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Administrative systems - Neoclassical

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Neoclassicism: The term Neoclassicism emerged in the eighteenth century in a pejorative way to describe the aesthetic movement that came to be reflected in the arts, the principles of the Enlightenment intellectuals from the mid eighteenth century, had been producing in philosophy and consequently had transmitted to all areas of culture. However after the fall of Napoleon the artists were quick to change their ideas towards Romanticism and Neoclassicism was left

The term neo-classical or neoclassical economics is an imprecise concept used in economics, political science, etc., to refer generally to an economic approach based on marginal analysis that includes the perception of Homo economicus.
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Hygiene, Health and Safety at Work

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DEFINITION OF HEALTH AT WORK The regulations and procedures aimed at protecting the physical and mental integrity of the worker, to protect from health risks specific to the responsibilities, functions and duties of the post including the environment within which they are executed
DEFINITION OF INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE (industrial hygiene) Specialty occupied in preserving the health of workers in the performance of their duties and responsibilities, especially in the analysis of industrial processes and operations where chemicals are compounds of high risk individuals.
SAFETY AT WORK is an important because it helps ensure security in and confidence and positive attitude of workers, to improve the level of productivity and satisfaction.


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Exam 5 (part1)

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I often fly to Japan on business. It’s a long flight, and I rely on the films as 1a means of passing the time. The airlines 2.screen quite a good 3.range of films, so there is something for every 4.taste.. I usually find a couple of films that 5.appeal to me. However, last time I flew, things 6went wrong.. I’d already seen all the films except the Mr Bean film. I dislike comedies. I have no 7doubt that many people enjoy them, but I don’t like watching people make 8.fools of themselves. Since I had nothing better to do, I watched the Mr B film. To my 9..amazement.. , it was hilarious and I laughed a lot. I think I’ll watch Mr Bean next time the show is 10.broadcast. on TV!B1.I’m sorry. I regret shouting at you.2.On the way home,

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External and internal components

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1. Explain the concept of strategy is the pattern of movements of the organization and management approaches used to achieve organizational goals and to fight for the mission of the company.
2. Explain each of the steps involved in strategic planning. A. Formulation: Development of the mission, identifies opportunities and threats, determine strengths and weaknesses, establishing long-term goals and generates alternative strategies. B. Implementation: Establish annual objectives, policies, staff motivation and resource allocation for the implementation of strategies. C. Assessment: Review internal and external factors that serve as the basis for current strategies and measures the performance of annual strategies and takes corrective action... Continue reading "External and internal components" »


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Synapomorphy: "syn" = same "morphy" = shape
                -homologous shape shared by ancestors AND modified in a common ancestor
                -shared, derived traits

                -Monophyletic: Group that includes ancestor and ALL of its descendants 
                -Identified by synapomorphies

                -Speciation is kind of like splitting 2 lineages
                -2 independent lineages
                                -Differential accumulation of changes
                -NESTED hierarchy of branching

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Artes Plasticas

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Patchwork y quilting

Rag Quilts
Rag quilts are soft and cuddly, so they are excellent lap quilts for a chilly day. A soft rag quilt is a perfect gift for kids or adults, but be sure to make a few for yourself.
Rag quilts go together quickly and without the stress of sewing absolutely perfect seams. You can complete this easy rag quilt pattern in just a day or two.
This rag quilt is sewn in greens and reds that convey a Christmas theme, but the colors and fabrics aren't overly holidayish, so will work anytime. Its patches are an orderly arrangement of five fabrics in different color values.
My rag quilt patches are sandwiched with flannel batting. Flannel is soft and frays nicely along seam edges. It stays intact so there's no need for quilting stitches.

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Region around an electric current or magnetic substance in which magnetic phenomena show (attraction, repulsion).

Its shape can be seen sprinkling iron filings on a sheet of cardboard on which is placed under a magnet, the filings are oriented along a line with a given address. Lines of induction or strong.

The line of force is the path followed by an imaginary north pole point left to the action of magnetic field, will plot the magnetic field. Its direction is N or S on the outside of magnet.

Magnetic field magnitude

It allows us to quantify, ie, give value to the magnetic field is the magnetic induction or flux density is a vector quantity that depends on the medium that is the magnet. The magnetic induction is tangent to... Continue reading "Field" »

Mi futuro

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After the baccalaureate, I believe that I will study Administration and management.
In my opinion the labor world is very badly but in a future there will be more work that the one that exists nowadays.
Fodder that to study is very nice but if there is no work it does not serve for anything though to be prepared well is a fundamental topic.
I want to study in a nearby university as for example select almeria or murcia.
But for first all that I have to approve the selectivity and the only subject that I see difficult is an Englishman that for me is difficult enough.
I should study more if I want to obtain all that but it follows it obtains it

Multiple Intelligence

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inteligencdia is the ability to: solve everyday problems, new problems, create products or offer services within their own cultural sphere
... and what are the eight intelligences? Let's define them:
Importance lies mainly in how to define the concept of intelligence from different perspectives we have of course all eight intelligences in varying degrees. As with learning styles and there are no pure types if any work would be impossible. For Gardner, it is clear that, knowing what we know about learning styles, types of intelligence and learning styles is absurd that we continue to insist that all our students learn the same way. The same material can occur in many different ways that allow students to assimilate based on their capabilities

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Decision making

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STAGES OF DECISIONS: 1 The need to decide: The first step is to understand that this is a situation where we have to make a decision, and understand that it is time to choose una.2 º SEARCHING FOR INFORMATION: suppose identify all alternatives posibles.3 º ASSESSMENT OF ALTERNATIVES: each alternative must be examined: the ability to reach attainment of the objectives, which involves mobilizing resources, level of difficulty of implementation, degree of acceptance by other people who may affect additional benefits conlleva.4 º IMPLEMENTATION: Once the decision has to be implemented, if the result is negative through the entire process and see where it has been fallar.LA GROUP DECISION MAKING : follow the steps to be undertaken by a single... Continue reading "Decision making" »