3rd English Exam Part 2-scaffolding, ZPD, CLT

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    6- What is scaffolding and how it is implemented?

Scaffolding is the support/guidance/assistance given to a learner during the period of learning until he/she can do a task on their own. 

By using scaffolding, the teacher:

1. Maintain student's interest.

2. Encourages learners to communicate

3. Promotes activities in which all learners are encouraged to participate.

    7- Explain what is ZPD (Vigotsky's Social Constructivism)

The period in which a learner passes from doing something with help, to do it without guidance.


  developmental level   



developmental level

(What a person already knows)


(What a person can do/learn with guidance)

    8- Describe CLT and its 10 principles (Communicative Language Teaching)

It's a language approach (or method) that promotes cognitive learning based on preferences and interests to achieve communicative competence.
  • Translation is used in the initial stages until the student feels confident to respond himself.
  • Errors are corrected by repeating the sentence correctly
  • Repetition/memorization (the SS repeat what has been said)


- Focus on interaction and communicative competence among students.

- Teacher is a guide (a facilitator)

- It is used depending on context, age, level, and learning goals.

- Activities involving analysis and reflection.

- Errors are normal part in learning.


9- What are LEARNING STRATEGIES? Mention four (4)

  Are Techniques and methods that the students use to improve their learning.

       Direct Method
       Silent Way
       Cognitive Strategies
       Metacognitive Strategies 

  10- Select a Language Approach & explain how is it applied (or not) in today's world.

21st Century Approach:  This method requires that the teachers be very flexible and adaptable because today's students need to master new skills in order to be well prepared for the fast changing ahead; you can take parts of the other learning approaches, besides having the advantage of using technology tools, so the students will learn how to collaborate, communicate, think critically and creatively (4c's).

In public schools in Mexico this method is just emerging due to the lack of resources.

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