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Line - is a mark on a surface that Describes a shape or outline. It can create texture and can be thick and Thin.  Types of line can include actual, implied, vertical, horizontal, Diagonal and contour lines. (note: Ken does not list "psychic line" - That was  "new term" to me)
Color - Refers to specific hues and has 3 properties, Chroma, Intensity and Value.  The color wheel is a way of showing the chromatic scale in a Circle using all the colors made with the primary triad.  Complimentary Pairs can produce dull and neutral color.  Black and white can be added to Produce tints (add white), shades (add black) and tones (add gray).
Texture - Is about surface quality either tactile or visual. Texture can be real or Implied by different uses... Continue reading "Color,linea" »

Compound adjectives: intolerant and disapproving

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personality (adjectives) quick tempered=con mucho genio-sensible=sensato-sesitive=sensible-sweet=dulce-unselfish=generoso compound (adjectives) badly behaved=que se porta mal-bad tempered=de mal genio-best selling=de mayor venta-broad minded=abierto de mente-cold hearted=despiadado-cool headed=sereno-dark haired=pelo oscuro-easy going=de trato facil-far reaching=de gran alcance-fair haired=de pelo claro-good looking=guapo-good natured=con buen caracter-good tempered=de buen humor-hot headed=impetuoso-narrow minded=estrecho de miras-quick tempered=con mucho geniostrong willed=decidido-warm hearted=de buen corazon-well behaved=que se porta bn-well dressed=bn vestido

personality (adjectives

Lengua tu abogado

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abilidad-can/be able to/could   |talk-talked

possibilidad-could/may/migt  |talked-had talked

deducion-must  |have talked-had talked

n.Deducion-can’t |will talk-would talk

obligacion-must/have to |will have talked-would have talked

necesidad-need to | am talking-was talking

recomendacion-ougt to/sould |was talking-had been talking

proibicion-can’t/musn’t |have been talking-had been talking

permiso-can/could/may |will be talking-would be talking


talked-ad talked

ave talked-ad talked

wiy talk-would talk

wiy ave talked-would ave talked

am talking-was talking

was talking-ad been talking

ave been talking-ad been talking

wiybe talking-would be talking

Shots- Bádminton

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The Clear Shot: The aim of the clear shot is to cause the shuttle to go up high in the air and land at your opponent's back court.

The Drop Shot: offensive shot used by forcing the shuttle into the opponent's front side of the court, causing it to land just past the net.
The Drive Shot: defensive shot that is fast and close to the net. The shuttle ends up near the opponent's back line. Flat shot that is directly hit over the net.
The Smash Shot: is considered the most powerful shot in badminton. Similar to a drive shot, but angled downwards. 


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Pres.Simpl: Examines > is examined

Pres.Cont: is examining > is being

Past.Simpl: examined > was =

Past.Cont: was ing > was being ed

Pres.Perf.Simp: has ed > has been ed

Past.Perf.Simp: had ed > had been ed

Fut.Simp: will examine > will be ed

Modals: should examine > should be ed

Modl.Perf: must have ed >must have been ed

haveto: has to xamine > has to be ed

begoingto: is going to xamine > going to be examined

--Reported Speech--

Pres.Simpl: he  takes > took

Pres.Cont: he is taking > was taking

Past.Simpl: he took > had taken

Past.Cont: was taking > had been taking

Pres.Perf.Simp: has taken > had taken

Pres.Perf.Cont: has been taking > had been taking

Past.Perf.Simp: had taken > had taken


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   2 plans i 3 plans:        2 plans                     Recta-pla:    Pr pertany a pla
      -coincidents: A=M=1   a/a'=b/b'=c/c'=d/d'     -contingut: A=M=2 n·vr=0
      -paral·lels: A=1 M=2  a/a'=b/b'=c/c'=d/d'       -paral·lel: A=2 M=3 n·vr=0
      -secants: A=M=2  a/a'=b/b'=c/c'                 -secants: A=M=3 n·vr=0
    3 plans: tallen en recta: A=M=2
    (secants) tallen en punt: A=M=3   casos concrets: A=2 M=3

   2 rectes:
   -coincidents: A=M=2 vr ll vs Pr   s    -secants: A=M=3 R(vr,vs,PrPs)=2
   -paral·leles: A=2 M=3 vr ll vr Pr   s   -encreuen: A=3 M=4 R(vr,vs,PrPs)=3

 d(A,B)= lABl            D(P,   )=l Axo+Byo+Czo+D ld(r,s) ll d(Pr,s)
  D(P,r)= l vr... Continue reading "f" »