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1874 1st republic

1492 Colombus

14-18 ww1

19 treaty of versalles

29 crash wall street

31 2nd republick

36 1st basque  goverment

36 Militar coup d´etat

36-39 spanish Civil War

37 bombing of Gernika

39-45 2nd ww

1945 Irosima

Spanish Civil War:

Republicans(Left) Nationals(Right) +LONG Causes: Political instability (Spanish goverment was very unestable/ some wants republic others no/ Centralitation/ Basque Cathalonia Social Problems: (Church contro education/ Modern and liberal ideas/ Don´t want to change/ Few people able to read or right/ Poor Economic Inequality: (Agricultural system ineficient/ Pour/ Rich/ Big diference. +SHORT Causes: (2nd republic/ Spring of political ideologies/ Radical/ New political partys/ Universal suffrage/ Land reform/ State-religion/ Universal education/ Improvement in social services/ Cath Basque autonomy/ 2nd republic/ Radical reform wanted/ Frente popular won the elctions.

2nd Republic: Leader(Azaña) +Regional Autonomies/ Land Reform/ Religion problems(separation) +Lef (Citizens /Poor /Workers /Want change) +Right (Rich/ Enterpreneur/ Traditionals/ Didn´t want changes.

2nd WW: Spark: invasion of poland +D day (normandia) +Perharbur (japan bomb hawai) +Concecuence (Holocaust/ dead camps/ Concentration camps) +Axis(ege) Germany/ Itally/ Japan +Allis France/ UK/ USA/ URSS Soviet union

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