ("She will play soccer") - here, the student needs to accomodate becauuse "may" is a possibility and "will" was certainty.

b) Once he/she has understood both (may & will), equilibration has taken place.

3- Explain what is ZPD (Vigotsky's Social Constructivism)

The distance between actual developmental level and

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carta trabajo

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Dear Sir or Madan,June ___ , 2018

I am writing to apply for a job of leisure teacher for sports with I sax advertised in “the Job today” website. 

I am 17 years old and the moment I am studying commercial management at Cidet. Having studied audiovisual for 1 year. As for as experience is concerned, I have not experience. As for my character, people tell me I am puntual and responsible. I fell would be suitable for this job because I am creative, a team worker, kind and I work also like the chance to continue studying and stability. 

I look forward to learning from you.

Yours thoughtfully,

Ingrid Perez

The employer shall conduct" + "risk assessment

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 The SCAFFOLDS provided are activities and tasks that motivate or enlist the child's interest related to the task:  

 Simplify the task to make it more manageable and achievable for a child  
 Provide some direction in order to help the child focus on achieving the goal 
 Clearly indicate differences between the child's work and the standard or desired solution 
 Reduce frustration and risk 
 Model and clearly define the expectations of the activity to be performed (Bransford, Brown, and Cocking, 2000).

• It engages the learner: The learner does not passively listen to information presented instead through teacher prompting the learner builds on prior knowledge and forms new knowledge.
• It can minimize the level of
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Compound Adjectives

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Topic Vocabulary - 6

Carbon footprint | eco-friendly | (the) environment| fossil fuels | global warming | greenhouse gases | landfill site | recycle | rubbish dump | separate rubbish | sustainable development | waste disposal

Words in the text: grow
grow (verb) | grow food - cultivar | grows very well - crecen bien | growing - número | grow up - madurar | growing boy | growing (problem) - que crece | growth | it's growing in me - te va gustando poco a poco |
Describing processes and quantities
get (+adjective) - se esta poniendo | lack - falta de algo | lead to - llevar a | rise - global warming is rising | trend - popular |
Topic Vocabulary - 7
advertise (verbo) | advertiser (publicista) | advertising (publicidad) | ban | bombarded by ads | catchy
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Sustainable development promotes balance

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1. What is sustainable development? Give examples and develop your arguments.

Given the fact that I didn’t prepare this topic, I will base my theory on a video taken from Internet and of course what I’ve been thinking about in the last 10 minutes.

First of all, according to what‘ve seen on internet, (actually I watched a Salfate program) and he believes Sustainable development is the confluence of three constituent parts. Among society, Environment and Economy. And these terms are related to each other by the way

1. - Firstly what is the link between Society and Economy? What makes this connection a sustainable development? Well, indeed it is called EQUITABILITY. In other words, related to equitable treatment of all citizens. For example:... Continue reading "Sustainable development promotes balance" »

Who said "from each according to ability to each according to his needs"

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Many people find being a politician is very important. The question of whether being a politician is good for the society has recently became a burning issue.

On the one hand, the arguments in favour of being a politician are very solid ones. In the first place, they win a lot of money. In addition, the decide about the decision of the country. Finally, they must help people in difficulty.
On the other hand, the argumentes against being a politician are equally cogent. First of all, they receive critics from people. Moreover, they must improve their political party to win the bye-elections. Last but not least, there are many corrup politician who steal money from citizens.
As far as I am concerned, I believe that each human should think that if
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