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1. Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator needs to setup Switch1 for remote access from HostA. Theshow ip interface brief is issued on Router1 and the show interfaces trunk command is issued on theSwitch1 to verify the current status. The administrator applies the additional configuration shown in theexhibit to Switch1. However, the telnet from HostA fails. What additional commands need to be appliedto the switch?
Switch(config)# interface vlan 10
Switch(config-if)# ip address
Switch(config-if)# no shutdown
Switch(config-if)# ip default-gateway

2. Refer to the exhibit. On the basis of the configuration shown, how will an Ethernet frame on port GigabitEthernet0/1 be modified?
802.1Q encapsulation inserts

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Domestic Electrical Installations

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The electricity used to meet our energy needs (housing, buildings and industries) But there are serious dangers such as fires and electrocucions if facilities do not meet the appropriate security.
Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations (REBT) technical conditions and guarantees must be met by electrical installations connected to a low voltage supply in order to:
-Preserve the safety of persons and property.
-Ensure the normal operation of these facilities and prevent disruptions that could cause other facilities and prevent disruptions that could cause other facilities and services.
-Contribute to the technical reliability and efficiency of economic facilities.
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Centos 5.5

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#useradd nombredeusuario :: para crear usuarios

#passwd :: nombredelusuario

#groupadd :: nombredelgrupo :: (forma normal)

#groupadd -g 600 nombredelgrupo :: (guid sobre 650)

#userdel nombredelusuario :: para deletear usuarios

#groupdelnombredelgrupo :: borrar el grupo

#usermod -G nombredelgrupo nombredeusuario :: para asignar usuario a grupo.

opcion 2: editar archivo /etc/group -> grupo:x:600:usuarioqueseagregara

#nano /etc/shadow :: para poder ver los usuarios y poder bloquearlos

#passwd -l nombredeusuario :: para bloquear usuario

#passwd -u nombredeusuario :: para desbloquear usuario

#sudo passwd :: para cambiar la contraseña de root

# tail /etc/passwd :: paraver informacion de usuarios

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Sikandria port

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Border Gateway Protocol : EGP protocol which runs between different AS no.

IBGP -- Forming neighborship between routes of same AS

EBGP -- Forming neighborship between routers of different AS

AD -- IBGP 200 EBGP 20

Runs on TCP port no 179 

Path attributes : Wellknown ; optional
Wellknown - Mandatory | Discretinary
Optional -   Transitive | Non-transitive

Wellknown Mandatory : As-path, origin, Nexthop
Welllknown Discretinary : local-preference , Atomic aggregate

Optional Transitive : Community , Aggregator
Optional Non transitive : MED , Cluster , Weight

Path Selection :  We love oranges as oranges meant for pure refreshment.
Local preference
Router ID 

A laminar boundary layer is a layer

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1.What’s The PBX where all switching is done in IP.

a.IP Enabled PBX

b.Hybrid PBX



2.What Kind of firewalls are designed to manage VoIP connections in IPv6?

a.Traditional firewalls

b.SIP Aplication Level Gateways

c.Session Border Controller

d.Jitter Buffer

3.What’s NOT a VoIP advantage from PSTN telephony?

a.Access from Anywhere. Not constrained to a physical location

b.Security, Resiliency and Availability.

c.It depends on electricty

d.Video Conferencing possibilities

4.The Variables we can use in Asterisk dialplans are NOT: Variables

b.environment Variables Variables

d.Local variables

5.What Three business are involved in VoIP convergence?



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Human resources management barriers empowerment

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technology:is creating practical solutions to satisfy human needs and problems.

 factors in the technological process

physical and scientific concepts

technical drawing

materials and their properties

work techniques

economic factors

information technology

stages of the technological process

needs and problems

collecting information


planing(materials-tools-time-money-people in change)


evaluating and checking

writing a report

materials for technical use


WoodTreesElectrial insulator/Thermal insulator
PlasticRaw oilMechanical strength/Electrical insulator
Metal and alloyMinerals in rocksHard/Electrical insulator
TextilesVegetables,Animals and oilElastic/Resistant
StoneRocksThermal insulator/Electrical insulator
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Internal leakage in

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ELECTRICAL WIRING: PCS Power breaker switch: Ensures that the power used does not exceed the maximun power that the customer had contracted. Main breaker switch: Protects the wiring from short circuits. ELCB Earth leakage circuit breaker: Security device that disconnects the wiring if someone gets an electric shock or there is a current leakage. MCB Miniature circuit breaker: Protects against overloads and short circuits and allows disconnect independently differect sections. HEATING SYST: Depending on the number of users: District heating: Thermal power station is located in a separate building and network is shared by many users. Central heating: The heat source is shared by a whole building or block of flats. Individual heating: Each home
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Blondin crane lifting

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General cargo Terminals. Classification: - Conventional: These terminals Are very old installations, which at the beginning did not move unitized cargo. Their layout is simple and in general they do not require large extensions for Cargo handling and manipulation. Distribution and dimensions, as well as Installations needed depend on the cargo type manipulation and they have open Storage areas as well as light storage facilities, silos and horizontal Storage. ¿How do they operate? For the cargo loading and discharging, They use mobile shore cranes with high lifting capacity between 20 to 30 mt, For the storaging and interconnectitvity, depends on the cargo presentation, They use: platforms, rolling cars and reach stackers and reclaimers. A.

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copied and Reproduced(manuscrits) 2composition Of the page using moveable type 3the Prepared text block is covered in ink(inked) 4the text block is pressed down onto a sheet of paper with a screw Press 5the paper is left to dry 6the Sheets of paper are placed to order so they can be bound(put in order the Pages).The printing press is A mechanical mean of reproducing texts that also allowed them to be made in Series.It was invented in around 1448 by Gutenberg, A german goldsmith who perfected chinese printing techniques by using moveable Metallic type for each letter, which could then be reused.


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Show that R^m and the empty set satisfy the definitions of an open set and of a closed set in R^m. Solution: The whole space R^m contains open balls around every one of its elements, so it is open. Any limit of a sequence in R^m is, by definition, in R^m, so R^m is closed. The empty set is the complement of R^m . It is the complement of a closed and open set, and consequently is both open and closed. Checking directly, the empty set contains no points or sequences to falsify either definition, and so it satisfies both.

State whether it is open or closed.

{(x, y) : x + y < 1}.=""> It is an open set, since if x + y < 1,="" then="" so="" is="" (x="" +="" δ1)="" +="" (y="" +="" δ2)="" for="" all="" sufficiently="" small="" δ1,="" and=... Continue reading "maths" »