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1. Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator needs to setup Switch1 for remote access from HostA. Theshow ip interface brief is issued on Router1 and the show interfaces trunk command is issued on theSwitch1 to verify the current status. The administrator applies the additional configuration shown in theexhibit to Switch1. However, the telnet from HostA fails. What additional commands need to be appliedto the switch?
Switch(config)# interface vlan 10
Switch(config-if)# ip address
Switch(config-if)# no shutdown
Switch(config-if)# ip default-gateway

2. Refer to the exhibit. On the basis of the configuration shown, how will an Ethernet frame on port GigabitEthernet0/1 be modified?
802.1Q encapsulation inserts

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El loco

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Electric power is the capacity of an electric receiver to transform energy into a fixed period of time.

An electromagnetic mechanism is any appliance that can use electromagnetic effects to produce electricity or convert it into mechanical energy.

Electromagnetic generators transform mechanical energy into electricity, are two types:dynamos and alternators.

The direct current is when the electrons always flow in the same direction and with a steady current.

The Alternating current when the positive and the negative terminals are constantly changing. Also the electrons don`t circulate with the same level of current.

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Simple machines

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all machines have in common:

- involve a kind of motion.

- involve a kind of force.

- make a job easier to do.

- need some kind of input to make them work.

- produce some kind of output.

basic kinds of motion

- rotary: going round and round

- oscillating: swinging backwards and forwards.

- linear: in a straight line

- reciprocating: backwards and forwards in a straight line.

A machine is a device that helps make work easier to perform.

MECHANICAL ADVANTAGE: when a machine takes a small input force and increases the magnitude of the output force, a mechanical advantage has been produced.

CONSERVATION OF ENERGY: no machine can produce more work than the amount of work that is put into the machine.

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WHY PEOPLE PREFER COMPUTERS - computers work faster than the persons , find information quickly, can store information as well, never get tires. DATA TYPES: numeric - 2 types \ integere and real. text: - one string. graphics: -pictures. Date. Sound.    INPUT DEVICES: concept keyboards: a concept keyboard is a flat board with a grid programmable keys on its surface. they are used with young children in promary school. Light pen: a light pen is a small pen shaped wand, which contains light sensors. when you press the pen against the screen's surface, to choose objects are commands. then sends a signal to the computer which then works out the light pen's location. it doesnt need a special screen. Touch screen: is a flat screen, it recognises

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Descripciones de maquinas simples

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Lever: A straighboard on a point know os a fulcrum,hammer. Gears: Two toothed wheels fit togother either directly or though a chain, bicycle. Inclined plane: Can be used to alter the effor distance involved in doing work, such as lifting load, Wedge,screw. Wedge: Two inclined planes joined back to back. Are used to split things, kniffe. Screw: inclined plane allows the screw to move itself or to move forward or backward an object or material it when rotated, bolt. Pulley: A wheel that usually has a groove around the outside edge, crane, flag pole. Wheel and axle: Has a larger wheel connected by a smaller cylinder and is fastened to the wheel so that they turn together, Motorbike.

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Atoms are the basis for everything in the Universe. The protons and neutrons are always in the centre of the atom. Scientists call the centre of the atom nucleus. The electrons are always found whizzing around the nucleus.

There are two types of electrical charge:positive and negative. Opposite charges attract.Like charges repel.

Electricity is lows powers mosth things around us. Electricity is like water in the way it works. Water flows through rivers and pipes and will stop if it cannot pass.

Electricity is the same, it flows around the ciruit from one end of the battery to the other, if there is a gap there will not be a complete circuit.

A complete ciruit is when all the components and cells are set up correctly to allow for electricity to... Continue reading "" »

Motors: Types, characteristics and performance

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1 Four-stroke engines OTTO AND DIESEL ... ... ... ... 3

1 HISTORY OF MOTOR ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... ... ... ... ... ... .. 3
INTERNAL COMBUSTION ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 5

2 THE FOUR STROKE ENGINE OTTO ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 13
1 Characteristics of OTTO ENGINE ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... 13
OTTO ENGINE 2 Formation ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... ... ... ... .. 15
FOUR TIMES ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 29
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How many ways are there to create a field in Access?

2, you can add fields, using a template or by using an existing field from another table.

Does Access come with a collection of field’s templates?

Access comes with a collection of field’s templates that could help you to reduce a considerably amount of time when creating fields.

How about Access 2007?

Multi-valued fields are appropriate for certain situations, such as when you use Office Access 2007 to work with information stored in a Microsoft Windows SharePoint services

In which view you can define field properties?

To define field properties in the Datasheet View, open the table in the Datasheet view. Press on the field for which you wish to define the property. In the Datasheet tab Data

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Codec Fire Alarms

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Written at on English with a size of 4.86 KB. Wiring installation shall meet the following requirements: All conductors shall be minimum #16 gauge solid copper, type thhn, thwn or tfn. All wiring shall be run continously from device to device. The minimum separation between the outgoing and return circuits shall be a minimum of one foot vertically and four feet horizontally in accordance with the provisions of NFPA- 72 A cable-cutting tool with controlled depth of cut shaqll be used in all MC cable installations. UL listed type MC cable connectors with insulated bushings and screw type cable attachments shall be used in all MC cable instalations. Connectors shall be steel, not the cast type. Conductor
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Centos 5.5

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#useradd nombredeusuario :: para crear usuarios

#passwd :: nombredelusuario

#groupadd :: nombredelgrupo :: (forma normal)

#groupadd -g 600 nombredelgrupo :: (guid sobre 650)

#userdel nombredelusuario :: para deletear usuarios

#groupdelnombredelgrupo :: borrar el grupo

#usermod -G nombredelgrupo nombredeusuario :: para asignar usuario a grupo.

opcion 2: editar archivo /etc/group -> grupo:x:600:usuarioqueseagregara

#nano /etc/shadow :: para poder ver los usuarios y poder bloquearlos

#passwd -l nombredeusuario :: para bloquear usuario

#passwd -u nombredeusuario :: para desbloquear usuario

#sudo passwd :: para cambiar la contraseña de root

# tail /etc/passwd :: paraver informacion de usuarios

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