3rd Act Dama del Alba

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pag. 105
ADELA: (It would be worse ... It is still yours and no one should ever enter into it!)
(Martin arrives from the field, seeing her together stops, then goes to Telva)
MARTIN: Do you have any band out there?
TELVA: (Why?)
MARTIN: I is dislocated wrist since yesterday. We must hold.
ADELA: (Why did not you say yesterday?
MARTIN: I did not realize. It must have been downloading the car.
TELVA (Yesterday? Not remember ... have left the car all day.)
MARTIN: (Rough)Because it would be to prune walnut, or yoke of oxen. Do I have to remember how it was?
ADELA: (sold with care) (Does it hurt?)
MARTIN: Press hard. More (Looks at her as she finishes the bandage.) Why are you wearing that dress?
ADELA: It was not my idea. But if you like ...
MARTIN: No need to get dressed in another, can handle you like. Is not yours the house? (Starting to climb the ladder in a sweet voice) And thanks.

pag. 120 (Martin down the stairs)
ADELA: (you call me?)
MARTIN: I do not.
ADELA: (strange! I thought I heard a voice.)
MARTIN: In your search went. I have something to say.
ADELA: (Very important to be ... until now have always escaped me.)
MARTIN: I'm not a man of many words. And I have to say is fit on a single night. Bye.
ADELA: (Goodbye? ... Are you going away?)
MARTIN: Tomorrow, with the carriers, to Castile.
ADELA: (Are you gonna be a long time away?
MARTIN: He who takes. Not up to me.
ADELA: (I do not understand. What you have to do in Castile?)
MARTIN: Who cares, buy cattle or shoots for the vines. All I need is to be away. It's best for them.
ADELA: (Why two? You mean I'm the one who hinders you?)
MARTIN: You did not: the entire village. We are living under the same roof, and do not want you name ande-of-mouth.
ADELA: (What can we say? Look at me! Is there anything else?)

pag. 121
(Elusive) me! ....
ADELA: (If there is more than ... I yell in the face that is a lie!
MARTIN: (With sudden outburst) And what good is it if I can yell at you I cried! If you run away when we're alone, if I dare not speak or look at you from the front, because he wanted to defend myself against the impossible ...
Against what they have known before that myself! I better do bite my lip and writhe under the covers saying NO! If all my bowels rebel yell yes! ...
ADELA: (Martin !...)
MARTIN: (Controlling himself with difficulty.) Wanted not tell you, but has been stronger than me. Sorry ...
ADELA: (Forgive ... and now I hear that you no longer want to hear any more ...!
MARTIN: (Taking her in his arms) Adela ...

ADELA:(Deliveries) (No more!)
(MARTIN kisses her in a violent silence. Pause)
(If someone has to go, I'll come out.
MARTIN: Not that!
ADELA: (It is necessary. ... Our love would be betraying the memory of Angelica.
MARTIN: And do you think if it were only a memory Angelica would force to separate us? The dead do not walk!
ADELA: (She does. His will ... and I will be the first to obey.
MARTIN: (Resolved.) Listen. Adela. I can not! I need someone to share this truth that is rotting inside me. Angelica was not that beautiful image that you dream. All that charm that surrounds today with water reflections, everything is a false memory.
ADELA: (Not silent, how can you talk like a woman you loved?)
MARTIN: Too much. I wish I had not wanted much. But you do not cheat! You have to know that his life was a lie. As it was also his death.
ADELA: (What do you mean?)
MARTIN: Have not you understood yet? Angelica lives. So we separated.
While we were dating, it was that everyone remembers: a true tenderness, / a look without a shadow / and a happy laugh. Until she made the trip to order the wedding finery. / With a few days would have sufficed, but it took several weeks. When he was not the same, wore funky eyes. / To say the oath in the church / I could hardly breathe, and to put the ring shaking hands. Even I noticed the stranger who attended the ceremony from afar, shaking his whip on
dust boots. (Energico) / For three days he had fever, and while I thought I heard her sleeping quietly mourn biting the pillow. On the third night, when I saw her go into the river and ran back, / it was too late; / herself untied the boat and crossed to the other side, where the man was waiting with two horses ...
pag. 123
ADELA: (With jealous rage.) ( "And you let them go like that?" You .. crying in the reeds?)
MARTIN: All night galloped in vain, with his gun over his shoulder and spurs dripping blood. Until the sun hit me like a stone in his eyes.
ADELA: (Why are you silent when you return?)
MARTIN:Can you do anything else? At first even I thought. But when his handkerchief found in the pool and began to spread the word that he had drowned, I realized I should stop. It was the best.
ADELA: (Did you think the mother and siblings?)
MARTIN: No, I did just for her. A love is not lost ... suddenly, and telling the truth was like undressing in front of the entire people. Do you understand now why I go? Because I love you and I can not honestly tell you! You could be mine all it was. And I can not resist this house where all the blessed, while I have to curse twice: for the love you gave me and then for me now being removed from afar! Bye. Adela ....
(Sale Martin Dominique. Adela breaks to mourn alone, there are the children ...)

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