2nd phase

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2NA PHASE: (September 36 - May 37)

a) Military Operations
· Stresses the Battle of Madrid is initiated by National. They wanted to surround Madrid and was won but the war was a failure. Succeeded by the South (Toledo) and got a win but area area Northern failed (Guadalajara).
Also noteworthy · Campaign Malaga where the Nationals were successful.

b) rear Republican:
They wanted a government concentration (Popular Front, Anarchists). To do so put on Francisco Largo Caballero as leader of the new government of concentration. It's new prime minister replacing Giral.
USSR (Stalin) agrees to help the Republic. The price paid by Moscow gold, silver and DOR reserves the bank had dEspanya of which between 70 and 80% stocks of the USSR sutilitzen and resources to buy weapons and provide military aid.

Brigade: Body of volunteers worldwide who came to help the Republic. The AIT III (directed by Stalin) ordered all the world's last communist parties to send a contingent of volunteers to help the Republic. 70 - 80% of the international brigades were communists. Were also lacord with the USSR.
The objective was to fight against a single national army. The idea of a government concentration was made to create a popular army, red lexèrcit imitating the USSR.

The sectors that do not accept this help lose its militia and enter the lexèrcit popular because it gave the Communists a greater role and they said they lost their revolutionary project. (CNT anarchists, POUM)

Facts May 37:
In Barcelona there is a confrontation between lexèrcit People's Militias (CNT anarchist and POUM). 200 deaths occur and the POUM was virtually exterminated. There is a small Civil War between the Republic.

On a social level: maintaining repression chekas, people's courts, walks, etc.. Remain the same dynamics.
There is an attempt to centralize leconomia. Despite this attempt saconsegueix not ever, for example, saconsegueix food supply. Ensuring the maintenance of not reaching the population. Lajut the USSR helped but was not achieved at all.

c) National rear:

a) Policy:
Mola death in early 37. Occurs if there is a substitute. This is how France won positions.
Looking for a military figure who manages to win the war.
Franco generalisme called because they believe the military was better able to win the war.
The German national help but if it was a quick war. This also implies lentrada Franco to win it.
In Italy sends Corpo trappot will (CTV), where 50,000 men conducted by Italian dactuació have independence.
In Germany sent the Condor Legion. There were aviators, coaches, etc. Of antiaircraft defense units, etc.. Hitler was in power. Send troops mainly to raise their arms.

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